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January 31, 2017

Bebe Rexha Wears 21HM!


LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2017 – Bebe Rexha was seen wearing 21HM in her latest music video! The singer looked fierce wearing 21HM‘s Crystal Choker (price available upon request; while giving the camera a sultry look in her I Got You music video.

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January 31, 2017

5 Fashion Tips for Lab Workers


Every morning, we face the sometimes tricky question of what to wear. On workdays, the answer to this question becomes a bit easier. After all, formal wear is easier to choose than casual wear. But if your workplace is a laboratory, you will have a hard time finding something stylish to wear to work.

A lab setting is different from that of an office, as you will find out when you start your medical laboratory scientist program online. For one, your dress code must adhere to strict safety regulations. And to be honest, a ubiquitous white lab coat hardly makes a fashion statement. But, you can still be stylish. If you try hard enough, you can even overcome the public perception of “scientists” as unkempt workaholics.

Dress Stylishly, but Follow Safety Regulations

Labs are full of hazardous materials and equipment. This makes them dangerous places to work in if you are not careful. For this reason, regulations require lab workers to adhere to a strict dress code.

Wear Your Hair in a Ponytail, Up-do, or Bob

Although you are free to dress as you please in a lab, how you do your hair can put you at risk of injury. Bunsen burners can singe or burn long hair if it is not in a bun or up-do. To avoid having to hold your hair up every time you visit a lab, try a ponytail or short bob style.

Leave Sandals and Open Toe Shoes at Home

As stylish as they might look in an office, open toes shoes have no place in a lab. You are also not allowed to wear sandals, even on casual Friday. These two types of footwear leave your foot or parts of it exposed to chemical spills. So, to maintain a sense of style in the lab, go for cute loafers or better yet, tall riding boots. The latter are sexy and contrast sharply with the “unkempt scientist” stereotype.

No Short Skirts, Dresses and Shorts

Showing a bit of flesh is all well and good outside the lab. After all, having pursued a medical laboratory scientist program online is no reason to wear drab clothes. But in the lab, short hemlines expose your skin to hazardous chemicals.

So, as much as you love being sexy, keep hemlines below the knee. And if you detest wearing long skirts or dresses, wear leggings or pants instead.

Wear Short Sleeved Tops

Billowy or long sleeves peek under the lab coat and risk being stained by chemicals or ignited by Bunsen burners. To avoid the possibility of this happening, wear short or three-quarter sleeves.

Avoid Bulky Clothes

As most labs are cold places to work in, freezing is part of a lab workers job description. That is, unless you are working with Bunsen burners. So to keep warm, you will be tempted to wear bulky clothes under your lab coat.

A good alternative to bulking up is wearing thin layered clothes. You can peel off a few of them if it gets warm. And when temperatures drop, make sure you have a light cardigan or jacket nearby.

Despite the sterile environment and strict dress code, being fashionable in a lab is still possible. Simply mind how you wear your hair and although the lab is cold, avoid the temptation to wear bulky clothes.


About the Author: Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.

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January 30, 2017

Beautiful! Maisie Williams Hair 2017 SAG Awards


At the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams shined on the red carpet in her gorgeous pink gown and sleek hair style. Her go-to stylist, Ryan Richman, used MOP salon haircare products to create this glamorous and sophisticated look. See below for his step-by-step:

Hairstylist: Ryan Richman

Inspiration: The classic silhouette of Maisie’s dress

Look: Deep side part and old Hollywood glamour tousled curls

“I washed the hair with MOP Lemongrass Volume Shampoo ($22) to help ‘fatten up’ the hair.  On damp hair I applied a generous amount of MOP Lemongrass Volume Whip ($22) to add volume throughout the style and to protect against heat.

Using a medium boar bristle round brush and my Revlon Soft Feel AC Motor Dryer, I blow dried one inch sections, lifting at the root for maximum volume.

I created a deep side part with a comb and began to curl the hair with my Revlon Pro Collection 1″ Soft Feel Curling Iron, curling the hair toward the face for a retro feel. After curling I sprayed the hair with MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray ($24) to hold the curl.

Using a gentle scalp brush I brushed through the curls pulling them back off of the face to create uniform and soft old Hollywood waves.

To finish, I applied a dime size amount of MOP Orange Peel Molding Cream ($22) to my finger tips to clean up the hair line, smooth fly aways, and define texture by running my hands over the style gently.  I then tucked the small side of the part behind the ear and secured with a bobby pin.”

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January 30, 2017

Get the Look with TRESemme – Chrissy Teigen at the SAG Awards


With Awards Season in full swing, there’s no better way to spend Sunday night than obsessing over our favorite celeb looks on the Red Carpet. ICYMI, Chrissy Teigen’s locks were #flawless as always tonight at the SAG Awards, thanks to hairstylist, Giannandrea Marongiu for TRESemmé.

Giannandrea’s superstar secrets are below so you can mimic the look from your couch or to prep for a night out with the girls. TRES has everything you need to easily recreate this A-list ‘do using Chrissy’s favorite Beauty-Full Collection!

“Chrissy’s hair was a beautiful cascade of waves tonight and was inspired by her 70’s-style dress. I used TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse as well as the Beauty-Full Collection to give her big voluminous, waves to add femininity of her tuxedo dress.”

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January 30, 2017

Amy Adams and Kaley Cuoco Carry Tyler Ellis at the Screen Actors Guild Awards!


