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May 31, 2012

The Myrabelle Mascara Shield

Here’s my favorite tool from The Makeup Show NYC —-The Myrabelle Mascara Shield!

Made in the USA of high quality FDA approved plastic, it performs a multitude of duties. Here’s from their website: (

–applying mascara to the top & bottom lashes from roots to tips without smudges or dots; combing lashes to separate them

–applying eye shadow or glitter without fallout on the lashes, cheekbones or in the eyes

–applying eye liner thin or smudgy exactly along the lash line
–tinting eyelashes safely

–adhering strips of false eyelashes or prosthetics & holding them down till dry without using fingertips to do so

–adding individual eyelashes & using mascara to blend them with the real ones (see Koren’s latest blog on YouTube)

–shielding lashes while airbrushing makeup

–inserting contact lenses or eye drops

–used as a template to fill in eyebrows arches

–used as a template to add a pout to the bottom lip

And have used it on almost all uses…….works like a dream! Makes applying eye make-up and lipstick mistake proof.

Now, having had the time to play with it, I’ve come up with a few others. I use it when removing make-up. Take a cotton ball saturate it with eye make- up remover, use the shield to hold the lashes, and brush the remover over the lashes. No tugging, no pulling and am definitely saving the wear and tear on that ultra- sensitive, wrinkle prone skin around the eyes. I have also found when using it along the upper lashes, it has the effect of using a lash curler, again without the wear and tear!

It cleans easily, soap and water, face cleanser or non-oily make-up remover. And at $10, you will certainly get your bang for your buck!

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May 30, 2012 ~ Officially launches today!

Glam Gals,

I just received information about a new website that is “Officially” launching today, May 30th!

(Quoting from my source)Founded by renowned doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, has redefined the way we look at beauty. Now, is taking “beauty that works” one step further with the introduction of its new online retailer,!”

Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Oz, and today I was so delighted when I heard about Doctors Memhet Oz, Michael Roizen and their new site, that I dropped everything I was doing to share this with you!!

BeautySage will now have the same research-based assessments with “beauty and wellness” products that YouBeauty utilizes in its “quizzes and articles”.

It will be a whole new experience that I’m sure you’ll want to be part of from day one.

What really got my attention is that every product will be tested by YouBeauty Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson so you know they will “live up” to their promises!!

Take a look at these brands that have “passed the test” to be retailed on Beauty Sage:

, and more…

Take a moment to visit : NOW !!

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May 29, 2012

Do You Think Your Make-UP Could Look Better? Skindinavia thinks so!

  Skindinavia has done a remarkable thing. They have developed a makeup finish for women who think their makeup could look better and last longer.  Remarkable!  Makeup setting sprays currently on the market were created to hold your makeup in place.  Scandinavia Finishing Spray not only holds your makeup in place but  improves your makeup quality as well.  Wow, that is remarkable.

Skindinavia invented “No More Shine Makeup Finish” as a way for women to keep their makeup looking flawless all day using their patented Temperature Control Technology® preventing makeup from melting, creasing, drying out, or becoming shiny. Skindinavia is Hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatoligist tested, which is always a plus when selecting skin care products.

We wanted to put Skindinaviato the test:  What better way to do this than on my daughter Adrienne,  who is a soloist with the State Ballet of Rhode Island.   She recently had a 3 day performance weekend and wanted  her makeup to look  flawless,  right down to her eyelashes and lips.  Adrienne will  be dancing in all three acts and  her face can get sweaty.  She liked the fact that Skindinavia  Makeup Setting Spray will absorb facial oils  as well as holding her makeup in place. Using Skindinavia as instructed, Adrienne sprayed Skindinavia Finishing Spray 2 to 4 times in an “x” and “T” formation before applying her makeup, then sprayed her face again after she applied her makeup (before applying her mascara)   The results were astonishing.  She loved the spray.  “My face remained light and dry and  makeup never smudged.  My face felt very smooth.  With Skindinavia, my makeup held up during all of my dance activity, which was at least 7 hours.  I have been using it ever since,  and I am leaving it in my makeup bag.  Sorry Mom, you will have to buy another one for yourself.”

Adrienne (right) and her friend Emily put Skindinavia to the test.

We know who the real stars of the ballet were, Skindinavia just helped make their makeup  look better.

