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June 20, 2018

I’m a college grad!

This past weekend, I graduated from UC, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in multimedia professional writing. Let me just tell you…it feels weird saying I’m a college graduate as much as it feels good. This has been such a bittersweet time. Soaking up all of the last memories with close friends, living in a house on the beach, spending time with family, and stepping away from my four-year life pattern– a lot of change.

Graduating comes with so many emotions and I feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to attend this amazing school. Thanks to my incredible parents support, I was given the ability to grow as an academic, but more importantly, as an individual. Throughout these past four years, I learned more about myself and others than I could have ever imagined. I am walking away from this experience with insight, experience, compassion, hope, knowledge, and incredible friendships. My experience has been absolutely unforgettable and I am ready for the next chapter of this crazy and amazing thing we call life….


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June 20, 2018

Kut from the Kloth, Fall In Love With Fashion That Perfectly Fits And Flatters Your Body

Kut from the Kloth Marlee Sweater Catherine Ankle Straight

Kut from the Kloth Marlee Sweater Catherine Ankle Straight


Couture-worthy, coastal-inspired designs from contemporary lifestyle brand Kut from the Kloth, celebrate the versatile side of fall and the value of your dollar

This Fall, bold is the name of the game, and Kut from the kloth ( has you covered. With a fresh new collection, alive with vibrant prints and contrasting textures, plus a new line of couture-quality, hand-crafted Premium Heritage denim, Kut takes you to the next level of style and comfort all season long. Kut from the Kloth outfits the modern-day fashionista, bringing to life versatile, coastal-inspired pieces, expertly tailored to compliment every part of your body and conform to every part of your non-stop schedule. As the weather turns chilly in fall and the start of school brings a familiar return to routines, LA’s favorite lifestyle brand releases an all-new line of vibrant contemporary sportswear designed to take you from day to play.

The rich colors of the fall season infuse an electric pop into every eye-catching piece from Kut from the Kloth, while functional layers of delicate floral, cozy cable-knit, and vegan fur trim keep you toasty warm. Make a serious statement in the fittedRafaella Blazer, softly silhouetted against a mid-rise, Catherine Boyfriend cut jean and chunky-heel boots. The open-collared leather Orla Jacket adds a smooth, old-school vibe to the airy and ultra-feminine Odelline Shirt in romantic shades of pink and ivory. Playfully decorated denim features buttons, sequins and embroidery in classic shapes and flawless cuts, while neon trim, colorful lettering and plaid accents add elements of on-trend street style in fits that flatter every silhouette.

No fall wardrobe is complete without Kut from the Kloth Premium Heritage denim. Brand new this season, your favorite fashion staple gets a high-voltage upgrade with eco-friendly, rich azure washes formulated without chemicals or harsh dyes and crafted right in the heart of LA. Designed to inspire your everyday style, Premium Heritage denim is the perfect centerpiece for bold statements or casual play. Each stunning pair is carefully detailed and hand-distressed in true couture fashion to become more authentic with every wear – and starting at just $108, they’re the perfect fit for you and your budget.

This Fall, Kut from the Kloth has all of the hottest fashion looks at a surprisingly cool price point, offering true value to their customer.

Visit for your complete fall wardrobe inspiration, brimming with couture-inspired, high-fashion style you need to stay on-trend and on-budget. While you’re there, make sure to sign up with your email to be the first to know about new releases and get $20 in Kut cash to spend any way you like. Plus, enjoy free ground delivery (within the US) and free exchanges or returns within 30 days. Get your hands on the bold fall fashion trends now at and start earning points today toward future purchases.

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June 20, 2018

National Selfie Day Is Tomorrow Spread The #SelfieLove

image from

image from YouCam Makeup

National Selfie Day is tomorrow! We want to help spread the #SelfieLove with some signature YouCam Makeup tips and tricks for snapping the perfect photo.
  • Selfie Tip #1: Any selfie is made more magical within The Golden Hour of 4 – 6PM, so take advantage of this prime selfie-taking time to achieve that perfect glow as the sun begins to set
  • Selfie Tip #2: Experience beauty in new ways and experiment with your hair and makeup looks with the YouCam Makeup app (over 500 million try-ons!)
  • Selfie Tip #3: Did you know? NYC is the city that generates the most selfies per day. Stand out from the crowd and play up your look with YouCam Makeup’s many features. Choose from a variety of lipsticks, skin smoothers, fake lashes, etc. and take your best selfie yet.
Now, you can celebrate national selfie day the right way: with YouCam Makeup.
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June 20, 2018




Kelly Wynne announced that Nordstrom will be selling Kelly Wynne handbags beginning late July. It is currently the only clear handbag the retailer is carrying for fashionistas following the clear handbag trend, for sports fans on game day, and music-lovers at concerts that require clear bags. Currently, even some public schools have started requiring clear backpacks as a response to current events.

