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February 24, 2018

Hair Color Trends Inspired By 2018 Oscar Nominees

Hair Color Trends Inspired By 2018 Oscar Nominees

Award shows have quickly become much more than publicized entertainment and career recognition for ritzy biz professionals. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, these shows are now leveraged as major platforms for some of the most influential people to reach and inspire an expansive audience, whether that’s through a thoughtful, impassioned speech, a pin donned on an outfit, or the color choice of a dress or suit.

More and more of these individuals, specifically women, continue to make history and inspire those of us watching at home to be the best versions of ourselves. Their style and fashion choices aren’t frivolous; every look represents something about who they are or what they believe, and watching these powerful women walk down the red carpet reminds me to reflect on something as seemingly simple as what I wear and what that really means. While we may not be able to get our hands on their makeup, hair, and style crews, we can remember that how we choose to look is one of many ways to be our truest selves.

The Colors

For some reason, being yourself can feel like taking a big risk, and over the last few years, changing your hair color has become a sure-shot way to make a bold statement about who you are. It’s now about as popular as swapping out your lipstick; it’s a big enough change to feel risky and exciting, but easy enough to revert back to your roots.

To find some fabulous hair inspiration, I could think of no one better than the following women who have been nominated for an Oscar for their incredible work this year.

Quick Tip: Again, you don’t need to see an expensive hair colorist to get their looks, either. Coined by Allure as the “fairy godmother of hair color,” eSalon is one company who also believes that the right shade can make you feel “totally you,” and their line of custom hair color has won the Allure Best of Beauty Award four years in a row. Armed with the following muses and a customized kit, you can ‘do you’ from the comfort of your own home.

Mary J. Blige — Golden Blonde

Mary J Blige

Nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her incredible work in “Mudbound” (whose cinematographer Rachel Morrison made history with her own nom), Mary J. Blige has hairstylist Kim Kimble to thank for her million-hit-wonder hairstyles. Blige is most famous for rocking this playful shade of beige that seems to magically oscillate between hot and cold.

Meryl Streep — Graceful Gray

Meryl Streep

It’s a mystery how she does it, but every year Meryl seems to become even more legendary. Nominated for Best Actress for her role in “The Post,” Meryl has been gracefully embracing some silver tones peeking through her blonde tresses. More and more women are reminding us that age isn’t just wise, it’s beautiful, and they’ve ignited an exciting trend of young women adventurously coloring their hair gray and other icy cool shades.

Saoirse Ronan — Patchy Pink

Saoirse Ronan

Ronan’s role as Lady Bird was a performance that not only got her a nomination for Best Actress, but her character reignited fond (and heartbreaking) memories of teen angst for women around the country. Lady Bird’s pink-almost-orange-dipped hair is nothing short of iconic, and also showcases the modern woman’s desire to find and be herself.


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February 23, 2018

Hachette Book Group Includes Bestsellers in Hollywood Swag Bag Next Month

by Lisa Gal

We are excited to have Hachette Book group and their two amazing titles #1 New York Times Best Seller Sandra Browns Seeing Red and National Best Seller PACHINKO by Min Jin Lee in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted at The Four Seasons Hotel next month for the biggest red carpet event of the year. Sandra Brown is the author of sixty-nine New York Times bestsellers, including the #1 Seeing Red. There are over eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her work has been translated into thirty-four languages. Pachinko is a gorgeous, page-turning saga, four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family fight to control their destiny in 20th-century Japan, exiled from a home they never knew, a National Book Award Finalist and a USA Today top 10 of 2017.

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February 23, 2018

Emma Roberts Wears 7 For All Mankind

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 21, 2018 – Emma Roberts was spotted wearing 7 For All Mankind while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday! The fashionista stepped out to grab some coffee in the b(air) Denim High Waist Ankle Skinny with Released Hem in Sunset (similar style here .
Images courtesy of Backgrid
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February 23, 2018

Vintage Makeup, a modern Take

Vintage makeup is always coming back into fashion with a new twist on the original application. Although there are new techniques, products, colors, and textures that change the old version of vintage makeup, history can be found with each new trend. Retro makeup goes back much further than the last 100 years. Smokey eyes were worn by Egyptian women thousands of years ago and bright red lipstick was worn in Asia more than 1,000 years ago. This look can easily be seen in traditional Chinese paintings. Europeans did not use makeup until just a few centuries ago. Mixing modern with vintage is nothing new. There are some makeup trends that keep coming back time and time again. Each generation will be sure to experience most of the trends that have been repeated.

vintage makeup

vintage makeup look

Overdrawn Lips
Then: Long before the overdrawn lip of 2015 became trendy, Hollywood starlets were tracing outside their normal lip line to create the illusion of a fuller, curvier pout. No injections required!

