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February 28, 2013

Seeing RED

I love, love, love RED.  More than any other color, it  just seems to naturally make the wearer feel more confident and  look just plain great! 

Here’s a little red inspiration for the day:


Jennifer Aniston has never looked better than this year at the Oscars  in this red Valentino gown!


Source: via Cindy on Pinterest


Marilyn made red lips hot in the 50s….



And Beyonce proves the look is just as hot today.



Red nails always look great!  My personal red favorite: Diva Dreams from Nailuv!



Victoria Beckham wearing classic red heels, carrying a red Birkin ( my dream bag:-).  Absolutely fabulous!

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February 28, 2013

Celebrity Eye Brow Stylist Joey Healy’s Hits and Misses on Oscar Night


A-list actresses glammed up the Oscars red carpet on Sunday. Not only were their designer dresses the talk of the evening, but the stand out trend was beautiful brows. While some made the mark, others missed the cut. Celebrity brow stylist and Brow Police Joey Healy selects the hits and misses and reveals how to get these gorgeous looks.


ANNE HATHAWAY:  I dreamed a dream of perfect eyebrows! The Les Miserables starlet and winner for Best Supporting Actress dazzled the red carpet with bold, brunette brows which worked perfectly to balance her short pixie cut.  I would have loved to see her sweep those bangs aside even more, to really showcase her flawless, bold brows.

Get the look with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: Brow Architect Stylo in Molasses | Brow Structure Clear Set



ADELEAdele’s brows definitely made the Skyfall (in a good way)! Winner for Best Original Song’s brow color perfectly complimented her sandy blonde locks and her beauty look is all about the eyes.  I love this soft, yet finished brow to complete her look, it says “glamour” all the way.

Get the look with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: Brow Architect Stylo in Wicker


CHARLIZE THERON: With Charlize Theron’s newly cropped coif, there was no hiding those brows. She set her own trend for the evening, stepping away from thick, bushy brows, and went for a streamlined, elegant arch that work flawlessly with her bone structure. The ashy, taupe tone of her brows, really brings out the emerald green in her eyes

Get the look with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy | Duo Brow Brush | Elite Sculpting Tweezer

KERRY WASHINGTON:  Kerry Washington wowed the crowd with her luscious, thick brows. This Django Unchained actress looks like she just stepped off the New York Fashion Week runway. For someone with a prominent mouth, high cheek bones and large eyes, her brows harmoniously balanced the rest of her features. Her eyebrows play into her youthful appearance and enhance her fresh-faced look.

Get the look with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: Brow Architect Stylo in Molasses |Brow Structure Clear Set


JESSICA CHASTAIN Jessica Chastain’s role in Zero Dark Thirty was all about the search, yet the search is still on for her eyebrows. To balance out her bold lip color, she needed a bold brow to keep her face in high/low proportion. She missed the mark on achieving a polished brow look and should have opted for a soft cinnamon powder.

For better brows, Joey Healy suggests The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection:Luxe Brow Powder in Equestrian | Duo Brow Brush

JENNIFER LAWRENCE:  Oscar golden girl and Best Actress winner, Jennifer Lawrence looked like Hollywood royalty, although her brows were not the stars of her beauty look. While her Oscar nominated role was bold and daring, her brows did not follow the Playbook. Whisper light and thin, her eyebrows are not up to my standards of perfection.

For better brows, Joey Healy suggests The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection:Brow Architect Stylo in Wicker

JENNIFER GARNER: Jennifer Garner showed support for hubby Ben Affleck on the red carpet, but her brows did not glam up her look. Jennifer’s eyebrows would benefit from being darker, especially with her light, airy makeup. Her shape is on-point, but the resulting brow looks patchy and sparse.

For better brows, Joey Healy suggests The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection:Luxe Brow Powder in Tobacco | Duo Brow Brush



AMANDA SEYFRIED: Amanda Seyfried’s brows are so Miserables. The awkward, brassy tone is too light and looks disjointed from her hair color. A triumphant start to her shape sadly fizzles to an underwhelming tail; it looks as if she may have been too tweezer happy with the ends of her eyebrows. Her disappointing beauty look was simply not red carpet worthy.

