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November 27, 2011

SEBAMED® presents Age Defense Q10 Lifting Eye Cream to combat the anti-aging of your very delicate eye area

By now I’m sure all of you are aware of how delicate the eye area is. That’s probably why it’s more prone to aging if not treated with ongoing care on a daily basis!

There are no oil glands in the area underneath the eye, and that’s why special products are created specifically for use around the eyes. Over the years the skin under the eye will stretch if not cared for properly, and will take on a crepey and wrinkled appearance that is aging to the face.

SEBAMED’s Age Defense Q10 Lifting Eye Cream targets the issue of decreasing the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines underneath the eye.

(Quote) A recent study showed that the twice daily application of Age Defense Q10 Lifting Eye Cream:
• Reduces the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the sensitive eye area by an average of 32% in 28 days.
• Prevents skin sagging, and adds tone and elasticity so the delicate eye area appears more youthful with the use of natural moisturizers: avocado oil, almond oil, and shea butter.
• Hydrates the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles

I found it to be an extremely terrific product that really does hydrate nicely and keep the under eye area moist, even after you apply your concealer, maintaining a smooth and firm look under the eye. I used the product two times daily as recommended, and did just as directions suggested by applying a “pea” size amount using my ring finger and very gently “patting” the eye cream into my skin.

(Quote) SEBAMED has been a leader in skincare with over 50 dermatologist recommended products sold in over 80 companies worldwide.

SEBAMED was founded in 1956 by Dr. Heinz Maurer who was an innovator in creating soap free products focusing on the problems of eczema. SEBAMED (Quote) specializes in skincare solutions for sensitive skin, age defense, acne, baby skin needs, and problematic skin (including eczema and psoriasis), as well as hair care and deodorant products.

I highly recommend Age Defense Q10 Lifting Eye Cream, and invite you to go to go to: where you may purchase and find out more about this eye cream.

Also visit: to find other fine products that are available from SEBAMED.(Using the “Search” option)

In January 2012, SEBAMED will also be available on : .

With the upcoming holidays right around the corner, I’ve been writing about some products that would make nice little gifts! What better than the gift of “Beauty”? SEBAMED Age Defense Q-10 Lifting Eye Cream is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. What a great “Stocking Stuffer” for a special friend, relative, or co-worker.

If you’re like me, make sure you get one for yourself, too! The price is affordable, and the benefits are priceless!

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November 22, 2011

Be an Angel! Give Wings

Be an Angel! Give Wings, and help women and children in their fight against domestic violence.

One in four women in this country are victims of domestic violence. This could be your mother, sister, daughter, or friend. We need to not only raise money but raise awareness about this issue.

nix&stones ( invites you to give as well as receive this holiday season.

We are offering our DV Angel Wings at a very special price.

Angel Wings, $50.00 regular price $98.00.

10% of proceeds go to Safe Horizon (

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November 20, 2011

Pamper yourself and relax as you find some great Holiday Stocking Stuffers and do some stress free shopping at Freeman Beauty !

Ah yes, it’s that time of year when the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping can really ramp up your stress level, especially when you are looking for those little Stocking Stuffers for friends, relatives, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, your hair stylist, manicurist, and the list goes on and on.

Well fret no more! Holiday shopping can be fun and easy, and I’d like to share some really great products that anyone on your Stocking Stuffer list would truly enjoy. They are very reasonably priced, and will be favorites of anyone who receives them.

By the way, I highly recommend you also pick up some of these products “just for you”! Don’t ever forget to pamper yourself!

As most of you are probably going 24/7 each day, as I do, I have found the Freeman Beauty products impart such a sense of well being that you just feel good about yourself. The aroma’s are exceptional, and very subtle and unique, as well.

The Freeman Bare Hands Nourishing Hand and Cuticle Cream is a real winner.This cream is will soften hands, encourage cell renewal for better elasticity, and with the combination of the relaxing properties of Lavender Oil and calming Peppermint Oil is a very beneficial hand and cuticle treatment.

