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January 31, 2012

The SAG Awards: Red Carpet Beauty Trends for Spring

Ah, awards season. Any beauty maven worth her salt waits all year to watch as the biggest stars in Hollywood do their part to predict the dominant trends for next season. This year’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were no different, featuring noticeable beauty trends that will surely be sought-after come next season. Here, makeup expert, founder and CEO of FACES Beautiful and creator of the Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup, Gail Sagel, shares her favorite looks from the star-studded evening and offers insider tips for everyday wear.

Coral Clique

With many celebrities embracing the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to makeup, it was no surprise that understated beauty was the winner at the SAG Awards. As Gail puts it, “Coral is natural without being boring; it allows for color without anything overpowering your natural beauty. What we saw on Sunday night were celebrities embracing the minimalist look, but creating a dewier, softer version. The key here is to create a face that looks like it was sun-kissed.”

· Start with an all-over foundation that allows natural shine to come through. Gail suggests the FACES Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup for a dewy finish without looking too shiny.

· When it comes to blush and lip color, make sure to consider skin tone. The lighter the skin, the softer the coral should be; think peachy. If skin is medium, a pinky-coral is the most flattering. Darker skin tones can play with the color and go with a more intense orange tone.

· Gail cautions that it’s easy to go overboard with coral, so women should choose just one feature to play up. For example, if the lip color of choice is a stark, bold coral, give the cheeks a rest, as it will detract from the overall look.

Bold Brows

Eyebrows are having a moment. With so many celebrities embracing the bold brows trend, beauty-conscious women everywhere are taking note that this look will continue on through spring. Gail offers her expert eyebrow shaping advice: “Eyebrows are one of my favorite facial features because they really change the entire look of a face. For that reason, you have to be extremely careful with the bold brow trend, because too much brow can be overwhelming, while not enough can actually look unflattering on most face shapes.”

· First, find the right eye shadow color to fill in the eyebrow. For light brows, the color should be one or two shades darker than the normal eyebrow color, but not too dark, as it won’t blend well. For dark brows, choose a shade lighter.

· Using an angled eye shadow brush, fill in from the base of the brow upward. Afterward, run an eyebrow spooly brush through, brushing upward and making sure that all spots are filled in.

· To set eyebrows in place, use a tinted brow gel like Bare Escentials I.D. Brow Finishing Gel to ensure that these new masterpieces say set throughout the day and into the night.

Pastel Pouts

Pastel colors were all over the runways for spring 2012, encouraging celebrities to wear bright lips with confidence at the SAG Awards. “It’s so fun that colors like coral and fuchsia are being embraced by Hollywood. Many women shy away from a bold lip because it’s difficult to find the perfect match, but don’t be discouraged. Take advantage of the test products at your local beauty store and invest in some pastel tones for spring,” says Gail.

· Fair skin tones are lucky, as pinks complement the tone well. Try a lighter pink that has a peachy undertone, but stay away from a dark, extremely bright pink. Those colors will wash out your overall look.

· For medium skin tones, berry shades are best. Rather than going with a wine-colored berry, try a soft version of fuchsia. Think deep pinks and corals over bright shades.

· This trend was made for dark skin tones. For maximum impact, choose a pink with blue undertones. For show-stopping appeal, don an orange-hued coral.

“The key to any of these looks is to find the right version; settle on a color palate that brightens your skin and brings out the best of one’s own features. As they say, the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence.”

Information courtesy of Gail Sagel,

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January 27, 2012

Fit to Flick is an innovative knit hat that let’s you show off your ponytail, look very fashionable, and stay warm!

Can you believe that there is a fashionable knit hat with a patent pending slit in the back that let’s you wear your ponytail at various heights out the back of the hat, and when you want to wear your hair down, or have short hair like I do, the slit is not visible!

Now that is ingenious designing, and we have the creator of the Fit to Flick hat, Hannah Bomze to thank.

Hanna and her boyfriend were on a trip to Italy. It was cold winter weather and Hannah wore a “beanie” over her ponytail. (Quote from Hannah) “With a ponytail in my hair and the beanie on, the hat didn’t cover my ears properly, my silhouette looked like an alien’s, and my hair was a disaster when I took the hat off for photos.”

This inspired Hannah to design Fit to Flick. (quote from Hannah) “I created a line of head wear that looks chic with or without a ponytail.”

Ponytails are always popular, and now more than ever they are really trending in the fashion world! Hanna has created lovely knit hats for women and children and you can find out more about these hats and her beautiful silk Fit to FlicK collection for the warmer weather as well by visiting:
Here are some pictures of the various Fit to Flick hats and the variety of hairstyles that can be worn with this amazingly adaptable hat.