Now: The same look is created using lighter lipstick and lip liner colors. Injections have been used for clients that can afford them.

Heavy Blush
Then: Healthy, glowing skin was a staple in the ‘30s. Lots of blush was used to obtain that sought-after, flushed, radiant look.

Now: These days, more and more women are keeping things simple on their lips and eyes while giving their cheeks a touch more color for a more youthful glow.

Heavily Penciled Eyebrows
Then: The super thin eyebrows of the ‘20s did not stand a chance in this decade. Eyebrows had a heavier, defined look that showed no gradient or blending.

Now: It is trendy to now fill in the eyebrows using a darker-than-normal eyebrow pencil. Keep everything modern by following the natural eyebrow shape. If the client’s eyebrows are arched, keep the arch. If the client’s eyebrows have a curve, follow the curvature.

Soft, Smokey Eyes
Then: The smokey look was lighter and perfected without using a liner, offering an exotic look without making the eyes look smaller.

Now: Skip the tricky liquid eyeliner. Sweep a flattering shade of bronze-pink shadow across the client’s eyelids and along the lower eyelash line. Add at least two coats of mascara to curl the eyelashes for a defined, yet soft look.

Straight Eyebrows
Then: Straight eyebrows framed the eyes in the most dramatic way.

Now: This look may not be a good everyday look, but it is fun for a unique night out. This trend is gaining much attention in Korea.

Coral Blush
Then: Orange shades were used on the cheeks and were very popular for a healthy, glowing look all year round.

Now: A peachy-pink shade is a pretty safe bet if the professional is unsure of which shade to use for the client. Paired with a nude lip color, this look helps to avoid going overboard on the warm side. This look is a safe choice for most skin tones.

Orange Red Lipstick
Then: To ensure the lips kept the attention, the rest of the makeup was muted.

Now: An orange-red lipstick is now paired with glowing skin, along with the same muted eye makeup as listed in the ‘40s.

Matte Skin
Then: Pressed powder was used quite often to erase shine, giving the skin a perfect matte finish.

Now: Matte skin is still popular, but with a subtle twist. The focus should remain radiant, never flat. Regular exfoliation and proper moisturization will keep the powder from looking caked and dry. The now popular HD powders are much lighter in texture to help achieve a more transparent matte finish.

Strong Red Lips
Then: Full, red lips with emphasis on the peaks on the top lip were very popular. Use a pointed lip brush for a more precision lining application. Be careful not to over exaggerate the lip lining since red can look clownish if done incorrectly. This decade usually applied a moist, creamy lipstick for a slight shiny look.

Now: A softer bow is created and a more matte formula is used for a modern twist. Complete the lip with softer eye makeup than was used to complete the look in the ‘50s.

Then: Contouring is by no means a new makeup concept. Many movie stars of the past have contoured their faces. It was a staple technique.
Now: Contouring has grown increasingly popular in the past several years. The final look, compared to the ‘50s, is softer and more well-blended.

White Eyeliner
Then: White eyeliner was used on the bottom waterline to make the eyes look bigger and brighter.
Now: Using a light eyeliner on the bottom waterline is still used to make the eyes look larger. For a more subtle look, replace the white eyeliner with a nude liner for light-to-medium tones. For medium-to-dark skin tones, use a light blue color.

Purple Lipstick
Then: A sexy purple-colored lipstick was used to give the wearer an innocent doll-like look. With this look, the focal point of the face were the lips; the cheeks were muted.

Now: Purple shades of lipstick are still in fashion, but the only difference is that it might be paired with purple hair. There are many more shades to choose from that are suitable for all skin tones.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow
“Cut creasing” is when the crease is defined by using a contrasting eyeshadow color to “cut” across the eyelid. Very little blending – if any – is used to maintain a sharp, defined look.

Then: This look was seen a lot in the 1960s. The eyes were kept smokey while the rest of the makeup style was subtle.

Now: Mixing modern with vintage is also the new twist for this trend. Create an even sexier look using shimmery shades.

Long False Eyelashes
Then: Trademark false eyelashes were often placed on both the top and lower eyelids. The eyes were the focal point while everything else remained soft.