Other ingredients (Quote):
Vitamin A– Refines skin tone, and helps fight free radical sun damage.
Vitamin E– Vital antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient that protects skin from UV damage and cell damaging free radicles.
Grape Seed Extract– Vital Antioxidants in grape seeds that support and maintain skin elasticity by preventing the breakdown of collage within the epidermis. Operating as a natural alpha-hydroxy acid, grape seed extract helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Shea Butter– Shea nut oils improve skin elasticity, tone and maintain hydration.

I always carry a Bare Hands Cream in my professional makeup case. It’s the first product that everyone picks up, uses and enjoys.

There is nothing like the feel of a Peel-Off Mask and Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel-Off Mask is like a breath of fresh air on your face. This is a great mask for normal to combination type skin. I have mature normal skin and really like the thorough clean feel of this mask and how soft my skin is after I use it. Need a little down time? This is the perfect solution! (Quote) “This mask gently peels away impurities while Cucumber extract leaves skin silky smooth.”

The ingredients (Quote):
Cucumber Extract– Provides anti-inflammatory or soothing properties to the skin.
Camomile– Neutralizes skin irritants;helps purify, heal, and calm skin.
Vitamin A– Refines skin tone, and helps fight free radical sun damage.

Freeman Bare Foot Heel & Callus Balm will get you ready to start your day, and relax your tired feet at the end of the day. This shea butter balm with plum and peppermint extracts not only relieves dry skin but helps with calluses, and cracked heels. It’s a very light weight emollient, but how smooth your feet feel as soon as you use this product.

The Ingredients (Quote):
Peppermint oil– Serves the dual objective of cooling and soothing overheated skin and keeping in check fungal and bacterial growth. It nourishes dull skin and improves the condition of the skin. Peppermint oil can also be used externally for pain. relief.
(Author’s note: Peppermint oil is one of my favorite essential oils, and I can’t say enough about how nice it enhances the effectiveness of the Bare Foot Heel & Callus Balm!)
Shea Butter-Shea nut oils improve skin elasticity, tone and maintain hydration.
Vitamin E- Antioxidants found in Vitamin E fight Free radicals, protect the epidermis from sun damage and aging, and help elasticity and tone.
Tea Tree Oil- Contains terpinoids, which are a natural antiseptic and fungicide. Helps promote tissue healing and absorbs sweat. Helps aching muscles.

This is a preview of some of the great items that Freeman Beauty has on their website! I invite you to take a look and consider shopping Freeman Beauty for your Holiday “Stocking Stuffer” gifts and enjoy the Holiday Season “Stress Free” !!

Go to

Freeman Beauty products are also available at mass merchandise stores nationwide, including CVS & Walmart. If you like, you may also enter your zipcode on the Freeman Beauty website and locate a store that carries the Freeman Beauty products near you.

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November 19, 2011

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is a perfect choice for the guys on your holiday gift list !

As the Holiday Season approaches I believe all of us take on the quest to find a perfect gift that is not only unique, but useful for the the men on our gift list .

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is an amazing “One-Step” skin care treatment that any man in your life will not only appreciate, but get the benefit of a 20 UVA/UVB SPF, the appearance of smaller pores, and a nice matte natural look to their skin.

(Quote) “MST-Men SPF20 hydrates, enhances and protects skin in ONE simple step.”

Later in the article I have some more quotes from the company literature about their product ingredients that are very impressive.

This is the perfect gift for a man! It’s such a complete product, and not complicated.

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 offers “The elegance of simplicity” in one tube! All a man has to do is apply a small amount to his face from the hairline to jawline after shaving. Not only will this help decrease razor bumps, and ingrown hairs but also give them their much needed UVA/UVB SPF 20 sun protection.

The fact that there is a UVA/UVB SPF 20 in MST-MEN SPF20 Transformer is what originally caught my attention regarding this product.

