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January 16, 2018

The Glam Life Of A Hollywood Sex & Marriage Therapist!

Dr. Holly Richmond ( is the go-to sex and marriage therapist for some of Hollywood’s top stars. In between helping celebrities with their concerns and ‘issues’, Dr. Richmond, who is also a Somatic Psychologist, travels around North America working with others and speaking at conferences about new ways couple’s can enjoy themselves given today’s expanding technologic advances.

It’s A Glam Thing caught-up with Dr. Richmond to find out more about her career, her thoughts on these recent nasty Hollywood celebrity sex scandals, and why being/feeling glamorous is important to a healthy sexual experience…

NICK NORTHSTAR: How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both while at home and while working in your offices?

DR. HOLLY RICHMOND: I go for classic, sophisticated looks, but nothing too conservative. If I had to describe my style in two words, it would be classic chic. Right now, my home office is my where I work most often since I’m predominantly offering tele-therapy and sexual health coaching via phone, Skype or FaceTime. In cooler weather months, my look most likely includes leggings or jeans with a cashmere sweater. In warmer months, a blouse and jeans or a comfortable but form-fitting dress. Wearing nice fabrics that feel great against my skin is important to me.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you?

DHR: To me, glamorous means a beautiful, captivating look that has a little something extra. That extra can be sex appeal, elegance, a forward-thinking sense of style or any number of things. What it doesn’t mean is overdone makeup, unnecessary embellishment or anything that looks like you tried too hard.

NN: Why is it important for people to feel ‘glamorous’ in their every day lives?

DHR: For most people, there’s a direct correlation between how they feel on the inside and how they present on the outside. If you’re dressed to look glamorous and you absolutely own that feeling, you’re going to present as self-confident, assured and powerful. My job is to help people feel better, and dressing the part is a piece of this.

NN: Relating to what you do and speak about, does feeling “hot, sexy & glamorous” make for better sexual situations and experiences?

DHR: Feeling “hot” is almost a 100-percent must for great sex. Again, it comes back to this sense of aligning your outward experience with your inward experience. If you don’t think you look good, it’s hard to cultivate and exude positive, sexy energy to others. I hear from my female clients, in particular, that if they aren’t feeling good about their bodies, their hair, or how they’re dressed, they have a hard time being present during sex. On the other hand, feeling hot, sexy and glamorous gets women out of their head and into their body so they can take in all the pleasure and eroticism that a sexual experience has to offer.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to try and be more “sexy” for their partner?

DHR: First and foremost, ask your partner what they find sexy! Hopefully this is similar to what you find sexy, but if the two are a little off, it’s no big deal. It actually gives you more room to experiment with different looks, settings, toys, whatever it may be. For example, if you’re into boho-chic, lacey, floral lingerie and your partner wants to see you in black leather, that creates dozens of opportunities to create different sexual personas. What we wear can help us show a sexier side of ourselves, whether that’s through role playing or just really sinking into the look you have on. Authenticity and that “this is me” feeling is sexy and empowering.

NN: Why do you feel so many people in America are usually shy about talking about their sex lives or sexual things?

DHR: Because it’s America. We were founded on puritanical values and patriarchy, and that takes a long time to change or shift. It’s very different in Canada, Europe and Australia. They have sex education (good sex education) at a young age, and that education continues at home. Parents aren’t afraid to talk about sex with their children. I wish we could change that here, because I believe that’s the foundation for how we feel about our own sexuality, as well as other’s. If we could transform the discourse from abstinence (don’t do it or you’ll catch something, get pregnant, etc.) to pleasure (you’re going to do it anyway, so here’s how to really enjoy yourself), we’d be so far ahead of the game.

NN: So many sex scandals are happening in Hollywood these days… what is your viewpoint on these and why they are all finally coming to light?

DHR: I hate that the scandal is happening because my heart breaks for all of the women (and some men) who have been harassed, abused and even raped. But, on the other hand, the fact that this misconduct is getting so much media attention is truly positive. With the Me Too and Time’s Up campaigns, there’s a new day and a new way in Hollywood. People, men in particular, will have to behave differently. There is no room for abuses of power, blackmail and sexual missteps any longer. There’s been a reckoning for sure, and the fact that this societal movement is led by women is the most powerfully important shift I’ve witnessed and felt in my lifetime.

NN: Why should someone seek out your help and hire you? What do you look for in a patient?

DHR: I actually love the diversity of my practice, so really the only thing I look for is honesty and openness. Those two elements can take a while to cultivate for some clients, but it’s so worth it. It’s nearly impossible for me to do my job well if my client doesn’t let me know them. My job is to be non-judgmental, especially when it comes to sex, and I’m god at it! There’s almost nothing someone could say that would surprise me. If someone is struggling with any aspect of their sexuality, from fetishes to gender identity, or with something in their relationships like trying consensual non-monogamy or BDSM play, my goal is to help them move into those areas in a healthy, integrated way. So, we are not just talking about what they think about these things, but how their body feels about it. Sex is entirely a mind/body experience.

