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January 31, 2013

AnnaSophia Robb was spotted at the L’Occitane en Provence in NYC

AnnaSophia Robb of the new hit TV Show The Carrie Diaries (prequel to Sex & The City), was spotted at the L’Occitane en Provence in New York City. She popped over to shop after appearing on the Today show and was in a great mood despite the cold weather and was super friendly with the staff!

Here are some of the items that she picked up:

Shea Butter Hand Cream: She loved the Shea Butter Hand Cream and said her hands felt instantly better after putting it o

Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette: AnnaSophia also adored this scent

Almond Shower Supple Skin Oil: AnnaSophia was eager to try out the Almond Shower Supple Skin

Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream: She was also excited about this cream since it’s so cold right

Lavender Organic Hand Purifying Gel and Lavender Foaming Bath: She grabbed three of the Lavender Organic Hand Purifying Gel and two Lavender Foaming Baths, which she was thrilled to try            

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January 31, 2013

I am Green with Envy and Hard Candy

Looking for eye catching, long lasting eyeshadow? Find it with Hard Candy eyeshadow! This particular compact comes with the perfect shades to match every eye color! The eyeshadow brushes make application smooth and easy. I tried out “Green with Envy” compact and found my hazel eyes getting more compliments than ever. If you’re looking for bold color and fun, flirty eyes, I definitely recommend Hard Candy eyeshadow!

In this Top Ten eyeshadow collection, there are  five color palettes with 10 beautiful shades in each one.

Available at WALMART.

Hard Candy Official website:

Post by: Julia

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January 30, 2013

New York Times and Usa Today Best-Selling Author Brenda Novak’s third book in the Whiskey Creek Series ~ “When Summer Comes” has just been released!

New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Brenda Novak

“When Summer Comes”, the third book in the Whiskey Creek Series by acclaimed author, Brenda Novak is here! Preceded by “When Lightning Strikes, and “When Snow Falls” in the Series, “When Summer Comes” looks to be another winner for this creative author who spins a tale in every book she writes that is difficult to put down once you’ve started to read it!

“When Summer Comes”, by author Brenda Novak
~Third in the Whiskey Creek Series~

Whether you’re new to Brenda’s captivating style or a dedicated fan as I am, you’ll want to visit the following link: to not only read an excerpt from “When Summer Comes”, but also have the opportunity to purchase your copy of the book! (“When Summer Comes” is also available in the audio format.)

There is a lot of additional interesting information on this site that you’ll want to peruse while you are there!

Happy Reading and enjoy…

“When Summer Comes”
by Brenda Novak

(Any quotes or paraphrasing in this article from obtained Promo fact sheet, and

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January 30, 2013

Tetley Tea Helps Fans “Turn Over A New Leaf” for the New Year

While many New Year’s resolutions focus on getting into better physical shape, a new year is also a good time to improve mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To that end, Tetley USA announced today the launch of its “Turn Over a New Leaf” campaign to provide inspiration and support for physical and emotional health in 2013.
The Tetley “Turn Over a New Leaf” campaign, which will live on the brand’s Facebook page, will feature free exclusive live chats with expert life coaches.  Fans can submit their questions for experts such as Tracy Carreon author of Maximize Your Minimums.  The campaign will also include daily “Tetley Time” (8am and 3pm) refreshing thoughts on wellness, and chances to win Amazon gift cards.

“At Tetley, we believe a good cup of tea revives the body, wakes up the mind and refreshes the spirit, and that is what we hope to bring to our fans with this program,” said Marc Birnbaum, Marketing Executive at Tetley USA. “We want to help our consumers be the best they can be, not only with our teas, but also by providing guidance and inspiration from experts.” 

A live chat with Tracy Carreon will be held on the Tetley USA Facebook page on February 15th at 12 p.m. EST, where users can ask questions and receive tips and insight from the life coach. The Tetley “Turn Over a New Leaf” campaign launched December 17, and will run through February 2013.

For information and to participate in the “Turn Over a New Leaf” campaign, visit or follow Tetley Tea on Twitter at @TetleyUSA.  For more information about Tetley Tea, please visit <> .