Kelly Wynne recently released the first ever backpack for the brand. It is clear with a removable flap that allows it to transition into a tote if needed for even easier access through security. It is available for pre-order now on Kelly Wynne also offers customization for her clear handbags, so customers can purchase their team colors. Shoppers can choose from 8 python prints in: black/grey and white, blue, navy, purple, red/navy, crimson/maroon, green, and orange . The customizable python printed leather appears on the sides, the strip down the middle, on the chain strap, and the bottom of the Mingle Mingle Mini, while the main portion of the purse remains clear. The new clear handbags are available now for pre-order and will ship late July.

“As a personal shopper of Nordstrom, it’s surreal to see my bags now carried here.” said Kelly Wynne Ferguson, CEO of Kelly Wynne. “We are excited for this new partnership and honored to be Nordstrom’s premiere choice for their customers for clear handbags. This opens up new distribution channels for our brand with one of the largest and most reputable retailers. We look forward to working with Nordstrom and know that our game day bags offer a ‘wynne-wynne’ opportunity.”

Looking ahead, Kelly Wynne will be launching her “Mirage” Fall collection this August that is inspired by the desert, but with a deeper theme that calls out the facade many people live behind in today’s online world. The brand will offer over 50 new handbags with various python prints this Fall, all inspired by being authentic and being comfortable in one’s own skin.

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June 19, 2018

Lucy Hale’s Go-to Denim Brand: 7 For All Mankind!

Lucy Hale was photographed wearing 7 For All Mankind while out and about in Studio City over the weekend! The actress looked cool and casual on her way to workout in the 7 For All Mankind Oversized Boyfriend Jacket with Destroy in Desert Sun Bleached ($199,
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June 19, 2018

Tips For Improving Your Body Image

Body positivity is one of those subjects which is gaining more and more popularity these days. Although it feels like that in today’s society people need to achieve a certain body goal in order to be seen as an inspiration, in reality, things are a bit different. First and foremost, every single individual has a certain opinion when it comes to their body, and that is dictated by what they see in the mirror. While a lot of people struggle with poor body image and they feel disappointment and shame each time they see their reflection somewhere, others are grateful and even contented by the way they look.

As body image allows people to create a first impression, people are encouraged to adopt a positive body image. It does not have to reach any standards, but it has to change the way you feel and view your body.

Undo Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is very destructive for your mind as it has a direct impact on the way you feel in your own skin. Therefore, you need to minimize the number of negative comments that you give yourself and replace them with positive, motivational ones. You are the worst critic of yourself, so change has to come from within in this case. Stop pointing out your flaws and start focusing on your unique features.

Learn to Love Exercise

Exercising has many health benefits. Though, it has to be practiced for the right reasons because you need to be consistent to see results. Unfortunately, no miraculous diets or machinery will help you get the body of your dreams overnight. First, you need to accept and love your current shape and learn how to exercise so that you see results, which will motivate you to continue. When working out you might feel embarrassed by the way you look, but the good news is that there are certain retailers who focus on making you feel good with their quality workout gear. Simply Be offers a great selection of athleisure, including a range of plus size joggers, tops or sports bras, so you’ll feel happy and confident when you’re next working out.

Get a Nutrition Boost

Another important aspect that can radically change your body image is the food you eat. You need to avoid throwing pity parties for you and continue eating damaging foods. Good nutrition helps you nourish your body with the best products out there, so include vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and nuts in your diet, and limit the number of sweets and unhealthy fats that you consume. No matter how complicated it might seem, you need to stop eating processed foods, they only offer short-term repletion, but no real nutrients.

Pamper Yourself

Since you’re working on your body image, it might be a good idea to start pampering yourself every now and them. Relaxing treats such as a bubble bath or a massage is meant to calm your mind and body. Your entire body needs to be cherished and loved, so it is not the end of the world if you eat a piece of dark chocolate or a small cookie every now and them. After all, you need to treat your body with respect on the journey to self-love.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to understand that no one is perfect. There are no standards related to your body that you need to reach. Aim to feel comfortable in your own skin and nothing will stop you.

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June 19, 2018

NAYALI is on a mission to celebrate women with feminine curves.