I love my Fit to Flick hat and it looks super on short hair but, I thought you’d enjoy my daughter-in-law Sara who is a speech-language pathologist wearing the hat with her very full long curly hair. She related numerous times the problem she also experienced with long ponytailed hair and trying to wear a hat. She was really thrilled with the comfort and fit of the Fit to Flick hat.

Sara looks very classy wearing the Fit to Flick hat, and when she gets to her job, her hair will be “professionally perfect” after she removes the hat. The fear of a “Bad Hair Day” is no longer something she’ll have to worry about!

Let’s not leave out the kids! Here are some pictures of the cute Fit to Flick hats for the younger crowd wearing a number of different styles that not only look really cute, but will keep their heads completely covered and warm. I’m sure there will be no complaints from the children about wearing these fun and stylish hats since they can be worn with so many hairstyles and look sensational too!

Make sure when you visit the website:
you also take a look at the stunning warmer season Fit to Flick silk designs. They are truly gorgeous.

You may purchase your favorite style Fit to Flick hat right online at:

Get with the look !! Fit to Flick ~ A hat for any hairstyle or any season, and….. when you wear your ponytail, Like Hannah says, “Flick it” !!

Fit to Flick gets a 5-Star rating for it’s unique versatility ! Great hat, Hannah 😀

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January 24, 2012



Last night at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, The Weinstein Company with The Cinema Society and Forevermark hosted members of the red carpet elite for the premiere of “W.E.” Alongside director Madonna, star Andrea Riseborough stood out from the crowd in a beautiful Marchesa gown and sleek, soft side-swept ‘do.

For the US premiere of the lauded film, Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team Member Thomas Dunkin created a polished yet youthful look for Andrea that embraced soft, natural-looking texture. To recreate this leading lady’s style at home, Thomas recommends these step-by-step tips.

1. Start by spraying a light amount of Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite throughout the hair.

2. Blow-dry while tousling with hands, lifting big random sections up vertically as you go to achieve added volume.

3. Once dry, use a large curling iron to create soft waves. (Stylist Tip: Run the curling iron through the hair taking care not to hold the iron in place too long for softer waves that don’t look like they came from a curling iron.)

4. After curling the whole head, create a diagonal side part and pin the back over to one side.

5. Emulsify a bit of Sebastian Professional Matte Putty in palms and use to separate the curls a bit. Finish the look with a gentle spray of Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray for light, controlled hold.

Check out images of Andrea Riseborough’s red carpet arrival at the New York premiere of “W.E.” on Wire Image:

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January 23, 2012

Sign up to win $500 in Amika Hair Loot & Louboutins up to $800!

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January 23, 2012

Freeman Beauty offers 33% off their Vita-K Professional Skin Care !

This is one of those opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of and get some amazing professional skin care products at a great price. These are products, and I quote,“are power-packed with the 
potent combination of ProVita-K Complex and anti-aging peptides (MatrixylR
3000*) to give skin a youthful and radiant appearance.

Last October I wrote about one of the six Vita-K Professional products. It was about Vita-K Professional Dark Circles which is a great product for the under eye area. I was not only delighted at how well this product worked but liked the look I achieved while wearing it. The finish of this light weight lotion is exceptional. It hydrates the delicate eye area for a smooth youthful appearance and it contains mica which helps light up the darkness under the eye.

When I found out that Freeman Beauty was offering 33% off any product in their Vita-K Professional line I couldn’t wait to share the news with you glam gals and guys!

Quoted from product information data:

Vita-K Professional Deep Facial Lines: “Contains Vitamin A that 
refines the skin tone and helps fight free radical sun damage.”
Vita-K Professional Crow’s Feet: “Contains Hyaluronic Acid that 
attracts moisture and instantly plumps the skin.”

•Vita-K Professional Acne Scar: “Contains Silica that helps correct and recover skin layers, adding in a dramatic reduction of the appearance of acne scars.” 
Vita-K Professional Age Spots: “Contains contains Licorice Root Extract 
that gently diminishes age spots and evens out skin tone.”
Vita-K Professional Spider Veins: “Contains Vitamin C that
 minimizes the appearance of spider veins by aiding circulation and
 strengthening vein walls.”
Vita-K Professional Dark Circles: “Contains Mica that brings
 more light to shadowy under-eyes, dramatically reducing the appearance of
 dark circles.

Do you have problems with any of the areas mentioned above? Then you’ll want to check out this exceptional opportunity to try the Vita-K Professional Product line.

Here’s how:
The coupon from FREEMAN BEAUTY for 33% off your choice of any Vita-K Professional product will be available from January 22nd to January 25th, 2012.

1. Check your newspaper! Coupons will be in newspapers across the nation.
2. Visit the Freeman Beauty website:
and enter the DISCOUNT CODE: VITAK33PR


You’ll find the VITA-K PROFESSIONAL products at mass merchandise stores that include:

You may also purchase them online at the website listed above!

