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February 25, 2013

Have Beach Babe Hair All Year Long With Lee Stafford


If you are eager for that tousled textured look after swimming in the sea, then Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray is for you! Your hair will feel soft to the touch but with added bounce, definition and body for that gorgeous surfer look.  This look is not only for the summer, natural looking wavy hair is in style for even in the colder months. The natural textured look under a woolly cap or hat is a rocking style.  When I want to give my hair a rest from the straight iron, I love using this product!  After washing and conditioning my hair, I spray in Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. The spray comes out in  very small controlled bursts, so you can spray more or less depending on how beach babe you want your hair to be. I went on my way, letting my hair dry naturally. I truly fell in love with this product. My hair was a defined look of non greasy, gorgeous, girly waves with no frizz!!!! The scent is a cheerfully, pleasant fragrance of raspberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, woods and musk!

I also like to use it on my dry hair for the in between wash days. Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray contains a ProMineral Complex of Dead Sea Salts and 26 minerals with added sunflower extract to help give moisture and shine to your hair and will also help to protect and repair against free radicals. I always loved Lee Stafford Products, they never disappoint me!!  I would recommend Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray 110  percent!


I have been doing a lot of research on Moroccan Argan Oil, I came across a lot of benefits to using this for a result of healthy hair. I chose to try Lee Stafford’sNurshing Miracle Oil as I have been using many of their other products recently. When I tried it for the first time, I only used a tiny amount which I am glad I did because a little goes a long way!! I put a few drops of this product into the palm of my hand then massaged it into my hair. Lee Stafford’s Nourishing Miracle Oil made my hair feel so glossy and soft. It felt smooth and so nice to the touch. It gave my hair a beautiful shine and others really took notice!!! After using this product, I definitely feel this oil has helped improve the condition of my hair. My hair is much stronger, looks healthier, less dull, and no frizz!!! Lee Stafford Nourishing Miracle Oil has brightened my hair with moisture and shine for an expensive look!!!  Don’t be fooled by the word Oil — this product is lightweight and won’t result in any product build up and it’s suitable for all hair types!

Lee Stafford Products are available at ULTA Stores and at

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3 Guest Post by Laurie Carcieri

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February 24, 2013

Feel the Hawaiian Tropics with SCHICK


When I started shaving my legs, I just used what my mom had in her bathroom.  The brand Schick has always been a reliable brand for our family so I continued using it.  The other day my mom purchased  a 4 pack of Schick Women Xtreme 3 Hawaiian Tropic Scented Handles and offered me one.  These razors are amazing!!!  They have Aloe, Vitamin E and Jojoba which helps shaving easy for me because it helps keep my skin soft and smooth so shaving is a breeze.  The Xtreme for Women with Scented Hawaiian Tropic Handle has 3 blades that flex and pivot for a comfortable and close shave.  Also I have better control shaving because of the new design of the handle. Now Shaving comes very natural to me with Schick Xtreme Hawaiian Tropic for Women and I just love the scent !

Talia Carcieri, teen blogger

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February 24, 2013

Quick and easy Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer is a great way to start your day!

Pür Minerals has introduced a new 4-in-1 Collection of Mineral Makeup. This collection, (Quote)”as a result of intensive clinical testing, presents new enhanced formulas that combine the finest mineral pigments with proprietary, problem solving ingredients!”

Pür Minerals NEW 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer ($34.00)

Pür Minerals 4-in-one Tinted Moisturizer delivers a quick start to a flawless face each morning.

Color selections are simple! Choose either Light, Medium, Tan, or Dark! What’s nice about this is that the tint enhances, and does a super job of evening out your skin tone. That results in a soft vibrant look that’s finished but very natural looking!

In addition, Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Moisturizer imparts a hydrated look to your face and has a 20 SPF protection from the damaging UV sun rays. (Quote) “Ceretin Complex, Pür’s exclusive blend of hydrating ceramides and non-irritating retinol renews the skin’s appearance for a more youthful radiance.”

