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December 30, 2010

Rule #1- Cleanse your skin and remove your makeup properly !

I started in theater at the early age of fifteen, and this was the first rule I learned. We wore a lot of makeup and it was, of course, a different type of consistency in comparison to what a person might wear every day. None the less, through the decades I’ve found that whether modeling, doing photo shoots, on-camera work, or just wearing my daily makeup that Rule # 1 still holds true! I always remove my makeup with an appropriate cleanser.

The makeup that you put on your face only looks as good as the skin that you put it on. Cleansing your skin properly and removing your makeup is essential. Any other products you use on your skin will be even more effective when used on a clean face.

Recently I had the opportunity to try the Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil by boscia®. I was quite impressed with this product! Not only is it gentle and light weight, but it breaks down your makeup while eliminating impurities. It’s quick, easy to use, and your skin not only feels so clean and healthy when you rinse it off, but looks great, as well!

Quoting from their benefits and key ingredient information ,boscia® Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil contains :
Peppermint and Eucalyptus which “invigorates congested senses”.

Rose Hip, Green Tea, and Golden Palm Oil which have properties that protect the skin from “free radical damage”, and a “unique nano-technology to refine pores”.

Jojoba Leaf and Willowherb to comfort sensitivities, and “prevent signs of aging” for a more youthful looking skin.

As the “leader in preservative-free skin care”, boscia® also carries a variety of cleansers, toners, and tonics, for your skin, stating “their cleansers combine the best of natures botanicals with Japanese technology to safely and effectively cleanse your skin.”

The boscia® Essential Basics Facial Cleansers are available at Sephora,, and

You know it’s never too late to start!! Get into a good habit of taking your makeup off and cleansing your skin each evening. Remember “beauty IS skin deep”. Make Rule #1 “YOUR” New Year’s Resolution for 2011!

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December 29, 2010

Games to Help Cure Cabin Fever

Table Topics Cards and Saturday Night Live The Game

 It is amazing how a few inches of snow can royally screw things up!! There is only so much TV you can watch, and heaven forbid the power goes out.  Is there anything you can do to entertain the kids, neighbors, or whoever happens to be locked in with you? Before the next blizzard hits, (or whatever weather that will keep you housebound!) and you find that you are stuck inside for a couple of days turning  your apartment into a bed and breakfast for stranded friends, check out these ideas as how to actually enjoy some of your new found free time and learn something about your guests.

Table Topics Idea Cards are a great way to pass the time, not only when snowbound, but for many events.  Cocktail parties, dinner parties, family night, date night, barbeque, picnic, travel, slumber party, teens, era trivia, road trips,  pretty much you name the occasion,  these collection of conversation starters are meant to spark fun, interesting and meaningful discussions.  Founded in 2002 by Cristy Clarke who was on her way to yet another cocktail party and dreading another evening of small talk that went nowhere, Cristy experimented on her family with on conversation starting topics. Cristy believes that every conversation we have has the potential to be great. It can inspire us to action, enrich our relationships and connect us to the people we care about the most. With table topics to inspire and create conversation, these cubes are fabulous for any event, whether hanging with the BFF’s or at a formal gathering. And with topics as to what was the funniest thing that has happened on a road trip, to your favorite 70’s theme song, to what was your first impression of your college freshman roommate, the responses would allow you to see a side of family and friends that perhaps you never knew existed.(

Stranded with a group of adults?? And let’s face it….sometimes they can be harder to entertain than the kids! So….pick “Saturday Night Live-The Game” up from Discover Bay Games (  This hilarious new party game features the best moments from Saturday Night Live packed into a mix of SNL inspired activities that will get you and your friends acting, guessing and laughing out loud.  You can customize the game and chose the cards from the SNL era you know the best.  The game, with four unique era packs (1970’s, 1980’s 1990’s and 2000’s) allows you and your friends a variety of activities. Playing across 400 cards, and featuring the best SNL  characters, hosts and musical guests from the past 35 years, would you be able to act out Roseanne Roseannadanna ,  Stuart Smalley, Mr. Robinson, or the Church Lady? Can you fake a headline from weekend update to get your team to guess a famous person? Or guess the correct product slogan for Booty Bidness or Crystal Gravy? There’s something for everyone-even if you don’t know a lot about the show!