Don’t miss out on this terrific offer! Make sure you check your newspapers or go to the above listed website now!!

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January 18, 2012

Congratulations to Claire Danes ~ Best Actress 2012 Golden Globe winner

I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Danes last year and would like to send congratulations to Claire on behalf of the whole It’s A Glam Thing team on winning the 2012 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Drama for HOMELAND !

Continued success, Claire !

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January 18, 2012

Golden Globes & Wella

Golden Globes-the precursor for the Oscars! Loving some of the glam hair looks! Here’s what our friends at Wella are saying…

Three of the Golden Globes winners were styled using Wella Professionals, including Madonna, Claire Danes and Michelle Williams! While Wella top artists were keeping their hands busy styling the celebs in LA, Wella Color Ambassador Aura Friedman, Wella Top Artist Alexandra Matiz and Celebrity Stylist Ricardo Rojas watched the live coverage to give us their inside scoop on the reigning hair trends on the red carpet.


Wella Professionals Stylists’ Reveal Tips to Achieve the Top Red Carpet Trends
The red carpet sparkled and shined tonight with award-worthy tresses. Wella Ambassadors Aura Friedman, Ricardo Rojas and Alexandra Matizwatched the red carpet arrivals and picked out the hair trends they noticed and loved.

“I loved the retro-styles 60’s styles that popped up on the red carpet this evening – very unexpected. It was both bad-ass and darling to see these girls bring these styles on to the red carpet.” – Wella Color Ambassador Aura Friedman
• Stars sporting this look included Nicole Richie, Zooey Deschanel, Frieda Pinto, Tina Fay and Michelle Williams (styled using Wella)

“My favorite look (tonight) is one which is easily re-created, feminine and timeless. The dress can be such an influence on the starlet’s red carpet hairstyle, and this look is so complimentary to a statement-making dress. – Celebrity Hair Stylist Ricardo Rojas
• Stars wearing this look tonight included Madonna (styled using Wella), Elle MacPherson, and Reese Witherspoon

“An expensive yet effortless look that is full of movement and life – a perfect red carpet look for a woman of any age was prominent on tonight’s red carpet.” – Wella Educator and Top Artist Alexandra Matiz
• Stars wearing this look tonight included Jessica Biel, Shailene Woodley (styled using Wella) and Rooney Mara.

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January 8, 2012

An interview about makeup tips with celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and brand ambassador, Tia Dantzler

Having the opportunity to ask Tia Dantzler some questions about makeup was quite a thrill for me. Tia shared great tips that you glam gals will be able to easily put to use and as a result not only save time, and money, but look your best from day right into evening, as well. Tia also graciously helped me update my look, and for that I am extremely grateful!

Tia Dantzler has quite an exceptional professional biography!

(Paraphrased from Tia Dantzler’s Bio) : Tia has worked with prominent individuals such as President Barak Obama on more than one occasion, and Senator Joe Lieberman, in the political arena.

In the entertainment field she has done work on Maxwell, Viola Davis, Common, Loretta Devine, Magic Johnson, Sherri Shepherd, Keke Palmer, Chandra Wilson, and Kane West. Tia’s work is most identifiable on Academy & Grammy Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson.

When it comes to the top Fashion Photographers, Tia has worked with Annie Liebovitz, Peggy Sirota, and Matthew Rolston.

Her work is also seen on most of the red carpet events including the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, BET Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and the NAACP Awards.

Tia’s work has also graced TV/Film sets, Fashion Week, National Ad Campaigns, Print, Music Videos, and Commercials.

You may visit : to get more updates on her work. It’s a very beautiful and informative website.

Here are my questions and Tia’s answers from the interview:

VICKI: Question #1- When I (Vicki) work on my beautiful “Global Skin toned” gals they always say they have trouble matching their skin tones, and keeping their skin looking natural. What would you recommend? Is there a particular type of foundation or other medium that is more versatile to even out a global skin tone that might be out there for them to try ?

TIA: Reply to Question #1- I would first suggest applying the foundation in thin layers, little by littler, rather than one thick unnatural layer. Another option would be to head to the cosmetic counter at your local department store to ask for assistance in picking out the perfect concealer for your skin tone. When choosing a concealer for under the eyes always go a shade lighter. When choosing a concealer for blemishes use a concealer the exact shade as your skin tone. Always set your foundation with a blot powder for long-lasting results.

VICKI: Question #2- We have our makeup cases with products for all the needs of our clients, but what would you suggest as far as the bare minimum essentials needed for a gal to carry with her on a daily basis to keep herself looking good at work, and still be able to add a bit of drama for an evening event, if needed?

TIA: Reply to Question #2- First, you always want to carry makeup wipes to clean up any smudges so you can even out your skin tone with pressed powder or a blot powder to tone down oily skin. Next, I would add some eyelashes to your outer lashes to create flirty lashes. I would then add a punch of color to your lips to finish off your night-time look.

