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July 31, 2015

Lauren B luxury Nail Collection Gives Back



During the month of August, Los Angeles-based, eco-friendly, luxury nail care company Lauren B. Beauty is launching a donation program supporting Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization that helps put homeless and low income individuals on the path to self-sufficiency by giving them the resources and support they need to find and keep jobs. Beginning August 1st, the brand will donate 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the Lauren B. Cares Chrysalis Collection to the nonprofit organization.

Over the past 30 years, Chrysalis has developed a nationally recognized program that offers services to low income and homeless individuals in Los Angeles County, helping them to prepare for, attain and sustain employment. They offer their clients a hand up, not a hand out, building upon their strengths and helping to reduce or eliminate any barriers to employment.

All of Lauren’s nail polish shades are inspired by her hometown of L.A. With this set, she’s giving back to her community. Lauren B., a nail-polish fiend for as long as she can remember, earned her stripes in the high-end beauty world while working for Philip B. Botanicals, her uncle’s cult-favorite haircare brand. She leveraged that knowledge to achieve her dream: the perfect, safe, do-it-yourself manicure for busy women. The polishes swipe on expertly and easily, dry fast, and stay glossy and chip-free (truly!) for at least 14 days.

To find out more about the Lauren B. Cares Chrysalis Collection, click on the “Lauren B Cares” tab at

For more information about Chrysalis Enterprises or to donate, go to

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July 31, 2015

Don’t leave home without Gold Emblem



Lately, the only time my daughter needs to purchase snacks is when she is having friends over the house or going to the beach. Today we are stocking up on snacks for the beach, and we found just what she was looking for at CVS. CVS/pharmacy carries an array of healthier “Gold Emblem Abound” food and snacks. It’s a nice brand that carries healthy snacks such as Yogurt Covered Raisins, Apple and Blueberry Clusters, Chocolate Covered Almonds and so much more. I even picked up some Macaroni & Cheese (white cheddar, of course), maple syrup, pure honey and California Raisins. Gold Emblem Abound also makes a Hot & Cold container that will be perfect for keeping her sandwich dry and cold while at the beach.Gold Emblem Abound offers sweet and salty snacks, candy, and some grocery items. CVS/pharmacy has made food shopping more convenient than ever.

Gold Emblem Abound offers many nutritional benefits and a huge selection of products to choose from. They contain no artificial preservatives or flavors and have 0g trans fat. Another reason to love Gold Emblem Abound is that Organic, gluten-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free products are available, too. What’s not to love?

You will find Gold Emblem Abound at a CVS/pharmacy near you, or shop



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July 31, 2015

Perfect “blow outs” with Peter Coppola

Enjoy smooth, frizz free hair while you get the best blow dry at home with Peter Coppola’s Just Blow, Blow Out Spray will give you just that. I have been using the Blow Out Spray for a while now and I was so amazed by it the first time, I wanted to use it a few more times before I posted. Every time it never let me down, even on days when I didn’t want to wet my hair. The Just Blow even made 2 day old hair look like you just did it. Peter Coppola is widely known for his Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment that helps tame frizz, add shine and reverse aging properties within the hair. Peter Coppola is proud to reveal his latest rejuvenating system, names after himself.

In the past I have used a few products for blow dries that when I put them on my hair it feels greasy and somewhat sticky. This happened no matter even if my hair was wet or dry. With the Just Blow, wet and dry hair feels soft, smooth and I can still get a brush or comb through it. On top of a great, lightweight versatile product, Just Blow has an amazing smell. The special heat-activated formula helps fight frizz and is a perfect after treatment for when you have received the Keratin Concept Treatment. Also, I have found that this works well with flat irons as well.

Peter Coppola Just Blow, Blow Out Spray

Peter Coppola Just Blow, Blow Out Spray

I have had the pleasure to meet, and have a little chat with Mr. Coppola. He told me that even after 50 years in this industry, he still wakes up and cant wait to share and be around other stylists. To him its more than just doing hair, its his life. Literally. Having spent most of his childhood weekends at his local salon he attended beauty school and opened his first one in 1974. Since then he as revitalized the hair care market and since 1974 has opened 34 salons nationally. Throughout those years he perfect haircutting, hair care and smoothing treatments.

Peter Coppola, Owner/ founder of the Keratin Concept Smoothing Treatment

Peter Coppola, Owner/ founder of the Keratin Concept Smoothing Treatment

So whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or I dont know what to do with it hair just grab your Just Blow by Peter Coppola and have your very own hair party. Check out for more info on where you can get your own Just Blow Blow Out Spray and his other great products and treatments.