These games will certainly keep you occupied and upbeat. Even if the power goes out and you are playing by candle light!


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December 28, 2010

New Year’s Resolution? Healthy Skin!

Well, starting the countdown to the New Year…..and with a New Year, comes the hopes of making it one of the best years ever! One resolution that we always have is to look the best that we can and that starts with good skin and healthy habits. One person who I always turn to when I need hair and make-up done for press and red carpet events, is Melinda Lombardi.  This Aussie born make-up maven and whiz with both an air and hair brush, has stunned me with her work.  Who knew I cleaned up that well?? I have become a sponge to her knowledge because I want to learn how I can make myself look almost as good as she does!  Here are some of her tips on how to plan for healthy skin in the New Year.

First and foremost; the importance of your diet. Your skin will reflect what is going on inside your body. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep your skin hydrated.  Eat a nutritional diet which includes plenty of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. There is so much information out there on the web about the effects of eating good vegetables and produce.  Check it out and incorporate all the healthy things you love to eat.

Melinda believes that good make-up starts with good skin and like successful dieting; preparation is a key factor to success.  So many women over look this and often wonder why their skin is not looking the best or their make-up does not look radiant.  Remember that your skin is your canvas and should be given the attention and care it deserves. Even if you start small, and start snacking on raw celery instead of cookies, your skin will show a difference. I started off by always keeping a container of water and carrots by my computer. 

Secondly, know when to seek professional help.  Yes, there is an abundance of help and advice available on the web, but if you have skin problems, make an appointment with a dermatologist and fix the problem once and for all. It may be something that is easily treatable. Or it could be a condition which may take expertise to treat, and could be a symptom of a larger problem.  Either way you owe it to yourself, your health and your self-confidence.

Melinda is also a big advocate of establishing a beauty routine.  She has seen the effects of a good cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine in the morning and night. It does your skin wonders.  She believes that you should not overlook the importance of exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps the skin cells turn over quicker creating more collagen and elastin in the skin.  Exfoliation allows products to be absorbed easier and deeper by the skin.  This means fewer wrinkles and more uniform healthy looking skin.   Exfoliation in the wintertime is even more important because your skin is much drier. Find and use a moisturizer that is good for your skin.  There are so many wonderful moisturizers, and exfoliators, for every budget and every skin type. Also add a great vitamin/anti oxidant cream to your routine.  Vitamins and anti-oxidants are a major ingredient in face creams, especially night creams, will boost collagen, elasticity and radiance.

If you are not used to have a beauty routine, is there an easy way to ease yourself into creating one? One of Melinda’s favorite tricks is to place cleansers, exfoliants, toners, masks and moisturizers in a place where they are easily accessible so you will remember to use them.  She keeps some of her favorite products in the shower so she remembers to use them every day.  She also uses items that work quickly; there are some great 1-3 minute masks out there that you can pop on in the shower, use and by the time you have finished washing your hair, it has done its magic.

The one item to never leave the house without putting on? Yep, you guessed it. Sunscreen! It helps to protect the skin.  It also helps to minimize the damaging and aging effects of the sun.  There are so many moisturizers on the market which have built in sunscreen making it easier to remember to apply.