Get the look with The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection: Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy | Duo Brow Brush | Brow Renovation Serum

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February 27, 2013

Unexpected Beauty Lifesavers

Whether you’re in a rush or just ran out of your favorite beauty product, you can still look fabulous in no time with these expert tips on ways common household products can be beauty lifesavers. 

HAIR– tips from Butterfly Studio Salon owner, Kattia Solano Fabric softener cloths can help tame static and fly-aways.

 Place 1-2 inch pieces of hair at the root over a fabric sheet, fold over (left to right) until hair is completely covered and slowly pull the sheet down to the tip. Repeat on all strands that need taming. 

Old tights can make great hair ties by cutting 1 inch strips from the ankle. The thicker the band, the higher your ponytail, top knot or bun will be.

Use a body cream to achieve a sleek up-do if you don’t have any pomade handy.  

 Baby powder or cornstarch works great for oily hair touch ups on roots and bangs if you run out of dry shampoo.  

 FACE– tips from Butterfly Studio Salon makeup artist, Francesca Roman Wax paper from your kitchen, or even toilet seat covers if you’re in a public restroom, can be a great substitute for blotting papers.

Your kitchen is full of beauty secrets.

Combine olive oil, brown sugar and some fresh lemon juice for an instant exfoliator/face scrub. 

After a long night out, dab some Preparation H (that’s right!) under your eyes if you’ve run out of your favorite eye cream. The anti-inflammatory depuffs and brightens. 

If you have unruly brows in the morning, grab a toothbrush for quick grooming.

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February 26, 2013

Taylorsays Shoes – Hollywood's Glamour Shoes

Many of the shoes have rhinestones and are of bright colors. These fun designs made by Taylorsays Shoes remind me of various theatrical art pieces. The red rhinestones shoe design reminds me of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ but with a twist and with sexier high heels that last for days. Under the instep of the shoe you will find a set of eyes for a further unique design as all of the shoes are creatively made with.

Taylor working on shoe designs

The self described “crazy blondie from Southern California” has made a name for herself by painting unconventional mediums from motorcycles to surf boards. She has worked for Quicksilver, Bell Helmets, Dragon Alliance, and Skull candy and now brings her talents to the fierce modern woman through TaylorSays.

This sassy shoe line features one-of-a-kind designs inspired by bright colors, vivid dreams and the desire to live and take in each moment. Taylor’s vision is to create designs that allow today’s woman to show off her individuality. “My high heels are all about having fun, expressing yourself and living it up!” Keep an eye on this fearless young lady. With her fresh approach to wearable art. Taylor Reeve is quickly climbing the fashion ladder, in stilettos no doubt!(Image of Taylor Reeves)


Red, white striped with blue star shoes.

Red, white striped with blue star shoes.


To find out more about these shoes visit

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February 26, 2013

Make Your Face Feel Like Silk


The secret to anti-aging is jam packed in Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser. This gentle lathering facial wash cleanses and removes makeup without drying the skin. Alguronic Acid combined with oat amino acids and witch hazel help to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities for smoother, radiant and younger-looking skin.

Algenist Cleanser is my favorite night time cleanser.  Just like every woman, I wash my face at night to take off my makeup and dirt from the day.  I love the soft creamy feel to the cleanser and how soft it is on my face.

I would suggest Algenist Rejuvenating Cleanser to anyone (even teens) who wants to have soft, supple, glowing skin.  Try it, I know you will love it.

Algenist has a fabulous skincare line and you can view it at



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February 26, 2013

Angelo David Shined on the Red Carpet

Angelo David had the Hollywood Stars shining on the Red Carpet at this weeks Oscars. Before I share with you photos of the stars and their spectacular look, let me tell you of my experience with a few of my favorite products from the Angelo David Hair Care Line.  Zero Frizz Control should be a staple in everyone’s hair care arsenal.  It’s a fast-drying hair cream that “calms unruly strands, while taming frizzies and flyaways”.  Zero Frizz control is perfect for curly hair like mine. It was created specifically for textured hair but  is appropriate for all hair types. What I liked about Zero Frizz Control was that I was able to combine with another styling product. I applied Zero Frizz Control after shampooing and conditioning. My hair dried fast and I was left with silky, soft, bouncy curls that were all intact without the extra frizz. Zero Frizz Control will be great to have on hand this summer when my hair will really be out of control.

