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November 30, 2017

Fill some stocking with gifts from Cricket

How many times have you heard your kids say: “Mom, do you have any hair ties on you?  I need to put my hair up”, “Mom, do you have any bobby pins on you?”, Mom, I can’t find bobby pins anywhere!  If you have a figure skater, dancer,  athlete or anyone with long hair, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Problem solved! This Christmas my girls are going to find Hair Ties and Bobby Pin Tins from CRICKET in their Christmas stocking. offers adorable fashion tins which are perfect for keeping your elastics and/or hair ties together.  The tins, packed with elastics or bobbypins, will be their best friend.

The nice feature about the tins is that they store perfectly in the medicine cabinet. The Tins are perfect for on the go. They fit in your hand bag, sports bag, Dance bag and Car Console.  You will never have an “elastic mess” in your draw or handbag ever again.

Hold it all together Bobby Pin Tins coms with 75 black bobby pins.
 Fix Your Ponytail Ties Tin gives you 50 classic black, no metal (no ouch), hair elastics

Cricket Co.  Hair Ties Tin ($8.95) & Bobby Pins Tins ($8.95) are available at Ulta while supplies last

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November 30, 2017

It’s a Glam Thing “Beauty’s Best” Holiday 2017 BioSilk Titanium Professional Hair Dryer

BioSilkTitanium Professional Hair Dryer

Enya Flack, It’s a Glam Thing with BioSilk Titanium Professional Hair Dryer


It's a Glam Thing Beauty's Best Holiday 2017award-winner-holiday-2017

It’s a Glam Thing Beauty’s Best Holiday 2017  


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November 30, 2017

Holiday shopping is so much fun when shopping for Hard Candy

If you didn’t start your holiday shopping yet, head on over to Walmart. Specifically, the perfume section where you will find Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray and Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist, both for women. My girls and many of our bloggers love Hard Candy Cosmetics and the Hard Candy scents are no exception. 

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist features top notes of fruit, mid notes of floral and lower notes that embody sweet flavors. Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray is a fruity, floral blend, a flirty, feminine scent wrapped with a delicious sugarcoated mix of sweet and gourmand notes all wrapped in a creamy, exotic bouquet. If you love light floral and sweet scents, you will love these fragrances.

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mists and Perfumes are perfect to start your day or end your day after bathing. Pack you body mist in your gym bag for a quick spritz, you will smell amazing.

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mists and Perfumes make wonderful gifts at affordable prices.  This Holiday season Hard Candy has you covered.



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November 30, 2017

Step into the Season with mooshu TRAINERS!

Help the little one in your life step into the holiday season in style with mooshu TRAINERS

Brooke Shields

The perfect present for under the tree, mooshu TRAINERS are well-designed shoes with flexible soles and soft materials that bend with each step. Cute, comfy and fun, these stylish shoes are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait. Dress up your little darling in shoes that even Santa would envy! Adored by celeb parents such as Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager and Sarah Haines, mooshu TRAINERS are the perfect stocking stuffer for any toddler’s first holiday. mooshu TRAINERS will delight both parents and kids this holiday season!

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November 30, 2017

Alli Simpson Wears Zvelle and Chris Gramer!

Los Angeles, CA – November 29, 2017 – Alli Simspon was photographed wearing Zvelle and Chris Gramer to the Australian premiere of Pitch Perfect 3. Alli looked fierce on the black carpet wearing Chris Gramer’sPleated Skorts ($217; and Zvelle’s Leila Heels in Black ($485,
Photo Credit Getty Images
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November 30, 2017


Parkinson’s is a memory disease that affects a large number of patients every year. It is a progressive disease that has a tendency to get worse over time. It starts with mild tremors but then eventually becomes a full-blown condition wherein every movement of the patient gets affected. This disease affects men more than women.

Parkinson is a complex chronic condition which points at the death of the nerve cells in the brain. When particular nerve cell starts malfunctioning, it gives rise to tremors. With constant shaking of the body, there are prominent cases of muscle stiffness as well. And this makes the tremors of Parkinson’s easily identifiable and distinct. It becomes quite distressing to deal with this situation.

How CBD helps?