At  watch videos, read blogs and shop for the Finishing Spray that is the perfect fit for your skin type.

visit and read what the stars and makeup artists are saying about Skindinavia




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May 28, 2012

Are you planning on wearing sandals this summer? Freeman Beauty has some “Must Haves” for summer ready feet ! !

I have three products for your feet that are so amazing and I hope you give them a try!

Summer is right around the corner and sandal weather is upon us! With Freeman Beauty’s Bare Foot Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub, Bare Foot Peppermint & Plum Heel and Callus Balm, and Bare Foot Repair for Cracked Heels you can pamper yourself in the privacy of your own home and have the softest, most beautiful feet imaginable. The aromatherapy effect is beyond words. In fact, these products used year round will keep your feet “Happy” and you feeling terrific.

After a modeling career, and wearing just about anything that was put on my feet, along with being on my feet for hours on end, I learned that when your feet are uncomfortable so are you!

I finally realized the importance of caring for my feet since those “modeling” days, and with products like the ones I’m going to share with you right now, I’ve noticed that even with my current schedule being as hectic as ever, my feet are in much better shape than they were when I was much younger! Lesson learned ~ Take care of your feet!!

The first product you’ll want to use is the Bare Foot Revitalizing Foot Scrub!

Bare Foot ~ Revitalizing Foot Scrub in Lemon and Sage

This, to me is like a foot massage. You’re not only exfoliating the dry, coarse skin on your heels and the soles of your feet, but invigorating those tired feet, and keeping them fresh and clean.

I like to treat my feet to a nice warm soak for a few minutes, then massage the foot scrub around my feet concentrating, on the rough areas. I also include my toes, the soles of my feet and my ankles, encompassing my whole foot area. I’ll then soak my feet for a moment removing the scrub, and dry with a soft towel.

The ingredients include (Quote from product fact sheet):
Lemon Extract: This reduces irritation, oiliness, and has toning and antibacterial properties.

Sage Extract: Sage contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to relieve pain and swelling from achy feet.

Pumice: Pumice is an excellent exfoliator to help remove the dead and rough skin, leaving the skin silky smooth.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil contains terpinoids, which are a natural antiseptic and fungicide. This helps with tissue healing, absorbs sweat, and helps to relieve aching muscles.

Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid. Not only will it help prolong foot health by improving the tone, texture, and circulation, but assist in healing wounds.

The second product is the bare foot Heel & Callus Balm in peppermint and plum. I enjoy using this right after the Revitalizing Foot Scrub!

Bare Foot ~ Heel & Callus Balm in Peppermint & Plum

This is the ultimate in its functional purpose, and the aroma is extraordinary! I apply and massage it all over my feet, concentrating on the heel and callus areas.

The ingredients consist of (Quote from product fact sheet):
Peppermint Oil: This will cool and soothe overheated skin, and also “keep in check” fungal and bacteria growth. It also nourishes dull skin and improves the skin’s condition.

Shea Butter: The Shea nut oils improve the skin’s elasticity, tone and maintains hydration.

Vitamin E: Antioidants found in Vitamin E fight free radicals, protect the epidermis from sun damage and aging, and help improve skin elasticity and tone.

Tea Tree Oil: Contains terpinoids, a natural antiseptic, and fungicide. It helps to promote tissue healing and absorbs sweat. Aching muscles are also relieved.

I believe you’ll love this complete experience whether you will be heading out afterwards for a busy day, or….you are able to grab some “ME” time and just kick your feet up “after” a busy day and relax!

The third product is bare foot REPAIR for cracked heels. I highly recommend that you keep it at your bedside, and use in the morning, and again in the evening before you retire.

Bare Foot REPAIR for cracked heels

Bare foot REPAIR is the product you’ll use daily as a powerful moisturizing treatment for dry cracked heels. All you need to do to repair your cracked heals and extremely dry skin is apply REPAIR to your feet and massage into your heels AM & PM.

REPAIR contains a number of interesting oils that help heal your cracked heels.
Those ingredients are (Quote from product fact sheet):
Urea: This locks in moisture and helps increase cell regeneration.
Karanja Oil:This oil intensely hydrates.
Neem Oil: Antifungal properties are provided by this oil.
Peppermint Oil: Feet are comforted with a cooling sensation with the Peppermint Oil. It also “keeps fungal and bacteria growth in check”.
Glycerin: This natural humectant or “water magnet”, binds with water molecules and holds them in skin cells, keeping the skin moisturized.
Rosemary Leaf Oil: This oil has antiseptic benefits. all year round!