Angelo David’s New Premier Volume Spray is the perfect solution for your hair when you need a quick lift. My hair tends to flatten and with a few spritzs of Premier Volume Spray my curls were revived. Premier Volume Spray added just the right volume to my hair without creating stiffness. As stated by Angelo David,It has a flexible-conditioning formula, combining silk and wheat proteins, panthenol and avocado, for extra strength and hydration. Evening Primrose enhances shine, while sun protectors keep color vibrant.”  Angelo David products are available exclusively at Angelo David Salon and Angelo $1.00 FROM EVERY PRODUCT SOLD WILL GO TO

Here is the inside scoop from Celebrity Hairstylist ANGELO DAVID himself, on “How to get the look of the best hairstyles from this years red carpet at the 2013 Oscars! 


Start by applying the ANGELO DAVID FOAMING SEA SILK STYLER $21.50  on towel dried hair. Next, create a side part and begin blow drying, using your fingers for placement. Then, apply the ANGELO DAVID ZERO FRIZZ CONTROL $19.50, use your fingers sweep the hair in place. If needed, use a flatiron to smooth out the hair. Finish the look with a medium hold hairspray.


Begin by applying the ANGELO DAVID PREMIER VOLUME SPRAY $18.50, before blowdrying your hair using your fingers volume and texture.  Next, use the ANGELO DAVID LARGE ROUND BRUSH $55 to smooth out the hair. Create a deep side part, then you can begin to create your curls from midlength down, horizontally, using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Pin the curls and let it set for 10 minutes, allowing the hair to cool. Release the pin, break the curls with your fingers then set hair to one side. Finish the look by smoothing out the waves with an ANGELODAVID MEDIUM PADDDLE BRUSH $55.00. Apply a medium hold hairspray to complete the look.

Start by using the ANGELO DAVID PREMIER VOLUME SPRAY $18.50 and the ANGELO DAVID FOAMING SEA SILK STYLER $21.50 to create texture. To amplify further texture to hair, create soft curls  using a 1 inch barrel curling iron ,then break the curls with your fingers. Use the ANGELO DAVID LARGE PADDLE BRUSH $65 to pull the hair back into a low chignon and secure with bobby pins. Finish the look with  a strong hold hairspray.


Start by using the ANGELO DAVID PREMIER VOLUME SPRAY $18.50 to create volume to the hair. Use the ANGELO DAVID LARGE ROUND BRUSH $55 to blowdry and smooth out the hair. To create soft waves, use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron barrel to set the hair. Once hair has cooled down, use the ANGELO DAVID LARGE PADDLE BRUSH $65 to brush all the curls. To create the look, tease the back section of the hair to achieve desired height then smooth out and pull back to create a half up half down look. If needed, use a flat iron to smooth out the front sections for a soft finish. Use a medium hold spray for a firm hold without the stiffness.


Begin with applying the ANGELO DAVID PREMIER VOLUME SPRAY $18.50 to the roots.Using the ANGELO DAVID SMALL PADDLE BRUSH $35create a deep side part. Use a diffuser to dry the hair, running your fingers through hair and sweeping the bangs away from your face. Finish the look with a strong hold hairspray.


Start by applying the ANGELO DAVID PREMIER VOLUME SPRAY $18.50 to your roots on wet hair. Next, use your fingers to blowdry the hair to keep its natural texture. Seth the hair a 1 1/2 inch curling iron.Pin the curls and let it set. Once the hair is cool, create your waves with the ANGELO DAVID LARGE PADDLE BRUSH $65 . Finish the look with a strong hold hairspray.

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February 25, 2013

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

 It’s a British Beauty Invasion.  Kate Beckinsale wowed at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Kate’s makeup artist Molly Stern, uses Rimmel London Cosmetics to give Kate her award winning look. See how you can achieve it below. 


Molly began by prepping Kate’s skin with By Terry’s Sève de Rose ultra-glow serum and then sparingly applied Chantecaille Future Skin foundation. She then based her cheeks using Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Peach Glow. A touch of rose was given to Kate’s cheeks with Laura Mercier Cream Blush in Rosebud and to finish off her radiance Molly dusted the apples with Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Santa Rose.