NAYALI collection

NAYALI collection


NAYALI Collection – The Fashion Industry is truly recognizing curvy and diverse women, but there is still a way to go. Women are demanding representation of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. So why are we still offering limited options for busty women when it comes to streetwear, swimwear and activewear?

Introducing NAYALI, meaning feminine courage. NAYALI is on a mission to celebrate women with feminine curves.

After nearly 12+ years of designing and building brands that include Athleta, Manduka, Splits59, & 2XU, Shilpa Rajpara identified a significant gap in the market. No brands were serving the 60 million+ women (in the U.S. alone) who are sizes 0-16 (XS-XL) with a cup size of D-Cup & Up.

As a triathlete and as a size medium/32G, Shilpa could identify with the countless stories she heard from other D-Cup & Up active women who have had nip slips, breasts popping out during a workout, issues wearing 2-3 sports bras at a time, pain from straps, or having to literally hold their chest while exercising.

The collection, has thoughtful design and details that flatter larger chested women while providing adjust-ability, support, and coverage in all the right places.

NAYALI, is a women’s premium athleisure label for those who value luxury, independence, & an active lifestyle.

The collection encompases active, swim, and leisurewear specifically focused on active women (sizes XS-XL) with a fuller bust (D-Cup to G-Cup).

NAYALI designs with “your girls” in mind. Swim, Sweat, or Street, D-Cup & Up, we’ve got you covered.™

Follow NAYALI:



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June 18, 2018

La-Tweez A Top Of The List “Must Have” Beauty Tool

LaTweez Mermaid Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust Tips

La-Tweez Mystic Dreams Mermaid Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust Tips

“The eyebrow is the most important part of any makeup look. It frames and defines the eye as well as the face. Believe it or not the history of the eyebrow starts back in ancient times. It wasn’t until the 1920s when silent film star Clara Bow popularized the “over plucked” look that the use of tweezers on the face came into play. Ever since then, eyebrows changed with the decade and the use of beauty products on the market. However, the first pair of tweezers were not used for the use of tweezing hair from the face. They were originally used just to pick up little objects that the fingers could not. They can also be used for the use of crafts and hobbies such as stamp collecting. The shape and pointed edge made things much simpler.

 Nowadays, the tweezer  can be found in just about every makeup bag. Different types, shapes, and sizes are on the market today. There are tweezers from blunt edge to sharp edge, small and large. You name it it’s there. When I was in school for hair and skin, we learned that the easiest tweezers to use where ones that had a pointed edge so it is easier to get those little, pesky hairs from every little nook and cranny. Now I usually don’t tweeze my eyebrows or chin or other parts of my face but my mom, ever since I could remember, has been the one to use tweezers. Of course the older she’s gotten the worse it has become for her to see in her mirror without her glasses. She uses a clip on light on the mirror as well. All that changed when she started using tweezers from the company La-Tweez in their Mystic Dreams Mermaid design.

 La-Tweez brings ease back into tweezing with a built in light, a slight pointed edge and convenient shape to hold them comfortably. My mom fell in love with them the very first time she used them. She says the LED light is the most attractive feature and is what caught her eye first. She didn’t have to struggle with glasses, finding the perfect lighting, or even attaching the clip on light to her mirror. The first day she got it, she told me she was able to turn on the light and use the reflection in the box. Since she tweezes daily, she also finds these more gentle to use on the skin since they don’t pinch like other tweezers might.

In addition to the LED light, the packaging of this LIMITED EDITION Illuminating Tweezer product actually caught the eye of both of us. Since this is their Mystic Dreams Mermaid design, the ombre use of blue and green and scales really makes you think they just dug it up from the ocean floor. “Very Key West” as my mom would put it. Oh, let me not forget to mention that the Tweezers have Diamond Dust tips!

Along with the packaging came a case that holds the tweezers comfortably and conveniently so they don’t get dulled, bent or dirty. The cosmetic case almost looks like a lipstick holder but when you open it the tweezers sit right inside. This makes it perfect for travel.  It easily fits in your purse or gym bag and doesn’t take up any more room than a pack of gum.

 Each tweezer from La-Tweez really accentuates the personality of everyone on your gift list. Whether they are a “Pretty in Pink” to “Back in Black”, there really is a color for everyone. La-Tweez is designed and tested to fit your needs. When you need to “pluck” grab your La-Tweez. Trust me if my mom loves it so will you. Visit 

Follow La-Tweez on Instagram

(Posted by Annie Hatcher)


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June 18, 2018

Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Undie Couture by Lauren Copeland, Sweat Wellth Lip Quench, WhitenFresh and Lavish Leathers

Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Undie Couture by Lauren Copeland, Sweat Wellth Lip Quench, WhitenFresh Breath Spray and Lavish Leathers Hand Crafted Leather Earrings were all on our team’s radar. We gathered them all up. We chose the best fit of item for what each of us are working on now and we prepared info to share with our readers on each of them.

