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June 29, 2012

DERMELECT Nail Laquers and Nail Polishes are Anti-Aging and “Green”

I have been using a sensational product from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.  It’s called Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler, which is also an Anti-Aging Base Coat, and I am loving my nails.  After applying two coats of Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler, I found that  it applies very easily and the final results are fantastic.  My  nails look smooth and my nail imperfections are hidden.  I have been growing out my nails since I stopped wearing acrylics, and my nails definitely needed a ridge filler and Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler did the trick. This basecoat has a beautiful pink/opal color so I didn’t have to add a color to my nails right away.

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler is an “anti-aging treatment utilizing ProSina, a unique delivery system of protein peptides to strengthen weak nails and make them resistant to splits and breaks”.  This ridge filler also contains Pentavitin, which is a moisture binding agent and acts as a water magnet to your nails. This is a great product, especially if you have brittle or damaged nails.

My 23 year old daughter Jenna,  has been using Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener, which is also a base coat.  Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener also contains ProSina which “provides a unique delivery system of protein peptides directly to the nail bed to encourage stubborn nails to grow while improving their strength”.  Jenna has been using Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener and she thinks it is a sensational base coat.  She says she likes this nail strengthener  because it is easy to apply, dries quickly,  has minimal fumes and hasn’t  turned her nails yellow which some base coats tend to do. Both Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler and Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free, which makes them “Green”.

Jenna liked Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener so much that she is also using Dermelect Anti-Aging Colored Nail Lacquers which is Dermelect’s newest  product.  This is sensational news for the environment and for your nails too.  Dermelect Anti Aging Nail Lacquers are “infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand Sheeps wool.”  These nail lacquers are fast drying and have a high gloss shine.  The nail lacquers also  act as a nail strengthener  which helps your nails become stronger and chip resistent.  Jenna had her nail lacquer on for at least 1-1/2 weeks (see a photo of her hand below) and the nail lacquer still looked great.

Dermelect Anti-Aging Nail Lacquers offers six brillant colors and Jenna chose “Provocative”.  She noted that the nail lacquer had minimal fumes and she especially liked the brush. “It was thin and easy to use.  I was able to coat my entire nail with ease, and the color was bright and shiny.  I received many compliments from my friends”‘.

Dermelect  Anti-Aging Nail Lacquers  are water and detergent resistant and protects against UV Rays.  A Dermelect’s ridgefiller and nail strengthenr, they are also DBP,  Toulene, Formaldehyde and cruely free. ( No animal testing) , which makes them “Green”. As you can see in the photo, Jenna’s nails look fabulous! Remember, with Dermelect Nail Care Products, you will have young looking nails today, and tomorrow too!

visit to see their complete product line of nail care products and other fabulous anti-aging skincare products.

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June 28, 2012

Your Lips Will Look Smashing in “Shades of Fame” by SMASHBOX

FIVE great shades in “FIVE” great tubes equals “SHADES OF FAME HIGH SHINE REFLECTION LIP GLOSS SET”  by Smashbox .  As you must know by know, I don’t leave my house without a great shade of lipstick or lip gloss and with Smashbox Summer 2012 Shades of Fame Collection, I now have 5  incredible vibrant colors to choose from.  These lip glosses are purse and travel size lip glosses and are irresistible,  fashionable and offers a color for every occasion and every mood.  Get your lips looking red hot and spectacular this summer.  With colors like  CANDY,  BUFF,   HIBISCUS,   PAPAYA, and  STAR  who could resist trying this set.

You lips will definitely look, smooth, shiny and absolutely SMASHING!!!! offers a complete line of cosmetics covering everything from eyes to lips including smashing  palettes and primers.  Definitely spend some time watching their video tutorials to help you achieve your hottest look.

With a little bit of SMASHBOX, your lips will look smashing.



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June 27, 2012

Quick Getaways

As exciting as going to movie premiers, attending celebrity gifting suites and posing for the paparazzi can be, every now and then, it’s nice to get away from all of the craziness of Hollywood.

But very few Angelenos and even fewer LA visitors would ever guess that there are many tranquil spots to enjoy right in this area.  Greystone Mansion, a Gothic-English estate in the heart of Beverly Hills, is one of my favorite places to escape and relax.