When you apply Pür’s Tinted 4-in-1’s Moisturizer to your skin it’s light weight, not heavy, and feels good! It gives you the perfect option to put on some blush , a little eye makeup, lip color, and be on your way in moments!

I like the new Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer, and am very interested in checking out the other new products in the 4-in-1 collection which include:
• 4-in-1 Liquid Foundation ($36.00)
• 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation (SPF15)
• 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare Ingredients ($27.00)
• 4-in-1 Disappearing Act Concealer ($22.00)

Without any, (Quote) “harsh chemical dyes, petroleum based oils, fragrance or fillers,” Pür’s 4-in-1 Collection presents a great find for any age category!!

I’ve always been impressed with the look of Pür Minerals on a person’s face! I’m very enthusiastic about their new 4-in-1 collection! In my opinion, after using the 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer this looks to be a very versatile “Collection” that gives you the option to choose what degree you’d like your appearance to be for any occasion… whether it be a morning run or workout at the gym, a typical day at work, or a dressy evening event!

This new 4-in-1 Collection from Pür Minerals is certainly worth looking into!

You may do so by visiting their website at:

Their products are also available “exclusively” at ULTA Stores nation wide, as well as professional spas and physicians offices.

Pür Minerals have been around since 2002. They offer “color cosmetics” and “treatment products” that are (Quote)”designed for optimal skin-fitness and health. Their multi-tasking skin care products eliminate the need for complicated regimens to keep your beauty ~ Pür and Simple!”

(Quotes or paraphrased information in this article provided by PR-information fact sheets and the website: Any personal commentary is the result of my experience when using the product that is featured in this article.)

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February 21, 2013

Unite’s U Luxury collection is Simply Luxurious

Your Hair will look and feel luxurious after shampooing and conditioning with Unite’s newest U Luxury collection. This is an amazing collection, one that I use when I alternate between shampoos and it’s one of my favorites. U Luxury Healing Shampoo and Conditioner are the newest additions to the U Luxury collection. U Luxury Shampoo is so amazing because it is enriched with crushed pearls, Organic Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil.

As stated by Unite Crushed Pearls  has long been renowned for its healing powers and has been used in ancient medicinal treatments around the world. Rich in calcium, magnesium and amino acids, it delivers the essential minerals that nutrient-deprived hair craves”. Organic Hawaiian White Honey is rare and utterly exquisite in texture. White Honey is harvested from a single forest of Kiawe trees, and is celebrated for its intensely moisturizing benefits. We are all realizing the benefits of Argan oil. Argan oil  is an oil produced from the Argania spinosa tree native to the deserts of Morocco. Argan oil is high in antioxidants and is known to be extremely beneficial in hair and skincare products.

U Luxury Shampoo will leave you hair soft and shiny and smelling fantastic. U Luxury Shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and is suitable for all hair types including color treated hair like my own. It won’t strip your hair of moisture or cause buildup and it will add volume and strength to your hair.

U Luxury Conditioner is a must after shampooing.  U LUXURY conditioner is also infused with crushed Pearl, Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil. U Luxury Conditioner also contains Shea Butter, and Apple, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Cane extracts, which seals the hair cuticle to lock in moisture. Your hair will be left looking fuller, shinier and feeling softer and smoother than ever. U Luxury sounds like the perfect hair conditioner to me. After washing my hair,  I leave the conditioner on for the full 3 minutes for added softness and shine.

To learn more about U Luxury Argon Oil and U Luxury D Frizz,  the other two amazing products from the U Luxury collection please visit Unitehair.comU LUXURY Shampoo and Conditioner are available at specialty salons nationwide and at

Julianne Hough’s Golden Globe hair was styled by Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon, West Hollywood. Watch as Nine Zero One’s Marissa Marino recreates the look step-by-step at
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February 19, 2013

Revitalize Your Hair – Right At Home With John Frieda



Anyone who looks at my photos sees that this is the case. One of the biggest challenges, in my opinion, is maintaining shine and moisture to the coif. The hairdressers are all pushing a new thing called the Glaze – and it’s a great thing to do. But there’s no need to tag on an additional fee when you get your hair cut or colored…just use the John Frieda product Clear Shine in the convenience of your own home. You get amazing results without the cost.

