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November 29, 2018

Fierce, Metallic Manicures with Sally Hansen and Crayola

Metallic manis are a fierce fashion statement, and the new collection from Sally Hansen and Crayola, Insta-Dri Glam Rock, has something for everyone. Boasting 12 metallic inspired shades, this collection evokes childhood nostalgia and adds a touch of glam. The upgraded, longer lasting 3-in-1 formula boasts a built-in base and top coat and 1-coat coverage offers shiny, extended wear in a single step.
Price: $7.99 each
Where to Buy: Drugstores and mass merchants nationwide
From a high-shine, beautiful berry hue to a shimmering, gorgeous green, you’re bound to find at least one favorite color in this collection.
Sally Hansen + Crayola Insta-Dri Glam Rock Collection shades include:
Razzmic Berry This blue-tinged raspberry hue radiates with gorgeous gleam.
Shimmering Blush Don’t be bashful about donning this medium pink glimmering tone.
Big Dip O’Ruby This sparkly true red hue is a gem.
Bittersweet Shimmer A pink tinged with red, this multi-faceted shade is bold and confident.
Alloy Orange You’ll bond alloy-style with this tangerine tone spiked with a glitter finish.
Metallic Sunburst Catch early fall’s last rays of warmth in this marigold shimmer polish.
Sheen Green This lustrous lime green with a touch of sparkle will amp up any autumnal ensemble.
Metallic Seaweed This metallic teal conjures the calm of the sea.
B’Dazzled Blue This sapphire shade glints in the light just like the real deal.
Sonic Silver Feel the need for speed in a stunningly sleek silver metallic manicure.
Deep Space Sparkle A cosmic sparkle-tinged charcoal shade that goes with everything.
Blast Of Bronze This radiant deep copper tone is a subdued take on the rose gold trend.
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November 28, 2018

Are you making these 10 Common Mistakes at the Gym?


As people begin to think about New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness Goals, you must remember just paying for a membership doesn’t guarantee the results you want.

Many people start their year off buying a gym membership and new gym attire. While the first step to transforming your body is, in fact, deciding to commit to restructuring your lifestyle at the gym and in the kitchen, it is common for people to make mistakes that jeopardize their progress. These mistakes can chip away at their enthusiasm to work out and ultimately result in people giving up on their goals.

“As a trainer, my job consists of helping clients assess where they are and where they want to be. Giving them a clear pathway helps avoid mistakes that often cause people to quit too soon and forfeit their goals,” says Vince Sant, the co-founder and lead trainer of V Shred, the online training platform that has taken the world by storm in recent years.

Vince says these are some of the most common mistakes people make when starting off their fitness journey.

1)     Failing to Assess Your Body

“Trainers and gym staff see this all the time. People who are new to working out and  get a few workouts from a friend and head into the gym without analyzing their bodies with a trainer.” This becomes harmful because these people are not trained to pinpoint their body’s imbalances, where their weaknesses lie and how their body is compensating subconsciously.  “They go to the gym pay for the membership and spend months doing exercises incorrectly and damaging their joints and their back.”

2)      Failing to Set Realistic Goals

Nowadays a lot of people scroll through social media and try and mimic the amount of weight being lifted and want a six pack in two weeks. Contrary to popular belief, fitness models and trainers don’t start off deadlifting 200 lbs. They train for months, maybe years, perfecting their form. When you set major goals with an unrealistic time frame you are setting yourself up for disappointment. “A lot of what a trainer does is manage your goals and give you honest timelines to get you there. We cheerlead you through the rough times and the plateaus,” says Sant.

3)    Consistency is Key

New gym goers lose their excitement over working out a few weeks in. They start skipping workouts and making excuses. This will add to the time it will take for you to reach your goals and may even hinder your enthusiasm overall. Push yourself through the first few months of working out and eating nutritiously. Make a habit out of working out. Consistency will become easier once you start seeing those desired results

4)   Delaying Your Workouts Into The Night

We get it. People work tremendously hard and they have errands to run and people to care for. People want to sleep as much as possible. “Here’s a pro tip: If you want consistency to be an easier hurdle to overcome… Plan to workout in the morning. In life, things come up and schedules change. The morning will always be more available than your night. We also tend to make more excuses at night and let things override our plans to work out,” says Sant.

