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April 24, 2018

Fashion House Sika’a Urges Fashionistas to Embrace African Designs

Sika'a Este Sinlge-Breasted Large Flower African Print Coat

Sika’a Este Sinlge-Breasted Large Flower African Print Coat

Fashion House Sika’a Urges Fashionistas to Embrace African Designs and Culture with Stunning, Vibrant Pieces.

Sika’a, the fashion brand that brings consumers beautifully crafted African inspired designs, is urging more fashionistas to embrace the vibrant patterns and interesting heritage of African pieces. The fashion house argues that encouraging more people to purchase traditional African designs not only improves cultural understanding but can provide vital support to talented African designers.

The statement follows renowned designer Stella McCartney receiving criticism for using Ankara print fabrics showcased by models of Caucasian and Asian descent in a runway show. The decision led to McCartney facing accusations of appropriation. While such prints have long been associated with African tradition, they originate from Indonesia and were replicated and mass-produced in the Netherlands, where much of Ankara prints are still produced, earning them the name of Dutch wax prints.

Gompa Tchoudi, founder of Sika’a, said, “Rather than criticizing designers that choose to use African inspired prints, it should be celebrated. African fashion is beautifully vibrant, and the continent is home to many incredible designers and businesses that can benefit from the publicity. Fashion is an essential medium for promoting traditions, culture, and a greater understanding.

“Sika’a works with acclaimed Dutch wax prints firm Vlisco to bring stunning African fabrics and designs to a whole new audience that embraces the heritage of the pieces. We believe that all should be able to experience wearable African fashion.”

Sika’a produces a collection of affordable, premium wardrobe staples that draw inspiration from African designs, including feminine dresses, edgy jackets, and must have accessories. Styles are classically bold, bright, and colorful. Through giving traditional African clothing items a modern vibe, the brand makes garments that are both unique and wearable for contemporary fashion lovers that want pieces that won’t go out of fashion.

Core to Sika’a’s values is promoting a positive image of Africa and the creativity if the continent. Through its sustainability policies, ethical consumers know they’re supporting local artisans and communities that work to blend the tradition of African clothing with fresh, modern designs.

To find out more visit

About: Sika’a is an African inspired fashion house with an emphasis on tailoring and an electric use of custom-sourced African fabrics. The brand combines traditional African wear with an update, contemporary twist for truly unique garments designed with modern life in mind.


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April 23, 2018

FOX Good Day Charlotte, Check in Tomorrow Morning as Enya Flack Presents

Enya Flack previously on Good Day Charlotte

Enya Flack previously on Good Day Charlotte


Fox’s Good Day Charlotte is a favorite morning show of the It’s a Glam Thing team. The lovely Enya Flack gets to stop by every month or so to present a Beauty segment.  Tomorrow morning Enya will appear presenting a “Spring Beauty Product Haul”.

Enya will present skin care, hair care, cosmetics and more.  You will recognize some of the products as It’s a Glam Thing Beauty’s Best Spring 2018 Award Winners.

Tune in tomorrow online at Good Day Charlotte or at It’s a Glam Thing to see Enya’s segment presentation.

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April 23, 2018

Tips to enhance the visual appeal of your fashion website on Instagram

Fashion and beauty are a demanding industry, and there is much competition in the field. You will find many people looking for ways and means to get access to the latest products and brand to look and feel good. Now, if you are the owner of a fashion website, it is smart to use Instagram for promoting and marketing your business. Instagram is a visual platform and ideal for you to convert leads into sales.

How can you optimize Instagram for your fashion website and business?

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for your fashion website however it must be optimized to the full extent for you to get noticed. The following are some salient tips you can use for enhancing visual appeal for your fashion website-

  • Be unique- You should be different and unique in your posting strategy. Do not do the same thing what other companies are doing. The mission here is to stand out and be different from the others. To present ideas and fashion images, be creative and create an impression that leaves a positive impact.
  • Quality matters- Your targeted audience deserves good quality posts, and this is why it is wise to post pictures that have high resolution. They improve credibility for your brand and look attractive. This invokes trust and confidence in your buyers.
  • Post pictures of people- Pictures of people are very popular on Instagram, and as per a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology with Yahoo, it has been observed that social media posts with faces get more likes over other things.
  • Bright colors- Bright colors have a distinctive appeal, and the use of them increase sales and engagement.
  • Use longer captions- Long captions help you provide more reader information. They are effective for you to gain better sales and increased engagement.