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January 16, 2018

Luxury Hand Blown Glass from the Hands of Designer Cheryl Saban

by Lisa Gal

Cheryl Saban‘s luxury handblown glass designs add a touch of elegance to any decor. She has transitioned her classic designer’s touch seamlessly into her highly sought after handcrafted items. The Cheryl Saban Designs atelier on Nemo street is a gift shoppers oasis now widely considered one of the best gemstone jewelry and hand blown glass boutiques in West Hollywood. Her one of a kind hand blown water glasses are going to make an exquisite addition to our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted at the Four Seasons Hotel to the SAG award nominees, talent and guests staying for the red a carpet weekend later this month.

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January 16, 2018

Seaweed with a Twist

by Lisa Gal

They say seaweed is an acquired taste, however, it was not one that ever grew on me until I tried SeaSnax. They aren’t kidding when they say SeaSnax are strangely addictive. Whether you are just looking for an alternative snack or something to add to your salads and side dishes you will find that you can’t seem to get enough. My favorites are the SeaSnax Sesame STIX and the SeaSnax Lime Sheets. With several flavors to choose from SeaSnax is the original vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified seaweed snack that is lightly roasted using organic seaweed, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Best of all, SeaSnax is a low fat, cholesterol and sugar free, crunchy and delicious snack enjoyed by adults and kids alike. So dump the chips, and snack on with SeaSnax! It is always a HUGE pleasure to have the fabulous Seasnax in our Hollywood Swag Bags this month being gifted to the SAG award nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the red carpet weekend!

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January 16, 2018

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

Gasparilla 2018 is just 11 days away! Come support Hands Across the Bay at the Gasparilla Extravaganza on January 27th hosted by Rainmaker Capitol, Facility One, and Casino Scouts.

It’s an exciting event with a front row view of the Gasparilla Boat Parade from the ballroom of The Westin Harbor Island! The event will be filled with food,​ drinks, live music, face painting, games, and much more! It’s a great place to bring the family and celebrate the Gasparilla Pirate invasion!

The funds raised will fund the mission and ultimate goal of raising the quality of life in Tampa Bay by taking the unique approach of identifying the circumstances surrounding the crisis to best stabilize a family and guide them back to the road of success.

An important factor to the success of the event is the support of the community.

​Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased at

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

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January 15, 2018

Stowaway Cosmetics are just the right size!

All Stowaway Cosmetic products are made to go with you, wherever you go.

You won't find yourself leaving them to sit on your bathroom counter or in your nightstand drawer. Take them along without weighing down your purse. They are smaller sized products that you will love.

Did you know? 75% of women don't finish the products they purchase, not just before they expire but they don't finish them anyway. Stowaway designed products are made to be finished before their expiration date.

You can even get a $5 Stowaway credit for returned finished products! See the site for details.

Stowaway Cosmetics

Stowaway Lipstick on Right

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January 15, 2018

50 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

50 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

50 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Popular with drag queens, baking is a goof-proof way to ensure smooth, natural concealer all day long.

You simply apply a thick layer of loose powder, such as Coty AirSpun or Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, over top of your concealor before it sets with a damp sponge. Continue doing your makeup as normal, then sweep away the excess powder with a fluffy brush.

The powder traps in your body heat and fills in any lines, setting the concealer and preventing it from settling.

The result is a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Having Trouble Blending Your Shadows?

It actually may not be your eyeshadow’s fault!

After applying your eye primer, sometimes shadows can feel as if they’re sticking to the base a little too well.

Simply find a matte shade that matches the lightest area of your face then lightly apply it over any area where you originally applied primer.

Your shadows will blend much better while still getting the benefits of the primer.

This works well for those who prefer to avoid eye primers, as well, as the initial layer of powder will act as a barrier between your natural skin oils and the shadow, giving the shadows greater longevity.

If you are prone to acne, get a primer for acne prone skin instead.

Do your eyes appear small or tired?

Black liner in your waterline could be the culprit!

To make yourself look more awake, avoid applying black or other dark shades to your waterline.

Instead, pop a white or nude liner into the area; the light shade will create an illusion of larger, brighter eyes.

You can still smudge black liner or shadow along the lower lashline for a smoky, dramatic look, as the bright liner plays well with comparable darker shades while still retaining its brightening effect.
Sometimes Eyeliner Pencils Can Feel Hard Or Stiff.

To make the liner softer and easier to work with, all you need is a simple vintage tip.

