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December 31, 2011

Salon Perfect Lashes ~ The ultimate everyday beauty accessory !

Lashes aren’t just for special occasions any more, and Salon Perfect lashes are so “light weight”, flexible, and easy to apply that it might just be easier to put on a pair of eyelashes instead of your traditional mascara when you head out to work in the morning.

They have a multitude of eyelash styles from extremely natural, mid range, and a bit more dramatic for evening or a dressy night out on the town.

I started wearing false eyelashes on stage in the theater when I was fifteen years old, and always loved the way they enhanced my eyes. There is no comparison to what I wore back then as nice as these soft,lovely lashes from Salon Perfect ! On the pictures below I decided to do a very natural lash and as you can see they just add that finishing touch to my eyes, and are perfect for any daytime or casual look. They are very easy to apply as they contour so nicely to your eye. Once on, they actually feel lighter than the mascara I use. I generally forget that I’m even wearing them!

For me, they really save a lot of morning prep time. Even if I’d choose not to wear a lot of makeup, I’d never leave the house without defining my eyes. A lash like the one I’m wearing gives a real boost to my own lashes yet still looks so natural.

Here are the lashes that I’m wearing in the picture below.
Did you notice that they are one of the PRESS ON “Self Adhesive” sets that are pre-glued? You just put them on and you’re ready to go! (The kit comes with 2 additional adhesive strips.)

You can find out more about all of the Salon Perfect lashes when you visit their website at:

Salon Perfect lashes are available exclusively at a WAL-MART store near you.

I wanted to show you a very lovely younger model who is an on the go Mom with two little girls and likes a natural look with minimal makeup. Stacy is my daughter-in-law, and was really excited to try something different without going overboard!

That’s why I like the Salon Perfect lashes. We chose more of a “Glam” lash, but as you will see on Stacy’s pictures, she still has a soft look, and the lashes just enhance her eyes without being over done. She was delighted with the look and felt very comfortable wearing the eyelashes. In fact, she mentioned that she didn’t even feel like she was wearing false eyelashes at all!

Here are the lashes that I put on Stacy and her pictures are below:

Notice this is the “Starter Kit” which was just perfect for Stacy. It comes with glue, and a handy applicator that makes you a “pro” at putting on your lashes even if you’ve never worn lashes before!

Stacy looks like “The girl next door” with a very soft natural look and a modern fashionable appearance to her eyes that will get her a lot of complements.

Salon Perfect gets a 5-star review for their easy to wear versatile styles of lashes for any occasion…

In closing, here is the link to a video from the Salon Perfect website that will show you how easy it is to put on your new Salon Perfect Eyelashes:

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December 26, 2011

Sharing a post from Lisa…


dpl® NüveBeauty Deep Penetrating Light Therapy treats fine lines and wrinkles. This light therapy is non-invasive and safe to use. I am about to begin Day 1 of the 15 Day treatment schedule for perioribtal wrinkles. Yes, I have them. They are the wrinkles and lines around the eyes commonly known as “crow’s-feet”. Mine are mild and I am set to keep them that way or even better, knock them down a notch! It’s a hand held system and it works like this… There are two heads. One is red and one is purple. You alternate between those two color treatments with a rest Day in between each one. Each treatment lasts 20 minutes. So, you have treatment on Day 1 with the red head and none on Day 2. You have treatment on Day 3 with the purple head and none on day 4. You have treatment on Day 5 with the red head and none on day 6 and so on to Day 15. You can do this yourself at-home. Now, I am OK with this and I am dying to see the results but if you have any concern learn more about it at the web link below and/or consult with your doctor.

(Taken from the home page at It’s a Glam Thing)

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December 24, 2011

There’s a new Red X Stick by Smart Cover and some great product kits that will get you into the new year looking great!

Cosmetic Icon, Flori Roberts, has been a trailblazer in the Cosmetic Field and is not only widely known for creating the first line of cosmetics for African American women, but also developing the corrective makeup Dermablend helping so many regain confidence covering flaws through camouflage. Her newest advanced corrective line is called Smart Cover Cosmetics.

Flori’s latest endeavor is an easy to use product called Red X Stick. Are you troubled with Rosacea? Do you have problems with too much red in your skin, menopausal problems that cause patches of discoloration on your skin, or do you use some of the injectables like Juviderm or Botox that can often cause some bruising?