Surrounded by 18.5 acres of parkland, the historical landmark was built in 1928 by a wealthy oil baron but is now used for cultural and educational activities, photo and commercial shoots, weddings, and public events.   It has also been featured in many well-known movies including Indecent Proposal, Spiderman and The Bodyguard, to name a few.

The beautiful fountains and lush gardens remind me a lot of some I’ve seen in Europe….which I love!  And spending a half hour or so walking around the estate (which is free!) is a quick way to get away from it all without taking a trip oversees.

Recently, I was introduced to Garden Alchemy, the newest collection from Thymes and have find that it’s another, even easier way to “get away”.  Thymes paints images of an “ethereal enchanted garden” and promises that the collection’s three original fragrances, Rosemary Sage, Wild Angelica, Lemon Geranium, will “whisk you away to a dreamy, blossoming locale”…and they deliver.

Each unique scent is available in the following forms:  bubbling bath elixir, bath salt envelope, shower gel, body soufflé, mist for body and bed, mini cologne and poured candle.

I especially love the Rosemary Sage Mist for Body and Bed!  Combined with soothing willow bark and calendula extract to heal and moisturize, the relaxing scent is wonderful to use after a shower or bath and using it on my sheets guarantees me a good night’s sleep.

And the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! They look really pretty sitting on your vanity.  If you’re looking for a really nice gift that’s also reasonably priced, you’ll want to check these out.  But be sure to buy extras, you’ll definitely want to keep some for yourself.

Visit for more information.

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June 26, 2012

We Like It Hot…Zaggora Hot!

One of the best things about living in Hollwood for me has been the chance to make some really fantastic female friends over the years.  And yes, I may be biased, but they really are all fabulously talented, intelligent and beautiful, both inside and out!  They are also great sources of information on the latest beauty tips and newest fashion and makeup trends.

One such lovely lady is my friend Candace Kita, a fellow actress and model who is also an author, women’s safety advocate and host of a weekly radio show on LA Talk Radio.

Candace Kita

With all of her activities it’s a wonder that she also consistently finds time to fit in regular gym workouts, but she does and always looks great!  When I came across Zaggora Hot Pants, I knew she would love them.  Here’s what she had to say:

When I recently was introduced to Zaggora Hot Pants, I wasn’t sure what they were intended for. They looked a lot like my surfing wetsuit. Made of neoprene, polyester and nylon, they do indeed feel a lot like something I would use when jumping into the ocean. Zaggora’s claim: their Hot Pants will help you with weight loss by increasing energy expenditure during exercise. Hot Pants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26% . In layman’s terms, if you exercise for 30 minutes, weight loss is around four times greater in Hot Pants than in a standard garment.

Zaggora Hot Pants

That sounded like a pretty tall order to fill, so I decided to try them out at my local Zumba class. ( Just for the record, I have a naturally slender build, but my problem area is my stomach.  The Hot Pants fit snugly and I was happy to find they went above my stomach. Mine were a cute powder blue, orange and yellow so I felt quite stylish in them. As I worked out, boy did I sweat. And sweat. And sweat. They were literally bathed in sweat when I finished. If your target area is your waist, stomach, thighs and butt, I think this may be for you. I am also going to try them hiking. Long story short, Zaggora’s Hot Pants are not cheap, but if you are looking to maximize your fat-burning potential during exercise, give these a try.

For more information or to buy a pair, visit


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June 25, 2012

Preserve the Beauty and Color of your Swimsuit with Cielo Rosso

As far back as I can remember, I rarely had the same bathing suit more than a year or so, mainly  because at the end of the swimsuit season my suit was faded.  Who wants to wear a faded, worn out looking swim suit?

Between dozens of trips to the beach each summer and lots of fun in the sun not to mention lazy days by the pool,  our swimsuits just didn’t keep their color.

We live on the East Coast where the summer season lasts about 3 to 4 months, and we want our suits to look spectacular at the end of the season because we do dig them out from time to time throughout the year for indoor swimming and winter vacations.  If  you have children, who wants to keep buying swim suits.  Their color should last at least  until they outgrow them.