Now it’s time to visit the Freeman Beauty website where you will be able to find not only these products, but a variety of products for your skin, hair, and body. You may also purchase FREEMAN products right online at:

Freeman Products are also available at mass merchandise stores nation wide!

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May 27, 2012

Memorial Day (and Everyday) Beauty at Sephora

Going through the newspaper this morning…..yes, there are still a few people who do that….you’re likely to find lots of Memorial Day sales designed to lure you to your  nearest shopping mall.  The truth is, I’m not usually big on heading out to the mall for great fashion  finds.  I tend to seek out small stand-alone shops and boutiques for those unique items that no one else has.  But for great beauty products….I’m there!  Whether I’ve just run out of my favorite mascara or am in search of a new eye shade,  for me there’s no place better than Sephora! There’s virtually nothing beauty-related that you can’t find there!  So, while you’re at the mall this weekend (I know you’re going!), check out two of my newest finds available at the makeup megastore:

Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

I love the way my skin feels after using a mask.  If you want to see immediate results, this is for you!  Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel uses glycolic acid and Vitamin C to exfoliate and  leave your skin smoother, more hydrated and brighter looking after just one use.  Not thick and “goopy”like a lot of  traditional masks, all you have to do is massage it evenly over your face and neck, leave it on for 10 minutes (there’s just a bit of tingling), rinse and pat dry and voila!  It gives my skin such an amazing  glow that I don’t even want to cover it up with  makeup.  I LOVE this!  It’s available at and at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa®  as well as Sephora,, Ulta and leading salon and spa locations nationwide. $49.50 for 1.7 FL. OZ.

Vanilla Summer by Lavanila Laboratories

Maybe you weren’t able to get away for the weekend, but there’s still a way you can be transported to your own private summer oasis. Lavanila Laboratories, known for their beautiful and luxurious products that are 100% good for you, now has a healthly deoderant in a new limited edition fragrance.  Vanilla Summer has a soft, sexy scent that really does remind me of summer! Its blend of essential oils (fresh mango, pineapple, coconut milk and island sugar cane and Madagascar vanilla) will make you think of  hot summer nights and tropical breezes.  It’s made from natural ingredients and anti oxidants that nourish and protect the skin. It smells amazing and just makes you want to say “mmmmmmmmm”.

Give these two a try and enjoy the holiday everyone!


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May 27, 2012

Start your Summer with a Miracle! ~ 6 in 1 Miracle Cream for the face from BREMENN Research Labs®

Here is the new Miracle Cream for the face from Bremenn Research Labs® !

What a perfect way to put your “Best Face Forward” as you start your Summer with this new Miracle Cream!

This is what your face will be treated to when you use Miracle Cream:
1. A Wrinkle Cream
2. A Firming Cream
3. A Moisturizing Cream
4. A Neck Cream
5. An Eye Cream
6. An Anti-Aging Cream
As well as a Day and Night Cream

That’s right, this 6 in 1 Miracle Cream has got you covered!

All you have to do is clean and dry your skin, then lightly massage the Miracle Cream on your face, neck, and décolleté in a circular motion.

The unique ingredients in Miracle Cream include (quote) biofunctional compounds from unicellular algae, a unique carbohydrate polymer, and extract from the red seaweed Palmaria palmata that help (quote ) the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity, restore youthful contours, avert skin sagging, fading of skin discoloration, boost skin clarity, smoothness, and cell turnover, and minimize the look of wrinkles.

I’ve used other Bremenn Research Labs® products, and have always liked the results I’ve received. The new Miracle Cream gets my approval, as well! It has nice feel on my skin, penetrates and is a great consistency for day and nighttime use.

With all of the wonderful benefits in a product like this the price is amazing!
The 1.3 fl.oz tube of Miracle Cream retails for $49 !

You can find Miracle Cream at:
Stage Stores
Bon Ton &

You may also purchase Miracle Cream online at:

While you are at the website you’ll be able to get a lot of information about their other very interesting products.