If the occasional break-out occurs?  NEVER pop a pimple.  It will only make the matter worse and it will spread bacteria to other sections of your face. It can also leave scars. If acne is a big problem, seek professional help! Keeping brushes and applicators clean will also stop additional bacteria and germs from getting on your skin.  If possible clean after every use.  One thing that I have gotten into the habit of doing is keeping a small glass that I fill with hot soapy water before I do my make-up.  When I am done with the brush or applicator, I toss it in the glass.  When I am finished with my make-up, I rinse the brushes and applicators under running water and wrap in a towel to dry throughout the day.  They are clean and ready for the next time I am ready to use them, and with a minimal amount of fuss.

Another way to keep bacteria out of products is by using clean plastic spatulas, for instance when applying moisturizer.  In addition to keeping products clean, you will use smaller amounts, which certainly is an advantage economically, especially for some of those expensive products.  If you find this too tedious, then wash your hands in an anti-bacterial rinse before dipping in!

Never keep products that have expired! They lose the effectiveness. Toss out old make-up and products. They collect bacteria and can spread it over skin. The benefit of getting rid of old make-up? You get to go shopping and look for new products. New products can get you excited and as silly as it sounds, the more excited you are about a product, the more likely you are to use it!

A couple of good habits to also embark on in the New Year?  Always wash your face before you go to sleep.  We all get lazy and it is there are times you forget to take off your makeup before going to bed.  Make it a ritual!  Straight after brushing your teeth! Your face should always be cleaned and moisturized before going to bed. 

Another resolution? Try to fall asleep on your back.  This is really hard for the people who sleep on their stomach but wrinkles can form while we sleep.  Try using an extremely soft pillow on top of the pillow you love can help minimize the creation of lines.  I personally have a difficult time falling asleep on my back and a Vanity Pillow by Plum Design does the trick.

I will be bringing you more of Melinda’s tips over the New Year, and I welcome the chance to share her expertise!

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December 25, 2010

Wishing Everyone…….

A Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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December 21, 2010

2011 – The Year for Wendy Wilson

We all know singer Wendy Wilson, her sister Carnie Wilson and childhood friend Chynna Phillips as the famous award-winning pop group Wilson Phillips from the 90′s. And, of course, Wendy and Carnie as the daughters of Brian Wilson, the celebrated founder of The Beach Boys.

This winter marks the 20-year anniversary of Wilson Phillips, and the group is back together with a new Christmas Album titled “Christmas in Harmony.” I’ll share more about that a bit later, but first I’d like you to get to know Wendy Wilson, as I did during our recent phone interview.

At 41, Wendy is a charismatic, multi-talented woman with a natural beauty that radiates from within. I really enjoyed our conversation.

I spoke with Wendy shortly after Thanksgiving and was curious how she, her musician/sound engineer husband Dan Knutson, and their four young boys — Leo (age 7), Beau (age 6), and identical twins Jessie and Will (age 3) — spent the holiday.

Wendy said they went to her mother’s “festively-decorated” Brentwood home for a lovely family celebration. Wendy loves to cook, and this year she prepared a new candied yam recipe that was a hit. (BTW: Wendy’s mom Marilyn is famous in her own right – from the 1960’s girl group The Honeys.)

I was so happy to receive this Thanksgiving picture of the Knutsons.

(Left to right: Dan, Jessie, Beau, Leo, Will and Wendy)

So how did Wendy meet her husband Dan? The pair clicked while she was performing with “The Beach Boy’s Family & Friends Tour” nearly ten years ago – Dan was working as a sound person. I also learned that Dan is a super talented and self-taught musician, who can play a number of instruments and also writes music. It’s no surprise that the Knutson children, while still pint sized, are also gifted musically.

I had mentioned to Wendy how unique the children’s names were and she told me that she and Dan chose them based on actual names of Cowboys.

This seemed like the perfect time to find out how Wendy switches gears from being a busy wife and mother at home to a famous entertainer traveling around the country.

Wendy told me she always had the ability to focus and switch gears, and despite missing her family like crazy when she’s on the road, she is able to transition between the two mindsets. When on the road she talks with her children each morning and evening just like she’s right at home with them, and the outcome works. When performing, she’s focused on entertaining and having a great time.