I believe we can all relate to the frustration of redness at one time or another, and now Red X Stick is here to help.

Having a very translucent skin I can really relate to issues with redness, and also using injectables, I too, have had to deal with bruising. This little portable stick will help you out and is very emollient and blends quite easily. It eliminates the red and allows you to confidently put on your makeup and not worry about breakthrough redness.

I think the best example would be to show you a before and after picture, and I’m just delighted that Ms.Flori Roberts has been kind enough to send a before and after picture of herself after an injection of Juviderm.

Thank you so much Flori 🙂 The results are extremely incredible!

I have some darkness in the inner corner of my eye area by my nose, and find that just a touch of the Red X Stick blended in that area eliminates the darkness. I then apply one of the Smart Cover concealers over the top of the “Red X” and it eliminates the problem. My eyes are brighter and look wider apart without the darkness.

You can find out more about the Red X Stick and other fine products from SmartCover, along with a lot of before and after pictures, by going to :

There are so many events during the Holiday Season with New Years Eve right around the corner. Smart Cover has some great kits that are not only nice for gift giving, but wonderful to have for your own collection.

It’s so nice to have kits like the ones I’ll be showing you to achieve certain looks and be able to create a flawless look each time you apply your makeup, whether it be for a natural daytime look, an evening outing with friends, or an elegant holiday or New Year’s Eve gala.

This is “The Flawless Kit to Go” : These products will have you out the door in minutes, with a nice finished healthy flawless look. You’ll receive:
• A “Perfect Touch Camouflage Cream” to take care of dark circles and any imperfections to even out your skin.
• A Smart Cover “Finishing Touch Powder and Brush” to dust on your face to achieve a “no shine” look for that nice “last all day” finish. (The powder is one shade and is a user friendly neutral color.)
• A “Two in One Glow stick” that you can use on your lips and cheeks for a nice healthy color that is fresh and gives you a very finished yet natural look!
The Flawless Face to Go Kit is a “Must Have” for every Glam Gal who wants to look great and travel light! Price: $29.50 in a travel case!

For beautiful lips here is the “Anti-Aging Pick Up Sticks Collection”:
The Lip Pumice Stick exfoliates the lips to create smooth lips that look and feel so good.
The Tea Tree Oil Softening Stick: (quote) Tea tree oil helps heal and lubricates the tender lip area while chamomile and safflower extracts impart a soothing texture.) Apply this over your freshly exfoliated lips for hydrated healthy lips.
The Lip Anti-Feathering Stick is applied around the lip area to help keep the lips from feathering. It really helps any lines you may have around your lips look less obvious.
The Lip Plumper Stick is applied to the lips before you apply your lipstick. With your fingertips, rub the plumper into your lips until it is absorbed.
•The final step is The Two-in-One Glow Stick. This multitasking stick will add a glow to your lips and cheeks that is soft and very youthful looking. Price: $24.95!

There are even more kits on the website listed above, and you can also purchase the Smart Cover products individually as well!

From dark circles to birthmarks, tattoos, to red skin, and so much more, Smart Cover will not only do the job quickly, but you’re skin will always maintain a natural health look!

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December 22, 2011

Gift Wrapping Tips from l’Occitane


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December 21, 2011

Beautiful Healthy Hair for the Holidays from Joico with two Luxe Holiday Duos

What a perfect gift pack for the Holidays from Joico. Everyone wants beautiful hair and that’s just what Joico has put together in two Luxe Holiday Duos .

The first Luxe Holiday Duo contains the Smooth Cure Cleanser and Conditioner.

The Smooth Cure Cleanser (Quote) is a sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses while reducing frizz, leaving hair dramatically softer, smoother and more manageable.

The Smooth Cure Conditioner (Quote) is an Ultra moisturizing, sulfate-free conditioner that reduces frizz leaving hair dramatically soft, smooth, and more manageable.

Hair looks and feels amazing with Smooth Cure and your FREE bonus is a K-PAK Revitaluxe! (Quote) NEW K-PAK RevitaLuxe is the FIRST of its kind: a luxury hair treatment clinically proven to INSTANTLY correct years of damage and protect against future damage.

The second Luxe Holiday Duo has the K-PAK Color Therapy Cleanser and Conditioner for damaged color treated hair. These two products will keep hair looking it’s best, and, once again, you’ll also receive the K-PAK REVITALUXE bonus gift!

