February 1, 2019

StackedSkincare Launches Brand at Sephora

Kerry Benjamin’s premium serums and tools now available on prestige beauty site

It’s been a banner year already for StackedSkincare, the independently owned and operated premier beauty brand, launched by Kerry Benjamin in Los Angeles in 2012. Having expanded its retail footprint in 2018 to select luxury retailers in the US, the brand launched on Sephora.com on January 29, 2019 with its newest and best-selling tools and serums. Together with the Sephora team, Benjamin has chosen items that will strike a chord with the retailer’s discerning customer base, who want nothing but the best in skincare.

“I’ve always been selective with my brand’s retail growth strategy by only choosing partners who are the right brand fit,” Kerry says. “Sephora is the perfect retailer for StackedSkincare; they are experts in the luxury beauty retail space with a massive global audience, and to be launching on their site with some of our best-selling products is a huge milestone for our company. I’m confident that Sephora’s customers are going to love what we have for them!”

Available on Sephora.com since January 29, 2019 are nine SKUs in total, including the brand’s new Microneedling Tool 2.0Dermaplaning ToolIce Roller, and EGF Activating Serum, just four of the best-selling items for which StackedSkincare has become rooted on the maps of skincare aficionados. A complete range of products including PSC Peptide Serum, Dermaplaning Tool Refill Trio, Hyaluronic Acid Champaca Hydrating Serum, Micro-Roller, and Microneedling Tool 2.0 Roller Head Twin Refill Pack, round out the retailer’s offerings, making healthy, bright skin accessible and easier than ever to maintain.

For more information on StackedSkincare and its entry into Sephora, please visit the StackedSkincare store at Sephora.com.

About StackedSkincare
Based in sunny Los Angeles, StackedSkincare® is a premier luxury skin care brand that enables professional-grade treatments for driving active ingredients deeper into the skin. Envisioned by esthetician Kerry Benjamin, the product line helps address various conditions including acne, anti-aging, hydration, hyperpigmentation, and eczema among others. It includes cleansers, peels, exfoliants, serums, and high-end tools such as micro-rollers, microneedling, and dermaplaning tools, which can be found atwww.stackedskincare.com, or in prestige beauty stores.

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March 4, 2018

Designer Bags: The Next Big Thing in Wearable Tech

Purses haven’t changed much over time; they’re still basically cloth or leather pouches that hold your things. And that’s pretty boring. It’s long overdo that these accessories do more for you. With the emergence of wearable technology, your designer bag can now incorporate your everyday technology to make your life a little easier. The following are some of the best designer bags and their technological upgrades:

Electronics Compartments

You carry your smartphone with you everywhere, and it easily fits in your purse, but what about your other devices? You carry a laptop, tablet, e-reader, cords, chargers and batteries with you to and from work and when you travel. Unfortunately, your standard bag doesn’t account for these valuable devices. This is why designer bag company Knomo has created purses that keep everything safe and organized. Their bags include a padded laptop pouch, tablet holder and phone slip pocket for your devices. They also have a pen holder, key loop and a deep pocket to keep your other items without having to worry that they might scratch your electronics’ screens or get lost down at the bottom. When your purse feels like a black hole, this is the tech solution for you.

Charging Capabilities

You’re not always going to have access to a wall outlet where you can charge your smartphone, and you don’t always want to carry an external battery that can easily unplug inside your purse. This is where Kate Spade and Everpurse made a great technological partnership. Both parties were unwilling to sacrifice style and design for charging technology. They want to provide women with a seamless way to charge their phones without advertising it to the world or having ugly, flashy wearable technology stamped on the bag. They came up with a charging pouch inside the purse that is unobtrusive on the inside and invisible on the outside. It works with most major phone designs and sizes, such as the durable Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. They want this type of technology to become the standard where you don’t think of it as an add-on, but simply a part of the overall design.

Fashion Statements

Not all tech is meant to blend in; it’s meant to make a statement. VanDerWaals has come up with a line of bags that does just that. These purses are meant to have the ultimate customizable function with the ability to change color on a whim. The outside of the bag looks like a normal leather until you connect it with an app that enables you to change the colors of the outside. This provides you with the ability to change your look from day to night with the press of a button. Or, if you decide that you want to wear a different outfit that doesn’t match your purse, you can easily change the outside color. The bags also have charging stations inside of them to make sure your smartphone battery isn’t drained. With this type of technology, there are limitless options for customization with the help of apps in the future.