VICKI: Question #3- What colors are trending now that the ladies could use with their basic products to update and not have to spend a fortune on all new makeup?

TIA: Reply to Question #3- I’m loving the colored eyeliners such as purple, green, or blue. These pencils help introduce some color to your eyes without breaking the bank. I love full eyelashes so I start off by spraying some Evian spray on a spoolie brush then dusting a bit of Johnson’s Baby Powder on the spoolie to coat the eyelashes, then I add two layers of my favorite mascara. This trick instantly creates full and defined eyelashes.

Those are some great ideas, Tia! If there are any of you who are wondering what a “SPOOLIE” brush is, many major companies carry them and this is what they look like:

Here is what I asked Tia about what I might do to update my look:
Tia, I am trying to get a little “edge” to my look, and ramp it up a bit from my short simple hair style that I’ve been wearing for quite a while 🙂 I have very natural dark hair and have decided to keep the back short and just grow the sides past my jaw with with long blonde streaks framing my face.

I have a tendency to “wash out” with my fair “Cool” under toned skin, and would like to get some advice about something for my face that would complement my new (still growing) hairstyle & look. Watcha’ think Tia ? I feel so “Blah” & need a lift! Can you help me ?

Here is Tia’s reply:
I absolutely love your cut! The key to your look is balance. I would really play up your eyes by filling in your brows a bit by using brow powder for a natural look. Next, I would use soft pinks, on the eyelid. Make sure you use my mascara tip to really bring the attention to your eyes. You have amazing cheek bones so I would add a bit of bronzer on the cheeks for a hint of color. Whatever your wearing on your lips in your photo…stick with that color as it looks amazing on you! Hope this advice was helpful to you!

I totally agreed with Tia’s assessment of what I needed to do to balance my look. What fantastic tips that I had never thought of doing before!

I proceeded to fill-in my brows with a shade of color that was a better match for my hair color. I used a pink eyeshadow on my eye lid, and absolutely loved the look. I got my spoolie brush out and used the Johnson’s Baby powder technique, and was totally impressed at the volume I was able to get with my eyelashes. I then used a bronzer on my cheeks, and couldn’t believe how natural it enhanced the contour of my face. It was a perfect solution! I blended my two favorite soft pink lip colors to create the same color as Tia suggested, and I was really happy with the subtle change from “Blah” to a more youthful glowing updated look! Thank you so much Tia…

Here is a picture of my new look!

If you would like more of Tia’s tips please visit:
http://the beauty

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January 3, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year….filled with bright hope and promise. Like many people, I make New Year’s resolutions. In fact one of my closest friends and I make them and send them to each other to see how well we do. We became friends when we were 15, so you can imagine the resolutions have certainly changed. From passing chemistry, to finding a job, to losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, I am sure that he has kept most of them, so they will be amusing to read and reflect on what our younger selves deemed as important. We’ve become smarter as we’ve gotten older!

In the past, we have compiled a list of tasks. Often while the resolutions may be lofty, some are also completely unrealistic. These tasks are laden with guilt and unknown inspiration to accomplish them. Not quite an unknown inspiration, rather our perception that by achieving these resolutions, we will have the “perfect “life. Or the perfect life as we think it to be.

This year we are looking at resolutions differently. While we can appreciate that we would like to do more, we are becoming more realistic as to what is resolutions are. Resolutions are not a way to achieve a “perfect” life, but they are a way to see our lives as being perfect, flaws and all. While I may not be able to become fluent in 3 different languages this year, I can see the beauty that is currently all around me. I need to take the time, stop, see it, and appreciate it. Technology is wonderful, but life seems to be moving at warp speed. I have no idea where 2011 went.

This year we want to find the time to include one thing that makes our day seem meaningful or worth-while. We have resolved to stop beating ourselves up for what we should have done and begin to recognize and be thankful for the one thing that we did do. Whether it is being nice to a stranger, calling a friend, trying a new recipe, spending time brushing a pet, even sleeping late and relaxing, it is being able to look back at one thing that you did that you are thankful for and appreciate.

It is to keep growing and learning, and also living life in the now. I am hoping that my New Year’s resolution will make me more conscious of doing things that I care about. You always hear how people near the end of their lives reflect on how they wished they had done things that were more meaningful to them. So here is to 2012. New beginnings. A time to realize that while I can’t change the past, I can be grateful for the lessons that I’ve learned. A time to realize that tomorrow isn’t here yet and spending time trying to anticipate its arrival wastes time today. Today is in my hands, make the most of it! Do the things that have meaning to you!

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January 2, 2012

New this year!

Happy New Year from KAMALIKULTURE coming to stores mid February. All styles under $100.

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