Run a lighter over the tip of the pencil for just a couple of seconds then allow the liner to slightly cool.

The flame will heat up the product, making it smoother, richer, and easier to apply.

If you do not feel comfortable using an open flame, you can just as easily hold the pencil to a hair dryer, though this make take a few moments longer to achieve the same level of creamy usability.
Clumpy Mascara Is The Worst.

No one wants spidery, clumped lashes.

As a tube of mascara dries out, you may notice your lashes clumping more than usual.

Having to declump lashes is painstaking and one slip up can accidentally result in you ruining your eye makeup entirely.

An easy way to avoid this and make your mascara last longer is to pop your mascara tube into your bra or under a warm cloth for a few moments.

The heat will loosen the product, making it easier to apply.

Be careful though, as sometimes heat can cause bacteria to grow. Always follow the recommended expiration dates on any cosmetic products and use your own judgement on if you feel something is no longer eyesafe.

Is Your New Palette A Huge Letdown?

We’ve all been there, you buy a new shadow palette and are beside yourself with excitement.

You go home, start playing with the shadows and…it’s a huge letdown.

The shadows are dusty, crusty, patchy, and unpigmented.

Though you have every right to be disappointed, there may be a way to salvage your purchase.

Apply a white cream shadow or pencil to your entire lid then set it with a white shadow.

The white will allow the shadows applied over top to pop and just may help with those shades that lack pigment.

The fact that you’re using a creamy product should also help with fallout from powdery/dusty shadows, as it will help them adhere to the eye.

Some shadows cannot be saved, but it’s always worth a shot!

Winged Liner Can Be A Massive Struggle.

It totally does not have to be, though!

Many people find that they really cannot get their wings straight and even.

A quick cheat to help create a pair of crisp lines that totally sit at the same angles is to use a bit of scotch tape.

Simply tear off a small piece and stick it to your face so that it creates a guide for your wing. Match it up on the other eye, too.

Trace your liner along the tape, carefully, then peel it off to reveal a perfect line.

Fill in the liner along your lashline then repeat on the other side.

Viola! Perfect wings.

This method may take a little practice but it can be a serious time saver. Be careful when using tape, as some may experience a sensitivity to the adhesive. If you find it unsuitable, many cosmetic brands sell skin safe guides that can be used as an alternative.

This method also works to create a crisp shadow line for super smoky eyes.

Sparse Lashes Can Really Put A Damper On Dramatic Looks.

Countless women have been found to describe their lashes as “sparse” and “lacking volume”.

Volumizing mascaras can be notoriously clumpy and unnatural looking while also not living up to their packaging claims.

A cheap and easy way to help pump up your lash game uses a product you likely already have: translucent loose setting powder!

Simply dip a clean brow spoolie or dry mascara wand into the powder and apply a thin layer between swipes of mascara.

By placing powder between each layer of mascara, you’re allowing the product to better grab onto your lashes, creating an illusion of volume.

If you do not have a clean wand on hand, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to lightly dust powder onto your lashes between mascara applications. It will work exactly the same but may take a little more time.
Want To Try The Metallic Lip Look But Cannot Justify Buying A New Product?

The metallic lipstick trend is super hot right now on social media.

Beauty Influencers everywhere are flaunting super futuristic, glowy looks featuring a plethora of products that can honestly be a bit pricey, especially if you do not see yourself wearing a metallic look in your everyday life.

An easy way to be on trend without breaking the bank or requiring you to buy another one purpose product utilizes two things many of us have already: clear lipgloss and a loose eye pigment.

Simply mix a tiny bit of the gloss with lots of the glittery pigment to give an illusion of wet, sparkly lips.

If you want a more pigmented, true metallic look, just apply the pigment directly over a lipstick in a matching or complimentary shade or use a cream liner.

Problem solved with no new purchases necessary!

Dark Circles Got You Feeling Blue?

If you’re like me, you were told to apply concealer in light dots.

The dots created a sheer coverage that looks natural but honestly does not do a lot for dark circles.

A way to still retain the natural look but also beef up your coverage is to apply product in a downward pointing triangle under your eye.

The shape allows the concealer to blend further down your face, catching any dark spots you may have missed around your eye and seamlessly blending into the rest of your makeup.

Just layer it up until you’re satisfied with the coverage and you’re all set.

Make Your Eyes Pop!

If you want your eyes to really stand out, choose a liner that has undertones that are the opposite color of your eyes in lieu of traditional black/brown/grey.

For blue eyes, choose a brown or copper liner create the illusion of brightness.

For brown eyes, navy blue.

Green eyes are best suited by shades of purple.

Cannot Find A Brush You Like?

Let’s be real, makeup brushes can be expensive, especially if you’re hoping to do makeup as a career.

It’s also sometimes hard to find brushes that work exactly how you want them to.