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July 30, 2015

From summer to fall fashions on Good Day Carolinas

Today I shared some Transitions from Summer to Fall Fashions on Good Day Carolinas.

Beauty/lifestyle expert Enya Flack on Fox Good Day Carolinas

Beauty/lifestyle expert Enya Flack on Fox Good Day Carolinas

Watch the segment here:

Items I shared:
1. Judith March Aztec Fringe Vest ($68)-
2. Parsonii unisex watches interchangeable. ($129.99)-
3. Devyn Mid Wedge-$148 in Fire Coral Patent-
4. ShawLux scarf, by artist Annika Connor ($148)-
5. PONO by Joan Goodman ($250) Alchemy Ana ABS Choker in Color: Ginger-
6. HAMMITT Crossbody Handbag ($585)-

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July 29, 2015

Get glowing skin & shiny hair with Purador

Recently, oils have been the new beauty trend used on your hair, face and body. And I’ve found the most amazing beauty oil to nourish your body from head to toe, Pura
​ ​d​’​or Argan Oil!

This pure, natural and organic Argan oil is imported from South Western Morocco. After going through a process where the Argan kernel is cold pressed and left unrefined with no additional chemicals or additives, it can be used on every part of your body. Simply massage it into the desired areas such as dry heels, feet, elbows, face and hands. It also makes an awesome massage oil! Apply it to damp or dry hair for an unbelievable shine. It also takes away the frizzies that can come with humidity.

Pura’d​​or Argan Oil doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. Rather, it goes on smooth and you are left feeling silky and soft instantly.

So, who needs a cabinet full of moisturizers, creams and lotions when all you really need is Pura’d​or Argan Oil!

Candace Kita, actress, beauty expert

Candace Kita, actress, beauty expert

​Post submitted by: Candace Kita​

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July 28, 2015

“Bow tie” it up

I have always loved learning anything and everything about this industry and on top of that I also love history. Little did I know that back when I was a tween and found my passion that history and the beauty/fashion industries go hand in hand. What do I mean by that you ask? The more I learned about clothes, or makeup etc. the more I started realizing that each style, or product has its own historical background. There is one particular fashion statement that has made its way back into the scene that I cannot wait to share its history with you. Its none other than…. THE BOW TIE!!!!

a Cavat tied neck tie

a Cavat tied neck tie

Alot of my guys friends have incorporated the bow tie into their own personal style. Not only that being a lover of all things vintage, have noticed “Old Hollywood” celebrities rocking the bow tie as well. After doing some research I found the bow tie became widely popular back in the 19th century as a modification of the “cavat” tie. By the 1880s, bow ties made their way into the closets of the fashion conscience man. In 1886 Pierre Lorillard designed the black bow tie and wore it to formal ball. Thus getting the infamous “black tie affair” term. Isn’t that awesome? But there is more about this statement that really shocked me. In the 1920s & 30s the famous men’s fashion statement quickly cross gendered & started being worn by women on the silver screen. Two in particular are Katherine Hepburn & Marlene Dietrich.

Hollywood Legends Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra wearing bow ties Photo credit-

Hollywood Legends Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra wearing bow ties Photo

Fast forward to 2015 and the famous bow tie is now a statement made by men and women of all ages. Throughout the years, its design has been revamped, redefined, fabrics have been changed and now can be made with the person in mind. We can see celebrities such as Drew Barrymore & Johnny Depp sporting the bow tie & even fashion blogs all over showcase fashionistas donning them. Is it amazing how a simple accessory that was actually made to showcase what your “class” was is now one of the most popular statements? I wish I could share even more with you on the bow tie but we would be here forever and a century. If you want to learn more about the bow tie and even how you too can get one check out Make your statement last 🙂

Source of info:

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July 28, 2015

A “summer nights dream”

After hours of preparation, excitement and few gallons of hairspray later, the VIP Exclusives Fashion Show was underway at the Tampa Convention Center making it a “summer night’s dream”. Founded in 2004 by business man and entrepreneur Terrance Shaw, VIP has brought nothing but top notch service since day one. And that is exactly what they brought to Tampa Bay. The evening started off with celebrity performers opera singer and ballet aerialist, Jacqueline Valdez & Jason Rex of Infusion Remax. A beautiful duet that reminded me of cirque de Solei meets opera. Jacqueline and Jason are also survivors of cancer and Sjogren disease.