From my experience, a lot of men still have to be encouraged to actively use an SPF daily. Often they just don’t realize that even on a cloudy day the effects of the the sun are present. Whether they work outdoors, enjoy sports such as tennis or golf to name a few, or just wear a hat or cap on their head and neglect to put an SPF on their face, it opens the door for potential sun exposure to their skin. The bottom line is that the daily use of UVA/UVB protection IS a necessity!

My Brother, a national cinematographer, came over the other evening, as I was writing, and I told him about Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 and let him try it on his face. His first response was, “This really feels smooth and gives my face a really nice finish.” He was quite impressed with the simplicity of the product and all of the benefits. What he was experiencing was the MST COMPLEX! (Quote) “MST MEN SPF20 delivers a smooth even skin. The colorless formula’s naturally derived Silicones provide an instant matifying effect for the skin as well as minimizes the appearance of fine lines. I was amazed!! This was the first time he had ever seen or tried MST MEN SPF20 and could instantly feel and see a difference in his skin.

I really like this information regarding MST!
(Quote) “Miracle Skin Transformer combines skin smoothing coverage with complex skincare. The SPF20 absorbs without a trace, creating an invisible barrier against Moisture-loss while calming and hydrating the skin. It’s hydration is aided by Saw Palmeto and Passion Fruit extracts, as well as Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Co-Enzyme Q10, encapsulated in tiny beads that ensure a deep penetration and a fresh dose per each use.”

That’s a real plus in a skin care product! It’s like getting a fresh burst of product ingredients every time it is used!

One more comment about this terrific product!
* It’s Dermatologically tested
* Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, wax, mineral oils, and talcs
* It contains 100% natural active ingedients
* It’s not tested on animals!
* It’s made in the USA

To purchase or find out more about Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 you may visit their website:

To purchase or get information about Miracle Skin Transformer for you Glam Gals go to:

I have a few men on “My Holiday Gift List” who will be getting Miracle Skin Transformer MEN-SPF20 this year, and without a doubt I give this product a 5-Star rating!

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November 14, 2011

Evelyn Lauder

Estee Lauder…..a name certainly associated with beauty. Estee founded the company in 1946 with six products, and it has grown into one of the largest beauty companies in the world. Evelyn, Estee’s daughter-in-law, who wore many hats at the company, passed away on November 12, 2011 due to complications of non-genetic ovarian cancer. We at It’s a Glam Thing would like to give condolences to her family.

Evelyn Lauder was a seasoned business woman, and an active philanthropist. In addition to all of the wonderful beauty products she helped create, she also helped create the pink ribbon, the symbol for breast cancer awareness. A pioneer of the cause, she was instrumental in getting corporations involved not only in donations, but also to help to create education and awareness. A breast cancer survivor herself, she became a strong voice on behalf of women’s health. She was always reluctant to discuss her own condition. “My situation doesn’t really matter,” she told a reporter in 1995. While she may have been reticent to discuss her own condition, it was her dedication to reminding other women of the dangers of breast cancer that created the pink ribbon symbol.

Lauder and Alexandra Penney, who was then editor of Self magazine, put together Self magazine’s first annual issue for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in April 1991 to bring the issues of breast cancer to the forefront. The issue was a huge success. In 1992, they created and formalized the pink ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer awareness. Lauder and Penney wanted to improve on the success of the magazine’s first annual issue and the creation of a symbol would help further awareness and visibility. Lauder herself made the commitment to have the ribbons placed on the company’s cosmetic counters across the United States. The sales people would wear them, and they would be given out as a reminder to get screened.

She also began creating cosmetics whose sales would specifically go to breast cancer awareness, the first being a new shade called Pink Ribbon in 1993. Her husband Leonard paid the cost of registering The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in all 50 states. The breast cancer awareness campaign that started “small” campaign, one to remind women about getting screened for breast cancer, had by the start of 1995, raised some $900,000 including $120,000 from the sale of Pink Ribbon lipstick and blusher and $190,000 from the sale of Clinique Berry Kiss pink lipstick. By October 2008, the Estée Lauder Companies estimated that the firm’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign had raised $35 million towards research and distributed 80 million pink ribbons. Congress making October Cancer Awareness Month would never have happened if it had not been for companies like Estee Lauder leading the way.