Now: Today, there is more variety from both black and brown false eyelashes to eyelash extensions; there are also many more designs and styles. Eyelashes are more often placed on the top eyelids only. The eyes are still the main focus.

Thick Eyebrows
Then: Thick, lush eyebrows that perfectly frame the face were the popular choice over tweezers.

Now: After the over-tweezed eyebrow of the 1990s and 2000s, full eyebrows have made their comeback. This trend works on most, but not all. Pick a shape that works for the client and fits their face, personality, and lifestyle.

Winged Eyeliner
Then: Popular in the ‘60s beauty routine, winged eyeliner extended a half-inch past the eyes, creating an exotic, sexy look.

Now: Winged eyeliner is now called the “cat eye.” This look comes in all styles and shapes and is a go-to classic look that will keep the focus on the eyes.

Pink Is In
Then: Pink came in the form of powder pink lips, as well as two coats of mascara with pastel pink eyeshadow.

Now: Go for a softer, more natural pink on the lips and add a light silver shadow on the eyes to accentuate them.

Pastel Eyeshadow
Then: Opaque eyeshadow applied from the eyelash line to the eyebrow and is a hard look to pull off. Many women ended up looking a hot mess! This catastrophe was due to the limitation of color selection available at that time.

Now: Bold pastels are now gorgeous, but not always placed from the eyelash line to the eyebrow. A matte texture is used for a softer and modern look.

Purple Eyeshadow
Then: The ‘70s were all about tons of blues, purples, and pinks. Purple was a staple for eyeshadow shades.

Now: Today’s version is a blended purple smokey eye that is perfect for a sexy evening look.

Natural Eyebrows
Then: The ‘80s eyebrows were left untouched; they were kept as natural and bushy as possible.

Now: Eyebrows are considered striking when they are barely touched. A little shaping and some filling of the eyebrows is ideal when keeping with the eyebrows’ natural shape and thickness.

Orange Eyeshadow
Then: Orange eyeshadow and matching lipstick were a popular combination in this era.

Now: The modern version of orange eyeshadow sways toward a metallic copper color. This shade is a flattering look for all eye colors.

Wild Lipstick Colors
Then: Bright, unconventional lipstick shades, such as green, blue, and yellow, were trendy at the time. These shades brought a more creative style to the era for a dramatic, quirky look.

Now: Alternative lipstick shades have made a huge comeback. High fashion runway models to mainstream women have scrambled to obtain the right shades of blue, purple, and green that are unique and unconventional.

Metallic Eyeshadow
Then: This was a bold fashion statement that included shimmery eyeshadow applied all the way up to the eyebrows.

Now: Metallic eye makeup has been all over red carpets and runways for the past few years. More subtle than in the ‘90s, this look should use warmer rose gold shades with a focus on the eyelids. Skip any application of eyeliner.

With each passing fashion week comes a new set of makeup trends for editors and bloggers to glorify. The new spring and summer trends of 2018 are a great example. For instance, there are already two new trends for the season that have been recycled from the past with a twist. The cat eye is still going strong and the “Twiggy” eyelashes on both the top and bottom eyelashes are making a comeback. Spiked eyelashes, like in the 2000s, are also making a comeback, but with a softer look than before and appearing in combination with a soft eye and lip.

Be sure to take time to learn enough about current trends to be able to have many choices to fit the client’s face and lifestyle.

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E. and professional makeup artist

Michelle Richardson is a licensed aesthetician and professional makeup artist with over 25 years of experience. She has worked for numerous retail cosmetic lines, including Estée Lauder, Lancôme, and Christian Dior. Richardson is the co-owner of the California Makeup Academy – Training Center for professional makeup artists and the co-owner of Your Makeup Line, a private label branding company.

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February 23, 2018

Follow Your Heart with Lisa Pollock

by Lisa Gal

Lisa Pollock is the creator of Art From The Heart. She is a small Gold Coast business, creating heartfelt designed decorative pieces. Through her artwork she wants to in some small way inspire others to believe in the magic of their dreams and to never ever give up. Each affirmation is created from my heart in the hope of bringing a little more peace, love, gratitude and laughter into our crazy busy worlds. Life’s too short, too amazing and too beautiful not to believe in the magic that lies within you. Just go for it! We are excited to include her mug and journal in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted at The Four Seasons Hotel for the nominees, talent and guests staying during the biggest red carpet event of the year.

