January 23, 2016



The JAUNT HANDBAG – LAVA from the Zink Collection is “Inspired by the past with an eye toward the future, the Jaunt is a modern heirloom piece. A contemporary design featuring optimal practicality, this luxurious carryall is a must-have for any chic globetrotter.”

Handbag details include:

Full grain vegetable dyed leather
Solid brass hardware
Fully lined natural canvas with leather detailing
Leather base with nut and bolt feet
Four interior pockets, three open, one zippered
Length 16.5” Width 5” Height 11.5”
Strap Drop 8”

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December 9, 2015

The Winner of September’s Surprise Beauty Box is……

Congratulations Jean C. from Menomonie, WI. You are the lucky  winner of It’s a Glam Thing’s Surprise Beauty Box valued at $250.00. Enjoy your products!


Gerard Lighted Lipstick               gerard.com

Travolo Milano Atomizer             travalo.com

LVX Nail Lacquer                          shoplvx.com

Umbrian Truffle Face Serum      skinandcoroma.com

Pukka Tea                                       pukkaherbs.com

Purity Design Pure Texture         italy-hair-fashion.com

Apothoderm Firming Serum       apothederm.com

Bioelements Eye Creme                bioelements.com

Sea Buckthorn Oil                         seabuckwonders.com

Obedo Neck Pillow                        obedo.com

bo-po Nail Polish for kids              bo-po.com

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December 6, 2015

Vegan, Plumping & Luxuriously Creamy. Meet Hynt’s Beauty coveted ARIA Lipstick Collection

Hynt Beauty


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November 11, 2015

Like & Save this Holiday

I cannot believe that the holidays are coming. It seems like just yesterday we were cranking out the firecrackers getting ready for the 4th of July. It comes to fast. One thing about the holidays I love is getting to shop but the only problem with that is the fear and anxiety that I may not have enough. This holiday season I want you to have fun, shop and save.


So what am I talking about? My new website, www.anniehatcherbeauty.com, if you become the 500th like on my Facebook page, you will receive a Macy’s 25% off coupon that is good until December 2. The coupon will give you 25% off your entire purchase including clearance items. Imagine that!!! Bu, also, if you open a Macy’s rewards card you can receive an additional 20% off. That is 45% & that is the Magic of Macy’s

So what are you waiting for? Go like Annie Hatcher Beauty on Facebook and good luck. Hope everyone has Happy Holidays!

(read small print because the coupon does exclude some items.)

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November 8, 2015

Great starts in the Vichy Laboratories

If you are searching for a cleanser that not only smooth’s your skin but also removes every trace of makeup then you need not look any further. Vichy Laboratories Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser is your makeup remover (eyes as well), and toner all in one. Gentle enough for sensitive skin yet strong enough to break down all traces of debris and what not on your skin, it is no wonder Vichy Laboratories is Europes #1 skincare line.


The Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser is made of Captela, a shea butter extract, and is paraben free. It is not made with soap so there is no excess drying and can be used with or without water. It is very lightweight, perfect for all skin types and clears skin of all acne traces. I personally use this 2-3 times a week as a “refresher” of the makeup that doesn’t like to come off lol.

1. First start off with dry skin.
2. Then massage the product into the skin thourghly allowing the product to absorb the makeup.
3. After this take a luke warm towel and just wipe it off. You will be amazed how easily your makeup comes off (even around the eyes).

For more information on the Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser check out www.vichyusa.com because your makeup remover search is over 🙂 Also be sure to check out my new website for more tips, tricks and reviews at www.anniehatcherbeauty.com

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October 14, 2015

In tourist clothes while in a world of Fashion!

One of the most fun things about shopping in Ireland was learning the conversion of shoe sizes. After visiting Primark, mom and I stumbled upon a shoe store that was running a very large shoe sale. Of course, being a girl, I could not resist! But I was in for a big surprise.

Forgetting that I was in another country, I forgot all about the difference of sizes over there. lol. It was very funny to find out that my size 7 1/2 shoe was, in fact, a size 38! lol. I cracked up every time I tried on a pair. In my mind I kept saying, “Oh grandma what big feet you have”. Shopping is definitely a whole new experience where you are not used to it. Even while in London.

Shoes from Ireland

Shoes from Ireland

The shoes I purchased (the gold sandals) are so comfortable, and perfect for this Florida weather. So if you ever find yourself in Ireland & London you will notice that fashion never takes a break. Men, women and even the kids are always walking around in some high fashion looks. So walking around in tourist clothes I felt a little out of place. lol I was so blessed to have visited these two beautiful countries and discover their look into fashion, food and what not. Made me remember my passion for the industry.