If you are a part time swimmer or full time swimmer I have a great product  that will keep your suits looking their brightest and whitest.  Cielo Rosso has developed a swimsuit bath that will keep your swimsuit looking splashy all year long.

Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath  was designed especially for swimsuits and removes harsh chemicals like salt, chlorine, lotions and sunscreens so your suits retain their color and white suits will stay white.  Another great benefit Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath has to offers is that it helps preserve the thread and elasticity in your swimsuit, so your suit remains looking new and vibrant.  Cielo Rosso  Swimsuit Bath is Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and is not tested on animals.

I started using Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath and it’s so easy to use, it’s easier than doing a load of laundry.  With just a dime size of  Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath added to cold water,  swish the suits around for a few minutes and you will begin to see the water turn gray.  This means that the chlorine has been taken out of the suit.  Next, I just rinse, squeeze out excess water and line dry. It’s so easy.

I can’t imagine washing my suits in anything else but Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath.  Our swimsuits will never look better, and never look faded.

Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath is available in two sizes, 8 oz. and 2.2 oz. travel size.   visit and order yours today.









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June 25, 2012

Celebrity Hair Stylist Dean Banowetz video

Summer Style with me & Celebrity Hair Stylist Dean Banowetz. Thanks Dean for sharing your time and fabulous tips and tricks with us.

Click on this link:

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June 24, 2012

Dazzling Shoes!

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June 24, 2012

Dazzling shoes….

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June 23, 2012

Marula ~ The Leakey Collection™ presents “The new Nut in Beauty” !

MARULA ~ The Leakey Collection™

Marula may be new to us, but African women have held this oil in the highest esteem for centuries! (Quote) “Extracted with painstaking precision, this rare “miracle” oil is cold pressed from wild harvested and individually selected Marula nuts to produce an omega-rich oil with exceptional moisturizing and healing properties.”

You really need to feel this light yet hydrating oil on your skin! Marula Oil penetrates into the skin and there is no oily feeling as you massage it into your hands, arms, legs, and chest area! I’ve used it every day since it arrived, and like how it enlivens my dry, more mature skin with a healthy glow! I have noticed a more firm look to my skin as well…. especially my hands! As a makeup artist I’m always cleaning my hands, and over the years that can take its toll! Marula helps with healing that dryness, resulting in a more youthful look.

What is so nice about Marula Oil is:
• It has “anti-microbial properties” that will benefit all skin types! (Including skin that is oily, acne, and problematic.)

• Its 99% pure and scented with a 1% blend of “Natural Essential Oils”, and there are no preservatives, synthetics, or Paraben in the oil.

• Marula Oil is not tested on animals, is considered vegan, and is gluten free!

• For irritated, traumatized, sunburned, or skin that has had chemical peels or facials, Marula Oil provides the perfect soothing relief.

• Used as a moisturizer, Marula Oil helps reduce fine lines as it plumps the skin.

• Shelf life for Marula Oil is 18 months, and once the product is opened, it should be used within 6 months.

After testing the antioxidant power of Marula Oil versus Argan Oil, the Brunswick Lab from Massachusetts determined that Marula Oil remarkably was better at fighting free radicals as a result due to its higher antioxidant levels.

They also found Marula Oil (Quote) “Helped Breast Cancer patients fight ultra violet radiation and irradiation for cancer treatments that lead to inflammation and free radical skin damage, and helped patients reduce redness and inflammation due to the high antioxidant levels, Vitamin E, and phenolic compounds!”

Marula uses:
• Marula oil is a good evening moisturizer for your face and neck because during sleep the skin replenishes.

• It can be used along with your night creme and eye creme. I have used Marula in that manor and found it very hydrating!

• If your skin is dry, add some Marula to your cleanser for “optimal moisture retention!”

• This is one of my favorites, and really works well. Add a few drops of Marula to your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. Your face will look and feel so good!

• You may also put Marula under your SPF for additional moisture or after exposure to the sun for calming relief!