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February 22, 2018

Are My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

As our children begin to grow and get their adult teeth, parents worry if they are getting them at the right age and if they are healthy and normal. There is no exact science to when a child’s permanent teeth will come in, but there are some things that parents may worry about when these teeth begin to grow through. One of these is mamelons, which are small bumps that naturally occur on the teeth. Read on for more information about these and why they are normal.

What Is a Mamelon?

A tooth may have bumps or ridges, which are known as mamelons. They usually form along the edge of a child’s new permanent teeth and they are very common. An uneven or bumpy tooth does not mean a tooth isn’t healthy; mamelons actually help push these new teeth through your child’s gums. They may look different in different children, some looking rougher than others. The most commonly affected teeth are both the upper and lower central and lateral incisors. For more information on mamelons, check out Health Row and why as a parent you should never be concerned.

How Do Mamelons Form?

Three types of cell within the body begin the formation of teeth in the gums. These cells, along with the help of ameloblasts and odontoblasts, form along the edge of the teeth. The teeth are made up of layers of enamel and dentanil, and as these layers form and move forward, this eventually makes a tooth as we know it. When all the cells join together, they form enamel lobes, which are seen as on the edge of the teeth as they come out of the gums.

When Should I Be Concerned?

Mamelons should never be a concern, and although parents may worry when a tooth comes out wobbly or rough, these will eventually straighten themselves. As we continue to grow and eat, these mamelons slowly wear down until they look like normal teeth edges. This may take a shorter or longer time, depending on the roughness of the edges of the teeth and how many teeth were affected, to begin with. If your child is going to get braces, an orthodontist may get rid of mamelons, as it can make the teeth look misaligned, even with the help of braces. This is the only reason they would ever be removed and is simply for aesthetic purposes. It is a simple and pain-free procedure that your child does not need to worry about.

Once mamelons have done their job and their adult teeth have come through, they will begin to naturally wear off over time. Understanding what these are will ensure you do not worry, and if your child asks, you can explain what these rough edges are. The best way to help your child to have healthy teeth is limiting the amount of sugar they eat and drink, promoting good oral hygiene from a young age, and visiting a dentist frequently.



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February 22, 2018

What Should I Expect After My Facelift?

A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes signs of aging and tightens up the face, jaw, and neck. During the surgery, your doctor will remove excess facial skin and reposition the face and neck tissues to achieve the desired results.

If you plan to have a facelift, you may be worried about the recovery period. Fortunately, most people have a fairly easy and comfortable recovery from this surgery. Your experience will depend on what type of facelift you had and how much work was done, but there are some things that everyone can expect during their recovery.

Immediately After Surgery

When you wake up from the procedure, your incisions will be covered with large bandages that put pressure on your face to minimize swelling and bruising. Your doctor will probably have placed a small tube in the skin behind one or both of your ears to drain fluid or blood.

Most people feel very groggy for the first few hours after waking up. It’s also common to feel dizzy or lightheaded, so you should be careful when standing up and moving around. You should always have someone with you when you need to get up. Your doctor may want you to stay overnight in the hospital for observation, but most people go home the day of their surgery.

Your face will probably hurt immediately after your surgery, but your doctor will give you pain medication to manage the discomfort. For most people, pain is only an issue for the first day or two of the surgery. Your doctor may prescribe you pain medication for the first few days or the first week of your recovery, or you can take over-the-counter painkillers.

You’ll need a caretaker to drive you home from your procedure and stay with you for at least 24 hours. This should be a trusted friend or family member who can bring you what you need and take you back to the hospital in case of an emergency.

First Week of Recovery

A day or two after your surgery, you’ll see your doctor again for a follow up visit. Your doctor will remove the drainage tube, apply an antibiotic ointment, and maybe apply new bandages. After a couple days, you should feel well enough to start moving around the house. Moving will help improve your circulation, which will shorten your recovery time. However, you should still take it easy, avoid strenuous activity, and get plenty of rest.

Make sure that you don’t put pressure on the incisions. Don’t sleep on your side, and don’t wear anything that needs to be pulled over your head. The incisions will crust over as they heal, but you shouldn’t touch or pick at them.

Two or three days after your surgery, your bandages will be switched out for a facial sling or compression garment. The swelling will probably reach its peak three or four days after the surgery and then start to decline. You’ll have to keep your head elevated while you sleep to help with the swelling. Bruising is still common at this point, too.