Image and beauty was next on my list and Wendy said she really liked the Gift Basket she received from Lisa Cocuzza’s It’s a Glam Thing and has been using many of the goodies daily, including Systeme 41 Nourishing Day Cream.

Wendy loves cosmetics and enjoys having her makeup done professionally when work calls for it. She appreciates the process and creativity that comes from being in the makeup chair, and has learned a lot from working with makeup artists during her career. She considers herself a “lipstick and mascara gal” on her own time, with MAC among her favorite product lines.

Wendy often does her own hair coloring and favors the Medium Golden Brown shade by Loreal. The artist recently had highlights added and, during a trip to New York this fall, braved the scissors and had her hair cut with some layers.

When Wendy is in New York, she looks forward to getting pampered at the Gita Gabriel Salon and Spa on East 60th Street, where services include facials, mani-pedis, and massage. During hard-to-find free time in Los Angeles, it’s a rare treat for Wendy to sneak away to a day spa like Burke Williams for a little R and R.

When it comes to fashion, Wendy has some favorite designers including UGG, BCBG, Prada, Jill Sanders, Calvin Klein, Free People and Donna Karen. A new find for Wendy are J BRAND jeans.

Wendy’s (and Wilson Phillips) new stylist is Art Conn. She told me his input is amazing, as he knows colors, styles, and looks that just work for each of us as individuals….classy and fun…exactly right for the group.

I wondered how Wendy felt about the comeback of Wilson Phillips. She said she was thrilled to be working together again with the girls. “It’s like going back to the early 90′s… same energy…a positive reception from the public…just the perfect time of life for all of us.”

These gals really have an appreciation and love for one another!

What other future opportunities interest Wendy? The talented wife and mom is in discussion to write a cookbook. Along these lines, there’s been talk about Wendy hosting a cooking show, serving as a judge on a reality show, endorsing products close to her heart and recording a children’s album, maybe even with her own kids! Whatever Wendy chooses to pursue, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of this special lady in 2011.

But for right now, the multi-platinum selling trio of Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, and Chynna Phillips are back with an incredible Christmas Album (“Christmas in Harmony”), music that is sure to light up the holidays.

Visit this site for information about “Christmas in Harmony” and hear songs from the new CD.

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December 19, 2010

Fun Holiday “Stocking-Stuffer” Ideas

This is the perfect Holiday “Must Have” gift for all the little girls and young ladies in your life.

I’m a “kid at heart” and wouldn’t be without “my” Piggy Paint, and with five young granddaughters, I also paint a lot of fingernails and toenails.

You can imagine my enthusiasm when I read how Stay-at-Home Mom, Melanie Hurley, due to concerns about traditional kid polishes for her children from the chemicals to the smells of solvent-based polishes, became the founder of Piggy Paint. As a result, Piggy Paint offers consumers a safe nail product that’s environment friendly, as well !

Piggy Paint is:
* Water-Based
* Non-Toxic
* Free of Formaldehyde, Ethel Acetate, Acetone, and other harsh chemicals
* Hypoallergenic, with an odorless formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive hands and noses

They glide on with ease, dry quickly, and are removed with Piggy Paint Polish Remover .

Piggy Paint has a variety of great colors and gift sets, too!!

Earlier this spring, Piggy Paint launched their new line “Project Earth”. These polishes are geared toward the “Tweens” interested in eco-friendly alternatives. This line includes 5 colors and a “glow in the dark” polish!

Find out more about Piggy Paint at As the company says, ” PIGGY PAINT….It’s as Natural as Mud! “


All ages love Bling Strands. You really must visit their website at to see how easy these beautiful strands of shimmering metallic fibers can be tied into your hair with a knot to add a simple every day glimmer or holiday shimmer to any length hair or hairstyle. There are video and written instructions on their website.