5)     Giving Up When You Hit A Plateau

If you hit a plateau it means you have consistently been doing the same routine for an extended period of time. Kudos for the consistency, but that is just one part of getting the results you want. “You need to learn or get guidance on how to effectively change your workouts to continue challenging your muscles and prevent your body from falling into a comfort zone with your regular routine,” explains Sant.

6)    Overdoing the Cardio

Don’t misunderstand, cardio is an important part of any fitness journey especially one that is centered around weight loss. However, in the eagerness of the first few weeks people who start going to the gym concentrate overwhelmingly on cardio and needlessly exhaust their body. Trainers see it all the time, people who spend 2 hours on the elliptical. You’d be better served to do a 30-minute cardio session followed by light weights and circuit training. Remember you want to strengthen the muscle as well.

7)      Unorganized Lifting

When you are working on weight training you have to educate yourself on what exercises belong in a superset together and how much is wise to lift when shooting for a certain amount of repetitions. “Gym goers often lift too heavy making it difficult to complete a set or too light, failing to challenge the muscle,” says Sant. It is important that you don’t lift too heavy out of vanity and that you don’t too light out of laziness. When doing supersets (two different movements, one after the other you without rest it is important that you learn about the movements that go together as one might affect your form for the other and open you up for injury.

8)   Record Your Progress

Failing to record the amount of weights and repetitions per set that you can lift per movement easily leads to plateaus and lack of interest. If you don’t record what you are doing then you have no way of increasing intensity meaning you will not get any better. “Working out without a clear goal for each movement can become boring. You lose interest and consciousness about what you are doing. Record what you are doing, perform it consistently and then increase intensity to avoid plateaus.

9)   Stretch

For many, stretching is common sense. Many people still ignore the importance of it. Working out without stretching can lead to reduced muscle mind connection, poor form and muscle strain. Stretching helps your range of motion and aids in preparing you mentally and physically for the workout ahead.

10)                       Failing to take an Active Rest Day

Many people go all out the first few weeks of their fitness training looking desperately for quick results. This is not wise. Taking a rest day allows your muscles to heal. An active rest day is a day where instead of training at full power you incorporate some sort of low-intensity cardio or HIIT training. This way you keep your body active and don’t let any soreness settle in while still resting from your much more comprehensive workouts.

It is important that before beginning a fitness journey you assess where you are and where you want to be. Seek out help from trainers at your gym or through an individualized online program like V Shred.

About V Shred:

V Shred is the fastest growing fitness and nutrition brand in the world offering online training programs designed to put the fun back into fitness and nutrition. V Shred provides a results-driven enduring lifestyle change instead of a frustrating battle that is easy to give up on. With a support network comprised of trusted accredited advisors and virtual personal trainers, people meet their fitness, nutrition, and goals.

The company, co-founded in 2015 by Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn, and Vince Sant, sought out to create a healthy fitness movement specifically designed to deliver profound changes in your body with the minimal amount of workout time. V Shred has created some of the world’s most popular fitness and nutrition programs such as Fat Loss Extreme and Toned in 90 Days for women and men and Ripped in 90 Days for men.

The diet that accompanies the workouts in these comprehensive fitness programs, offers plenty of healthy food options and recipes. V Shred’s supportive coaches encourage “portion empowerment” which inspires people to eat and enjoy food knowing it’s the fuel they need to achieve the results they seek.

V Shred is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit

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November 28, 2018

GIVEAWAY ALERT ($229.00 Value) For a chance to win Brazilian Skin “Facelift Kit”

Giveaway Alert! Brazilian Skin is offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win 1 Facelift from valued at $229.00 Winners are limited to The United States only & must be over 18 years of age. (INSTRUCTIONS TO ENTER ARE AT THE END OF THIS POST.)



