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December 31, 2017

PHILIP B Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray to help prevent Winter’s “Hat Hair”

I moved back to New England a couple of years ago, after 34 years in Los Angeles and Florida. “What? are you crazy?” is a question I get asked often. Yes, I do miss my past lives in the warm climates but I love being with family and enjoy being able to really dress up during the cold winter months. For instance, today it is 13 degrees right now and we are headed to -1 tonight, New Year’s Eve!

Hedda Hopper, Getty Images - CBS photo archive

Hedda Hopper, Getty Images – CBS photo archive


With this very frigid winter weather, I love to wear my hats. I have many. On occasion, I  proudly wear my favorite hat, a winter hat from the personal collection of newspaper gossip columnist Hedda Hopper . Hedda was said to buy 150 new hats a year!

Now, the “Hat Hair” issue surfaces! Sometimes I’ll put a hat on in the morning and leave it on until bedtime or at least have it on for half or more of the day. Then I pull off my hat to find flattened, fizzy, Static ‘icky’ hair.

Here are some pointers from hairstylist Ted Gibson and Kien Hoang for preventing “hat hair”.

Wet hair under a hat will become flat hair. “It’s also important to make sure that hair is completely dry before putting a cap on, even if it’s slightly damp, it will dry flattened and in the shape of the hat,” warns Hoang. Build volume with products beforehand to counter your hat’s flattening effect. “Volumizing sprays will add body to the hair, keeping it full for hat days,” says Gibson. Other styling tricks include twisting your hair into pin curls after using a curling iron. “This will help set hair in soft waves and will hold longer,” says Gibson. Hoang advises “a little light back-combing beforehand, which will provide some extra padding for the hair.”

Hat hair isn’t completely avoidable, but you can revive it. “Leave-in conditioners add moisture to hair, which will help combat static caused by dryness,” says Hoang. As far as discreet products you can throw in your bag, Gibson cleverly created hair styling sheets, similar in shape to dryer sheets, they deposit smoothing product as you rub them over static cling. If you don’t have those handy, blast hairspray on your fingers and “spot treat” flyways. However, try to avoid brushing hair — since it’s already dry, it will only cause more static.

The material and size of your hat is matters too.

And here is my routine for preventing “hat hair”.

PHILIP B Oud Royal

PHILIP B Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray


Whenever possible, I like my hair to be freshly shampooed when wearing a hat over it. I use a light mousse and a PHILIP B product. The PHILIP B product I discovered just this winter adds extra shine and prevents my hair from friction. It is the PHILIP B Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray. The text on the label states it protects hair against damage from heat, sun, chlorine and salt water. If I could, I would happily ad protection from “hat hair” to that. The formula includes a time-released hair perfume. My hair smells great when the hat comes off and it keeps my hats fresh and smelling good also. I does not weigh my hair down at all.

When my hair is wet, I tousle in a light mouse and begin to dry my hair. Just before my hair is completely dry and before the pin curls, I spray The PHILIP B Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray onto it then continue to completely dry my hair and then twist the dry hair into pin curls.

The hats of course do not come off to that look in public! But with a quick trip the ladies room I soon appear with full shiny hair – minus the bobby pins. I simply remove the pins run my fingers through my hair and give it a good shake. I have a shoulder length bob that turns into a cute curly bob.

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December 31, 2017

Earth-Friendly Flip Flops Made with Recycled Brazilian Rubber

by Lisa Gal

Inspired by Sunny days at the beach and dancing with pride the Samba Sol easy going lifestyle was born. They believe in protecting the environment while celebrating life, seeking adventure, and pursuing friendships with people from all over the world! Their beautiful flip flops are made with recycled, 100% recyclable, biodegradable Brazilian rubber. This year alone their factory recycled over 660, pounds of rubber! Their mission as a global company is to be admired for their patriotism, partnerships, and making the world a better place to be. They use only use the highest quality recycled materials, while expressing their love of beautiful places in every colorful detail. The Golden Globe nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel during the red carpet weekend will be thrilled when they receive a pair in their Hollywood Swag Bags waiting in their rooms upon arrival. Their feet will thank us later. #heartonsole


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December 31, 2017

Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening with Perla

by Lisa Gal

Perla is teeth whitening that is peroxide-free, pain-free and free from anxiety. Pérla was established in Melbourne in 2015 with the objective to provide the ultimate in teeth whitening in relaxing, spa-like surrounds, peroxide-free, pain-free and free from anxiety. Their exclusive peroxide-free formula whitens teeth without the pain and sensitivity associated with peroxide teeth whitening treatments. Pérla’s unique range of after-care and maintenance products has been designed with a focus on results-oriented natural formulations to help you maintain whitening results. They have developed a suite of unique products to use at home to help you maintain your results. We are excited to include their Teeth Whitening Kit, all the way from Australia, in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the hotel guests, nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel during the Golden Globes red carpet weekend.