Struggling to find a brush that fits your needs at the right price? Follow in the footsteps of many professional makeup artists and just use paint brushes!

Tons of craft store brushes work amazingly for makeup application and are cheaper than traditional makeup brushes.

Stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s all have massive sales too, making it an even more affordable alternative.

Sometimes Eyelashes Can Have A Mind Of Their Own.

One of the most common makeup complaints ever has to be lashes that refuse to curl.

You spend what feels like forever putting on mascara and painstakingly curling lashes, avoiding pinches and pulls, then when you look in the lighted makeup mirror an hour later, your lashes are flatter than ever.

If you’re in this same boat, maybe try a heated lash curler!

Women have recommended heating your traditional metal curler with a blow dryer for ages; this product is a safer alternative to the vintage trend.

Heated lash curlers follow the same logic as hair curlers and are far less dangerous than potentially burning your eyelid with a hair dryer torched curler.

Pencil Thin Brows Are A Thing Of The Past

Current trends favor thick, powerful brows.

This is a complete 180 from previous popular styles, which featured thin, narrow, sparse brows.

To achieve this without looking bushy, simply use thin, light strokes with a brow pomade, powder, or pencil.

Setting your brows with a gel will keep them in place all day and help your handiwork last.

Mascara Smears Are The Worst

There is nothing as frustrating as ruining a gorgeous shadow look with rogue mascara.

Fix this easily by first letting the mascara fully dry then simply wipe it away with a q-tip.

Touch up any shadow that may have also been removed and you’re all set.

The mascara should just flake right off, saving you tons of time!

Be A Bronzed Goddess

A sunkissed glow is one of the most classic, healthy looks to ever become a possible trend.

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to go from bronzed goddess to oompa loompa if you are not careful.

An easy way to get the perfect look is to apply the product in a “3 shape”, starting at your temples, looping to just under your cheekbone, then looping once again down to your chin, creating a three shape.

Use a small amount of bronzer and blend with a clean, fluffy brush after for an airbrushed, healthy glow.
Set Yourself Up For Success

It is a no brainer that using primers and powders can seriously up the longevity of your makeup.

One other long lasting savior has recently garnered some attention: setting spray.

Setting spray, also known as finishing mist, goes on as a last step in your makeup and locks in your cosmetics.

Use it through the day to refresh your face or spray your brush before dipping into pigments or metallic shadows to increase the intensity.

The Eyeshadow Order

If you feel like your shadows always end up looking muddy or not cohesive, maybe try following a simple order of placement for a soft, everyday look:

First, swipe a shadow that is close to your skintone but a couple shades darker into the crease of your eyelid.

Second, place a light color to the inner half of your lid.

Then, add a midtone color to the outer third.

Finally, in the outer fourth, add your darkest shade.

Blend all of the shades as you go, creating a seamless gradient.

For an extra pop, add the lightest shade to your inner corner to brighten your entire eye.

Add some liner and mascara and you’re all set!

Thin Lips?

In a world of Kardashians, luscious, full lips and lip plumpers have gained popularity.

If you do not want to dish out the cash for fillers or maybe just do not want to, simply follow this easy tip for a little oomph in your pout instantly:

Add a white pencil product to the center of both of your lips, blending it carefully so that it retains pigmentation but is not going to show starkly through your lip color.

Apply your lipstick and/or gloss as normal and you’re done.

You should notice an immediate difference.


This sounds like a no brainer, but to help fight back against blemishes, drink more water.

Being properly hydrated has a ton of health benefits, one being clearer skin.

Drinking several big glasses of water a day and avoiding sugary sodas could make a huge difference in your skin texture and give you a nice glow.

Plus it will make you feel better in general.

Fight Back Against Dryness

Dry skin is not only often times a blow to one’s self esteem, it also can be quite uncomfortable and frustrating.

Dry skin is a persistent affliction that may leave you scratching your head.

An excellent way to help mask dryness is by moisturizing your skin.

A less obvious answer to the dryness issue is to understand foundation formulations.

A super matte foundation is going to be more prone to clinging if your skin is dry, giving it a patchy appearance.

Dry skin makeup lovers should consider using glowy or dewy foundations to help disguise the dryness and keep skin from feeling tight and uncomfortable.

If you are prone to acne, consider getting a foundation for acne prone skin.

Do Not Want To Buy A Million Lip Liners?

If you are like me, you probably have a billion lip products sitting in your vanity.

A lot of people seem to feel that each and every lip shade needs its own lip liner to match perfectly.

This is not actually true.

You can buy a clear, universal lip liner that prevents feathering and fading.

The universal, multi-purpose product will cut your collection down and save you tons of cash in the long run.

Keep Your Lip Line Crisp

Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get a crisp, clean line around your lips.