“Facelift Kit” Poised to be THE “IT” Beauty Gift for Holiday 2018

When it comes to wrinkles and skin firming, women want a regimen that delivers immediate results. They want to feel and see it working. Brazilian Skin has come into the beauty scene with, what is poised to be, the next cult favorite.


The line contains a powerful combination of nature and science from ingredients derived throughout Central and South America. With a board of advisors that includes Dr. Andrea Godoy; the Brazilian Dermatologist of choice for former Victoria’s Secret bombshells Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros, Brazilian Skin’s Facelift Kit offers a simple daily 3 step system that radically reduces wrinkles, tightens, and firms skin erasing 10 years within 2 weeks.


The Facelift Kit retails for $229.00, each serum in the kit can be purchased individually. To understand what makes these serums so special, we must first look at their ingredients, and more importantly the dosing and combination of them.


“When people apply Brazilian Skin serums and feel their face tightening and see the transformation within a minute, they immediately ask me what the ingredients are and how is this even possible, explains,” Dr. Godoy. “After 2 weeks of use people are amazed at very specific skin improvements such as reduced scarring, breakouts, lines and wrinkles. This is due to the effective collaboration of ingredients at clinical levels,” she adds.


Key ingredients found in Brazilian Skin’s serums include:


Acmella Oleracea or “Jambu” a plant extract found to have very similar, short-lived effects to Botulinum Toxin. “This is the “magic” ingredient that gives the user the tightening sensation, so they feel it and see it working. When used regularly, elasticity is significantly improved,” explains Dr. Godoy.


Magnesium Aluminum, a naturally occurring mineral derived from purified and refined clay, which tightens and smooths the appearance of under-eye puffiness, sagging, and fine lines.


Camu Camu contains more Vitamin C than oranges. Obtained from berries, it serves as a superfood for skin. “Here you’re getting a lot of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals. This is what addresses acne scarring and dullness due to sun damage,” explains Dr. Godoy.


Acacia Gum which is extracted from the sap of the Acacia Tree is another ingredient that tightens, firms and smooths skin at the same time giving skin a younger, supple appearance.


Snail Mucin which seals in moisture and allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin very well, also diminishes fine lines and has incredible healing capabilities which address acne scars, sun spots and dry spots. “This ingredient is incredibly powerful for skin healing and some doctors recommend it for those who may react harshly to Retin A,” says Dr. Godoy.


Snap 8 Peptide works to smooth away the look of wrinkles and expression marks. This is particularly effective on the forehead and around the eyes.


Stem Cell Complex are found in the forms of (Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Fruit Extract, Perilla Frutescens (Chinese Extract) and native to the Amazon Rainforest, the Acai Palm Tree renowned for its ability to thrive in harsh conditions. The Chinese Basil Plant is rich in Rosmarinic Acid, which is known for its ability to plump up tired skin. These 3 antioxidants help to defend against oxidative stress by effectively disarming radicals.“ Stem cells are a powerful skin defender against stress. This slows down aging as stem cells divide and spread out to replenish other cells or reach other damaged tissue for repair,” explains Dr. Godoy.


Brazilian Skin’s Facelift Kit $229



PRICE: $99.99

This powerful rejuvenating serum immediately tightens skin and smooths lines, leaving skin more radiant. The curated, scientifically proven and clinically tested ingredients in this Brazilian skincare formula, helps to hydrate, smooth, soften, and increase your skin’s elasticity. In addition, skin gets nourished, restored and hydrated by consistent use of this serum.


Key Benefits

The powerful synergistic ingredients in Bratoxin have been shown to:

  • Tighten and smooth the skin immediately
  • Reduce barcode wrinkles and bitterness folds within minutes!
  • Diminish the depth of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes
  • Smooth and redesign the lip contour
  • Increase skin Moisture levels by 51.4% after 24 hours
  • Provide exponentially more Vitamin C delivered into the skin, as well as Ferulic Acid
  • Protect against Oxidation and Reactive Oxygen Species scavengers



Daily Application morning and evening. Apply 2 to 3 drops at a time, then gently massage into skin.