Bling Strands are made in the United States and are guaranteed to be lead-free, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

Bling Strands:
* Require no tools or glue
*Can be washed, dried, flat-ironed and curled (up to 400 degrees)
*Remain in your hair from a few days to several weeks (unless removed)
*17 colors are available – In Natural, Brights, and Pastels
*Only a few strands are needed (10-12) for an “eye catching” look

What a unique gift for girlfriends to exchange during this festive season! You can get together and create some fun looks by tying them in to each others hair, or, if you choose, you can have your hairstylist put them in your hair.

One thing for sure, Bling Strands is a gift that will be remembered, and enjoyed….

While you’re on the Bling Strand website check out the “New” Bling Jewels! These are genuine crystals that bond to your hair with a flat iron and are easily removed. They make a terrific gift, too!

Remember, you’ll “Light” up any room you walk into when you’re wearing Bling Strands, Bling Jewels, or…. Both!


This product caught “my” attention in the first line of their press release that read, “Creatively-challenged” Bowdabra creator (Sandy Sandler) helps crafters tackle tiny bows with the Mini Bowdabra

I’ve always been amazed at the lovely craft work I’ve seen not only in stores, but have personally received as gifts over the years.

This little Mini Bowdabra would be the ideal gift for both experienced crafters, younger crafters just getting started, and especially the “creatively-challenged crafters” who would love to “let loose’ their creativity.

The Mini Bowdabra can create tiny bows for scrapbooks, handmade cards, little hair accessories, and many other projects.

This would be a treasured “Stocking Stuffer”, and not only can you purchase it on their public website :, but the recipient of the gift can go to the website and subscribe to their newsletter, download craft ideas, and more.

The Mini Bowdabra is really one of those gifts that “keeps on giving”.

Wishes to all for a happy, safe, and a wonderful holiday season with family and friends…..

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December 18, 2010

Conversation with BEAUTY DIRECTOR for Shape magazine, Ellen Miller

Skin Care Conversations with Ellen Miller

As BEAUTY DIRECTOR for Shape magazine, Ellen Miller has learned a thing about skin care.  I am happy to share her expertise….

We all know what healthy skin looks like…..the skin is clear, there is a certain plumpness to it. It appears hydrated and luminescent. There are no brown areas, red areas, there is an even skin tone.  Even if you have good skin to begin with, as we age, it is important to protect and keep your skin healthy by adapting a skin care regiment.

What makes a good skin care regiment? How many steps are involved? How does food affect the skin? What about travel? Do anti-oxidants help?  What are ingredients to avoid in skincare products? Can Ellen debunk the three top skincare myths?  Ellen addressed these issues while she was speaking to a group of skin care professionals at the Dermalogica Skincare Institute in Chelsea.

Of course the most professional advice one can get would be from a dermatologist. This is a great first step as you will learn about the condition that your skin is currently in, and how to avoid future damage.  Once you have that roadmap, the next step would to visit to a skincare specialist and discuss a skincare regiment that is tailor made for your skin care needs. Skin can react differently during seasons, age, stress, so it is important to get to know a doctor and skin specialist well.

What is Ellen’s beauty routine? She starts with a cleanser, followed by a toner, uses an anti-oxidant serum, and uses a day cream (with 30 SPF) and a night cream.  She uses a mask on occasion.  A great daily regiment! It is one I use as well, although I wish I had started in when I was much younger! They say it takes 30 days for a routine to become a habit, and this is a good habit to form. 

Let’s break down the routine…..cleanser is a no-brainer. Good skin starts with clean skin. Next is the toner, which brings us to myth number 1-are toners necessary? This myth came about many years ago,  before skincare was revolutionized. Toners of old , contained mainly alcohol.  They have since advanced since there early inception. Toners now contain very little (and in some cases no) alcohol.  They no longer dry the skin, rather they exfoliate and help prep the skin for moisturizer.