The name BREMENN RESEARCH LABS® is known as (quote)”the targeted skincare solutions powerhouse. If there’s a skincare problem, Bremenn has the solution.”

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May 26, 2012


I had heard extremely good comments about the Brazilian Peel, and when I had the opportunity to try the product I couldn’t wait to see if my “Mature” skin might be taken a step further and achieve the “Smooth + Firm + Brightened” look that the package states, and be my Antidote To Aging. Now that would be a dream come true!

The packaging read that the Brazilian Peel was (Quote):
• The first professional strength 30% glycol acid peel for at home use
• Easy to use, takes just 10 minutes weekly
• No redness irritation or over-peeling
• Skin is smoother, firmer, clearer and brighter just after ONE use
• Results improve with regular weekly use

Brazilian Peel

As soon as the package arrived, I opened it and was very impressed with the applicator delivery system. (In picture above) This was going to be really easy, and there would be no mess involved. The instructions enclosed were very simple to follow.

Basically you clean your face, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Take one of the applicators. Turn the cap counterclockwise, remove and discard. There are two chambers in each applicator. One is your peel, and the other is the Q-Mag mineral neutralizer. What’s so nice about this is that the Q-Mag neutralizer has a patented time-release that will automatically neutralize the peel in ten minutes. This saves you the worry about “over-peeling” or “irritation, and “the mineral salts that are in the Q-Mag neutralizer calm and soothe the skin!”

All you need to do is press the plunger and release the contents of both chambers into the palm of your hand! Then mix them together with “two fingers” till a warming sensation is felt. Your peel is now activated and ready to apply to your face. That’s it!

Just a few sensible rules:
1. Don’t apply around the eye area, nostrils, or lips.
2. Do apply an even layer on your face, neck and Decollete’.
3. If there is any uncomfortable feeling or the the product contacts your eye, rinse off with cool water.
4. Don’t save unused product. Dispose the empty applicator after each use.
5. The Brazilian Peel is safe for women and men. Carefully follow the instructions and don’t shave immediately after using the peel.

Here’s what you’ll experience:
1. A nice moist application that does NOT dry on your face.
2. Possibly a mild tingling sensation. This indicates your peel is working , and I found it quite invigorating!

The final step:
1. After 10 minutes rinse off the peel completely with cool water and pat dry with a soft clean towel.
2. Enjoy the feeling and how your skin looks! My skin no longer had a top surface dull appearance, but a very healthy glow. I was amazed how smooth my neck looked, and I now knew after continued weekly use, my décolleté’ area would have nice smooth youthful look, once again, as well.
3. You can moisturize, and apply cosmetics right away. Your face will look fantastic! Make sure during the day time you use a 30 SPF sunscreen for at least a week. (Gals and Guys ~ Remember to use that sunscreen “EVERY” day!)

You can’t make any mistakes with the Brazilian Peel! Our schedules are all so active, and this is one great convenient way to “PEEL and GO”!

The Brazilian Peel is quite distinctive because it provides the professional strength 30% Glycolic, and a Natural Acai Berry Essence which is an antioxidant that (paraphrased) reduces irritation, encouraging not only healthy, more youthful skin, and diminishes free radicals, as well. Your skin is protected and moisturized with the Acai Berry that is indigenous to the Amazon rain forests and contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, and E, along with omega acids 3, 6 and 9.

Mac Smith ~ Creator of The Brazilian Peel    (Photo ~ Mac Smith, the creator of the Brazilian Peel.
(Quote from Bio) As a chemical engineer, Smith has spent three decades solving the problems put before him across multiple industries for large, international corporations. From space shuttles to capacitors to batteries to catheters to contact lenses, he’s employed his expertise to arrive at countless solutions. After 30 years of problem-solving, Smith set his sights on addressing the difficulty of the two-step Glycolic Peel. Smith examined parallel problems in a conceptual way to extrapolate a novel solution, bringing his varied experience to bear on the issue. Utilizing his understanding of how the body neutralizes stomach acid without causing imbalance, Smith developed Brazilian Peel, a single-step version of a tried-and-true product that promises to revolutionize the way women care for their skin at home.

Now it’s your turn!! Brazilian Peel is available at:

Sephora Stores

The Brazilian Peel gets a 5-Star Review 🙂

(Mac Smith photo credit ~

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May 22, 2012

ARBONNE Nutrition Bars and Energy Fizz Sticks…Your Body Will Love You For It !