STEP TWO:  BRATOXINSTA® The 60 Second Smoother of Lines and Wrinkles

PRICE: $59.99

The formula in Bratoxinsta® contains stem cells from the Acai Palm Tree, Basil Plant, and White Oak Plant. In addition, 6 bioactive peptides help smooth the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles by supporting the proteins that weaken with age. These active ingredients work synergistically with the peptides to deliver vital phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Another unique ingredient in Bratoxinsta is Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract also known as Irish Sea Moss, which contains a hydrating, nutrient-rich blend of vitamins and trace minerals such as sulfur, iodine, magnesium, and selenium.


Key Benefits

  • Instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines
  • Sculpts facial contours
  • Lifts and tightens


How Bratoxinsta Works

Bratoxinsta is comprised of clinically dosed ingredients which have shown to work to tighten the skin instantaneously. Some of Bratoxinsta’s ingredients will help to tighten the skin on the surface, helping to smooth fine expression lines and blur the appearance of wrinkles. Once applied, the powerful active ingredients will start working on getting your skin smoother, tighter, and more youthful-looking with every use.



Simply dispense a small amount on to your fingertips and feather it throughout fine expression lines, and wrinkles. Wait about a minute to start feeling the tightening effects of Bratoxinsta. Wait for it to set before applying makeup. Apply to a clean and moisturized face.



Price $69.99

Brazilian Skin’s Potent Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex Mask is an overnight mask application crafted with an innovative, breathable, and nourishing film ingredient that functions as a transdermal penetration medium to facilitate the complete absorption of the “Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex.”


This remarkable complex uses the latest stem cell technology to derive powerful actives from Acai Palm, Chinese Basil, and White Oak resource materials. These derivatives impart antioxidant, protectant, and anti-aging benefits. For ultimate results, apply the mask just before bedtime & leave on overnight.


Key Benefits

  • Transparent, Odorless & Non-Greasy Overnight Film
  • Outstanding breathability, water and rub resistant
  • Anti-Oxidant + Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Complete absorption into the skin


How the Acai Mask Works

The mask uses a delightfully smooth and transparent base ingredient called Baycusan®. This serves as the perfect medium to hold and sink the active ingredients into the skin. It exhibits a non-greasy, non-sticky skin feeling and is odorless. Baycusan’s outstanding water resistance and rub resistance ensures that the mask sits comfortably on your skin and stays there.  This is also beneficial should you choose to leave the mask on while you sleep, as the mask won’t rub and fade off. Its hydroscopic and breathable barrier properties ensure the skin locks in valuable moisture and breathe uninterrupted.



Daily Application as needed. Apply by smoothing gently over entire face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes until completely dry. To remove, apply water and peel or rub off easily. For optimal results and to facilitate the long-lasting retention of the stem cell antioxidant properties to the skin, apply mask before bedtime and leave on overnight.


“Brazilian Skin’s line of serums is really ideal for a woman who wants

significantly visible transformation in less than 10 minutes. The results   are truly remarkable. The women who try it are instantly amazed,” says Dr. Godoy.


Meet Dr. Andrea Godoy- A leading Brazilian Dermatologist

After graduating from the University of Medical Sciences of Santos in Brazil in 1999 with a Specialist Medical Degree in Dermatology, Dr. Godoy has spent years discovering the most cutting-edge technologies and treatments to keep her patients looking young and beautiful. She has traveled all over the world attending countless workshops, conventions and pieces of training (i.e. the Photo Dynamic Therapy in Milan, 2005.)

As a top Dermatologist for Brazilian Supermodels, Dr. Godoy has also co-authored “Foundations on Dermatology” and “Treatise on Dermatological Surgery, Cosmetic and Laser.”


Winners are limited to The United States only & must be at least 18 years of age.

Enter to win by December 7!

Simply comment “Entered to Win Brazilian Skin FaceLift Kit” on FACEBOOK HERE




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November 26, 2018

Olivia Culpo Wears 7 For All Mankind!