Isabelle Grace Gem Slice Necklaces

Isabelle Grace Gem Slice Necklaces


Let’s start with the Isabelle Grace Gem Slice Necklaces . We were actually first introduced to the Isabelle Grace Designs at a Hollywood event several years ago and we have since been fans of the designs.

Here is the website description of the Isabelle Grace Gem Slice Necklaces.

“These gorgeous little slices of color are just the perfect signature piece to finish off any outfit. These sweet stones are hand cut, polished and dipped in gold accenting each stones natural beauty. We finish them off with 14kt gold filled chain and gold accent pyrite.

Because these are natural semi precious stones each pieces is slightly different adding to the beauty of this necklace. Stones measure approx. 1/2inch wide to 3/4inch long. ($56)”

While we were on the Isabelle Grace Jewelry website, we could see that someone in Redondo Beach, California had just bought a Green Chrysoprase necklace. And confirmation of orders just kept popping up!  How exciting for this brand! The gem slices are also available in Hyperstein (Golden Brown), Blue Chrysoprase and Rainbow Moonstone (white). Chain length choices are 16, 18 and 20 in. There is an extra $5 charge for the 20 inch chain. We are partial to the 18 inch length.

There is an unexpected accent of three little cold beads on the chain. Love that!

Isabelle Grace Jewelry -Live it , Love it, Cherish it and we do!

Follow Isabelle Grace Jewelry on Facebook

 Lace Bralette from Undie Couture by Lauren Copeland available at The Coobie Bra Store

Lace Bralette from Undie Couture by Lauren Copeland available at The Coobie Bra Store


Next is the feminine, beautiful Navy Blue colored Wide Strap Lace Bralette from Undie Couture by Lauren Copeland available at The Coobie Bra Store.

Description of the Undie Couture Bralette direct from The Coobie Bra Store website is “This new collection is a pretty, sexy alternative for everyday! Made with soft, stretchy lace these bralettes are ultra comfortable. The cups are lined with a soft, thin nylon blend that provides comfortable coverage without the bulk. No pads or wires. The straps have a wide lace front for comfort and are adjustable in the back. Available in 3 sizes: Small (28A-32D), Medium (32A-34D), Large (36A-38D). Fabric Content: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.”

This is so comfy, simple and sexy.  Katie Way, writer at says, “Ultra-sexy, mega push-up triple-cup padded bras are officially out.” Well, those types of bras were out for the gals here for quite some time now. The  Undie Couture Bralette direct from The Coobie Bra Store is definitely IN! The price is amazing at $22.

Visit ShopCoobie on Instagram.

Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm

Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm


We have been getting a lot of pitches the past few days for National Hydration Day on Saturday, June 23. Honestly, we have had little time to check those out. We will be doing so.  But right here, we have Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm with Broad Spectrum 25.  So let’s celebrate upcoming National Hydration Day with a ‘Shout Out’ to sweatWELLth for bringing us these Tinted Electrolyte Balms.

Direct from : “Same great formula as our original star; loaded with the hydrating goodness of encapsulated electrolytes all while giving you a sheer hint of color. Dry, chapped lips aren’t only a winter worry. Like your hands, your delicate lips are typically exposed to the elements—literally leaving them out in the cold. Our emollient-rich balm is infused with electrolytes (yep, the same ingredient found in sports drinks) helps to retain optimal hydration levels. Plus, our time-released cooling technology keeps lips cool while zinc oxide reflect harmful (and aging) UVA and UVB rays.”

We especially love that this formula protects against sun damage.  We can not stress enough how important that is. Lip Cancer is more common than most think yet most of us overlook the possibility. Find out more at .

“People forget to protect their lips,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care, and associate clinical professor in the department of dermatology at George Washington University Medical Center. “Skin cancer in this area can be particularly dangerous, which is why everyone needs lip balm with SPF.”

Read the directions on the Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm packaging for proper use.

The balm just recently launched. You may be one of the first of your friends to pick one up and spread the news. You can get Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm in shades of BARRE (Pink), HIIT (Nude), XFIT (Plum).

Follow SweatWELLth on Instagram.