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January 30, 2013

Have the Best Looking Nails in LondonTOWN

My hands are looking better and better each day and I have Londontown Kur Nail Care products to thank for it. I tend to have dry hands and cuticles and the fact that my hand are always in water doesn’t help. Unfortunately, I don’t wear gloves like I should and I am paying the price for it. Hand creams help but my nails need a little more pampering and Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil has worked wonders. I simply apply the cuticle oil to my cuticles each night and massage into my nail plate. The cuticle oil dries rapidly without a greasy residue. I can apply the cuticle oil as often as needed and the oil will repair dry damaged skin on and around the nail area.  Kur Nourishing Oil is formulated with Britain’s rapeseed flower oil, which provides nutrients as well as a unique blend of vitamins (A & E) along with extracts that help heal and nourish your cuticles and nail root. Kur Nourishing Oil can be used with or without nail polish and is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. I have definitely noticed a difference in my nails and cuticles since using it.

You will obtain added benefits by using Kur Restorative Nail Cream alongside Kur Nourishing Oil. As stated by Londontown,  Kur Restorative Nail Cream “works to penetrate and replenish deteriorated nail protein (keratin) and balance the natural oils in the nail to strengthen and nourish them back to health.” Kur Restorative Nail Cream basically contains the same unique blend of vitamins and extracts and aids in rejuvinating and restoring dry brittle nails. Each day, I massage the cream  into my nails and nail bed. Once or twice a week after applying the cream to my nails I wear the enclosed Londontown moisturizing gloves overnight.  Kur Restorative Nail Cream can be used over polish and is non carinogenic and paraben-free.  It really has worked wonders!

Both Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil and Kur Restorative Nail Cream both assist in restoring nails damaged by UV gel polish, acrylics and wraps and both are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free.

The complete line of Londontown Kur Nail Care products can be found at

All products in the system work in unison to repair, strengthen and hydrate the nail and cuticle. If you have damaged, brittle and dried nails and cutiles, Londontown is waiting for you.



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January 29, 2013

Active Lifestyle? Outdoor Sports Person? Always on the Go? Meet Vault™”One Touch” Lip Care !

Vault™ is a “ premier line of lip care products ” with a very unique patented retractable delivery system that lets you stay on top of your “Game” and look your best with the ability to uncap, apply, and recap your Vault™ lip product conveniently with one hand without missing a beat with what ever it is you are doing.

Vault™ ~ One Touch Lip Care for Active Lifestyles

Check out the Tinted Lip Balm in action on this Vault™ website video link:

I was delighted to personally receive a Tinted Lip Balm , which is from one of the Three Collections in the Vault Lip Care Line .

I was so impressed with the ease of application, subtle lip shade, feel on my lips, and portability that now I always toss my Tinted Lip Balm right in my pocket wherever I go! You can really get used to that slick one hand application! I can only imagine how handy it is if you’re involved in active outdoor activities! The Tinted Lip Balm contains cocoa, Shea butters, Aloe, vitamin E, and (Quote) “the color palette, inspired by the snow-covered Sierra Mountains, Orange County beach scene, adds a matte finish and pop of color!” What a visual delight! I really like the soft matte finish of the Tinted Lip Balm , and look forward to trying more of the 8 colors that are available. The price is $9.00.

The other two additionally impressive collections in the Vault™ lip care line include:
Lip Gloss ~ (Quote) “With a bond girl applicator, the Lip Gloss provides the look of a spy while delivering vibrant color for a supple, voluminous pout.” Take a look at this Vault™ website video link for a nice visual of the Lip Gloss, one hand application:
You know the Lip Gloss is going to be alluring, and the jojoba oil and vitamin E will nourish and hydrate your lips. There are 16 shades in the Lip Gloss collection and the price is $16.00.

And the final collection, Lip Balm Sport ~ This “natural” lip balm keeps your lips hydrated and smooth with beeswax, vitamin E, and almond and coconut oil. You may also purchase it with SPF 15 for lip protection! The price is $4.95.