“Your hair is your most important accessory,” says Barbara Walters, who never goes anywhere or is photographed without her hair perfectly coiffed. There’s nothing more true in my book, and The Clear Shine formula doesn’t contain color, so everyone of any hair color shade, whether natural, highlighted or color-treated, can experience clear, dazzling shine every day.

I tried Clear Shine on my hair – which is highlighted and very blond (with some grey underneath but Shhh, don’t tell anyone!), and my 12-year-old daughter tried it on hers (non-color treated). The results were stunning.  With my hair, I found it shinier and clearer than ever – and its ammonia-free, dye-free formula didn’t change my color or alter anything – just made it has a nice shiny ‘sheen’. On my daughter’s hair, the result was even more dramatic – her hair has an auburn tint naturally and it brought it out even more. Her hair is also fairly course and the Clear Shine made it less porous and beautiful than before.

The Clear Shine patented formula is versatile enough to include in your everyday morning routine or you can use it as a once-a-week shine surge treatment. We prefer to use it once every week or every two weeks. Shine results intensify over time, so the more you use it, the more you shine.

In combination we also tried another amazing John Frieda product – Root Awakening which we loved even more than Clear Shine! My daughter’s hair is course and we have an extremely hard time finding a product that will hydrate her hair without making it greasy. My daughter also has a horribly dry scalp and we have been searching for a solution for it and the dandruff shampoos don’t really help much.

My hair is extremely dry so it goes without saying that I benefit from any moisture, but hers is a bit tricky. We both tried this product for a week, and in combination with the Clear Shine, found our hair moist, shiny and amazing. She now uses it every time she washes her hair and I cycle it in between another product I use. This hydrating and nourishing conditioner infuses the hair and scalp – smoothing your hair while hydrating parched strands of hair with Eucalyptus, and energizes with a dash of Peppermint! Root Awakening is basically the perfect thing for breakage prone hair or dry scalp – and we have both in my family!

Jan. 2012 025Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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February 19, 2013

Natural Makeup that will Hydrate Skin

makeup natural ctFor those of you that want to try some natural makeup, I suggest Couler Caramel natural makeup.

Couleur Caramel, natural cosmetics are from the beauty capital of the world, Paris, which is one of the leading high-end make up lines. It provides vivid color, mineral oils,that are packed with pigment making these products long lasting.

The Couleur base de maquillage is very light but a very hydrating base which is an effective way to start your makeup. I love the squeezable  metallic container with the secure winding top.

I found the natural foundation to be very light and creamy and it gave me nice coverage that looked natural. The foundation went on smoothly and did not dry my skin.  I liked the hearty jars with the handsome wooden tops that it is packed in.

The lipstick was really nice because it added a great deal of moisture to my naturally dry lips. It comes in a thick cardboard container so it was very lightweight and could easily be put in a purse without the weight of some of the types of lipstick containers on the market.

Organically based cosmetics are reasonably priced.

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February 19, 2013

Get to the Bottom of it all with MYBOTTO

When I first saw mybotto, I could not guess in a million years what it was. When I saw how mybotto was used, I thought it was ingenious. mybotto is the name and saving money is the game. mybotto will allow you to save the “very last drop” of product that would otherwise be thrown away, and can now be captured and saved. I can not tell you how many hand lotions, cremes and hair conditioner bottles I have to constantly lean up against a wall so the contents drops down. As you know, not all bottles are designed to be flipped upside down and rest on their caps. With mybotto, your bottle is inverted to conveniently rest in the slot and your lotions, creams, shampoos, or any contents will drop down and be ready for use as soon as you need it.  No more banging the bottle in your palms to get the conditioner out, all you have to do is remove the bottle from mybotto, and squeeze, that’s it.