Yesterday an article crossed our desks, Tips to Avoid Bad Breath and Achieve Whiter Teeth on a Date by Sarah Jebreil, DDS. You will be finding that posted to It’s a Glam Thing soon. Be on the look out. In the meantime, let’s talk about EverSmile WhitenFresh On-The Go Whitening Breath Spray.

WhitenFresh On -The -Go

WhitenFresh On -The -Go


This freshens breath on-the-go, whitens teeth on-the-go and does it without causing tooth sensitivity. You will definitely want to order the pack of two. Our East Coast Editor never leaves the house without a bottle in her purse. It’s great to use especially for the whitening effects after drinking coffee, tea or wine. Use the EverSmile WhitenFresh On-The Go Whitening Breath Spray after any meal or just when your mouth and breath feel and smell yucky. You can use it on aligners and mouth guards too. Lisa uses hers on her night-time mouth guard for a quick refresher if she is too tired give it a full cleaning.

Follow EverSmile on Instagram.

Have you heard of Lavish Leathers Jewelry? (#lavishleathers @lavishleathers) Lavish Leathers is owned by sisters, Amber & Sienna. You can learn more about the sisters HERE.




The earrings are very lightweight, which is great for anyone and especially those suffering from the effects of wearing heavy earrings too much in the past. The hooks are made from nickel free iron in four styles; silver, gold, antique gold and antique bronze.

The Tassel necklaces are very pretty. They also offer the handcrafted leather tassel necklaces in styles for young girls! They go great with the mini earrings.

All items are handcrafted and custom orders are available.

The new release of the Stars Teardrop Leather Earrings has arrived in time for July 4! The website shows the Metallic Penny Copper Jewel Leather Earrings that are just $11. It seems earrings run mostly $17 and $22. Most of the Tassle Necklaces are  available for $29 – $58. There is an attractive Banana Leopard and Turquoise Leather Stingray Necklace that is hand cut and available for $29.

There is lots to see at the Lavish Leathers WEBSITE so plan on spending some time there. Be sure to check out the fun sport themed earrings.

We love the designs and wonder if there will be Vegan options available sometime in the future.

Follow Lavish Leathers on Instagram 

Special note: We would like to thank the almost 97,000 followers we have on the YouCam Beauty app for iOS and Android. Look for It’s a Glam Thing ranked as a top Beautyist in the Beauty Circle!

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June 17, 2018

Experience Bath Magic with YUZU Soap Bombs and Bath Fizz

Everyone has a favorite meal. My favorite meal is Baked Stuffed Shrimp. I love it but I can’t eat it everyday, that could get boring. I have to change things up with different types of foods. I feel the same way about my skincare products, shampoos and conditioners and of course my bath products. I take baths all the time, winter or summer, I love my baths but, like my favorite food, using the same bath products can get quite boring. I have found my bath magic…

I changed up my bath routine with YUZU Soap Bombs and Bath Fizzes. I knew they were going to be perfect as soon as I opened the package. The Lavender Sage fragrance was amazing. YUZU Bath Cubes come in sets of two- 3oz. cubes that are individually wrapped. You have your choice of  4 fragrances, Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon Tea Tree, Orange Mint and Lavender Sage.

Get ready for the ultimate relaxing bath experience. Simply drop one cube into the running bath water and allow it to dissolve. Now just relax in your soft, fragrant bath water and enjoy.  YUZU Bath Bomb Cubes are 100% natural and handcrafted in small batches. Each cube is formulated with moisturizing coconut oil, aromatic essential oils, natural clay, baking soda, citric acid and hazel.

Why not change things up a little more with YUZU’s  Dual Bath Fizz Set. YUZU Dual Bath Fizz Set is an exclusive collaboration item with esselle, a modern tabletop decor brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Dual Bath Fizz Set contains a Lavender scented fizz and an orange scented one. Choose the scent you want or, for a unique bath experience, mix the two scents. Add a little more Lavender or a little more orange…what ever your heart desires. Either way get ready for a relaxing bath. 

The fizz powder is 100% natural and, as with the bath cubes, contains baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, essential oils, and natural clay. Each set comes with a gilded wooden spoon designed by esselle, two glass jars, a bamboo tray and 10 oz. of bath fizz. You will enjoy 8 to 10 baths with the Dual Bath Fizz Set.

Fill your bathtub with warm water. Add as little or as much bath fizz as desired.  6 spoonfuls usually does the trick. If it’s a subtle floral scent you are looking for, try adding 5 parts Orange and 1 part Lavender. offers an array of unique bath products hoping to make your bath quite the experience. You will find bath bombs, bath tablets, gift sets, exceptional bath soaps and more. They make perfect gift anytime or any season.


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