You may purchase all three of the Vault™ Collections right online at:

Compliments and an A+ Grade to Julia and Craig Carrol from Newport Beach, California where they founded Vault™ in 2011! They sure did their homework in not only bringing their (Quote) “Mission of creating beauty and body care products that cater to the lifestyles of active people” into being, but patented a remarkable delivery system that provides a “one hand” application for busy people in any situation.

Vault’s Lip Care Collections

•Lip Gloss •Tinted Lip Balm • Lip Balm Sport

(Quotes and/or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from PR Fact Sheets and

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January 29, 2013

IntensivEye for the Sensitive Eye



I always need to have eye make-up remover on hand. Between my two daughters and myself, someone is always looking for some. All three of use Eye-make-up, especially mascara and we need an eye make-up remover that will remove the thickest mascara (waterproof included), eye-liner and eye shadow as well.  I have found an excellent product called IntensivEye Pre-Moistened Eye Make-up Remover Pads.  These 30 pre-moistened pads are packaged in a convenient pouch with a plastic flip top lid, designed to keep the pads moist and fresh. These pads are thick and cushiony and are twice as wide as what you would find in other brands. Say good-bye to liquid eye make-up removers and cotton balls. These pads wipes away the dirt leaving your eyes looking clean and fresh.

IntensivEye Pre-Moistened Eye Make-up Remover Pads are infused with extracts and oils that gently clean your eyes and eyelashes without a greasy feeling and does not cause irritation. IntensivEye Pre-Moistened Eye Make-up Remover Pads are hypo-allergenic and are fragrance free and my favorite part, no animal testing is involved.

IntensivEye Pre-Moistened Eye Make-up Remover Pads are available in three formulas, IntensivEye Cucumber Soothing Eye Pads which contain cucumber extract which helps cool and sooth the eye are and is suitable for all skin types; IntensivEye Anti Wrinkle Eye Pads which helps to sooth wrinkle prone areas and helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet; IntensivEye Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover Pads, which is what we use, are formulated for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. These oil free pads also cool and sooth the most gentle eye areas quickly and easily. The pouch they are contained in can fit conveniently in your hand bag, book bag, gym bag, well just about any bag. Purchase yours today at You will love them!







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January 29, 2013

Fall In Love With Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs

ouBG-412W_mxI would like to share my love for a luxury perfume that I simply fell  head over heels for…Orangers en Fleurs is a new release from the legendary House of Houbigant, a perfume house with a history dating back to 1775. Orangers en Fleurs means a celebration of the Orange Tree. The Orange Blossom is a symbol of fertility, innocence, and marriage by excellence, because Orange Trees produce both flowers and fruit at the same time.  Orangers en Fleurs is a fully realized orange blossom fragrance that presents the combination of tuberose and orange leaf absolute. The moment I sprayed it on, the delicately balance of honeyed floral note of ylang, jasmine, rose, cedar, nutmeg, and musk composited an airiness of vibrance and pleasure. The lighter treatment of orange blossom and spice combo provides a lift of a clean, modern fragrance. The long lifespan of the scent lasts forever on the skin. This fragrance goes a long way, I have been spraying a little on around 7:00 am and 12 hours later I can still catch whiffs of it.  When I wear this scent, I feel elegant and glamorous, but not overdone. This sophisticated perfume edition is showcased in  a handmade hardwood lacquered box with an engraved emblem. The bottom is a stunning modernized version of an original Baccarat Crystal bottle, specially designed for the brand in the 20th century.

Orangers en Fleurs will be exclusively available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus nationwide.  Houbigant Paris Orangers en Fleurs is available in parfum 100ml/3.3 fl oz. and retails for $600.00.  Eau de Parfum 100ml retails for $180.00.

My love for this perfume could be your new love too…..You will not be disappointed!

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3Laurie Carcieri

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January 28, 2013

Hollywood Beauty Alert!!!!

No look is complete without just the right makeup application.  New girl actress Hannah Simone shows off her sleek, yet bold stated, makeup look at the 2013 Producer Guild Awards with help of Celebrity Makeup Artist Marina Gravani.  The European Wax Center Ambassador Shares Her Pro Tips on How to Achieve this Sultry Look.