For Kate’s mesmerizing stare, Molly made her eyes pop with a sexy golden khaki hue. She started the look by applying Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige and continued to deepen her shadow with NARS Double Shadow in Paramaribo. She then defined Kate’s stare using Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black to line her eyes super close to the upper lash line as well as just below the lower lash line. For the extra pop Molly lined the inside of Kate’s wet line with Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude. To finalize her sexy bold eye look, she then applied two coats of Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off Mascara in Black. To finish off the look, Molly applied Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush and topped it off with Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Always Lovely.

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February 25, 2013

85th Academy Awards

It’s the 85th Academy Awards.  Gowns are on, makeup is applied and the hair is to die for. Such stars like Charlize Theron shows us the simple and chic can be elegant.  Celebrity Stylist Enzo Angileri using WELLA PROFESSIONALS, shows us how to achieve Charlize’s look right from home

Inspiration:  Enzo explains, “My inspiration came mainly from her short hair, which she cut three months ago for a movie” and is now just grown out to length that can be styled into a sophisticated, yet androgynous look that complements the sleek lines of the Dior haute couture gown.  “ I wanted Charlize’s hair to look like she got out of jeans and a t-shirt and put on a gown because the style is so simple and chic.”
Here’s how Enzo got the look:
1. After washing and conditioning, Enzo applied Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse to wet hair to direct hair into place.

2. Then blow-dry hair with a diffuser until it’s 100% dry and in place.

3. Rake hair down with a brush following the part and shape of the head, leaving volume at the top of the head.

4. Enzo used Wella Professionals Shape Shift Molding Gum to mold the hair and create a texturized look and feel.

5. Finally, he finished with a light mist of Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray to give hair luminosity on the red carpet.
Please find link to hi-res images of product here:

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February 25, 2013

For All Things Star Studded…

I got the inside scoop on all hair and makeup tips. Celebrity Makeup Artist Marina Gravani created Mariah Carey’s Sun-Kissed makeup look for Jermaine Dupry’s party. See how you to can create this look at home.


MARINA’S PREP TIPS: “Make sure to visit a European Wax Center for waxing at least 2 days before an event or your makeup won’t hold on the area you waxed”  


FACE: First, Marina applied oil-free primer to her skin.  Next, she mixed two silky cream foundations to create a natural looking hue.  She set the foundation using powder, but very lightly. Marina then applied bronzer to her cheek bones and around her face. Finally, Marina applied a hint of pink blush on her cheeks and across her nose.


EYES: For Mariah’s eyes, she started by applying concealer to her eyelids.  Next, Marina added a warm neutral toned shadow all over lid stopping at the crease. Marina then mixed different matte browns to blend into her crease and added black shadow to the corner of the eye to create a smokey effect. Next, she applied a thin line to Mariah’s eye and applied lashes using European Wax Center Tweezer Kit (SLANT) (to make her eyes pop on stage). Marina then applied a soft shadow through her lashes to balance out the eye. Finally, Marina applied European Wax Centers Natural Brow Powder in Milano where needed.


LIPS: For Mariah’s lips, Marina used a neutral brown lip liner with a mauve lipstick and a tad of a lighter beige


Products Used: European Wax Center Tweezer Kit (SLANT), European Wax Centers Natural Brow Powder in Milano



About European Wax Center

European Wax Center was founded by siblings David Coba, Joshua Coba and Jessica Coba in 2004, and is now recognized as a leader in comfortable and healthy body waxing. The Cobas developed the ultimate wax experience that features the all natural COMFORT WAX™  developed in Paris and the 4 Steps to Gorgeous™ process — Cleanse, Prepare, Wax, Rejuvenate.  As well, features include a clean, professional environment, full-privacy Wax Suites, and exceptional service exclusively for EWC guests.   Now, luxurious waxing can be incorporated into everyone’s regular routine and skincare regime.   European Wax Center enables everyone to feel pampered, beautiful and sexy.   For more information about European Wax Center or to inquire about owning a franchise log onto or like us on Facebook at and twitter @EuropeanWax.

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February 25, 2013

SALLY HANSEN Nail Colors Shines on the Red Carpet




At the 85th annual Academy Awards, glamorous nails stole the spotlight. Beauties, Adele turned to celebrity manicurist, Kimmie Kyees, to complete their look. Kyees relied on color-leader Sally Hansen to create signature nail styles for this red carpet moment.

Adele, nominated for best original song, “Skyfall” from the latest James Bond picture layered Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Quick Sand under Complete Salon Manicure in Almost Almond.


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