Lauder also founded the organization The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The foundation has raised over $330 million in donations of which $50 million came from Estee Lauder and associates.

Evelyn was also an avid photographer whose celebrated photos captured many beautiful images. “In capturing a singular moment, photography has also helped me learn how to let go of things I want to hold on to so tightly. You can’t hold back time, but you can look forward to what’s coming next and do everything in power to create the best possible future.” Thank you Evelyn for helping to create a brighter future!


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November 6, 2011

Whatever your skin type you can achieve amazing results with Rena Levi Skin Care Products!

Rena Levi is a woman who has a background of over thirty years in the skin care business. Her expertise is beyond compare. (Quote) Rena specializes in clinical facial and body solutions that focus on the treatment of difficult skin problems such as acne, as well as the signs of aging.

Mentored by the esteemed Christine Valmy at the European Aesthetic Skin Care Institute in New York, Rena went on to open her own Salon in New York. During this time she researched various skin care treatments and, as a result, perfected her own techniques and products that have helped so many people achieve skin that allows them to reflect their confident inner beauty on the outside, and no longer have to be self-conscious about skin challenges that have hampered their outer appearance.

This is what impressed me so much about Rena. If you follow my writings, you all know how I feel about caring for your skin! It needs to be a person’s top beauty priority. It’s your calling card and by using Rena’s product line it can really make a difference by helping you achieve not only beautiful, but healthy skin.

What fascinated me is that Rena has worked in many different climates around the world and has taken that knowledge to design her “Signature” line of products that express the “Best” of her three decades of dedication in the skin care business. A lot of research has gone into her skin care.

Now it’s time to show you a before and after picture of a Reva Levi Skin Care client who experienced Rena’s fantastic products, first hand, and what a difference it has made with her skin!

Having an opportunity to view a number of simply amazing before and after client pictures, it was difficult for me to choose just one for this article, but this picture is captivating and as they say, ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Isn’t that sensational and inspiring! If you can relate to acne skin problems you may want to take a look at The Acne Kit :

I mentioned earlier that Rena also addresses aging issues with her products as well. I had the opportunity to try two products that I really liked that were appropriate for my more mature skin.

In the morning I used The Vanishing Act Soap :

I have normal skin that once was quite oily, and now can get a bit dehydrated, especially in the cooler weather. This soap is a deep cleanser that is great for oily skin, large pores, and wonderful for your whole body. What I liked is that the top surface of my skin was mildly exfoliated and felt very clean, smooth and left a very youthful glow after gently cleansing my face. My husband really enjoyed the soap, too. He had acne prone skin when he was younger, and The Vanishing Act Soap really helped with the appearance of some older acne scarring on his face.

Once a week I also used The Amazing Scrub! :

Wow…That herbal blend scrub is like the Rena Levi Skincare brochure says,”it’s like having a microdermabration session”. My skin had a healthy smooth top surface appearance, and felt so clean and fresh.

What I recommend is going to Rena’s Website at : and take a look at all of the products available. Whether you have acne prone skin, oily, or a mature skin looking for Anti Aging products, you’ll find everything you need for beautiful, healthy skin of any age with Rena Levi’s Skincare.

Now here’s a special promotion for my Glam Gals & Guys from Rena Levi! When you go online and place your product order, you’ll receive a 15% discount!

The Coupon Name is : itsaglamthing

The Code is: glamthing.
This offer is good thru 12/31/2011.

What a perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to some Rena Levi Skincare and remember, there’s nothing more thoughtful than a gift of healthy skin for someone on your Holiday Gift List!

Thank you, Rena, for your time and dedication to the creation of these products that can really help a person gain confidence by achieving clear healthy skin…it is quite remarkable!

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