INSPIRATION:  “I really wanted the focus of this look to be her eyes.”

MARINA’S PREP TIPS:  “Make sure to visit a European Wax Center for waxing at least 2 days before an event or your makeup won’t hold on the area you waxed” 

EYES:  For Hannah’s eyes, Marina created an Egyptian style cat eye to achieve the sleek look. Marina applied a flesh toned shimmery eyeshadow to the eyelid, and then used a dark eyeliner to create the look.

EYEBROWS:  Marina applied a Laura Mercier brow pencil and used the European Wax Center Shape IT Brow Shining & Defining Serum to enhance her beautiful and bold brows.  “European Wax Center’s Tweezer Kit (Slant) is a great tool for the night of an event, in case you have any strays.”

FACE:  Marina used minimal makeup, just added a pop of peach to the cheeks, to bring out the shimmer in the eyes.

LIPS:  For Hannah’s lips, Marina applied a sheer peachy lipgloss with a neutral toned lip liner.

Products Used:  European Wax Center Shape IT Brow Shining & Defining Serum ($20.00)  European Wax Center Tweezer Kit (SLANT) ($32.00) available at all European Wax Centers Nationwide.  For more information, please visit


About European Wax Center

European Wax Center was founded by siblings David Coba, Joshua Coba and Jessica Coba in 2004, and is now recognized as a leader in comfortable and hygienic waxing. The Cobas developed the ultimate wax experience that features the all natural COMFORT WAX™  developed in Paris and the 4 Steps to Gorgeous™ process — Cleanse, Prepare, Wax, Rejuvenate. As well, features include a clean, professional environment, full-privacy Wax Suites, and exceptional service exclusively for EWC clients.   Now, luxurious waxing can be incorporated into everyone’s regular routine and skincare regime.   European Wax Center enables everyone to feel pampered, beautiful and sexy.   For more information about European Wax Center or to inquire about owning a franchise log onto or like us on Facebook at and twitter @EuropeanWax.

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January 28, 2013

The Screen Actor’s Guild

It’s that time of year again. The Screen Actors Guild Awards. Just like every award show, each actor and actress shines in his or her own way.  Actresses Rose Byrne and Naya Rivera shine in their award winning hairstyles courtesy of John Freida Internantional products. See how you too can acheive these looks below.


Inspired by the retro, feminine look of Rose Byrne’s gown, John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh created a modern take on the classic wave by keeping them controlled, glossy and flat to the head.

Step 1 – Prep

Josh applied a few pumps of the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Formula Hair Serum ($9.99 at drugstores) through wet hair and blow dried using a large, round bristle brush. “The key to this look is a flawless blowout,” said Josh. ” Her waves need to be completely controlled and any hint of frizz would disrupt the style.”

Step 2 – Style

After sectioning off the hair, Josh wrapped each section around a small curling iron and then carefully brushed it out.


Step 3 – Perfect

Josh finished off the look by applying a sheer coat of John Frieda Frizz-Ease 100% Shine ($5.99 at drugstores) to ensure that her waves glistened when the light from the flash bulbs hit on




Celebrity hairstylist Clyde Haygood gave Naya Rivera a statement-making red carpet look for tonight’s SAG Awards: with dramatic and glamorous long waves, Rivera looked like a modern day Veronica Lake. Below please find the steps he took to create her sleek and classic look, using products from John Frieda.


Step 1 – Prep


  • Clyde applied Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula ($8.99 at drugstores) to Naya’s wet hair before blow-drying. “We wanted defined waves, and this serum blocks out frizz and gives you sleek results.”


Step 2 – Style


  • Next, Clyde used a curling iron with a 1 ½ inch barrel to begin curling hair section by section, pinning each curl with a duckbill clip and spraying Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray (5.99 at drugstores) to set.



Step 3 – Perfect


· Once the curls cooled, Clyde sprayed just a few spritzesFrizz-Ease Spiral Style Spray Gel ($5.99) for definition and added shine. “We also used this gel formula to sculpt the hair away from Naya’s face” so her romantic makeup would be more visible when she hit the red carpet.



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