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December 30, 2017

10 Proven Tips to Get the Better Sleep at Night

Proper sleep is necessary to fuel up the body by providing energy and repair. Lack of sleep can result in the body releasing inflammatory mediators like c reactive protein and also excessive cortisol and adrenaline.  Sleep is also essential to clean the toxins in the brain such as beta-amyloid and TAU protein. In this post, check out the ten proven tips to get the better sleep at night.

  1. Say No to Electronics before Going to Bed

Electronic items such as computers, cell phones, ipads, and televisions emit blue light that shut down the secretion of melatonin hormone.  Melatonin hormone is responsible for inducing sleep at night. It is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that regulates the sleeping hormone in the body. It is formed from the serotonin and when exposed to the light decreased at the night creating sleeping disorders. Thus try to put off the gadgets and electronic items couple of hours before going to bed.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Take a proper diet and avoid taking the packed or junked food before going to bed. Whenever you eat, the body responds to producing the hormone and chemical reaction takes place to digest and absorbed those foods which turn into products the body uses. But when stress system is activated, then it is impossible to fall asleep. Hence avoid taking alcohol, caffeine, high carbohydrates foods before going to bed.  Alcohol induces sleep but initiates stress response which can wake you up.

  1. Use High-Quality Mattress

The quality of mattress should be high that they guaranteed good night’s sleep. The foam should be such that it acts as the stress reliever. Comfort level is the most important factor as when people wake up they are refreshed without any pains and aches.  Check the durability and do long-term investments to get best mattress. It is suggested to always protect your mattress by adding mattress cover from the accidental spills.

  1. Apply Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil induces sleep by providing the feeling of calmness. According to finding it’s been found that in an ICU setting and in nursing homes, it is helpful in increasing the sleep. All you need to do is apply few drops on wrists or spray in the room so that entire room smell like the flower.

  1. Perform Yoga

Yoga helps to get the better sleep by practicing different poses. It decreases the stress level hormone due to which muscle mass is reduced. It helps in recovering the muscle ability to store the glycogen which reduces the stress and thus increase sleep patterns.

  1. Stick to Routine

It is always good to be in the routine for better sleeping cycles. Set routine makes circadian rhythm which makes mental and physical changes occurring in the body. Going to bed at the same time every day give a signal to the sleeping time. If due to any reason there is any shift in these timings then sleeping pattern disturbs. Thus it is recommended not to make changes in the routine frequently especially on weekends.

  1. Take Bath before Seven

A hot bath helps to induce sleep at night but make sure you take it few hours before going to a sleep. Baths are the great way to clear the stress in the mind. It can raise the body’s temperature, reversing the temperature of the body to get into the sleeping mode.  The reason for less sleeping patterns is anything that disrupts cooling.

  1. Sip Some Milk

Milk is rich in tryptophan which contains the amino acid that helps to improve sleep. On the other hand, it also helps in muscle recovery.  Low-fat chocolate milk is good as it helps in reducing the stress. The ingredients present in the milk such as carbohydrates and protein helps in reducing the muscle damage. Try a warm or cold glass of milk before going to a bed daily.

  1. Take Rich Diet

Proteins are the good source for rebuilding muscles. It contains tryptophan which is made up of amino acids that increase the level of sleep-inducing serotonin in the body. Good sources of proteins are plenty of nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, turkey, chicken. These sources increase the level of tryptophan and serotonin which is better for the sleep.

  1. Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Regular meditation exercises and slowing breathing reduces stress hormone levels. It is a technique that directs one’s attention and focuses on other object increasing awareness, relaxation and calmness in the mind. It includes visualization in which you have to relax and imagine the scene that you are on the fresh island surrounded by water and breezes. The more you imagine the more effective it will for your mind. Relaxation and Mindfulness are other medication-related exercises.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to get the better sleep, practice it from today and have proper sleeping patterns in your daily life to remain healthy.


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December 30, 2017

Survival Secrets for Navigating Alzheimer’s


by Lisa Gal

Carolyn Cranwell, author of Navigating Alzheimer’s, wants to help inspire, empower and give hope to as many people as possible who are affected directly or indirectly by Alzheimer’s. To some, her book might seem an unusual topic to include in the Award gift bags but what she has found is that everywhere she goes she meets people who have someone in their family or circle of friends, whether it be grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, nieces or nephews that have been touched by Alzheimer’s. There are currently an estimated 50 million people worldwide living with dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease International anticipates this number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million in 2030 and 131.50 million in 2050. Long term care giving can be extremely painful. Commonly people feel: overwhelmed, lonely, stressed, exhausted, unappreciated, insignificant, invisible and even depressed. Discover a caregiver’s unique approach to finding COURAGE, HOPE, INNER STRENGTH, LONG TERM RESILIENCE, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT AND PEACE, in “NAVIGATING ALZHEIMER’S – Survival Secrets of a Long Term Carer” by Carolyn Cranwell at and We are happy to include Carolyn’s book in our Hollywood Swag Bags honoring the Golden Globe nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the award show weekend next month.