(Quote) The Color Therapy Products:
» Double the life of haircolor’s vibrancy
» Repairs and strengthens damaged hair
» Reduces breakage by 65% after just one use
» Instantly increases shine by nearly 50%

All you need to do is go to :
Here you can locate a salon near you to purchase one or both of these Luxe Holiday Duos.

I’ve been using K-Pak on a regular basis and the volume and shine of my hair is exceptional. I also have some wave to my color treated hair and really appreciate the benefits that are available in both of these Luxe Holiday Duos.

Everyone admires a beautiful head of hair, and this is a gift that anyone will appreciate, and enjoy. They come in a festive package that’s all set to wrap and give anyone on your gift list. Joico has made your gift shopping easy with the beautiful Luxe Holiday Duos !

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December 13, 2011

Take a trip back in time with Amy Barickman’s newest book, VINTAGE NOTIONS

This is the perfect time of year to get into a “nostagic” mood and take a trip back in time with Amy Barickman. (Quote) Named one of America’s most creative women entrepreneurs by Country Living Magazine, Amy has made frequent guest appearances on television, including HGTV’s “The Carol Duvall Show, “America Sews” and “Sewing with Nancy” on PBS. She is frequently featured in national lifestyle magazines and industry periodicals. Her business websites and personal blog resonate with the thousands of creative spirits who follow her work and buy her books.”

This book has captured my heart, and every time I sit down to read a chapter (which is presented as a month of the year with pertinent topics and ideas for the month), it’s an amazing learning adventure. VINTAGE NOTIONS , as Amy states, (Quote) ” I was inspired by the wisdom of Mary Brooks Picken, a pioneer in the domestic arts and international authority on dressmaking and fashion.”

Mary Brooks Picken was born in 1886. Sewing and design was meant to be her forte from an early age on. Married at a young age Mary’s home life actually guided her on her way to become, (Quote) “the first american authority on home arts and founder of the Women’s Institute of Domestic Arts in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Her school founded in 1916 also offered correspondence courses teaching women everything from “cooking, fashion design, beauty, and homemaking.” I found it so fascinating that the school actually enrolled near 300,000 women from around the world. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the early 1900’s. I can only imagine what a wonderful opportunity these women must have felt at that time when they didn’t even have voting privileges.

VINTAGE NOTIONS is truly an “inspirational guide” for readers of all ages. It offers so many ideas, about everything from beauty recipes, thoughts about growing old gracefully, meal planning, lingerie, picnics, wonderful costumes for Halloween, and yes…. even gratitude, and that’s just to name a few.

This book presents all of the wonderful teachings that have been passed along through generations, and are perfect to keep the tradition alive by sharing with our families. It is a beautifully written and illustrated book, that will be treasured in any home.

So take break, turn off your cell phones, no texting, or any 21st Century distractions! This is one of those times where you’ll want to savor the moment and treat yourself, maybe a group of close friends, or a daughter or granddaughter to an experience that I promise will be memorable.

Since we’re in the Holiday Season, here’s a preview of a page from VINTAGE NOTIONS called December Clothing 1925… Enjoy!

Find out more about VINTAGE NOTIONS , Amy Barickman, read some more book pages, see a video, and purchase this book by visiting:

One (1) lucky winner will receive a personally autographed copy of Amy Barickman’s book, VINTAGE NOTIONS by sending an e-mail to with Vintage Notions in the subject line. Good Luck!

What a perfect treat to get for yourself, and what a thoughtful Holiday gift for a friend!

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December 7, 2011

A nice choice of Stocking Stuffers from Bath and Body Works

Tis the season to start thinking of little “Stocking Stuffers”

Bath and Body Works is the perfect place to find just what you’re looking for when it comes to yummy Liplicious Lip Glosses that will put a “Smile” on anyones’s face who receives them !

The “All I Want Collection” includes:
• Snickerdoodle
•Cranberry Kiss
•Peppermint Hug
•Gingerbread Giggle
•Candied Smile

The glosses are sheer, shiney and contain Vitamin E and Jojoba oils. You can purchase them in the festive boxed set, or separately!

You may visit a Bath and Body Store near you to purchase these “Liplicious” glosses, or shop right online to buy the “All I Want Collection” at:

Make sure you also take a moment to browse through the Bath and Body “Holiday Shop”, where you’ll find a number of terrific ideas for your “Gift List”, as well, at:

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December 7, 2011

Shop & Stroll at Rockefeller Center

Holidays…..the time not only for giving and getting gifts, but to realize how lucky you really are! This Thursday, shop and stroll at Rockefeller Center and help Safe Horizen keep families safe from domestic voilence.
(Bring an unwrapped toy.)
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December 2, 2011

Ordering holiday flowers?



