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August 27, 2010

A “must have” for a flawess, finished, natual looking face

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mally Roncal has created a product you will love.

Poreless Face Defender is a new technology that imparts a beautiful poreless look to your skin. It  feels wonderful and looks completely natural. It also comes with a sponge that is very user friendly.

This is a product sold exclusively at Search: Mally Beauty. The product is called Poreless Defender with Sponge.

I personally use this product, and as an HD-TV makeup artist I’m so delighted with the soft natural look my clients have on tv.  Bye Bye powder !  If you’re looking for that soft poreless look, you might want to give this a try.  It’s colorless, and great for men as well.

Apply your makeup, as usual, and  lightly sponge over your face with Poreless Defender as your final step. Whether inside ,outside, day ,or night you will have a flawless, enviable look from season to season….all year long.

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August 25, 2010

Evian’s “Baby on the Inside”

August 24, 2010

Openhouse Gallery in NYC

Evian Water is continuing to roll forward on its “Live Young” Campaign.   They transformed The Openhouse Gallery in NYC into a photo shoot opportunity, and while there were no rollerblading babies present, Maria Sharapova came by to share her love of Evian’s campaign.

Passerbyers on the street were welcome to swing in and model for the Evian campaign, while wearing a baby on the inside shirt.  The energy was infectious!  The pictures taken from the public shoot were being shown on screen throughout the event.  The poses, the pictures, were indeed a testament to Evian’s “Live Young” philosophy.  “to Evian, youth is not a matter of age, but a mindset-a youthful mindset that is optimistic, believes everything is possible, and is curious and eager to discover the world-much like that of a child” said Jerome Goure VP of marketing for Danone Waters of America, the exclusive importer and marketer of Evian in North America.

And who better than to help celebrate Evian’s campaign than celebrated tennis superstar Maria Sharapova?  The 23 year old stunner when asked why she modeled for the event replied that “The idea of youth as a state of mind caught my attention.   I took great pleasure in reveling my ‘baby inside’….I am a true Evian drinker and I really like this campaign as well as the idea behind it so it felt natural to join in”

For more on Evian’s “Live Young” campaign follow it on facebook at and for some fabulous photos of the event, including Maria’s incredible outfit (3.1 Phillip Lim sequined short-shorts, a white V-neck T-shirt, long black blazer and Cole Haan Swan crossbody bag and lace-up booties) check out my pal Shawn Punch’s Photography  on

Note to Evian………….while I love the roller babies campaign, how about using some of our favorites from the senior set (yes, I can see Betty White and Abe Vigoda starring in it!).  As Mae West says, “You are never too old to become younger!”

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August 20, 2010

When was the last time “you” used a facial mask?

Everyone is so busy these days, and often forgets or ignores a very important element of their skin care regime.

No more excuses! If you have 15 minutes, this unique user friendly mask created by myfaceworks, has a solution for you.

These individually packaged fabric masks with various blends of just the right ingredients, and proper fabric, will address your individual skincare needs providing either maintenance, prevention, or repair.

I personally chose to try the “I Need To Bring Out My Youth” facial mask with antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients, and the “I Need To Be Firm” facial mask that lifts, smoothes, and helps with puffiness. My skin looked and felt great after each mask, and the fresh glow, lift, and tone of my skin was really impressive!

myfaceworks masks are fun to use with no mess and individually packaged, making them perfect for travel. Most important, their ingredients go right to work.

Which mask does “your” skin need? Find out more by to purchase and get more information about these state-of-the-art-masks.

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August 18, 2010

Two Must Haves for Your Travel Bag

Two Must Have’s for Your Travel Bag

 Dr. Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask & AG Hair Cosmetics Dry Shampoo


Trains, planes and automobiles…………….I love to travel.  I could completely identify with George Clooney’s character in “Up in the Air”.  Once I clear security I am home! My most recent jaunt was a 30 + hour in transit journey back from Africa.  I could do that in my sleep.  Watch some movies, read, needlepoint, knit, listen to the IPOD……….easy journey!  The only thing I hate about travel is what it does to my skin and hair.  I am always on the lookout for easy, portable products that work well.   As luck would have it, I managed to find two great products to add to my travel bag!

Dr. Young,, is an Asian cosmetic line which originates from the diary of a college freshman who suffered from various skin problems.  She studied and searched for years with continuous effort to find the solution for her own skin troubles.  The brand was launched in 2008 as a result of a dream of a regular college student who joined forces with dermatological and skin experts with abundant clinical experience.  Dr Young was developed for the generation who has healthy beauty, both inner and outer beauty.   The brand uses no animal-orgin ingredients, mineral oils, and no sodium lauryl sulfate.  The ingredients are organic and botanical oils.

I love the entire line, but I am LOVING the aquaholic sleeping mask and am incorporating it into my carry-on bags.  My skin gets ultra dry in the pressurized plane air, and most of my remedies are normally too goo-ey and get all over the place.  Dr. Young’s Aquaholic Sleeping Mask comes in a small portable size, is easy to put on and take off, and best yet, is that it is not  noticeable when on. It is made from bamboo water and leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.  It also contains vitamin complexes B3, B5, B6, C, and E which have antioxidant and brightening effects that recharges the skin while you sleep. It will be nice to use that sauna effect to actually help my skin!