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December 30, 2017

Veronica Winter’s Paints 50 Exclusive Oil Studies for Hollywood Swag Bag

by Lisa Gal

Russian-American realist painter, Veronica Winters was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She immigrated to the
U.S. in her early twenties to pursue her calling in art. She holds a B.F.A. degree in studio art from Oklahoma State
University and an M.F.A. degree in painting from Penn State. Veronica also studied classical drawing and painting
techniques at the Grand Central Academy of Art & the Art Students League of New York. Veronica’s art has been
published in numerous magazines and books, including Strokes of Genius, Leisure Painter, Colored Pencil Magazine, Dover publications, and American Art Collector. The artist’s mission is to bring emotional strength and purpose to women through her romantic realism paintings of women. Veronica paints in Naples, Florida. Visit her website to subscribe today! Connect via Facebook (veronicasart), Instagram (paintingfemininebeauty) or YouTube (veronicasart).

We are honored to have 50 oil studies, HER mini series, that Veronica completed for our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel during the red carpet weekend.


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December 30, 2017

SleevePal®-A Gift Card Holder’s Dream

by Lisa Gal

Many consumers looking for the “perfect” gift rely on the convenience of gift cards. Gift cards and general purpose debit cards are perfect for weddings, teachers, mail carriers, thank-yous, birthdays, you name it–it’s the perfect way to show you care.

However, almost 20% of gift cards go unused because:
• People can’t remember the card balance.
• People lose or misplace the receipt containing the date and balance information.

Why SleevePal®?
• Trying to access an app at the register is time consuming and frustrating with a slow connection or WiFi cellular signal. SleevePal® users simply glance at the cover to see the card balance anytime they use their gift or debit card.
• Always knowing the card balance gives the user more confidence in making purchases.
• It’s functional and visually appealing for a vast demographic.
• Elegant gift compliment.
• Many designs/textures to choose from. Appeals to both male and female customers.
• Teachers and parents love the SleevePal® because it’s educational. It helps children learn how to keep track of transactions and balances.
• Environmentally friendly product: Card stock used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

We are so happy to have SleevePal® back this award season, this time being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees, guests and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for the red carpet weekend.

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December 30, 2017

Get motivated with “My Secret is Your Secret” and chase your dreams!

by Lisa Gal

My Secret is Your Secret is a motivational book which offers a quick and easy five step process which will help you to unleash your inner fighting spirit so you will chase your dreams and fight for your goals. It also contains a collection of powerful affirmations to keep you there. We all posses inner strength and this book helps you to believe in your own abilities and self-worth, so you will always conquer and thrive. For further information about Kerrie and her book, please go to We are excited to have her book included in our Hollywood Swag Bag being gifted to the Golden Globe talent and nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel next month for the red carpet weekend.

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December 29, 2017

Seaweed is strange, but their ingredients are anything but.

by Lisa Gal

SeaSnax are a nutrient-rich snack made from the finest ingredients on Earth. They are vegan, gluten free, Non G-Mmmmm-O and is made with only 100% organic extra virgin olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt.

Their ingredients are beautifully ordinary. Yet they are sourced from extraordinary places from all over the Earth (and sea). And they’ll never use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

We are excited to have them take part in our 2018 Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel next month. For more information go to

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December 29, 2017

Find out why everyone is talking about YPlanners and YMag

by Lisa Gal

The planner you have been waiting for is here! Designed by inspirational Australian artist Lisa Pollock, these 2018 YPlanners will inspire you every day of the year. With daily mindset questions, weekly intention & gratitude activities, glasses of water to be filled in as you drink your 8 every day, they really have thought of everything! The best part, you can now change the color of your planner to match your mood or outfit. Your ‘must-have’ planner is here, to keep you organized, inspired and living your life on purpose.

YMag, a printed publication in Australia, empowering women to become the best version of themselves. YMag is a luxe magazine, that is inspiring, purposeful and educational. YMag is your ‘must-have’ magazine, sharing Y people do what they do. With stories from around the world and no gossip, no diets and no fads, it’s the magazine you will cherish for years to come. Our readers tell us that YMag is the magazine they have been waiting for and now, can’t live without. After all, it’s all about your purpose in life…We are thrilled to have them take part in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the Golden Globe nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel next month for the red carpet weekend. Check out Shar Moore and find out all the buzz about Yplanners and YMag by visiting this link.

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