CBD has many wonderful effects on the human body. With the use of CBD, people affected with Parkinson’s are relieved instantly and are able to walk and talk almost normally. There are a number of neurons in the brain which produce a hormone called dopamine. This hormone is called as happy hormone as well. This hormone rewards your body and makes it feel good. It also helps in regulating voluntary movement. Many body movements like walking, running, handling of objects, and everything you do by your free will are also affected by dopamine.

CBD helps the patients to regain most of the control lost early on. CBD aims at managing of pain, anxiety and other symptoms.

CBD delivery deals with the symptoms from outside as they happen. One of the important advantages of using CBD is that it has powerful neuron-protective effects which protect brain cells. CBD is famous to roll back all of the damages like the oxidative injury that happens in the brain. If not completely, it can slow it down.

CBD refreshes cellular mitochondrial activity and also helps with waste disposal in the cell. CBD also recharges the overall health of neurons. It helps the patients in living a controlled and normalized life.

CBD is known for its amazing effects in relieving psychosis and Parkinson’s. When CBD is used regularly, it is used to treat the symptoms of the disease. Patients can see improvements by sleeping as well. CBD promotes peaceful sleep amongst its users. It is taken before going to bed so as to relax the mind, giving users sleep that doesn’t seem that is drug induced.

Many surveys have been conducted and it has been proved that CBD and cannabis have much more effects than other drugs and medicines tried by them like music therapy, meditation, and prayer.

CBD has been one of the most effective ways to ease the pain of Parkinson’s, both physical as well as emotional. If you have symptoms of the disease, you should try it. You should consult the doctor for symptom management as it is safe to use. You just need to pass a physical test before you approve taking CBD as a medicine. Now it has become easier to cure Parkinson’s with CBD.

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November 30, 2017

Why Do Luxury Retailers Make So Much Effort with Their Christmas Store Decoration?



Christmas is a time when shopping becomes a major priority for a lot of people, with gifts to buy as well as parties to choose outfits for! Shopping during the run-up to Christmas can be quite a different experience than at other times of the year, and while this is partly simply because everything is a bit more hectic, it is also because of the nice, festive atmosphere created by Christmas music and the lights and decorations.


  • Decorations and High-End Stores


Some stores opt for decorations so lavish and impressive that people actually view those stores’ Christmas displays as a feature of Christmas itself. Whether it is Harrods in London or 5th Avenue department stores, Christmas displays tend to be impressive and something people go out of their way to see. Newspapers even report on the choice of display for the year in some cases!

But why do luxury shops do this? It is almost certainly something that costs them a lot of money and requires the input of some serious creative talent, so why do they pull out all the stops rather than simply putting up a tree in the store like lower end retailers do?


  • Making Iconic Buildings Even More of a Talking Point


One of the reasons luxury brands tend to go for particularly elaborate and beautiful displays at Christmas – especially when it comes to the outside of the building, is that many department stores and the flagship stores of giant luxury designer brands like Chanel and Dior tend to already be very eye-catching buildings. Flagships for designer brands were often built specifically to house these brands, and designed by a luxury architect like Peter Marino who specializes in creating shops that have a substantial visible presence in some of the world’s major shopping cities.

Making these buildings, which already stand out as unique pieces of architecture, look even more impressive at Christmas, is a way brands can leverage the beauty of their shops even further to attract more customers.



  • Stand-Out Lights Encourage People to Shop in Person


Designer brands are well aware that people have the option to shop online, and also that there are other retailers offering their products – sometimes for less. While this is good for them because it does still help them to sell their designs, at the same time, photos online can’t necessarily do a lot of products justice. Many of the things sold by luxury brands are things one is likely to want to try before they buy – such as fragrances, make-up and clothing. It is easier to sell these expensive products to people who have seen them in the flesh, and having a Christmas display that is worth seeing can be enough to lure Christmas shoppers out from behind their computers to shop in person.

Checking out the Christmas decorations in big, luxury stores can be a lot of fun, but it is interesting to think about why this is done from a business perspective.

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November 29, 2017

Sofia Vergara Wears 7 For All Mankind!

