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February 20, 2019

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life

Sterling Silver jewelry designer BB Becker is a Tai Chi Master who infuses each of his creations with the universal energy of harmony and grace. Talent and nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel Oscar Weekend will feel a rush of positive energy when they wear this necklace. They will read the quote by Omar Khayyam engraved on the necklace “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”. It will remind them to be grateful and present at this momentous time!
BB Becker uses a proprietary process to inscribe inspirational handwritten quotes on high quality, hand-polished sterling silver pieces. For more information visit

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February 20, 2019

Let Peter Charleston Improve Your Relationships

Do any of these scenarios describe your situation? 
You may feel like the passion has left your relationship. You might feel like you just cant connect with your friends anymore. You feel disconnected from your family. You feel alone in the workplace. Or you just get too distracted by screen demands to nurture real connections with people.

Well if you relate to any of these issues we have a book for you – Closer by Psychologist Peter Charleston.

Closer introduces a groundbreaking new theory that can help you significantly improve your relationships. The theory is called the 7 principles of connectedness. Using these easy to learn principles highlighted in the book, Closer will help you learn how to connect better emotionally with anyone in your life. 

How does the book help? 

Peter Charleston draws on over 25 years of being a Psychologist and Psychotherapist to bring you what works to create happy, healthy and lasting relationships. Closer shows you how to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself by learning to satisfy your own emotional needs. This then gives you the right emotional foundations to create amazing relationships with others. The more emotionally independent you are, the better your relationship become.

Closer shows you how to do this in a practical way that guides you step by step on how to create authentic and close relationships. And as you improve your connection skills, your satisfaction with life significantly improves.

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February 20, 2019

Le Petit Tarot Heading to Hollywood Celebrities

Eva Ford founded Le Petit Tarot after realizing that her connection with Tarot was more than just a hobby. With a lifelong history of psychic awareness that dates back generations, Eva’s intuition not only led her to pursue Tarot, but to then share her gift with those who are seeking guidance. Le Petit Tarot provides love, family and career direction to a robustly expanding international client base. With her sensitive, inspiring and encouraging, “Tell it like it is Tarot” readings, Eva helps clients view life from a different lens and create a path to achieve happiness and fulfillment. While Tarot readings range from “petit reads” to in-depth discoveries, Le Petit Tarot clients leave their sessions supported, empowered and ready to embark on a new journey.

Le Petit Tarot will be gifting the talent and nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel during Oscar Weekend.

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February 20, 2019

Gourmet Macarons by RepChampion Canada on Their Way to Hollywood Celebrities

Sweet and savory gourmet macarons inspired by traditional French recipes to be featured in swag bags of 50 nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons hotel for Oscar Weekend in Beverly Hills this February. 

15th February 2019: RepChampion Canada’s gourmet macarons are recognized for their unique flavors, high quality and exquisite taste and texture. Handmade in France, they adhere strictly to the basics and the traditions, something that has led them to win the Trophée de la Gastronomie et des Vins award and take centre stage at prestigious sports events such as Formula 1.

RepChampion Canada was founded by Milton, Ontario resident Kaoutsar Entifi and has been in business for 5 years now. The reason behind its creation was a career in the hospitality industry, a love for fine foods and a passion for French pastries in general and Parisan macarons in particular. 

Kaoutsar, who spent around a decade living in Paris has always been enamored with the culture and the cuisine of France. Her favorite Parisian eatery was a restaurant called Ladurée, located on the Champs Elysées. The Ladurée family were the creators of the macaron we love and eat today, and it’s Ladurée standards that Kaoutsar follows and aims to reach. So when she was approached by a French macaron supplier looking to expand into North America, she immediately requested samples because she had to find out whether they were the real deal. Kaoutsar was blown away by the unique sweet and savory flavors, as well as the perfect texture, slightly crunchy outside and softer inside. Those gourmet macarons were perfection. There was no turning back.

The flavors are truly mind-blowing. On top of traditional ones such as vanilla, raspberry, salted butter caramel, pistachio and the like, imagine a burst of unexpected flavors that range from Roquefort, goat cheese, carrot and cumin to porcini, figs and onions and bell pepper and more. These can go on a cheese or charcuterie board, be presented as appetizers or on a grazing table. A creative chef would use them to accompany a salad or even a main dish and tea rooms love to feature them as part of the afternoon tea menus they offer. There is no limit as to how they can be served.

This February, RepChampion’s gourmet macarons will be a part of the swag bags given to 50 Academy Award nominees staying at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Not only is it a great moment for RepChampion Canada as it recognizes the hard work that Kaoutsar has put in, but it also has a lot of emotional weight. Being recognized for the food item that inspired the creation of the company is the greatest honor RepChampion Canada could ask for. 

Intrigued? Check out for more information or call (647) 861-2579 and follow them in Facebook and Instagram at @gourmetsmacarons.