My good friend and guest blogger, Laurie Carcieri, is a fitness enthusiast.  She is always passing along to me healthy food recipes and the latest calorie burning exercises.  Her latest discovery are two great nutritional items from Arbonne.  Laurie says:

Arbonne Nutrition Bars….Your body will love you for it!

Being a fitness instructor for 22 years, I have been searching for a great tasting and healthy nutrition bar.

When you enter your local grocery store, there are shelves stacked with so many nutrition bars that you get so confused and exhausted as to which one would best suit your fitness needs.  They all promise the world!

The Arbonne Nutrition Bars are great tasting, healthy bars that satisfy my hunger and boost my energy level so I can perform my daily activities and workouts.  They have 15 vitamins and minerals, rich with quinoa.  Arbonne Nutrition Bars have 9 grams of pea and rice protein which is healthy for supporting muscles.

I have a hard time digesting the everyday market soy or whey bars but Arbonne Nutrition Bars are more digestible so I can indulge in one right before a workout.  Choosing Arbonne Nutrition Bars gives me the right balance of carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and protein critical to my optimal performance.  Arbonne created two flavors, chocolate and fruit.  So throw away the no taste cardboard bars and nourish your body with a great tasting Arbonne Nutrition Bar.   Your body will love you for it!

After trying and enjoying Arbonne Natural Bars, I looked into Arbonne’s other Wellness Products.  I noticed they had an Energy Fizz Stick which promotes alertness and enhances cognitive performance.  I was anxious to try this product because , well, who doesn’t need more energy these days.  I am a fanatic as to what I put into my body so I was concerned with the contents of this energy powder.  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick has Ginseng which is an herb to increase energy levels naturally and Guarani which is a plant in South America which is compared to caffeine but naturally.  I took an Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Stick in my purse to work.  I poured one stick into my 8oz. water bottle and it dissolved successfully with a little stir.  How convenient is this!   The taste was fantastic!!!  I really enjoyed the Pomegranate flavor.  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick provided me with the energy I am seeking for and at the same time, benefits my body and rewards it the right way with all the antioxidants, vitamin B, and chromium it has packed in it.  If you are seeking a good “pick me up, kick to it” then Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick is the perfect choice for your hectic life!!!  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Sticks comes in two flavors, Pomegranate and Citrus.  They are both extremely tasty!!

visit  where you will find an extensive line of Arbonne products.  From  Health and Wellness, Anti-Aging and Cosmetics to Skin and Body Care and Fragrances.    Arbonne is also on Facebook: visit


Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger

It’s a Glam Thing

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May 20, 2012

My interview with top New York Dermatologist and Author of the book SKIN RULES ~ Debra Jaliman, M.D.

During May I thought it would be nice to talk about different products that you might enjoy trying as we move into summer and the warmer weather. I think most of us have fun experimenting with the new fun eye shadows and liners, bronzers, and the trending lip colors and textures of the season, but then I realized I was jumping a bit ahead of myself. What about the “canvas” that we apply these products to… our SKIN?

We needed to start with our skin and I knew just the right person I needed to speak with. That was, Debra Jaliman, M.D.who literally wrote the book on the topic at hand, SKIN RULES! If you haven’t read my 5~Star review of this fascinating “Must Have” book, please take a moment to do so:
(At the end of this article, there will be a picture of the book, and links where you will have an opportunity to purchase SKIN RULES, but first, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Jaliman !)

Debra Jaliman, M.D.

(Information from Dr.Jaliman’s Bio)
Not only is Dr. Jaliman a world-renowned Board Certified Dermatologist with her private practice on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, but is also the spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). She has taught Dermatology at Mount Sinai for over 25 years.

One of the first physicians to use Botox in her practice, Dr. Jaliman’s office remains a national training center for Allergan, where physicians are guided on proper injection techniques. She is known for giving her clients a subtle and natural look when receiving Botox, and other injectables. Many famous faces in movies and television, as well as models who appear in top fashion magazines are clients of Dr.Jaliman, and she is also known for her expertise in treating skin cancer, rare skin disorders, and the more common skin problems as acne and rosacea.