Infusion Remax's Jacqueline Valdez & Jason Rex

Infusion Remax’s Jacqueline Valdez & Jason Rex

After that the designers & models started things off with a bang and a few feathers. The show featured designers Lacie Cupani and Cupani Fashion, David President, MEROCKI, Jacqueline Saldana, Jackie Hutcherson, Nailuj Villarroel, Aleksandra Salo, Jessica Rios All Brides 2 Be & Formalwear & Adreamrocks! We had everything from formal wear, bathing suits, blinged out bathing suits and towels and so much more. Sometimes words cannot express just how amazing these shows are! Some designers and models even flew in from out of town just to participate. At the end of the night awards were given to the best designer & best international model. US Gold & Silver donated rings to the best designs, All Brides to Be by Jessica Rios and Best International Model Abby Marie Santiago. Congratulations ladies!

Male Model showcases David President Attire

Male Model showcases David President Attire

VIP Exclusives was all I hoped it was and more. I am so honored and excited that I got to join this incredible evening, meet some new people and even see a few familiar faces. I cannot wait until next year. In the meantime check out all the awesome designers on their personal websites (listed below) and VIP Exclusives itself at

Model showcases design at the VIP Exclusives Fashion Show

Model showcases design at the VIP Exclusives Fashion Show

Also, don’t forget to check out my other blog “It all started in Tampa” for more photos of the event featuring models in the designs showcased.

All Brides 2 Be
Cupani Fashions
David President Attire
Jacqueline Saldena
Jacqueline Hutcherson

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July 27, 2015


While I appreciate a well dressed woman, I LOVE a well accessorized woman even more. I especially love when women wear jewelry. Jewelry tells a story, it adds dimension and most importantly it shows personality.
One of my favorite jewelry lines is Jennifer Reeves Designs ( I first discovered the line when my good friend was wearing an absolutely beautiful necklace out here in Hollywood on the red carpet. When I asked her who it was by, she said it was made by Jennifer Reeves. I went online to view the collection and right away I knew I had found a brilliant and very eye-catching brand.
Jennifer Reeves Designs collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All of her jewelry is handcrafted and made of the finest gems, pearls and opals from around the world. Originally from Australia, Jennifer travels the globe for inspiration with her passion being seen in each unique piece she creates.
“I love to design using the most awe-inspiring elements. I channel my appreciation for nature’s most extraordinary gifts and believe that every woman is innately bestowed an alluring strength.”
final JR logo
Her ability to create extraordinary and  one of a kind pieces makes her collection a must have for any and all women… and I hear she is coming out with a men’s line too soon!
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July 27, 2015

Sally Hansen, You have out done yourself


One of my favorite brands of Nail Polish is Sally Hansen. Why? Because Sally Hansen Nail Care Products have never let me down. Whether I’m using “Hard as Nails, Insta-Dry, Big Glitter Top Coats or using one of their amazing manicure tools, I always have excellent results. My recent experience with Sally Hansen has been with their new Miracle Gel. Sally Hansen, you have out done yourself. This application requires no gel lights but when complete, the polish looks and feels like it’s a real gel manicure. The best part is you can use regular nail polish remover to take it off, NO SOAKING!!!

Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in just two simple steps for long lasting color and beautiful shine. The hardest part was choosing from over 50 gel polish colors. Apply two coats of your favorite color, allow to dry for 5 minutes and then add one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. The natural light will dry your nails to a hard surface and your nails will look beautiful.

Jenna Raheb


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July 27, 2015

Have fun and be cheeky in a Courtney Allegra bikini!


When it comes to swimwear and 18-year olds, most of the time the big decision is which bikini bottoms to pair with which bikini top. However, when it comes to 18-year-old Courtney Allegra, the big question is which swimwear designs to launch this season.

At 18, Courtney Allegra has achieved more success in fashion that many designers who have dedicated their whole lives to the field. With her unique sense of style, paired with true design talent, it is no wonder that Courtney Allegra is fast becoming a household name for her sexy and fun swimwear that makes women feel good and look fabulous.

Designing fun and flirty swimwear that is inspired by all the beautiful places in the world, Courtney Allegra has her finger on the pulse of what fashionistas want in their swimsuit designs. Edgy and feminine style that never sacrifices comfort or quality! Each swimwear design by Allegra is a work of art that combines beautiful patterns, sexy cuts, and high quality fabrics, including modern and sophisticated metallics. All of Courtney Allegra’s designs are created in San Diego and made in Los Angeles, so they are true California girl wear!

Not only is Allegra an amazing designer, but she gives back to the community that gives to her with partnerships with many charitable organizations such as The Cancer Survivors Fashion Show, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Never Leave One Behind, just to name a few!

When it comes to swimwear this summer you could go with the run of the mill swimsuits that look the same year after year, or you could choose something with flair that shows off your style and is sure to turn heads, while keeping you comfortable and feeling amazing. The choice seems pretty clear: have fun and be cheeky in a Courtney Allegra Bikini!

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