One week into your recovery, your surgeon will remove your stitches and check the incisions for infection or inflammation. At this point, you should be able to sleep flat instead of elevating your head.

Second Week of Recovery

Some bruising and swelling on your face and neck is still normal during the second week of your recovery. You may also see bruising around your eyes or behind your ears. Some people feel a strange tingling or burning sensation around this time. This is normal, but if you’re concerned, you can always call your doctor to make sure nothing’s wrong.

You still won’t be able to do any heavy or strenuous activity, but you shouldn’t be bedridden. You may feel self-conscious about being seen in social situations because of the swelling, but you should take easy walks to help with your circulation. Your doctor will advise you against going out in direct sunlight, though. You can apply makeup around the edges of your incisions or scars to cover them while you wait for them to heal.

Long Term Results

During the third and fourth weeks of your recovery, the incisions should start to look much better. They’ll look puckered or bunched up after the surgery, but they’ll smooth out during weeks three and four. At this point, you should be ready to return to work or to your normal social situations. There may still be some noticeable swelling, but everyone heals at a different pace, and it’s hard to predict how quickly you’ll recover.

It takes a full year for the permanent results of your facelift to be visible. Residual swelling and tightness can last for months. You also may experience changes in skin sensation for a year after your surgery.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your surgery or your recovery, you should contact your doctor. It never hurts to get an additional checkup to make sure you’re healing properly. Following your doctor’s post-op instructions is the best way to achieve great results and have the most comfortable and successful recovery possible.

Dr. Stephen Weber is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Denver. He and his team perform facelifts and a variety of other cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries.

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February 22, 2018

Celebrity hair artist Daniella Emilien

Celebrity hair artist knows a woman’s hair is her crown and glory!

Celebrity hair artist, Daniella Emilien, understands that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory. When life handed her lemons, she didn’t make lemonade. She made an opulent custom wig, and now she’s taking the multi-million hair industry by storm!


Hair by Ivy

Hair by Ivy, Photo Credit- Spex Photo

Daniella Emilien, affectionately known as Hair by Ivy, is a celebrity hairstylist and creative visionary. In only 2 years she has gone from homelessness to a self-made boss. After hitting rock bottom, homeless and  welcoming she had little to no income. Ivy knew she had to make a way for her and her son. She began establishing herself as a hairstylist. In a short amount of time, she has accomplished what she set out to do. Ivy is now the owner of her own luxurious hair suite and a custom wig collection. She dedicates her time to teaching one-of-a-kind hair classes.

Her flawless signature styles can be seen on some of the hottest celebrities such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton, Lil’ Wayne’s daughter and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’s Reginae Carter. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s breakout star, Joseline Hernandez is a fan and there are more. Joseline has entrusted Ivy with blessing her crown, and is a fan of her hair techniques. She loves her versatility, and challenges Ivy with different looks.

“Ivy is the baddest hairstylist out here,” says recording artist and reality TV star, Joseline Hernandez. “She spoils me every time I sit in her chair.  I never doubt that my hair is going to be slayed, and I trust her creative direction.”

Like a true self-made boss, Ivy is giving back to her community with the sold out Ivy League Academy Tour, where no stylist is left behind. Since Ivy is so dedicated to her craft, she is dropping gems while skillfully teaching the installation process of a lace frontal. Attendees will learn how to make frontals and wigs look natural and undetectable, the tricks and tips on building a brand, credit repair, and residual income.

When you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Ivy is a living testimony of how one’s passion can be turn into a paycheck. Ivy is making money moves–be sure to look out for more of her work to be showcased on some of the hottest stars, and reality TV shows.

For more information on Hair by Ivy and of “The Ivy League Academy Tour” visit

Follow Hair by Ivy via Instagram @_hairbyivy


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February 22, 2018

What You Need To Know When Building A Tiny House

When it comes to building a home, you’ll want to make sure that you have an effective plan. Tiny houses are now all the rage, with these 400 square foot homes being something that many single people or couples want for them. It isn’t only easy to clean and maintain but it also looks aesthetic to look at. And did I mention it’s less expensive than building a grand house?

While tiny homes are all the rage today, not a lot of people know exactly what it takes to build one. For those who are wondering about how they can build a tiny house, read on to learn more!

  • Setting The Budget

Tiny houses don’t need to be so expensive but there are quite a few models which can take a toll on your budget. That’s why it’s important to have a strict budget even from the beginning of you planning for your tiny home. Some people build tiny homes from just a few hundred dollars down to sending thousands! Take note that if you aren’t able to build parameters on how much you should be spending, you wouldn’t be able to control it and may go overboard.