An easy fix is to use an angled brush and concealer to carefully trace the area, cleaning up any excess product.

The same logic works for brows and winged liner too!

Soft Lips Are Happy Lips

In your beauty routine, your lips can often go ignored.

An easy way to keep them kissably soft requires minimal effort.

Simply invest in/make your own lip scrub. A ton of recipes exist online but typically they all contain sugar, coconut oil, and flavoring.

Sugar lip scrubs gently remove dead skin from your lips, leaving them soft.

After scrubbing, apply a thick balm to moisturize them from the inside out.

A Little Known Liner Saver

Do you ever mess up so badly you wish you had a tiny eraser to clean up your wing?

What if I told you several brands sell exactly that!

You can buy makeup eraser pens from tons of companies at many different price points.

Simply use it like any other eraser and fix makeup errors without removing your entire face.

Liner Looking Patchy?

When a liner is almost ready to be tossed, it can quickly begin to dry out and go patchy.

A quick fix for this issue is to apply a matching shadow over top, creating a luxe, lush, full color.

Shadows also act as setting powders, upping the wear time of your liners exponentially.

Lackluster Lipstick?

Is your lipstick fading quickly or smudging all over everything?

You could invest in potentially drying liquid lipsticks but you could also just as easily follow this handy tip that utilizes products you likely already have!

After applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a sheet of tissue then dust a thin layer of translucent setting powder.

Tired Of Not Having Enough Of Your Favorite Brushes Clean?

Invest in a color switch, a nifty product that allows you to remove excess pigment from your brushes and ensure a clean blend.

If you are not interested in buying any new expensive products, just use a hair donut or bun mold. The fibers are the same and will have similar results.

This does not replace regular cleanings but can work in a pinch if you need to use a specific brush for a look. A makeup organizer can also work wonders to help you keep things neat and tidy.

Be Your Best You

One of the best things you can do to enhance your makeup skills is learn to identify face and eye shapes, especially your own.

Get to know your features, specifically your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Before working on a client try to figure out what they fit as.

This technique may take some time to master but investing time to learn it will make your applications infinitely easier.

Struggling With Liner Application?

Try staring down into your mirror, not in a straight line.

Looking down while applying top lid liner will open up the space, preventing a line to form in your crease if you look up.

It will also make your application much easier, as you can see your entire lid space.

Add Some Height!

Via highlight! Add some height to your brows by highlighting directly under them.

This practice makes your entire eye area look larger and more awake.

It also helps to make your brows appear more crisp.

Just apply a white pencil or powder thinly under your brows and blend thoroughly.


If you find yourself unsteady while applying eyeliner, there are two possible solutions for you.

One is obvious: stabilize yourself. Rest your hands on your knees or a flat surface before applying the liner.

The other is a great possibility for anyone. Instead of drawing one line for your liner, draw a series of dots then connect them.

The second method gives you more control, allowing any errors to be caught early.

Mascara Clumping Up?

If you find your mascara is clumping and nothing else is working, try waiting a bit longer between applying a second layer.

Waiting allows your lashes to settle and gives the second layer something to grab onto which helps prevent clumping.

Nice lashes are key to most makeup looks and this hack really helps ensure you nail it everytime.

Red Eyes?

Are your eyes red? Irritated?

Is it hurting your self confidence?

Apply a liner with a blue undertone, specifically a white one if possible.

This will help mask the redness and make your eyes look bright, healthy, and awake.
The Plastic Spoon Trick

This one may make you laugh but it really does work!

The plastic spoon trick prevents your eye makeup from being ruined by rogue mascara spots.

Simply hold the spoon against your upper or lower lashline, correlating to which you are currently applying product onto, and apply as normal.

The plastic spoon catches any product that would have potentially ended up on your eye, ruining your makeup.

Learn Where To Highlight Your Eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.

Learning where to highlight them can make a huge difference in your overall makeup appearance.

The typical highlight layout is a trio of placements: your browbone, inner corner, and the center of your lid.

Placing a shadow in the inner corner opens your eyes and makes you appear awake and bright.

The browbone highlight makes your eyes appear larger and your brows appear crisp.

Finally, the center of the lid highlight gives dimension, especially if you use a shimmer shade.

Matchy Matchy

Matching your foundation can be a big pain.

No one wants their face to be lighter or darker than their body, as too light can make you look sick and too dark often pull orange and juxtapose against your natural tone.

To match your foundation effectively, match it to your neck instead of your face.

Your neck will peek through whatever foundation you use and is often lighter than your face, so matching to it prevents any harsh lines and gives a seamless appearance to your upper body.

Put Makeup On Your Neck

One key way to create a flawless, natural makeup look is to blend foundation down your neck.