Olivia Culpo was photographed wearing 7 For All Mankind while out to dinner in West Hollywood last night. The newly single model looked stunning in 7 For All Mankind’s Leather Biker Pant in Black ($899,

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November 26, 2018

Holiday Parties, Holiday Hair, Tips from Lucy Garcia Planck, from Salon Bergdorf Goodman

Pretty woman with gift box


Holiday Parties are just around the corner and while you might be keeping your eyes open for new holiday attire, it’s time to start taking care of your hair so that when it comes time to show everything off, your hair looks just as shiny as your new dress!

Below are some great tips and trends from NYC Hair Stylist, Lucy Garcia Planck, from Salon Bergdorf Goodman, on how to make sure your hair stands out this holiday season:

  • Moisturizing is Key: Keeping hair moisturized will help all of your holiday hairstyles look great. The dry winter air will quickly zap your hair of any moisture it has. Try not to shampoo often. If you have oily hair wash it every other day, and if you have dry hair, aim at washing it one to two times a week maximum.
  • Hair Masks are a Must: Another great way to keep hair hydrated is by using hair masks 1-2 times a week depending on your hair’s texture. I like to use 1 tsp of coconut oil directly on your hair, starting on the ends of the hair and working it up towards the scalp. Go to work out or run an errand and leave in for 30-60 min then shampoo with the treatment still in the head and then rinse. This locks in the natural oils in the hair and keeps it looking shiny.
  • Take Care of Yourself From the Inside: I always say ‘you are what you eat.’ Whatever you put into your body reflects your outsides. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and eat proper foods such as fish, nuts and eggs helps to keep hair shiny. Taking a biotin supplement will also help. Biotin is a natural supplement that many people don’t get enough of and that could be a contributing factor to dry, brittle hair. I always tell my clients to take biotin year round to maintain a strong, healthy glow to their hair and it also helps with split ends. I love using and always recommend vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails is a great-tasting gummy multivitamin containing 12 key nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamins C and E to help nourish beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.
  • Keep Static Away:  Dry winter months always create lots of hair static, which can ruin a great hairstyle. I always sleep on a silk pillowcase, which can help to eliminate this issue. Unlike cotton, the silk pillowcase doesn’t have any wrinkles in it and won’t mess up our hair. To maintain your hair or hairstyle (a fresh salon blowout), sleeping on silk helps with the static as well during the winter when your hair is depleted of moisture. Argan oil moisturizes the ends of your hair without leaving your hair oily. Use only a very tiny amount (pea-sized). If your hair is fine, stay away from the oils, instead use static guard sprayed in your hairbrush and brush your hair. For those with thicker hair, the argan oil will help keep your hair moisturized and reduce static and flyways.

It’s a Glam Thing Argan Oil Product Favorite: Pura’ dor Pro Organic Argan Oil Pure Cold Pressed.

Pura d'or Pro Organic 100% Argan Oil

Pura d’or Pro Organic 100% Argan Oil

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November 23, 2018

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Glam Haven

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Sure, most of that time is spent asleep, but that’s no excuse not to make it the best room in the house. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from the stresses of daily life, and if you want it to be a luxurious and glamorous haven, then you’re in luck. Turning your bedroom into a relaxing place to enjoy has never been easier. Make the most of the place where you relax, and you may never want to leave! These tips might be the first steps to creating the ultimate in glam havens that will make it the one place you can go to escape the daily grind.

Get the right bedding

Never skimp on the bedding essentials. If you spend half your life in bed then it makes sense to make sure that it’s as clean and comfortable as possible. Invest in a quality mattress and some matching pillow and duvet sets. It really is an investment in your comfort. A good set of bedding will last a long time, and unlike most investments, you will get ongoing use from it.

Shake up the color scheme

Almost everyone knows that color has a big effect on the mind, but do you know which colors do what? Greens work on the mind in a very different way to reds or grays. Do a little research into the best colors to use for your bedroom and then look for ways to integrate those colors. Having a change of color is a quick and easy way to make your room feel more refreshed, and if you get the color scheme right, it could be doing more for you than you think.