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February 20, 2019

Sandy Swim is Warming Up Winter 2019

At Sandy Swim is all about carefree lives and sunshine vibes no matter where the tide may take them. With her toes in the sand and the ocean in her horizon, a Sandy Swim loving girl knows how to dive into life regardless of the season. This is why their girl boss team believes in pursuing your dreamsavoiding pier pressure, and letting your true self-glow well after that summer tan has faded.

Every season, the girls at Sandy Swim do their best to curate a new collection that will help you seas the moment 365 days of the year. With your budget and style in mind, our team always strive to make sure that there is a one piece, or two-piece bikini perfect for you and your best beaches.

However, Sandy Swim is more than a stylish and economical way to enjoy the waves. Like the beach, they are also a state of mind and do their best to not only capture their philosophy with their swimwear selection but also throughout their online presence and social media handles including TwitterPinterestFacebook and the gram. There is more to life than what meets the eye, which is why we source Sandy Swim Ambassadors from around the globe no matter how many followers they may have. This is because they believe life isn’t a popularity contest; it’s about genuinely going in the direction of your dreams regardless of how testing the waters might be.

With a Sandy Swim swimsuit in one hand and a true love of life in the other, there are no limits to what a girl can achieve in or out of a bikini as long as they are willing to sea clearly with both their hearts and their minds.

Sandy Swim will be including their gorgeous best seller Aisha Bikini and gift cards in the Hollywood Swag Bag Oscar Weekend Gift Bags for nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Water you waiting for?

Grab your BBF (Best Beach Friends), seas the day, and live life the Sandy Swim way.

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February 19, 2019

Top 7 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Top 7 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This following question is eternal – how much should a man spend on an engagement ring? Most future brides will say that as much as possible while others will say that the ring must have a personal touch to it as well, or be something simple, yet stunningly beautiful.

In this respect, one could rely on the most popular jewelry store they have in town or take it a notch up and opt for handmade engagement rings.

However, the goal of this article is to showcase seven of the most expensive engagement rings in the world – so, hold on tight, because the cost and glamour of the following rings will only increase.

$4.7 million – Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring

This ring was given to Hilton by her ex-fiancé, Paris Latsis – it is a 24-carat canary diamond ring valued at around $4.7 million.

Ultimately, the wedding of the two didn’t take place – however, Hilton decided to sell the ring in order to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. Quite a considerate choice, given the fact that, when a wedding gets canceled, the former-soon-to-be groom is left with the engagement ring – and, in most cases, it will take some time until he finds another lucky woman.

$5 million – Beyonce’s Engagement Ring

Before they got married, Jay-Z offered his future wife a Lorraine Schwartz ring, valued at around $5 million.

The ring is an 18-carat flawlessly emerald-cut diamond, positioned on a split shank band which also features micro pave diamonds.

$5.4 million – Anna Kournikova’s Engagement Ring

Reportedly, Enrique Iglesias bought this ring from Argyle, Western Australia. The ring features a dazzling champagne and cognac 11-carat diamond that’s shaped like a pear. The mount may be simple, but it features diamond accents as well.

$8 million – Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Yet another Lorraine Schwartz ring, this time sported by the one and only Kim Kardashian – naturally, it was given to her by her husband, Kanye West.

The ring is a 15-carat D color cushion-cut diamond which is set on a thin platinum band that features micro pave diamonds as well.

$8.8 million – Elizabeth Taylor’s Engagement Ring

This time we have a Krupp diamond ring, given to the late Elizabeth Taylor by her ex-husband, Richard Burton.

Impressively, the ring is a 33.10-carat Asscher diamond ring – moreover, it is GIA certified. The diamond is considered one of the largest that is in private ownership – it also comes with high clarity and it is chemically pure as well. Auctioned after her death, the ring is now in the possession of an anonymous Asian collector.

$9.5 million – Blue Diamond by Bvlgari

Currently owned by Graff Diamonds, the ring was sold at an auction held in London, by Bonham’s Fine Jewelry. The ring is a 5.4-carat blue diamond one – and, to be honest, it looks more than just impressive, as the mount seems to feature diamonds as well.

$10 million – Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring

James Packer, billionaire and ex-fiancé of Mariah Carey, gave her this ring – currently, currently, the most expensive engagement ring in the world.

Naturally, the ring doesn’t fail to impress – it is a 35-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring.

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February 17, 2019

10 Ways to Take Great Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin will leave you looking confident, healthy and glowing all day every day. Re-energising tired looking skin and reducing the number of spots and blemishes are generally everyone’s goal. There are a few simple things that you can add to your daily routine to keep your complexion fresh, clean and healthy. Our top tips will steer you in the right direction.