I’m going to send you over to the Marula website right now where you can find out more about the founders of MARULA, Katy and Phillip Leakey, who (Quote from website) “founded The Leakey Collection in 2002, a Fair Trade company built upon a commitment to create lifelong entrepreneurial opportunities for rural Kenyans without disrupting their culture or environment.” Their endeavor and creation of the non-profit organization T.R.A.D.E (Quote) “provides funding for schools, women’s health initiatives, and work opportunities for women in East Africa.”

You’ll also meet Dr. Ashton Kaidi, a board certified plastic surgeon who tested Marula Oil on Breast Cancer patients who had underwent radiation. He was amazed with the results and healing using Marula, and joined the Leakey family in helping bring this wonderful oil to women in America.

This is one of those win-win situations that everyone benefits from and it’s a heartwarming story to read and a privilege to share with you.

Please take a moment to go to:
You may also purchase your Marula on this website, or at:


MARULA ~ The Leakey Collection™

Quoted and paraphrased information in this article courtesy of Marula Press Kit Information.

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June 22, 2012


On Sunday, June 17th, I had the pleasure of covering THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO 2012 for It’s A Glam Thing ! It was a beautiful day in the “Windy City” and I was really geared up to check out every inch of VENUE ONE, in Chicago’s West Loop, where THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO was being held!

The show is the “largest PRO-ONLY beauty event” in Chicago so I was prepared for a lot of Midwest professionals to be in attendance.

Celebrity Makeup Artists, top of the line Beauty Professionals, Educators, the finest of Brand Name Cosmetic companies, and so much more filled the two floors of VENUE ONE, and yes….. I felt like a “kid” in a “Candy Store” !! (As I’m sure all of the attendees did,as well.)

There were workshops, new products , cutting edge trends, school programs & more! I was there on the first day of this two day extravaganza!

Just after arriving, Press Contact, Melody O’Flaherty introduced me to the owner of THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO, Shelly Tagger, and James Vincent, one of the internationally acclaimed Makeup Artists and part of the educational team of THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO.
James,”has worked with celebrities including Lady Gaga, Liv Tyler, Joan Jett, and Jane Fonda, and has been featured on numerous television shows as a beauty expert!” (Quote from press information)

My first “photo-op”! Melody was kind enough to take my picture with James and Shelly, who were both so delightful to meet and get to know!

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert, James Vincent, Vicki, THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO owner, Shelly Taggert

I asked James if in the near future if I might be able to interview him, and he graciously agreed! WOW Glam Gals… Keep checking in!! I can promise you that will be a fun and educational interview!!

As I was on my way into the show, Melody gave me a bag filled with lots of wonderful “goodies” from a number of the vendors in the event! I was so excited to get home to see what was inside!



I could write a book about this show, but I’ll get right to the point!! I was able to take in a few of the classes, and they were great! I bought some new products that I look forward to trying and writing about , and I have talked with the owner of a Makeup Artistry School, the co-owner of an HD-TV makeup company, and OCC’s (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) CEO/Creative Director, David Klasfeld, and will be doing interviews with all of them in the near future.

You’ll be right on top of things with the trends, products, and tips from the pros right here on “It’s A Glam Thing”!

The day went by so quickly, but the memories will last a long time. I met some wonderfully talent artists, viewed “up to the minute” cosmetics and trends, and can’t wait to let you know all about them!

Here are some pictures of the show I believe you’ll enjoy:


MAKEUP FIRST ~ School of Makeup Artistry • Jill Glaser / Owner (Jill is second from left on this picture)

Makeup First • School of Makeup Artistry - Creative Character Makeup

MUSE BEAUTY.PRO ~ Education | Inspiration | Product • esum ~ Tools with intention ~ KETT Cosmetics

Thanks to Melody O’Flaherty for making my coverage of THE MAKEUP SHOW CHICAGO for It’s A Glam Thing possible!

In 2012, THE MAKEUP SHOW has already been to Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, and will be in :

Saturday, September 22, 2012 and Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sunday, November 4, 2012 and Monday, November 5, 2012

The MAKEUP SHOW was so professionally run, and accommodating. From the moment I walked in the door and got my credentials, till I left at the end of the day, I was in awe of the masterful efficiency of all the proficient people who created this incredible event!!


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