Have a complete overhaul

It might be the expensive option, but it might be worth having a complete overhaul of your bedroom. If you’re working with a dingy and dark space, then finding ways to open it up and introduce a modern feel can be very beneficial. It may cost money, but having a complete overhaul might add some value to your home as well! Sometimes, it’s worth getting a loan to pay for a complete redesign of your bedroom, and many companies are able to loan you money with no credit check required. Investing time and money into a total overhaul of your bedroom could transform your relaxation habits!

Go green

Never underestimate the value of fresh plants in your bedroom. Not only are they great for adding splashes of color where you need it most, but they’re also fantastic for your air circulation as well. This is not a good option if you suffer from allergies, but even then there are still options. No matter your color scheme or allergy issues, there are plants that will match, and they can be a great way to boost your creativity while also helping you to relax. Some fresh lavender on the bedside table might be just the thing for helping you get the best nights sleep ever.

Go minimalist

Clutter is frustrating, and it’s no surprise that one of the trending phrases for interior designers in 2018 was ‘mess is stress.’ The notion that a tidy room is a tidy mind is not a new one, but it’s as relevant and true now as it always has been. Look at your accessories and ornaments, and consider whether you actually need them. You could even sell what you’ve outgrown to help pay for that new mattress and bedding! Learn some tips for achieving the minimalist look in your bedroom, and you’ll be heading to bed with a clear mind and less chance of stepping on the clutter on the floor.

Dim the lights

Lighting is an essential part of any creative design, and neglecting the impact of light in your bedroom is a common error. Too many people spend time and money on decorating but stick with the glaring main light even before sleeping. You can create a much more relaxing and glam ambiance by using lamps, candles, or even fairy lights to create a low light that allows you to see what you’re doing but doesn’t make you want to put on a pair of sunglasses. Look for modern lighting trends for inspiration, and you’ll wonder why you ever used the main light in your bedroom!

From choosing the right accessories to making sure that your room has the scent that you love, turning your bedroom into a haven has never been easier.

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November 23, 2018

How To Remove Body Hair Permanently At Home

Everyone has some unwanted body hair somewhere, whether it’s around the genitals, underarms, or on their chest. Shortly put, body hair is a natural phenomenon among both women and men. But what can someone do when their hair thickens and darkens excessively, making them feel like they are carrying around a hair rug on their body? A good proportion of the global population prefers having a hairless, smooth skin and, therefore, seek to eliminate their body hair permanently and from the comfort of their home.

Fortunately, there are numerous techniques for removing unwanted hair permanently, which include the use of laser and IPL devices. While there are quicker hair removal methods, for example, the use of depilatory creams or shaving, the results are often temporary, lasting for a few days only. The following are permanent ways of removing body hair permanently and privately at home.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has rapidly gained popularity since it was first introduced into the market in the 1990s. This is largely attributable to its ability to semi-permanently eliminate unwanted hair. Laser hair removal works by directing a concentrated beam of light on the hair follicles thus ultimately destroying them. Unlike epilating and waxing, this procedure doesn’t bring about instant results. Instead, it takes a few weeks after which the dead hairs fall out, only to reemerge after a prolonged period.

Shaving is, however, recommended before getting a laser treatment as it propels the hair towards the active growing stage, at which point the latter method is very effective. After just as few sessions, laser users achieve a longer-lasting solution in their quest to achieve a smooth, hairless body. And while the hair density and type determine the number of required sessions, the results are always fulfilling.

Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light is closely similar to laser hair removal. Just like with laser hair removal, IPL hair removal utilizes light to heat body the hairs, damaging the follicles to prevent hair from growing back rapidly. However, rather than using laser beams to heat the hair, IPL uses a comprehensive spectrum of light that is less concentrated. This means that more sessions are required than those needed for laser hair removal. Despite taking long, IPL affords users superior results in addition to allowing a wider coverage of the body surface. This method is often cheaper at the salons than laser hair removal, but since one requires a lot more sessions, it ultimately becomes more costly. The best option is to buy an at-home IPL device, which is a whole lot more economical in the long run.