LOS ANGELES – January 30, 2017 – Amy Adams and Kaley Cuoco carrying Tyler Ellis last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards! They were among the many celebrities carrying the favorite red carpet clutch brand (  Amy Adams kept it simple yet elegant, pairing her black gown with the Tyler Ellis Lee Signature Leather Clutch in black ($1,595
unnamed-19 (1)
Kaley Cuoco was pretty in pink, pairing her ruffled gown with the Tyler Ellis Candy Clutch in light pink crushed velvet ($1,495
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January 30, 2017

SAG Awards Red Carpet Shapewear: ITEM m6


LOS ANGELES – January 30, 2017 – Meredith Hagner wore ITEM m6 shapewear last night while attending the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards! The Search Party actress looked elegant and sleek in an embellished gown enhanced by the Shape Pants Shorty in Caramel ($88

About ITEM m6: 
The ITEM m6 BODY+ EFFECT stands for the unique combination of compression and shaping technology. Put on ITEM m6 and you immediately experience a sense of lightness – you feel fit and balanced. The shaping effect shapes your legs to give you an even more beautiful silhouette and perfectly smooth skin. This is what makes ITEM m6 an innovation for everyone who appreciates premium quality fashion and wants to do something good for their body.
For photos, please visit, 


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January 30, 2017

Drop it… Leave It… Let It Go

Recently I was channel surfing and I came across Joel Osteen preaching and his sermon was just what I needed. You guys know that when I hear something, see something, or do something that moves me, I must share it with you. There were 3 things that stood out to me: Drop it, leave it and let it go! Now, I’m not going to preach to you but, I will summarize what I took away from this message.

Drop it – It doesn’t matter what the “it” is, just drop it. Give no life to it. For instance, you are in a meeting and your co-worker is giving you a hard time. You listen to her complaints, say your response and drop it. No need going round and round with it, giving “it” more energy.

Leave it – Leave it where it happened. No need to carry “it” with you all day. Using the scenario from above, when you leave the conference room there is no need to run to your office and call you friend and replay the event for her. You are giving “it” life again. I know when you run into that co-worker at the water cooler you are going to want to pick “it” up again but don’t. You have dropped it, leave it now move on to number 3.

Let it Go – Let it go, the more you hold on to something; repeating it over and over in your mind you are still giving “it” life. Really, let it go. Let go of toxic, your mind is not the dumpster, place that trash on the side of the road and move on. The universe will right things, so you don’t have to. When you see that same co-worker at the water cooler, you can smile and move on, knowing that you have dropped it, left it and let it go.

This is tough for me. I have found myself repeating those three things over and over in my mind when my husband has hit a nerve. Now, it’s a tool that I am putting into my tool box and using when needed. Listen, there are people who hold onto things for a lifetime. I am guilty of that as well, but as we start 2017 let’s try to implement Drop it, leave it, and let it go and see how we grow. We don’t have to hold onto toxic damaging things that have happened to us. We have the power to move on in this life and achieve goals we set for ourselves. 2017 is your year!

Get more info about Elizabeth Colen, Confidence Coach on Fit Mind, Fit Body and Fit Spirit

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January 30, 2017

Torrid’s Vixen Lip Gloss adds a great pop of color to any look


Torrid’s Vixen Lip Gloss adds a great pop of color to any look. What I liked about this gloss was that in addition to shine, it gave my lips a nice vibrant tint, and wasn’t totally sheer. The rich color acts almost as a lip stain and has great staying power (you can also use a little dab as a blush substitute in a pinch). The lip wand provides an even application and the lightweight gloss goes on smooth and shiny, not with a heavy, sticky feel as most glosses have. It’s a great way to add a little “vixen” without going totally vampy.


Guest post by Antonia Rutter

unnamed-1 (1)

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January 28, 2017

America’s Original Craft Vodka Made in Texas, the Old Fashioned Way


by Lisa Gal

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled from corn and is certified GLUTEN-FREE, yay for me! Produced in Austin at Texas’ oldest legal distillery, they make it in batches, use old-fashioned pot stills, and taste-test every batch. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is designed to be savored by spirit connoisseurs and everyday drinkers alike. Their process, similar to those used to make fine single malt scotches and high-end French cognacs, requires more skill and effort than others, but it’s well worth it. In 2001 they were up against 72 vodka’s at the World Spirits Competition and came home with the double gold medal, the unanimous judges choice, spurring Tito Beveridge’s dream. Tito’s is now the exclusive vodka brand served on all United Airlines flights. In addition, Hollywood Swag Bag will be gifting a bottle to the SAG nominees when they check in to their rooms at The Four Seasons Hotel this red carpet weekend. Savor responsibly.

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January 28, 2017

PURA D’OR For Hair Isn’t Just Care


by Lisa Gal

PURA D’OR for hair is touted as therapy reinforced by nature. From hair thinning to scalp flaking issues and daily care for hair and skin, PURA D’OR has a solution to help. The online bestseller continues to dominate the market in solution driven, naturally based products. PURA D’OR products can be found in 14,000 stores nationwide. Bioactive formulas infused with premium organic oils and natural extracts combat hair thinning, stimulate follicles, strengthen strands, clarify, cleanse, and repair all hair types. It addition to hair loss therapy you can also enjoy the clinically proven thickness, volume and shine PURA D’OR products consistently deliver. Don’t wait until you experience loss, start caring for your hair now! The celebrity SAG nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel this red carpet weekend will enjoy a bottle in their Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to their rooms.

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