Make people discover your fashion brand better

After you take consideration of all the above factors, the next step is to make people find your brand and begin their purchases. There is no point in creating a fashion website and page on Instagram without people noticing you. Now, the question is how they will find you?

Hashtags – Make use of them for people to find you

Hashtags allow people to find you and know more about your brand. Hashtags allow you to be specific and this helps your customers to find you faster. When you use hashtags, you can increase followers for Instagram. Many people are looking for you. If you use the wrong hashtags, people will not be able to find you. The hashtags should be relevant to fashion and beauty. At the same time, you must make sure that you have trending hashtags that are popular and widely searched in the market.

Create sharing content and links

Merely sharing content on Instagram is not the key to attracting customers to your fashion brand. The content you share must also contain the links to the products you sell in the market. These links in the content will make the post fun and interactive. It is crucial for you to create a relationship between fashion brands and your followers. You as a fashion website owner should know what your targeted audience likes to respond to. This will help you create the right mix of content to share with your targeted audience online. You may use product reference numbers along with the links to make your products shoppable.

Create inspiration for the targeted audience

You may create inspiration for your fashion brand when you may ask your targeted audience to come forward and share their style. This inspires followers to come forward and get featured in your posts with their unique styles. You can also highlight the scene inspiration where you can post pictures of what goes on behind the scene in your business. This gives you the opportunity to get personal and close to your followers. In this way, you can give them a different perspective of your brand.

You can also create inspiring Instagram Stories that highlight fashion shows. These Stories are online for 24 hours, and they promote prompt sharing. In this way, you can share pictures of a fashion show with your targeted audience and introduce them to the amazing world of fashion and the latest styles that are available in the market.

Instagram is an amazing platform for you to promote and market your fashion website. Use it to the optimal and allow your targeted audience to see the inspiration behind your style and designs. In this way, you can reach out to a large section of society with success. Instagram is the right platform if you have a fashion brand and using it to reach out to your customers is indeed a wise and prudent choice!

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April 23, 2018

Timothy R. Jennings, M.D, Keeping A Beautiful Mind and Body Health

pretty woman

Psychiatrist and international speaker Timothy R. Jennings, M.D reminds us that
growing older is inevitable, but many of the afflictions associated with older age, including dementia, disability and increased dependence on others, don’t have to be.

“Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.” Eartha Kitt

Dr. Jennings has some insights. Dr. Jennings prescribes simple, everyday actions we all can take to promote vitality, and prevent dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s. “The choices we make now can help us to keep our minds sharp and maintain our independence as we age,” says Jennings.

An easy-to-use guide to maintaining brain and body health throughout life, The Aging Brain, is based on solid, up-to-date scientific research, and the interventions discussed may help prevent progression toward dementia, even in those already showing signs of mild cognitive impairment. The recommendations also may help reduce disability and depression.

“This book isn’t just for people hoping to slow the aging process,” says Jennings. “It’s also for anyone who is a caregiver to someone at risk of or already beginning to suffer from dementia. It offers a hopeful, healthy way forward.”

“I take comfort that aging happens to everybody. It’s part of life. Aging offers great lessons in dignity, since the indignity wins in the end. Yes, it bothers me when I have lines or puffiness or droops. But it connects me with the human race. Like weather bringing people together, aging brings people together.” Diane Lane

Jennings, who maintains a private practice in Chattanooga, TN, has authored several books, including The God-Shaped Brain and The God-Shaped Heart. He has spent more than two decades researching the interface between biblical principles and modern brain science. A Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Life Fellow of the Southern Psychiatric Association, Jennings is president and founder of Come and Reason Ministries.

For more information about Dr. Jennings and to hear his lectures, please visit the website:

Book Release Date: June 19, 2018

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April 22, 2018

Today is Earth Day, Celebrate the Day with Nubian Heritage

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Body Wash

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Body Wash


Today is Earth Day. I wanted to be sure that I checked back with Part 2 of Friday’s post. Please refer HERE for Part 1 . As I mentioned, I celebrated Earth Day by finding a new beauty brand or a “new to me” brand that meets the Earth Day initiatives every day. I discarded a brand that I currently use which is not as ethical.