As a leading skincare expert Dr.Jaliman has appeared on TV shows as 20/20, CBS News, CNN, Dateline, FOX News, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, NBC News, Oxygen, Primetime and more.

An authoritative source in dermatology, Dr. Jaliman is quoted frequently in the top national print publications including, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Fitness, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Lucky, More, Newsweek, O, The Oprah Magazine, Parents, Prevention, Shape, The New York Times, Vogue and more.

You can imagine my enthusiasm when my phone call was answered directly by Dr.Jaliman. We had a wonderful conversation before I asked her a couple of questions. I can only imagine what it would be like to be one of Dr. Jaliman’s patients. She is so personable and I felt like I was talking with someone I’d known for a long time.

After reading SKIN RULES, I told Dr. Jaliman that this should be a mandatory book to keep on hand in every household as it truly addresses just about every question a person might have about skin related issues in such an easy to read and enjoyable presentation.

I was really curious about why Dr. Jaliman chose Dermatology as her profession and she told me that she had experienced “sensitive acne-prone skin” problems and challenges while growing up. As a result she decided she might as well get into the field of Dermatology.

As a very dedicated believer in skin care and really trying via my articles to stress the importance of caring properly for one’s skin and not just covering the face with cosmetics, I asked Dr. Jaliman about seasonal changes and adjustments in a person’s skin care routine. I found this very interesting. Dr. Jaliman told me that you should use different products appropriate for the season, but not to wait till the season starts! For instance, regarding summer, start transitioning to a lighter weight cleanser and moisturizer in spring so your skin adapts to the change and you won’t have problems when summer arrives. The same would be true for winter. As we head thru fall start to switch to a cleanser and moisturizer that will be appropriate for the cooler weather.

I then inquired about Dr.Jaliman’s skincare products, JALIMAN MD™com PRESCRIPTIONS FOR SKIN. She actually created them and you’ll find quite a variety to choose from on her website:
As she mentioned earlier, Dr.Jaliman had experienced issues with her own sensitive acne- prone skin, and now has really put together a very nice choice of products for specific skin types. By going to “products” on the site, you can then go to “Skin Conditions” and see what would be appropriate for your type skin.

Make sure you read Dr. Jaliman’s “philosophy” section as well. You can see how she spent so much time and effort dedicating herself to creating solutions for the different skin types and needs, along with keeping the products up to date with the newest technology. There is also no testing done on animals!

So you see… You will be able to benefit from Dr. Jaliman’s expertise and care for your skin even if you do not reside in the New York area! There is also a phone number on the website that you can call if you have questions about products for your skin.

I can’t thank Dr. Jaliman enough for her time and wonderful information, and I send her ongoing wishes for all the best with her practice and book, SKIN RULES.

Make sure to visit:



or iBooks

Published by St. Martin’s Press

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May 17, 2012

The Makeup Show NYC

The Metropolitan Pavilion played host for the Makeup Show NYC on May 13-14, 2012. For the past six years, the show has brought together the best of the Makeup industry as it continues to grow and deliver the largest professional only driven beauty event in NYC-the global epicenter of beauty and fashion.

Top makeup artists and professional driven companies showcased their newest products and techniques by presenting seminars, forums, and hands-on workshops, from trend casting, to working with Hi Def , painting with makeup, exploring the power of color, glimmer body art, special effects makeup, airbrushing and creating looks with liquid metals, there was something of interest to everyone.

My mission was to find three favorite things for our readers……. A favorite makeup, something multi-purpose and a tool.

Here is my favorite makeup find.

Coming into summer season in NYC normally means, hazy, hot and humid! Couple the temperatures with dressy events such as weddings, and I was on the search for something that would last. Eye makeup with staying power was definitely on my list. I love eye pencils, but normally find they don’t sharpen easily, wasting most of the pencil. Liquids, not as easily to apply, carry around and dry out quickly. I have been very happy with my find of Cailyn, and their Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner.

Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner ( is oil-free, pigment-rich gel eyeliner, made in the USA that is waterproof, smudge-free for 24 hours. It glides on smoothly, and precisely, and then quickly dries down (like in a minute). It comes in 5 colors; black, blue, brown, green and chocolate. You can blend the liners with shadows and shimmering color powders to create fun magical colored eyeliners. Great packaging, it has a built in brush on the cap, making it easier to carry around and keep it clean!

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