  1. Drink Water
    Keeping your skin hydrated never goes out of style. Drinking water has many benefits for your health and glowing, radiant skin is one of them. It is recommended to drink 3 litres of water a day at a minimum. Once you start increasing the amount you’re drinking a day you will start to notice the signs. Your skin will be much clearer and spot free.
  2. Always Take Your Make-Up off at Night
    We all love finding the latest make-up tips and trends, however, never be tempted to go to sleep in your make-up no matter how tired you feel. It can feel like a chore having to remove your make-up every evening yet your skin needs time to breathe. Once you’re in a routine and you start seeing the positive effects on your skin, it will become a more enjoyable process.
  3. Find the Right Products for Your Skin
    It is important to find cleansers, moisturizers, and serums that work for your skin type, especially those with sensitive skin. Do your research into different brands and even ask a professional as to what they advise. Using the wrong products could make your skin react coming out in a rash or blemish. If you have particularly sensitive skin, make sure you find a product that uses ingredients that will not make your face flare up.
  4. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise
    It may feel after removing your make-up with oil (or whatever works for you) your face is clean. However, you need to also cleanse (twice) at night, tone and moisturize to make sure every product is removed and your skin is soft and fresh. Even in the morning, you need to repeat the process as overnight your skin will pick up dirt and bacteria from your pillow. This regime will certainly keep your complexion in great condition.
  5. Avoid Touching Your Skin Repeatedly
    It may feel after removing your make-up with oil (or whatever works for you) your face is clean. However, you need to also cleanse (twice) at night, tone and moisturize to make sure every product is removed and your skin is soft and fresh. Even in the morning, you need to repeat the process as overnight your skin will pick up dirt and bacteria from your pillow. This regime will certainly keep your complexion in great condition.
  6. Be Gentle
    When removing makeup or applying any products do not pull your skin. Be kind and gentle by using soft strokes or simply pat the face. Dragging your skin unnecessarily may cause wrinkles or marks as it is stretched too far. Always treat your skin with great care when applying or removing cosmetic products and makeup.
  7. Avoid Heat
    Do not put your face directly under the shower head. The pressure and heat are too powerful for your complexion causing damage to your sensitive skin. Instead, wash with cool/warm water using the sink to clean your face in a more gentle way. Avoid turning the heat up in the shower at any time to prevent unnecessary damage over time.
  8. Keep Make-Up Brushes Clean
    After use always clean the make-up off your brushes. This may sound time-consuming but the bacteria and dirt that will build upon each brush after countless uses will have a negative impact on your complexion. Also, use different brushes when covering spots to avoid spreading to the rest of your face.
  9. Keep Unhealthy Snacks to a Minimum
    Although cakes, chocolate, and crisps may taste delicious, they are not great for the skin. The same goes for fizzy drinks and alcohol. Moderate how much unhealthy snacks you eat replacing your usual routine with healthier options such as fruit, raisins, nuts etc. Not only with you see the benefit you will feel it too.
  10. Reduce Sun Exposure
    We all like a summer tan to last us through the winter, however, don’t overdo it especially when it comes to your face. Regularly sitting in the sun for long periods of time will damage your skin. Always use a high SPF sun cream when you go on holiday and limit your exposure. At times, sit out of the sun to allow your body to cool off and always shade your face to avoid wrinkles. Sunbeds are a definite no and should not be used, as there are many known dangers.

  11. To Finish
    Each point is easy to add into your daily routine. With a little discipline and determination, you will start to notice a difference, especially from drinking more water, taking your make-up off at night, cutting out unhealthy snacks and reducing sun exposure. Once you have added each tip into your beauty regime, your skin will look refreshed and flawless, leaving you wondering why you didn’t start cleansing, toning and moisturizing much sooner.
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February 16, 2019

Innov8tive Nutrition Adds CBD Hemp Oil to Its Roster

Innov8tive Nutrition is built on positivity, passion, and superior nutritional products. Innov8tive Nutrition has products that helps with overall health, improved sleep quality, better gut health, energy, and weight management. We are so EXCITED to add our new Hemp CBD Oil and Balm both Certified THC-FREE. Are you ready to Live Your Best Life? Try the best nutritional supplements or join her team and create a life of health and wellness plus a life you NEVER need a vacation from. Check out her website at

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February 16, 2019

A Must Read For Parents of Young Children

Trish Corbett is the author of ‘How To Raise Kids – For Parents, Child Care Educators and Teachers’. Trish runs workshops based on her book and provides personal coaching sessions. Trish was thrilled to read on 9Honey that The Duchess of Cambridge stated earlier this week “It is also clear that the positive development of our children is directly linked to those who care for them, teachers, carers and parents.” Trish lives at the bottom of the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Australia and her book can be found online including Amazon –…. Trish also sends out a free weekly blog featuring a characteristic which you can join by searching for Trish Corbett – Author & Life Coach on facebook.

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February 16, 2019

Author Laurencia Hoffman to Gift Nominees Red Carpet Weekend

Laurencia Hoffman is the author of several novels and novellas and co-author of The Wages of Sin series. She specializes in horror but loves to dabble in other genres including fantasy and romance.

When she’s not writing, she runs a floral preservation business with her mother. Her hobbies include listening to music (each playlist is specially crafted for her characters), watching films to gather inspiration, and keeping her three brothers on their toes.

Her latest release, To Love an Outlaw, will be included in the Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the nominees, talent, and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel honoring Oscar weekend. 

Find her books on Amazon:

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