Using Raw Papaya

Papaya is not merely a tropical fruit; it’s heavily packed with minerals and vitamins, not forgetting a vital enzyme known as papain. This enzymes aids in breaking down the hair follicles and ultimately slowing down hair growth rate. Using papaya is incredibly advantageous as it also serves to nourish the skin. Besides, it can even be used by people whose skin is highly sensitive.

Shortly put, papaya is an exfoliating substance that permanently removes body hair and provides nutrients to the skin. To create the remedy, one will need raw papaya and raw turmeric root. Using a knife, one is required to chop the papaya into small cubes and subsequently smash them into a fine solution. The end product is then gently applied onto the skin and left for twenty minutes to rip maximum benefits.

Using Lemon, Sugar, and Honey

A combination of honey and sugar presents an excellent, natural substitute for the expensive wax used to remove hair in spas, but not permanently. Adding the juice from lemons helps to eliminate the unwanted hair with the results lasting for a prolonged period. The mixture makes a very thick wax-like hair removal solution that also nourishes the skin significantly. It essentially sticks to the hair, making it easy to rip out.

For the best results, one needs to mix one tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of honey with lemon juice. The mixture is then placed in a metallic bowl and hovered over a source of heat. This helps to slowly dissolve the mixture to produce a thick, wax-like paste. The resulting solution works just like regular wax, but in this case, it presents a permanent hair removal method that can be easily accomplished from the comfort of one’s home.

The Bottom Line

Unwanted hair can be a real nuisance for anyone regardless of their gender. Most of the solutions applied to quickly eliminate body hair such as shaving only last for a short period of two to three days. Other longer-lasting options like threading and waxing can leave someone experiencing intense pain or with ugly, ingrown hair, and besides, the hair emerges after several weeks. Also, spas and saloons are rapidly increasing their fees in a period when everyone is facing an economic crisis, making these methods less affordable.

This is why people are increasingly turning to the above permanent methods of hair reduction and removal. It’s important to note that the best techniques for achieving permanent hair elimination focus on preventing hair growth by destroying the follicles. Oils and creams are only applicable on the skin surface thus provide a temporary solution rather than stopping regrowth.

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November 20, 2018

Brass & Unity Jewelry Designed By Veteran

Brass & Unity – This stunning jewelry line was created by a female veteran who returned from Afghanistan with PTSD. She now gives back a percentage of profits to veterans. Each of her bracelets tell a story. We particularly love the Brass & Unity matte black onyx bracelet that helps to calm your fears, leaving you feeling stable and secure.

Brass & Unity

Brass & Unity Jewelry Founder, Kelsi Sheren, tells us about herself: “I served in the Canadian Forces, including a tour in Afghanistan during the summer of 2009. After fighting on the front lines (Infantry & Artillery), I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and forced to return home.  I always wanted a way to give back to Veterans less fortunate than me. One day a light bulb went off, and by allowing me to combine the art therapy of creation, with support for other Veterans around the world, B&U is truly something I am proud to share with the world.  We want our products to be reminders to our customers. Reminders to stay strong – whether it’s for you, a loved one, or a memory of someone important in your life. We aim to tell a story, our story, your story, and all of our stories with each uniquely created collection.”                                                 – Kelsi Sheren, Founder

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November 20, 2018

STS Blue will customize a jean jacket

sts blue ( – sts blue offers FREE embroidery options to customize a jean jacket with something special. That solves the problem of “what do I get her she has everything!?” You can now customize something for her so it’s one of a kind. On Black Friday sts blue will be offering 25% off sitewide! Additionally, there will be a gift with purchase while supplies last. On Saturday and Sunday don’t miss an additional 25% off clearance. We can’t forget about Cyber Monday which means $20 jeans!


Sts Blue Denim Jacket

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November 19, 2018

Under $100: Lucy Hale Wears Unpublished!

Lucy Hale was photographed wearing Unpublished while leaving her morning workout in Studio City yesterday. The actress looked cool and casual in Unpublished’s DRE Cropped Boxy Oversized Trucker in Darkstone ($79,
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