This may sound silly, but applying makeup only to your face can leave a defined line on your jaw that may appear masklike.

Blending down your neck only takes a few seconds and can really help everything meld together perfectly.

Cleavage Contouring

Another extra step that may come across as silly, this tip will likely only be appealing to a specific few people.

Contouring your cleavage is a great way to add oomph to any evening event attire.

To do this, trace around your natural cleavage with cream contour and blend.

Also contour your collarbone area, adding highlights to the high points of your body.

Downward Strokes

When you put on foundation, it may be tempting to apply it as quickly as possible and not pay much attention to the movements of your brush.

If you have peach fuzz on your face, applying it in downward strokes can make a huge difference, as it sticks the hairs down.
With a sponge, try to use patting motions while downward stroking. This gives an even blend while still pinning down the fuzz.

Lowered Coverage

If you’re going to be out in the sun, full coverage foundation may not be appealing.

To prevent having to buy a new foundation for hot days, just play cosmetic chemist and make your own do-it-yourself tinted moisturizer.

Just mixed some foundation into your favorite moisturizer and voila! You’re all set.
Save Your Mascara Wands

Have you ever found the absolutely perfect mascara wand that was paired with an awful mascara?

Save the wand to use with your favorite formulation!

Also, saving random wands over time can prove to be a very smart practice.

They can be used as brow spoolies, for special effects, to pin down baby hairs around your face, and a host of other uses.

Just rinse them off then clean them with alcohol.

Halfie Lashes

Do you struggle to apply false lashes?

Chop them in half!

Cutting lashes in half gives you more control, allowing you to better place your corners to prevent them from peeling up.

Proper placement ensures they will look natural and feel comfortable all day.

Check Your Expiration Dates

Did you know that most cosmetics expire?

Cosmetics come in contact with your skin, brushes, and the air, exposing them to a host of bacteria.

The average rule of thumb for most common products is currently:

Mascara: Three Months

Liquid Liner: Six Months

Liquid Foundation: Six Months

Concealer: Six Months

Lipgloss: Twelve Months

Lipstick: Twenty Four Months

Cream Eyeshadow: Twelve Months

Brow Gel: Twelve Months

Lip + Eye Pencils: Twenty Four Months

Powder Products: Twenty Four Months

Some products may last longer so always read the labels on your products.

Use Lipstick As Blush

If you want a natural, glowy blush, check your lipstick bin!

Lipsticks give a sheer, brightening cheek color and are perfect for more natural days.

Always check your ingredients but if you’re all clear of pore cloggers or breakout triggers, definitely give it a try!

Cover Those Dark Circles

If you find yourself battling dark circles, grab a salmon color corrector!

Anything peachy or orange toned will help mask the purple and blue of a dark circle.

If the concealer clashes with your skintone, apply a thin layer of your normal concealer over top and foundation.

You will have flawless under eyes in no time!

Go Red

Red lips are timeless. They’re the epitome of vintage glam while also being so on trend.

Finding your perfect red can be a truly revolutionary experience.

Once found, your red shade can be thrown on with any outfit, hair, or look to give a touch of bold sass.

I personally lean towards blue based reds, as they make your teeth appear very white and bright.

Invest In Your Brows.

Your eyebrows frame your entire face.

Invest time and money into them above most other things, as a good brow can save everything while a bad brow can cause your other makeup to fall flat.

Research brow shapes for your face and either do it yourself or pay someone to pluck them down.

Learn what products work best for you and stick with them, form an arsenal of brow slaying tools.

Your brows can truly make a huge statement, choose them wisely.

Get Sexy, Wet Looking Lashes

On natural days, you can still amp up your lashes and make them really play into your look.

Use a clear brow gel lightly to give definition and a “I just returned from the ocean” vibe.

This tip is super understated and sexy while also finding a second purpose for a usually unitasking product.
Pat Magrath’s Natural Blush Hack

Pat Magrath is renowned as one of the greatest makeup artists of all time. If she recommends something, you know it’s going to be good.

Magrath recommends blotting away foundation from your cheeks before applying blush to give a natural, real life look without caking up.

This hack gives you the essence of a youthful, fresh face, with less work and product used.

Color Coordinating

If you like natural, fresh-faced flush makeup, this tip is perfect for you.

Match your blush to your lipstick for a perfect touch of cohesion.

It is a great way to look put together and public ready without much thought.

Fill Them First

Shaping your brows can be a daunting task; one wrong move and you’ve gone from artfully arched to dreadfully thin.

An easy way to ensure you do not pluck too much or leave a bit more than you planned behind is to fill in your brows first.

Using your usual product, fill in your brows normally.

Pluck whatever stray hairs remain.

If you are still struggling with getting everything in line, fill in your brows heavier than usual with a strong, dark outline to clearly show where desired brow line ends and scraggles begin.