Nubian Heritage is the New brand that I really do enjoy.  I am back to tell you about their fabulous and my favorite products from the brand. I do hope you were able to check out their website.

From the Raw Shea Butter Collection, my favorite is product is the Age Defying & Protecting Body Wash. I had to try really hard not to indulge myself use too much during one shower.  I it smells so great and gives me the feel of an in shower body lotion too. The wash is made with Soy Milk, Frankincense and Myrrh.

You’ll find Avocado Oil in the The Ultra Moisturizing and Long Lasting Body Lotion from the Olive and Green Tea Collection. Of course it is formulated with Green Tea and lots of other earthly ingredients. “Green Tea is revered by naturalists for it’s powerful antioxidant properties.

The Abyssinian & Chia Seed Collection features 16th Century Superfood and Ancient Ethiopian ingredients.  The hand cream is heavenly, especially for me, after a harsh winter and spring planting. My hands were at their worst so this product tops the list right now, with Amarnath Extract & Ginseng.

The products from the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Collection are very softening and moisturizing. The 100% Infused She Butter is rich with Hemp seed and Neem Oil. This is so great for my hands right now but my body loves it too.

I could go on and on as right now I am almost entirely consumed by these products but again, check out the Nubian Heritage website HERE.

Special note: This year’s Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics. Nubian Heritage packaging contains a minimum of 25% consumer resin.

Additional note to Part 1: I am vegan so I love that the body wash is made with Soy Milk. Of course, I stay away from anything that is not vegan. They do offer Goat Milk and Honey products on the website.





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April 21, 2018

Make-Up Artist Favorite, Judith August Cosmetics

Nation A-List Magazine April May

Nation A-List Magazine April May issue

Make-up Artists working on Nation A-List Magazine, April / May issue cover shoot had Judith August Cosmetics products in their beauty collection. The artists had on hand, Judith August Everything Pencil Deluxe and Judith August Killer Cover. Rydel Lynch doesn’t need much help with looking fabulous, but, Rydel, if you do, Judith August Cosmetics is there for you.

Instagram judithaugustcosmetics

FaceBook JudithAugustCosmetics


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April 20, 2018

A Prelude to Earth Day with Nubian Heritage

Sunday April 22, is Earth Day. How do we celebrate Earth Day? What is it meant to accomplish? The below is taken directly from  :

Earth Day

“Close to 48 years ago, on 22 April 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development.

In the US and around the world, smog was becoming deadly and evidence was growing that pollution led to developmental delays in children. Biodiversity was in decline as a result of the heavy use of pesticides and other pollutants.

The global ecological awareness was growing, and the US Congress and President Nixon responded quickly. In July of the same year, they created the Environmental Protection Agency, and robust environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, among many.

Earth Day is now a global event each year, and we believe that more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.”

I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and am happy to tell you how ethically-made and environmentally-friendly beauty brands honor Earth Day every day, 365 days a year!

Let’s start by saying, not all brands meet high ratings of approval in terms of being environmentally sound and effective on your skin. So do your research. Make Fair Trade part of your beauty routine. Support brands that  are the most responsible in the ingredients they use.  Find brands that help the environment. Don’t be deceived by products that claim to be “Organic” and Green”.  There is no real definition in the industry of either term. Many manufacturers will label their products as such without upholding any honorable or true standards or intentions.

I decided to honor this Earth Day by finding a new beauty brand or a “new to me” brand that meets the Earth Day initiatives every day. I discarded a brand that I currently use which is not as ethical.

Nubian Heritage

The brand I chose for this Earth Day 2018 is Nubian Heritage . This brand has accomplished the use of authentic natural ingredients. Nubian Heritage works with educating and supporting local community groups. Nubian Heritage supports Homecoming Farm and Sophia Garden located in Amityville, NY, to promote health, wellness, eco-consciousness and sustainability. They use soy milk instead of dairy milk in their formulations. The product labeling proudly displays the PETA cruelty free bunny logo.  The logo means they are affiliated with an official organization.  (Note: There are companies out there that brand their products as cruelty free with Fake Cruelty Free Logos.)