Purses no longer have to be sacks that can only carry your things. The major designers are starting to join the future with technology use and integration. With wearable tech advancing rapidly, these accessories are sure to become smarter, more useful and more stylish with each upgrade.


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September 11, 2017

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Saree Blouse Online


Nowadays, sarees are the most commonly worn traditional wear for parties, functions, formal events, office, etc. Sarees are not only comfortable and affordable, but they also look elegant and trendy.

There are various vendors and companies that sell readymade blouses online. However, there are some things to bear in mind before purchasing a saree blouse online.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Saree Blouse Online

Blouses play a key role when it comes to styling a saree. You can choose designer blouse sleeves patterns or necklines to compliment your saree designs and handwork.

  • Take Appropriate Measurements

It is important for you to take the correct body measurements before purchasing blouse online. You should keep some extra margin for the blouse as our body size changes with time.

You should measure the cup size, bust size, length of sleeves, arm holes, depth of back and front neck and area above the bust. Furthermore, you should also consider some specific things like whether you want to go for zipper instead of hooks while entering the details online.

  • Checking size chart

You should check the size table of every selected blouse before purchasing it. Take the body measurements, and then check the size chart of every blouse as there could be slight variation in the sizes of various brands.

  • Checking the fabric

It is important to check the blouse fabric before buying it. You should check the fabric along with the pattern or designs to smartly match it with your saree. There are different types of fabrics to choose from. Hence, you should also consider factors like comfort and budget while selecting a particular fabric type.

  • Checking the return policy

You should always check the return policy of the product before purchasing it. You can easily return it in case you are not satisfied with it. To avoid losing your money, it is important to consider the refund and return policy.

  • Checking customer reviews

You should always check the customer feedback on the seller’s website before making your purchase decision. It will help you to know the quality of their products, customer satisfaction, delivery and shipping. The experiences of other customers will give you an idea about what you should expect from a seller.

  • Order a large size

If you are not sure about your measurements, then it is suggested that you go for non-stitched blouses. While it would save you time and money, it would be best to get the blouse stitched by a tailor in such cases. However, if you prefer a readymade blouse, then go for a larger size, so that you can easily exchange it, if it doesn’t fit you.

  • Checking shipping costs

Many e-sellers offer additional discounts on making cash purchases. You should read all the fine prints and check the shipping costs before ordering any product online. Check the total bill after adding the shipping costs to make sure you are not paying high for the delivery.


Hope this precise guide will help you to purchase a saree blouse online.

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July 2, 2015

Style Your Home Red, White and Blue Year-round

Jason-Bell-living-roomThe month of July is when we celebrate our country’s independence. Homes across America gather their family and friends for backyard barbeques with a red, white and blue, stars and stripes theme reminiscent of our country’s flag; ending the evening with a bang through a dazzling display of fireworks. I love to decorate with red, white and blue because of its classic, regal historical look and feel. It’s never passé to show your patriotic colors and it’s easier than you think to capture the spirit of Independence Day year around in your home. Here are some simple tips to decorate your home and pay tribute to our red, white and blue flag with style year around.

The family room is the beating heart of every house. It’s where family and friends culminate to spend time together making it the perfect place to display your patriotic home décor. Create a focal point in your room by painting a wall your favorite shade of red and accent with blue and white. Find a stark white paint for your other walls and incorporate a blue or white sofa, chairs and coffee table that compliments your scheme. Let the red stand out on your wall and bring a few accessories into the room in shades of red through books, flowers, and frames or American flags.

All-American-Kitchens-Red-White-Blue-2While the family room is the beating heart, the kitchen is the pulse to your home. If there’s something cooking there will be someone looking, so this really is one of the most important rooms in your house when it comes to design. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen so you need to love its look, layout and function. I adore a red, white and blue kitchen because of its simple, clean appeal. White cabinets are a must! They can make a small kitchen appear larger and make the space feel open. Try using a solid blue countertop, white subway tile backsplash and add red accents to the room through your lighting, countertop appliances, flowers, dinnerware, or window coverings. Think about using a collection of small flags on wooden dowels in a white vase as a patriotic table centerpiece.