Myth number 2- do you have to moisturize oily skin? The answer is YES! If you dry out oily and acne prone skin, you will actually produce MORE oil and have more breakouts.  The person with oily skin needs to use something lightweight, without mineral oil so that they do not clog their pores . Mineral make-up is also good for oily skin. A normal make-up sinks into skin.  A mineral make-up sits on top of the skin, keeping pores clearer.

Anti-oxidant SERUMS which normally contain vitamin C and E, are concentrated formulas that immediately go to work on the skin.  They repair past damage, as well as protect and hydrate the skin. They help stimulate the body to make more collagen and ELASTIN (which the body makes less of as you age). 

Sunscreen is the most important way to protect your skin.  Most day creams now contain sunscreen.  Look for at least 30 SPF, and yes, sunscreen does expire. Chances are you will use the sunscreen before it expires, but if you’ve had it for a year, toss it.  There are now make-ups that contain sunscreen.  Are you better off with a day cream or a make-up that has sunscreen? You do need a lot of sunscreen protection, and chances are that you would apply a day cream more liberally than a make-up, so chances are the day cream with sunscreen is your best bet.

A night cream usually differs from a day cream in that sunscreen usually is not a component.  In most cases it may have more anti-oxidants, including retinol which can make skin sensitive to the sun.  The night cream usually can do some heavy repair work, as well as moisturize to ready for the next day. 

So if most of the skincare formulas are the same, why can there be such a huge difference in price? Well, we American consumers know that just moisturizing isn’t enough to protect and maintain your skin. We are paying for the science and research.  In most cases, we are paying for a greater concentration of the product.  If price is an issue (when isn’t it?) then you need to choose the one treatment that is the most important to you and invest in that.  You can always swap out.

Your diet is also always important.  You should eat foods rich in omega 3’s, such as nuts, salmon, as they help plump up the skin.  Also eat foods that are RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS which means lots of fruits and veggies.  They will help protect your skin. Drinking a lot of water is a must.  It keeps the skin hydrated.  And when travelling? Traveling does  affects the skin…..drink as much water as possible. Moisturize before during and after, and especially keep your lips well moisturized. 

For those of us with sensitive skin, there are things to avoid.  Anyone can react to anything.  And while you may be fine using your favorite product for years, you may suddenly have a problem with the product.  Skin will react different in seasons.  Age comes into play, and so does stress.  Environmental conditions can also affect the skin which brings me to myth # 3.

Myth #3 , are facials worth the money? Yes, because it is a good time to check in with your skin.  It gives you a one-on-one consultation with an expert who can point you in the right direction, and make sure that you are using your money wisely. 

It is no coincidence that Ellen gave her talk at Dermalogica.  Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. For over the past 25 years, Dermalogica has been dedicated to delivering skin care health results through education, innovation and professional recommendation.  It is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that can aggreivate skin. A Dermalogica professional will decode your skin-zone by zone-and equip you with the real advice and results –driven regimen.

For more on Ellen, go to and you can check out Dermalogica at


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December 17, 2010

Need a Table at the Hottest Restaurant?

Today’s Epicure. Com

It’s that time of year! The latest Zagat’s is out listing the best restaurants. New York City is a fabulous place for us “foodies”. We have exclusive restaurants, world-class chefs, innovative cuisines, stylish atmospheres, impeccable service, all of which lead to extra-ordinary dining experiences. Whether we are wining and dining our clients, our families, our friends, our just ourselves, we know that we are WHERE we eat. It is part of the fun and excitement of living here……

What isn’t fun of these “see and be seen” restaurants is trying to get a reservation! If you aren’t a world-renowned food critic, or an “A-lister” or the latest reality star, you could be making a reservation months in advance. That can be a problem when an account that you need to land comes into town last minute and wants to go to Ciano! I know I always felt that when I had clients in town, that they knew some of the highest calibers restaurants and most sought after places better than I did! And they expected to go—the fact that you couldn’t get a reservation was not an option. If only you knew someone who was a concierge!