I also hate the effect of travel on my hair! Even after a half hour shuttle, I want to wash my hair and get the oils and flatness out of it. When dry shampoos were impossible to find, I would use baby powder.  It was NOT easy to use.  It got over everything.  In addition, now- a- days traveling with a bag of white powder will get you stopped at every security check point.  It won’t be fun! Dry shampoos are becoming easier to find, but trying to get on that can pass through security restrictions, and one that actually smells nice did not exist.  My choice….AG Hair Cosmetics fast FWD dry shampoo.

AG Hair Cosmetics was founded over 20 years ago by John and Lotte Davis.  They started their company in their basement and sold their products to salons by day, one bottle, one salon, one customer at a time.  Today AG is sold in thousands of salons across North America and raved hair/beauty editors and celebs all over.  Their philosophy is to simply produce hair products that offer outstanding results.  And when their customer is asked what makes AG different, their response is “AG just works!” And it does……use, love, repeat………..and pack straight into my travel bags!


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August 16, 2010


I received in the mail today some catalogs and magazines previewing the fall fashion scene.  It is kind of hard to get really excited about the fall season when it is 100 some odd degrees and feel like when you step outside you step into a sauna! But, I love the fall and winter season.  Both temperature wise and fashion wise.  I find it so much easier to coordinate wardrobes and just enjoy figuring out what I am going to wear.  I am a coat and boot girl! And I love some of the new boot styles for the season!

Now skinny jeans and leggings are in! And personally anything that is slimming is ALWAYS in style! And since it is fall, the skinny jeans need boots! They create even a leaner silhouette.  The problem is that while it looks and photographs well, it seems that every time you move and change positions, you are pushing and stuffing your jeans back into your boots.  I’ve tried pretty much every trick to help keep the jeans in your boots but to no avail.  Luckily I discovered

STIRUPPZ! Stiruppz are designed to keep your jeans in place so you can keep moving! They are easy to clip on, won’t damage clothing, and so comfy you won’t even know they are there.  They even work on the popular over-the-knee boot styles!

Stiruppz are easy to use and wear.  They work best when jeans are cuffed. Simply cuff and fold your jeans to the desired length and clip on your stiruppz. One size fits everyone. And the jeans can be folded and cuffed to adjust to the right tension for maximum comfort.  They are made of elastic webbing, nylon and alligator clips. They won’t damage clothing and are comfortable enough to wear all day.  They are sold at a variety of locations (and heads up New Yorkers—they are at Ricky’s!!) and you can also learn more and order them on

As I gaze lovingly over at my boot collection, I realize that I will have some time before I can wear them, but I am getting ready, and I won’t have to worry about tucking my pants in!

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August 14, 2010

Makeup artistry and our natural beauty

Makeup artistry is an interesting topic since it’s very subjective. Of course, there are some rules to follow, but most often you have to adapt those rules to create a look on each individual’s face that you are applying makeup on. That’s where the creativity, and the artist’s individual style, comes into play.

There are also different venues, like theater, where makeup is not only utilized to create the various characters the actors portray, but to be seen in a defined manor from a well lit stage.

On television, and in film, makeup is used to achieve a finished look under different types of lighting that is being used for any given scene.

HDTV has now entered the arena, and though the techniques may remain the same ,there are a few new rules regarding product and application that have makeup artists experimenting with new textures and how the are applied .

My brother, Robb Fischer, is a national cinematographer and  has always said, “With HDTV, what you see is what you get.”   So now there is another issue for the makeup artist to contend with. Think about it! The reality of the large screen and high definition format is not very forgiving. As a result, a more natural approach to makeup application is more important than ever.

I believe we are in the right place at the right time! Most of us don’t have the stress of worrying about our  “on camera” close up shots, but with the new technoogy that is available, we are not only able to look better than ever, but allow “our” natural beauty to take center stage. That has always been my approach to makeup application and goal as a “camera ready” makeup artist.

I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned over the years.  I’ve been trying many wonderful new products that are great for your skin , with the newest ingredients, that are not only healthy but actually bring out that youthful beauty that is so desirable. Can’t wait to share them with you!

I hope to bring a confidence to your approach to makeup, and fads that come and go, by teaching you how to adapt them to your individual needs.

Oh yes…. I even have a few tried and true tricks that are easy, fun, quick and effective to look good and feel great about yourself when you “check” yourself in the mirror.

If you have a question you may contact me at , and  please be patient…I will answer questions as quickly as I am able. In fact, let me know what you’re interested in.  It may just be the topic of my next post 🙂  Remember, this is all about empowering  you!   After all!! It’s a GLAM thing!

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August 13, 2010

Yeah!  Kathy has a blog here now! Check back soon for Kathy’s  posts!

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