Take some time to look over the Nubian Heritage website and by or on Earth Day, I will be back with a dedicated post about some of their fine and my favorite products.




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April 20, 2018

Tips for Dressing Abroad: Know What to Wear and What to Avoid

Safety should be a huge factor of concern when you are in a foreign country and, sometimes whether or not you stay safe,may be determined with what you choose to wear when you are among the locals. This is why it is imperative to choose your attires wisely, lest you offend the cultures, religious beliefs and morals of the host country and sometimes, just out of your dressing, you make yourself a target for the bad guys because you will advertise yourself to everyone that you are a tourist. Consequently, as you prepare with the renew my passport issues, also have in mind that you will need to choose just the right kinds of clothing based on your destination, and below we offer a few suggestions to help you go about it-:

Religiously inappropriate clothing

If you are traveling to countries in the Middle East where they have very strong affiliations and beliefs towards a particular region, it is wise to dress conservatively to avoid offending. If you are you in the United States or Europe, no one would mind if you put on tight fitting clothes or slightly revealing attires, but if you were to try that in UAE, the reaction would be completely different. You are a visitor in their country and so it is not respectful to offend them with your dressing.

For ladies, dresses such as leggings, bra tops, miniskirts, tank tops, and dresses that leave the cleavage revealing should be avoided always. For men, shorts and sleeveless tops should not be encouraged since in this part of the world, the only body parts that should be revealed through dressing should be the hands and feet and the face for men. So pack your clothes and dress with these in mind.

Flashy Jewelry

Irrespective of your collection of flashy jewelry and the desire to show them off everywhere you go, you should think twice about carrying them along when traveling abroad. This is for two main reasons. First, your expensive collection of diamond rings, watches and pearls may get flagged as someone else’s collection abroad. Besides, you don’t need to impress anyone with your bling abroad and they will be safe in your safe at home. Secondly, depending on where you visit, you could be making yourself a target by the bad guys who would be more interested in your gold earrings or expensive watch than they are interested in your life. Of course, no one would take note when you flash out such jewelry in England or New York, but if you try that in Pretoria, South Africa, the story would be completely different.

Open-toe shoes and sneakers

In most parts of the world, sneakers are reserved for sporting activities. Italians and Spaniards frown a lot at crocs and tennis shoes and you may want to think twice if you wanted to wear such in Madrid or Rome. Instead, think about comfortable leather shoes while you are in the cities, and be sure to keep them clean and polished. White, lace-up tennis shoes are one of the items people use to identify American tourists.

Unless you are going to the beach, always stick to closed shoes because they are relatively comfortable and they will also protect you getting cuts on your toes or from insect bites. Flip-flop and open toes may not be advisable they make you prone to getting infections you may not be aware of, and so to just stay safe, stick to closed shoes while traveling abroad.

How about wearing shorts abroad

Americans love their shorts and this is a fact they are willing to let anyone in any country know, even if it offending them. While you deal with you renew my passport issues, also think about how you will deal with the short issue if your destination is Indonesia or Vietnam. In these countries, shorts are not things you wear for a daily use and which you could comfortably use for going into the malls or walking the streets. As a matter of fact, you should wear them only indoors, but when you venture out, you must be inappropriate pants. If you love your khaki shorts too much, then reserve them for the beach, but not walking in the streets.

Clothes with national flag colors, curse words or religious images

Attires with curse words, military symbols, religious symbols or those with national flag colors should be avoided when you are traveling abroad. The same is also the case for clothes that might have words or writings who meaning you don’t understand. Such clothes may unintentionally start unnecessary emotional debates that might not have very good endings. Additionally, countries hold different opinions about others, and you may not know what the residents in your host countries think about your country so that you parade your national flag colors in front of them. Can you imagine what would happen if you went to Baghdad wearing a shirt with American flag colors?

Bright colors

Unless bright colors or bold patterns is what you have found the locals wearing, then you should avoid having bright colored clothes. Stick to conservative colors such as gray, turn, and navy. The idea is to fit and blend among the locals, but if you wear very bright colored clothes, you will attract unnecessary attention and you could be easily singled out as a tourist or foreigner, even by the bad guys.