Eyes Appear Small?

If you are doing a smokey eye and notice your eyes look closed off and small, do not worry!

A simple tweak in your usual routine could make all the difference in the world.

Instead of lining your eye entirely with black, try just shading the outer corner. This in tandem with a inner corner highlight will brighten and open up your eyes, making you look awake and bright.

Skin Discolored Or Dull?

Try an illuminating primer!

The illuminating agents in the primer will catch the light, making your skin appear glowy and not at all dull.

The same light catching technology will help direct attention away from discolored areas.

Plus you will look positively lit from within.

Vintage Lash Tricks Sometimes Actually Work

For an instant lash boost, place a clean cotton bud or brush handle under your lashes near the base.

Keep it there as the mascara dries. The added lift will stay when the product is set, giving you plump, bold lashes in seconds.

This tip is not for everyone but it definitely does work!

Highlight Too Glittery?

While glittery, intense highlights may be stunning, some prefer a more low key look.

If your highlighter appears too glittery on the skin, maybe consider that it could possibly have an overspray.

A lot of brands will spray glitter in a thin layer over the top of a product to make it look prettier in the pan and encourage sales. The glitter does not translate well to the skin, but fear not!

With a steady hand, you can scrape away the glittery top coat and reveal a stunning product below. Many lower price bronzers do this as well; removing this glitter often reveals pretty lovely results.

Is Your Liquid Lipstick Not Drying?

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now, especially the matte ones that are kiss proof and dry down for a long wear time.

The only issue is that sometimes they can feel and look incredibly dry on the lips.

Do not apply balms before application!

Applying a balm directly before your liquid lipstick can prevent it from drying down and drastically reduce its longevity.

Instead, start a nighttime routine of exfoliating with a sugar lip scrub and applying balm before bed. Your lips will look and feel better than ever, making application much easier without compromising the product.

Want An Instant Face Lift?

When applying contour to your cheeks, try using a cream.

Apply the cream just below your cheekbone and blend upwards instead of down.

The upward blending will create a soft contour without dragging your face down, giving the illusion of youthful skin.

Love Cheek Stains?

Cheek Stains (think Benefit’s Benetint) are incredibly popular in many areas of the world. Ranging from liquids to creams to sticks, there truly is something for everyone in this realm of products.

When using cream or stick stains, you may find it hard to apply the product smoothly.

To fix this issue, try mixing a small amount of product with a carrier oil (like sweet almond, jojoba, etc) then blend it in layers over the skin. The oil will help ensure a smooth consistency and help alleviate any patchiness.

Oils will also improve the skin’s texture over time and help disguise any skin texture to give a flawless finish.

Check Your Texture

If you find that products often crease into your lines, wrinkles, or scars, consider that it may be time to swap your cosmetics.

Thin, watery foundations are more likely to slip into lines while stiffer products will fill them.

Using a filling primer will also help a lot, as pore fillers use silicon to bridge uneven textures in the skin and give a smooth base for other products.
Stiff Pomade?

Brow pomades are all the rage right now.

Many are super creamy, pigmented products but some options may be a bit harder to work with.

If your pomade feels waxy or stiff, try warming it on the back of your hand. Scoop out a bit from your pot with a spatula or brush and knead it on the back of your hand with your utensil of choice. From your hand, apply it to your brows as normal.

Your body heat will warm the product, making it easier to apply.

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January 15, 2018

MyPillow for pets

My Pillow Pet Beds

My Pillow Pet Beds

Love these. So comfy for our Fur Babies! MyPillow for Pets is designed with an inner layer featuring MyPillow’s patented interlocking fill while the removable outer shell makes it easy to clean. Made in the USA they have a limited 10-year warranty. One side of the MyPillow For Pets has paw prints and the other side is plaid.

Both of my Chihuahuas, Alma and Rianna will fit on a Small.

DOGGIES! You will love your human for getting you a MyPillow Pet Bed


Small: 18” x 24” Gusset 2”

Medium: 24” x 36” Gusset 3”

Large: 34” x 45” Gusset 4”

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January 14, 2018

Flip Flops for the Lifestyle, the Heart, and the Sole

by Lisa Gal

Samba Sol flip flops are earth-friendly flip flops made with recycled, Brazilian rubber. At Samba Sol they attack the environmental issue from start to finish, by crafting their sandals out of recycled waste, and ensuring that, when discarded, they return to the earth from which they came.  Last year, their Brazilian factories recycled over 660,000 pounds of rubber! Samba Sol is inspired by the sun and the beach, so they like to go there often. They believe in protecting the environment while celebrating life, seeking adventure, and pursuing friendships with people from all over the world! We are thrilled to have them back to take part in our Hollywood Swag Bags, this time for the SAG nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the red carpet weekend.