Send holiday cheer far and wide with a merry bouquet—the perfect gift for anyone on your list. From the dramatic beauty of an amaryllis bloom to the glam statement of glistening gold ornaments among lush roses, there’s a bouquet to spread the joy of the season to each of your loved ones. Get it to them quickly and safely with Or…just order one for yourself from 


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December 2, 2011

A Dedicated doctor with insight and hope for the problem of dry eye with the option of Restasis®

The eyes have always been a source of “beauty”, and are are generally your first connection when you interact with someone. Throughout time, eyes have been referred to as the the “window to the soul”.

Caring for your eyes is essential, especially with all of the modern technology we use on a daily basis, and it takes quite a toll on the health of our eyes.

I hope to enlighten you a bit about dry eye by introducing you to a wonderful doctor who has dedicated much time and research to dry eye throughout his career. In fact ,(quote) “Approximately 40% of Dr.Trattler’s patients over 50 see him for dry eye symptoms.” That’s a lot of people!

Here’s some information about Dr.Wiliam B.Trattler from The Center For Excellence In Eye Care Center in Miami, Florida.

(Quote) “Dr. Trattler received his bachelor’s degree with honors from Dartmouth College and his Doctorate of Medicine degree from University of Miami School of Medicine where he graduated in 1992 with Distinction in Research. He completed his ophthalmology residency at University of Pennsylvania, Scheie Eye Institute and then spent an additional year for subspecialty training in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. During his Corneal Fellowship, Dr. Trattler performed research on dry eye and oil gland problems of the eye. He is able to apply a variety of techniques to help those individuals with significant dry eye problems.”

Dr. Trattler comments about dry eye.
(Quote) “Tears – like our heart beat – are happening all the time. Tears serve to cover and protect the surface of the eye and with frequent blinking, create a stable tear film that allows eyes to maintain clear, comfortable vision. As we age, tear glands produce less tears leaving dry spots on the surface of our eyes.  As a result eyes may become red, irritated, itchy and painful, or even cause blurred vision, a condition referred to as dry eye syndrome. More than 21 million Americans are affected including more women than men and more people over age 50. And symptoms are not just aggravating and potentially painful, studies have shown dry eye symptoms can even slow you down at work. If you think you may be suffering from dry eye, see a doctor for treatment options including prescription therapy.”Dr. William Trattler

Please take a moment to look at this link from The Center For Excellence In Eye Care Center in Miami, Florida’s web site that has wonderfully informative videos regarding dry eye:

(Quote)“Readers might also be interesting in learning RESTASIS is currently the only prescription eye drop available believed to treat an underlying cause of chronic dry eye by helping increase tear production, and helping patients produce more of their own tears.”

Here is some information from a new study regarding dry eye:

(Quote) More than 21 million Americans are affected by dry eye and an estimated 3.2 million women age 50 and over (compared to 1.68 million men age 50 and over) are affected. [Sources: Schaumberg DA, Sullivan DA, Buring JE, Dana

•(Quote) What’s more surprising is a new study shows symptoms have been shown to cause problems at work! A survey conducted this May published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Medical Research Opinion, links dry eye and decreased work productivity, noting up to a 60% loss in productivity and 70% to 100% work impairment in patients with severe dry eye. Here are the most interesting findings:
•Approximately 31% of patients with severe dry eye and 13% with moderate disease experienced a 40% to 60% loss in productivity
•15% of patients with severe dry eye had 70% to 100% work impairment

It’s quite obvious from the above information that women are more apt to suffer from dry eye.

When was the last time you had an eye examination? If you are experiencing some of the symptoms that have been mentioned by Dr. Trattler, or you have seen on the video link, make sure to tell your eye doctor.

If you need to find an eye doctor in your area go to the Restasis Link listed below:

Click on “Ask your eye doctor”. Then click on “Use our eye care practitioner locator” to find an eye doctor if you don’t have one.
You’ll then be able to enter your zipcode and find an eye doctor in your area.

Even with dry eye, now there is a way to not only keep your eyes beautiful, but healthy as well, with a product like Restasis

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