Inappropriate colors

In the West, black colors are for wakes and funerals, but in Asia, white is the color for funerals. You should have in this in mind lest you end up offending a mourner while you are on a short holiday. Again, if you will be traveling in Central Africa, drop the blue and the black because they are the favorite colors for tsetse fly who will swim towards you without mercy.

Backpacks and cameras

The easiest way to sell yourself off as a tourist or a foreigner in that country is to have a backpack and have your Nikon camera easily visible. But you can blend by carrying a small handbag and then put the camera inside.


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April 19, 2018

Winnie Harlow Wears PacSun x Bravado Tee

Winnie Harlow wore her PacSun x Bravado last night at the Party with a Purpose x PacSun WE Day event in Los Angeles.  The model rocked the Migos Culture II Tee ($30) from the recently launched collection as she walked the red carpet (
photo credit Getty Images
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April 19, 2018

5 Ways to Learn Fast and Retain More

The sooner you realize that learning never ends, the more willing you’ll be to expand, elevate in your profession, thrive in your life and even generate more income. Learning and studying can be difficult once we are long past our college years.  For all the old dogs who might be reluctant to learning new tricks, we tapped the expertise of Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a New York based Neuropsychologist and Teaching Faculty at Columbia University to share 5 ways to learn fast and retain more so we can quickly grasp new concepts, technologies, business strategies and up-level our willingness to learn. 

Independent learning is the hot new brain trend. Thanks to digital media, we see a new renaissance when it comes to learning. On the professional side, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers have taken a course or sought additional training to advance their careers, according to a March 2016 study by Pew Research Center.  On the personal development side, a simple Google search can lead anyone to a plethora of courses on everything from mastering personal finances, parenting, our relationships, nutrition, cooking, designing clothes, home organization and design.

“The key to longevity is the learning and application of new things. When we stop learning, we stop growing and that is a slow death to our brains and bodies. Luckily today there are online seminars and other ways to learn that speak to our interests. It’s also incredibly convenient to learn,” explains Dr. Hafeez.

What are the best ways to learn new things quickly? Dr. Sanam Hafeez offers the following 5 ways to learn fast and retain more.

  1. Learn in quick sprints.There’s a sweet spot for learning in the 30-50 minute timeframe. Dedicate that amount of time to learning and then take a 10 to 15-minute break to end a learning segment before starting a new task. “You’re more likely to retain more when you focus for a shorter amount of time at once,” explains Dr. Hafeez who helps people with ADHD to enhance their ability to focus and learn. “Using tools like notecards with quick points helps the brain absorb concepts even more,” she adds. Which leads to…
  1. Take written notes and use color!Ditch the laptop and go old school with a pen and paper. Outline important points with a different color pen or highlighter and if you can draw a concept out in the margin, go for it. Writing fuels comprehension and enhances listening skills. Studies out of UCLA and Princeton found students who took notes on laptops didn’t perform as well as students who wrote by hand. “When we handwrite notes we listen then process the information before writing. When we type on a laptop, we transcribe what we hear without any self-interpretation which is where the actual learning comes into play,” offers Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Give your brain time to rest and recharge with sleep.People brag that they work so much and sleep so little. Arianna Huffington’s book, “The Sleep Revolution,” and choice to add nap rooms at her Huffington Post offices turned the light onto sleep as a performance enhancer. “People who get a full 8 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep retain what they learn and have bandwidth to grasp more information quicker. We often feel tired after a course or following instructions. This is because focusing requires energy. Naturally, when we rest we get to reboot the brain,” says Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Read out loud, record, replay.Research has shown that reading out loud engages both senses of sight and sound which heightens retention.“Recording yourself reading and elaborating with your own idea of how the concept resonates then replaying the recording a day or two later, is a great technique that fires up the part of the brain that processes concepts like a computer filing information for later use,” explains Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Break things down and relate it to what you already know.We all heard of the math teacher who used the example of rock concert ticket sales to get kids to grasp algebra. According to Dr. Hafeez, “when we take a concept and link it to something we already know about or have genuine interest in, we retain that concept. Anytime we can internalize a concept is has resonance. It sticks.”

About the Doctor:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens. 

Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr. Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr. Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz.

Connect with her via twitter @comprehendMind or 

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