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January 13, 2018

Believe in Yourself is coming to Rhode Island

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself, November 2016

The charity called Believe in Yourself will be coming to Rhode Island for the first time and donating new ” in style” dresses to girls in the Rhode Island area next week.

Sam Sakhalin, Founder of UsTrendy, the world’s largest Independent Fashion ecommerce site, started the Believe in Yourself Project one year ago.

Some of the objectives of charity is to combat the financial pressures that are felt on low income girls and their families to continuously stay in style and purchase new items each season along with promote positive body image and fight cyber bullying.

One of the foundation’s activities is donating dresses to underprivileged girls. The project already provided dresses to girls to wear to school dances and similar events in various states. The girls will be registered in the system and receive dresses all through out the school year for various special occasions. Future dress donations will be tied to the girls’ progress in achieving goals (whether towards improving their academics or pursuing an extracurricular interest such as music, dance, sports).

Here are some photos from a recent event:

Believe in Yourself is part of a broader initiative. During the donation Believe in Yourself brings in various influential women serve as speakers and mentors to the girls within the program (topics include positive body image, anti-cyber bullying, and motivational).

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January 12, 2018

5 best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2018

It isn’t quite wedding season yet, but it is definitely wedding planning season. So, now is the time to check out what trends and colours are in fashion for 2018. Once upon a time, bridesmaids dresses were well… awful. Thankfully, now there are plenty of beautiful options that set the tone for your day, without upstaging the beautiful bride.

There are certain trends that have cropped up in recent years that are set to continue through 2018, but there are also some outlying options that, while popular, will provide you with a unique fashion statement and look amazing in those wedding photos.

  1. Back To Black

At one time, having bridesmaids dressed in black would have been seriously frowned upon. Luckily, this classic look is being welcomed back into the fold of romance. What it does it create an amazing backdrop for the pops of colour that you choose. Whether it’s red, purple, gold or even chartreuse – it’s going to work well with those black dresses. It sets the tone for a truly romantic affair.

On the other side of the aisle, there’s a good chance there will be a lot of black, so why not lean into the look and use it to your advantage. It means the white of your dress (if that’s the direction you’re going in) is going to stand out even more. Perfect.

  1. The Gown Mismatch

This is something that has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and it’s set to grow throughout 2018. It’s fairly simple – you can choose a colour and then allow each bridesmaid to choose a dress in a varying shade of that colour or you can choose different colours altogether. What makes this idea great is that it allows each bridesmaid to wear a different style of dress, too. This means each bridesmaid will feel comfortable in what they’re wearing and it can match their personal style and personality, too.

While you can go with different colours, keeping it in shades is probably the better idea, it makes planning your wedding accessories a little bit easier. Which is important if you’re someone who loves colour coordination.

  1. The Hot Colour Trend

Cosmo has spoken and according to the wedding experts, there is just one colour that is on the lips of every wedding planner for 2018. Goodbye blush and hello, Nostalgia Rose. It’s still a shade of pink, but this pink has hints and tones of purple which make it a far more pleasing colour. Which means it is going to date much better than the traditional pink colours we are often attracted to. Of course, you may want to steer clear of this one if you’re looking to plan a unique wedding – either way, now you know.

  1. Velvet

If you are looking to create texture on your big day, then there is no better way to do so than with velvet. The great thing about velvet is that it adds a touch of luxury to any day, so it’s the perfect look for an autumn or winter wedding. If you are having a summer wedding, you can still opt for velvet – especially if you’re having an evening wedding. It comes in a variety of styles and colours, too, so you can capture the perfect look.

For winter, look at deep reds and purples. Going for velvet in spring? Think yellow. An evening affair? Well, any colour will do, no matter the time of year. Just make sure you get the cut of the dress just right.

  1. Pantsuits of Sequins

It makes sense when you think about it – two of 2017’s major fashion trends were pantsuits and sequins. It’s only natural to combine them into one ultimate outfit and launch it at your wedding, right? Exactly right. Your bridesmaids will love you for providing them with a comfortable outfit to wear all day and dance the night away in and your guests will be wowed by your bold and unique fashion choices. Of course, you could push the boat out even further and opt for a wedding pantsuit, too.

If you’re looking for classy bridesmaid dresses for your big day then you must visit Laura Ashley and take advantage of the incredible discount codes on offer. Get in quick, before they expire. This is just a small taste of what is more than likely set to be popular throughout 2018, but not so popular that can’t make these choices with confidence and pride.

Wedding planning is stressful enough, don’t get too caught up panicking about what your bridesmaids are wearing when the decision doesn’t need to be all that bad. Now all you need to do is find your own wedding dress (and make sure your partner is dressed for success, too).

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