When setting a budget, make sure that you develop a master plan. You’ll need to know exactly how your house would look like, the materials to use, as well as how much material you’ll need. After that, do the research online and calculate how much you’ll be needing and add a 10% cushion to that, just in case. And there’s your budget!

  • Know Where the Home Is

When building a tiny home, expect it to have wheels and be able to move around a lot. No need to stick to one area! But that’s also something you have to take account for. You shouldn’t build a tiny home if you don’t know where you’ll be able to place it in. Just because a tiny house has wheels doesn’t mean you’ll be moving it around states once you complete the construction.

I recommend that you build your tiny home in areas near hardware stores. That way, you’ll be able to take quick trips to the hardware store if ever you need anything.

  • Consider The Insurance

People are taking care of the materials and how to build their tiny houses, but the one thing that they forget is their insurance! Remember that if you own a tiny house that’s designed to be placed on existing land permanently, then you should cover it with a home insurance policy. BUT, if your home is on wheels, then there are other options to take note of. For those who will be moving their homes not over once every year, then get a stationary trailer insurance policy. For those who plan to move over once a year, then a travel trailer insurance policy works best.

  • Size and Layout

The one thing people usually do wrong when building a tiny home is that they have a ton of things to consider along the way. There are a ton of must-haves for their home, ending up with it looking impossible or cluttered. That’s why instead of you thinking about your home’s tiny layout to sacrifice the “must-haves” think about the small spaces in your home, which can give you a chance to see what you can do. Look after the size and layout first before you add anything you feel like is a “must-have.”

  • Try It Out Before You Buy

It’s crucial to test or check out a tiny home before you get one (if you plan on getting a pre-constructed one rather than build one ground up). So before you do plan on purchasing one, try to rent a tiny home and spend one week in it, getting a feel and seeing if it’s right for you. Rent tiny homes with spaces and layouts similar to what you want. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of your dream home.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Building a tiny home may not be as different as building a grand home, but there are still things you’ll still need to learn in order to ensure that your home will look and feel beautiful from the moment you begin building it down to the final product.

I hope that this article on what you should know on how to build a tiny house helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin your plans on building a home with Best Builders or on your own today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on building a small house, then comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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February 22, 2018

Dr. Stacia Pierce gets us out of a rut

Getting stuck in a rut can really drag you down both personally and professionally. There’s never been a better time to shake off the dust that’s collecting on your dreams as with the launch of Dr. Stacia Pierce’s Prosperity Tour.


Dr. Stacia Pierce

Dr. Stacia Pierce


The tour is a culmination of all the knowledge and methods she’s used over the last 25 years to help her clients change their thinking, find their purpose, and go after their goals.

 “Making any decision, be it getting into a new relationship or quitting your corporate job, is scary,” says Pierce. “You may know deep down that it’s time to hit reset on your life, but there is still one thing holding you back. That is negative thinking.”

To help combat this negativity, Dr. Pierce has five tips she always breaks out. She shares them with us below. You can find out more about Dr. Pierce’s Prosperity Tour on her website.

Meditate — Pierce recommends spending just 5-15 minutes each morning visualizing the desired outcome for the day.
Visualize — Now is the time to put those goals into words, either in a journal, a storyboard, or some other visual form that can be referenced for inspiration down the line.
Take a Time Out to Recharge — Stop running around in circles without making progress and do something completely different to reset the brain.
Be Inspired by Others — There are countless ways to meet others who share a similar story, setback, or goals. Learn from them, take strength from their success, and put their techniques to work.
Write a Way Out — Instead of dwelling on negative or discouraging thoughts, put the positive in print and read them again and again. It helps train the brain to focus on the good.

“I see it every day with my clients,” said Pierce. “Once you clear out all your mental clutter you’ll find the right path and have the confidence to follow it.”

Stacia Pierce’s credentials include 21 published books, the Go Big Coaching Program, the Success Mastery Coaching Program, 37 Journaling Secrets to Success Attraction Course, and a series of lifestyle products. She holds a doctorate of philosophy and religious studies from Friends International University, as well as a doctorate of divinity from St. Thomas College, and has been awarded a Congressional tribute for service as an exemplary life coach. Her website,, features the number one business blog for women, and is a gateway to inspiration, advice, and motivational tools.



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