Oxford St. London, England

Oxford St.
London, England

So discover the fashions of London & Ireland by visiting some websites from Primark, Selfridges & CO, Harrods, a well as the GAP, Forever 21, Adidas’ and so many more! Happy shopping! 🙂

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October 10, 2015

Affordable shopping is all at Primark!

Galway, Ireland has become a very popular tourist destination with its beautiful valleys, castles and the shopping! Having one of the most fascinating stores I have ever been in, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Think about this for a minute, clothes, shoes, jewelry, & accessories for incredibly low prices. This store, found in Dublin, Ireland is called Primark (or Penny’s depending on where you are)

Primark Logo

Primark Logo

While in Galway, my mom and I decided to take a little trip to Primark and see what the buzz was all about. Walking in you immediately wanted to by something. Even our B&B host in Galway said she can never walk in their without buying something. And that is where all her Christmas and birthday presents for her granddaughters come from. Even if its just a gift card. Everything is such affordable prices & great quality product. I thought I would just go in and look but ended up walking out with two new outfits, & earrings for less than $20! OH MY GOODNESS right?

Even though Primark may be over in London and Ireland, we in the US can enjoy their awesome prices & products simply by visiting their website www.primark.com Just pay the price plus S&H and before you know it Primark will be right on your door step. Happy shopping 🙂

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October 6, 2015

Selfridges & Co.: Over 100 years of service

6 floors, every designer you can think of and even a hair salon Selfridges & Co. is a store that was built with one thing in mind, the customer. Founded & built in 1909 by an American man named Harry Gordon Selfridge, Selfridges department store changed the way the world (especially women) looked at shopping. While I was visiting London my mom and I took a detour to the well known Oxford Street & scoped out the one of a kind store.

Selfridges & Co.

Selfridges & Co.

Walking around and learning the history of the store I learned that Harry was the first person to ever install public restrooms & was one of the first stores to have & sell premade clothing. As his success grew, the more & more Mr. Selfridge tried to better the shopping experience. Whether you were there just to pick something up or wanted to spend the day, it really had something for everyone. Restaurants, hair salon and hey even a bedding department lol. And the customer service was top notch! Every employee wanted to make sure you got what you wanted, listened and had the best experience possible. This store made some of our department stores look like doll houses.

Inside Selfridges & Co.

Inside Selfridges & Co.

If you found that something’s may be to expensive, Harry solved that problem too by putting in cheaper priced items such as cards, ornaments and more. As I was told there was even something for every occasion such as Christmas, Halloween etc. The store display windows where decked with flowers and every designer had their own little boutique within the store. This place, oh how I wish I could show & share so much more with you but pictures and my words do not do it justice AT ALL!! Now don’t worry, I wont leave you hanging on this but YES you can buy from Selfridges and have them shipped over to the USA. Visit www.selfridges.com for all of the designers, makeup and more. Also check out pictures, & more history on the store by visiting any web browser. You will not believe your eyes and it will have you saying “Thank You Mr. Harry Gordon Selfridge”.

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October 5, 2015

DIY Apple Cinnamon Body Scrub

With fall upon us, it’s time to break out the ever popular Fall Scents. Now those Fall Scents can become part of your daily skin routine. Check out this DIY on Apple Cinnamon Body Scrub. Apples are one of the most loved skincare ingredients because of their natural anti-aging, hydrating, acne clearing and UV protection of the skin. Of course with so many uses for apples I only named a few lol. Even if you are not a big apple lover I guarantee you may just love this body scrub 🙂 Everyone will want a little “Whiff” of you and will be asking where you got it 😉 Enjoy!

DIY Apple Cinnamon Body Scrub

DIY Apple Cinnamon Body Scrub

1 C. coconut oil
½ C. brown sugar
½ C. natural applesauce
2 tsp. cinnamon
4-5 4 oz. jelly jars

1. Mix all ingredients together until fully blended
2. Apply to damp skin (use nice warm water to help open pores), scrubbing gently, allowing your pores to soak up the rich, beautiful scent.
3. Allow to set on your skin for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. This will give the ingredients time to absorb into the skin leaving it feel soft, smooth and help to eliminate dead skin cells.
4. Rinse with nice cool water to lock in moisture.

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September 27, 2015

ENTER for your chance to win

Enter for your chance to win our September Beauty Box now at Its A Glam Thing. We do new ones every month so always be sure to enter everyday! Good luck 🙂

$250 Beauty Box Giveaway

$250 Beauty Box Giveaway


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