Thankfully we all now know The Concierge’s concierge! French-born Pascal Riffaud, with over his 30 years of world-wide concierge service experience has created , an exclusive reservation concierge service that offers its members access to the best restaurants in New York City.  For the first time is offering New Yorkers and ingenuous visitors direct access to the most exclusive and trendiest establishments.  The newly launched Web site is the first and only site that allows a member to book a reservation at restaurants that typically demand weeks to even months in advance.  Mr. Riffaud has created an innovative and convenient way for members to reserve tables at New York City’s famous hotspots; he does the work for you, even canceling it if the need arises.

Serving in such prestigious and legendary places as Hotel Prince De Galles in Paris, The Stanhope and St. Regis in New York, Mr. Riffaud rose to the rank of Chief Concierge where he was responsible for directing the concierge service operations. His philosophy was to always make it happen for his clients, and never take NO for an answer.  Fluent in four languages, he has built relationships with some of the finest chefs and Maitre’s around the world.

Launching PCI, Personal Concierge International, and the first private concierge service outside of a hotel in 1995, Mr. Riffaud’s career took an exciting turn. Seeing that there was a need to facilitate access to Manhattan’s most elite and hard to obtain reservations, he created his latest venture to provide his members unforgettable dining moments.  Having his finger on the pulse of what’s “hot” in New York, he personally handpicks, goes to and frequents the restaurants in the portfolio of to maintain the highest standards of choices for his members.

The site of ( is extremely user friendly. Once someone has become a member, in just three clicks users at a glance, can obtain virtually guaranteed reservations at some of the finest restaurants in NYC for the exact date and time they desire.  It also allows you to see what is available the current (up to about 3pm) and the next day.  Looking for a certain cuisine? You can search for that as well.  And for you lucky IPhone, IPad users, the site can act as a GPS, locate where you are and restaurants with openings that are close by. (And you will receive the holiday gift of a free ipod touch if you join with a  yearly membership). is not just for Manhattan. It works for the hotspots in the boroughs, the Hamptons, Upstate New York, Miami and Paris.

Must run……my table is ready!

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December 14, 2010

Need Motivation for your Winter Workout?

I have a plaque that some friends gave me hanging in my bathroom.  It says “I wish I was a bear. Everyone would expect me to have hairy legs, excess body fat and wake up growling!” And I’d also be able to hibernate, I thought as I put on another layer to get ready to venture outside in our polar plunge.  It is hard to stay motivated to exercise with these temperatures. Sometimes motivation comes in the strangest forms…….

My friend Michelle sent me an email of Miley Cyrus who is on location in New Orleans filming her movie So Undercover. OMG….look at that skirt………………Armani Exchange and reasonably priced??? I just got my motivation…………nothing like knowing that I have only a few months to get my legs in condition to wear a skirt like that this spring!!

Thank you Michelle~!!!

Armani Exchange

Floral Printed Mini Skirt


Available at Armani Exchange stores nationwide and online at

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December 14, 2010

Julianna Margulies Opens Up in January’s Harper’s Bazaar

 I’ve been a fan of Julianna Margulies since her guest stint on Law and Order, which was well before her ER days.  And as to her co-star Alan Cumming….I’ve been hypnotized by him since I saw him on Broadway in Cabaret! So when I got to preview the January edition of one of my favorite magazines, Harper’s Bazaar to see Julianna not only on the cover, but interviewed by her costar Alan, I was thrilled!

In the article, Julianna opens up about her role on the hit series The Good Wife. She talks about balancing motherhood, with career, and feeling sexy for her husband.  Alexi Lubomirski shot the photos for the piece which certainly show Julianna’s sexy side. She may play a repressed Wasp in her series, but as these photos and interview show, she is anything but!  Be sure to pick up the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar which hits the newsstands December 21, 2010.  For more info check out the link at

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