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 28, 2017 – Sofia Vergara was photographed wearing 7 For All Mankind while shopping in Beverly Hills today! The actress looked chic pairing her tan sweater and sky-high heels with the Ankle Skinny with Trouser Released Hem in East Village ($209,
Photo courtesy of BACKGRID
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November 29, 2017

Give the gift of luxurious skincare with Luminesce

If you are looking for luxurious skincare to gift a special lady in your life, Luminesce has a fabulous line of skincare products to choose from. Two of my favorites form the line are  LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE and ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL

The LUMINESCE™ ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL is a hydrating body lotion that moisturizes your skin from head to toe. The lightweight formula is non-greasy and fortified with legume and fruit extracts, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed. With the cold weather, my skin gets dry almost overnight and I like to find a formula that will keep it hydrated, but that isn’t too heavy or will clog pores. The Luminesce Body Renewal lotion is perfect for that with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin soft, healthy, and glowing.

The LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE is an extremely nourishing, listing masque that is uniquely formulated with APT-200™. While it does have a higher price point, this masque definitely packs a punch. You apply the thick, clear, gel like formula to your face and neck and let sit for 15-20 min and once dry, slowly peel the layer of masque off in strips, a la American Psycho style. It reminded me of pore cleansing strips, but less abrasive and painful and exfoliates and cleanses your entire face, not just one area. The directions state to apply a thin layer, however I applied it slightly heavier the second time and found it was much easier to remove that way. Old, dead skin cells peel away with the masque leaving behind smooth, more youthful looking skin which I noticed almost immediately. Once I finished washing the formula off, my skin felt tighter and looked brighter. This is definitely a great product to add to your weekly skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

The LUMINESCE™ ULTIMATE LIFTING MASQUE and ESSENTIAL BODY RENEWAL, both part of the company’s anti-aging skin care line, are dermatologist formulated to restore vitality and radiance to your skin.

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November 29, 2017

3 Signs It’s Time to See Your Doctor for Your Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are never easy to deal with. At first, it’s always possible to put them in the back of your mind and cope with them, but at a certain point they can become not only unsightly, but dangerous for your health. But at which point should you consider seeking professional treatment? In this article, we’re going to give you a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to see a doctor. We’ll also tell you how your doctor can help.

Your Legs Are Getting Swollen

If for no apparent reason you start experiencing sharp pain in your legs, then it could mean that one of your deep veins is being obstructed by a blood clot. If that is the case, that is a serious situation that should be assessed immediately. A lump under the skin could also be caused by a blood clot, but it could be caused by an inflamed vein as well. While this isn’t always indicative of a worse condition, it would be wise to consult a doctor as a preventive measure.

Sudden Bleeding

Another clear sign that something is wrong is if the skin that is covering the varicose veins starts bleeding either on its own or after contact. The skin that covers varicose veins has a tendency to be very thin and break easily. If your skin breaks easily especially around the varicose, consult a doctor immediately.

Home Treatment Aren’t Working

Many home treatments can be used to treat or reduce the appearance of varicose veins. Things like grape seed extract, centella asiatica and rutosides have all shown some results in the treatment of varicose veins. Changes to your diet can also be made to alleviate the symptoms. But if even after all these changes, the problem still persists or becomes worse, then it’s definitely time to see a professional.

What a Doctor Can Do for You

In addition to giving you a few pieces of advice on how to modify your lifestyle to reduce the occurrence of varicose veins, doctors have a wide variety of procedures that they can perform to shut veins completely.

One of the most popular treatments for varicose veins is sclerotherapy. With this method, the doctor injects a liquid into the veins that will force them to close. The liquid will scar the valve, causing it to close naturally. This procedure is rather simple and is usually performed on smaller veins.

Laser treatment is also increasing in popularity because of its non-invasive nature and great results. This method is usually performed on spider veins, but can also be done on bigger veins as well. For deep veins, a special fiber is inserted directly inside the vein and closed through laser ablation. Clinics like NY Metro Vein, for instance, specialize in laser varicose vein removal.


Varicose veins are very serious and go well beyond aesthetics. Neglecting to treat your varicose veins could lead to severe complications and even incapacitate you. If you notice any of the symptoms outlined in this article, make sure that you consult a doctor immediately.

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