Your guest bath is a really fun place to express personality and create a conversation piece for your guests at the same time. So when it comes to the guest bath I love to think outside the box. Make a patriotic statement with blue pattered walls, stark white trim and red-hot accessories. Consider using wallpaper or fabric in a classic toile or pattern colored in red, white and blue. Use a contrasting color from the main color on your walls to paint your trim a bold color of red or blue. Or keep your walls a stark white or hue of blue and add a bold punch of red through your lighting, sink or toilet.

combination-of-various-patterns-and-prints-in-blue-white-and-red-for-a-plush-bedroomWhen it comes to decorating a bedroom it doesn’t have to be all stars and stripes. Try using checker and dot patterns of red, white and blue to bring a charming and whimsical patriotic feel to your space. American country antiques, hooked rugs or classic red, white and blue quilts look stunning and are all timeless depictions of our countries history. Consider repurposing old furniture pieces to make them new again by adding a patriotic touch painting them in rich hues of red or blue. Remember that lighting is the jewelry to your home and this is also an important way to incorporate red, white and blue into your room.

Shelf-CompleteAccessorizing each room in your home is the glue that ties your design together. It’s not something that you can do overnight but it’s important and fun to collect the right pieces a little bit at a time. Here’s one fun idea to think about in your search for household accessories to tie in nicely with a red, white and blue American theme. Collect flags for different eras and display them throughout your home as wall hangings or use them to make pillows or blankets with flag inspired motifs. This is something that the whole family can enjoy collecting together as you shop or travel. Just think you will be creating your own historical American museum in your home that can be passed down for generations to come.

Enjoy celebrating our Country’s Independence Day with your family and friends but most importantly, enjoy capturing the style and spirit of our freedom in your home year-round.




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June 1, 2015

Accentuate Those Eyes


Pencil Me In Cosmetics uses a high concentration of pigment in its formula. When pigment (the color) is saturated and blended properly into a formula, the color will be more vibrant and it will glide on easily. It feels very similar to applying mineral powders, wet or dry they glide on effortlessly. Our color lasts a long time & will not fade away. It will stay where you put it and not melt away. However, it is important to note that make- up remover residue, creamy rich eye & face creams can and do leave a film on the skin. If color cosmetics are applied on top of this film, there is a good chance that color, any color will not last.

A great trick to keep your color true and keep from fading is to gently dust translucent loose powder all over your face and neck before & after applying your color cosmetics. This technique gives the color something to adhere to. Like an artist’s canvas, you need to prepare it before you paint. Setting your color will help it to last.

To buy the Healthy Eyeliner Pencils talked about here, Visit www.PencilMeInCosmetics.com.

ABOUT: I’m Linda Eisner, the founder of Pencil Me In Cosmetics. I have over 30 years of experience designing, developing & creating cosmetics brands. If you are looking to create our own brand, I can help you. I created Pencil Me In natural eyeliner pencils for salons, spas, boutiques and healthy stores to be able to sell a quality product at a reasonable cost. We offer 2 display styles and 30 great colors to choose from. Our goal is to be partnering with establishments that understand the value of offering their clients quality and value.


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May 19, 2015

Orly’s Color Blast is BRILLIANT!!!

If you want your nails looking fabulous this Memorial Day weekend and beyond  ORLY has the perfect lacquer shades to jumpstart summer!




Check out the amazing selection of colorful shades from ORLY’s Color Blast collection, all colors are available for $7.00 each at Kohl’s, Kmart, Fred Meyer, Harmon and Maijer.

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May 18, 2015

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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May 4, 2015

Kylie Jenner Wears Brevity Jewelry


LOS ANGELES – May 4, 2015 – Kylie Jenner posted a photo on Instagram wearing Brevity jewelry this weekend! Kylie accessorized her fresh look with Brevity’s Tribal necklace in gold ($95, www.brevityjewelry.com).

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April 29, 2015

For Softer Lips, Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrubs are Sensational!

Find yourself wanting softer lips but lip balms don’t seem to be doing their job? Well then, give Good Earth Beauty lip scrubs a try! They come in a variety of different flavors like pink lemonade, bubblegum, vanilla lavender, strawberry, cherry vanilla, and chocolate.
I have tried  strawberry and chocolate and they were sensational! Not only did the scrub make my lips softer, but they’re also completely edible and taste great! Plus, they use all organic ingredients like organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil to make your lips feel as soft and healthy as possible. So if you’re looking to get your lips in great condition, give Good Earth Beauty lip scrubs a try!
Give all 6 flavors a try at goodearthbeauty.com
Rachel Murray, Teen blogger
Rachael M
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April 22, 2015

Celebrate Eco-friendly Nail Treatments from Lauren b.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day!!!   Paint your earth and your nails green with Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture (laurenbbeauty.com). This revolutionary nail treatment system is 5-Free, eco-friendly, vegan friendly, contains no harsh chemicals and are proudly crafted right here in the US! From base to color to topcoat, the groundbreaking treatment system is good for your nails, highly functional and fashionable!

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