mybotto is the perfect tool for saving lotions, cremes, shampoos, conditioners etc. You can use mybotto in any room of your home or office, and I put mine right on the shower floor. mybotto is not only used for beauty products but for any products such as glues and waxes or any products that comes in a bottle. mybotto is completely recylcleable and can hold bottles ranging from 4 ounces to 40 ounces. mybotto comes in a variety of designs and colors and you can shop for your favorites at

Another great idea from mybotto are the pump saver caps. The pump saver caps easily replace the pumps on your favorite brand so you can invert your bottle to capture what is left on the bottom where the pump never reaches. You can see how the pump savers actually work at My husband thought the pump saver caps were a great idea in case a pump on your favorite brand breaks, therefore, the caps are always great to have on hand.

Consider mybotto when you just can’t get to the last drop.

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February 18, 2013

Don’t Hate it…ERASEZIT


My skin is not super bad but I have to cover up pimples every now and then. I have a really good concealer  to do it. I like the EraseZit Antiseptic Concealer Pencil Pencil. It’s formulated by Judith August who was a well known fashion model. She has a book out now too.  It’s called “Gotcha Covered – A Compact Guide to Camouflage Make-up” and it’s really cool especially because our Beauty Editor Vicki Fischer is featured in it. Now, back to the EraseZit Antiseptic Concealer Pencil, it’s best when you use it right away when a pimple starts to pop up.

EraseZit has got Tea Tree Oil in it. I notice that Tea Tree Oil is in some other products that I like. Tea Tree Oil  helps with healing and it is an antiseptic. EraseZit also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I like that I can cover a pimple with it and  it doesn’t look like I covered it up. It just looks like it’s not there. On Judith’s website it says, “So don’t hate it…ERASEZIT”. I agree, The EraseZit  Antiseptic Concealer Pencil Pencil comes with a sharpener that I  also use for sharpening my chunky lip pencils.



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February 15, 2013

BlingGuard Will Be Featured on HSN February 17th & 18th Don’t Miss It!

Keep your showstopper pieces in place with BlingGuard, now available on HSN!

The revolutionary BlingDots and BlingWraps ensure your most treasured accessories look their best at all times.

 WHERE:        HSN (Home Shopping Network)

WHEN:           February 17th and 18th

WHAT:          BlingDots and BlingWraps

Tune in and let HSN show you how BlingDots and BlingWraps are indispensable to your jewelry routine.

BlingDots are earring supports and stabilizers that ensure comfortable and positioned earrings perfectly on the ear. They are made of hypoallergenic foam that provides comfort and support while lifting the earrings up on your ears. Earrings no longer droop or fall forward and also greatly relieve the weight of heavy earrings and help stop your ear lobes from stretching.   $14.99 for set of 30

BlingWraps are innovative solutions to ring resizing that help keep jewelry from twisting, turning or sliding by adding 1+ ring sizes to your finger. BlingWraps use a patented “padlock” design that is invisible and fits securely beneath your ring to keep it in place. $14.99 for 45 pairs

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February 14, 2013

My interview with Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

It was Friday, February 8th… I was writing a few notes, and thinking about my upcoming phone interview with Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan. Mallory was in California getting ready to host a very special invitation-only event the following day presented by the Hub Television Network , and celebrating the all new “Coronation” episode of Hub’s popular animated hit series “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” where Twilight Sparkle becomes a Princess!

Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

The Coronation Concert, was being held at the beautiful Historic Brentwood Theater, and would be presenting (Quote) “a live musical show, an interactive screening, and sing-a-long in support of The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.”

The actual broadcast airing of the episode when Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess would take place a week later on Saturday, Feb. 16th at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT, and Mallory would also be doing some commentary throughout that program.

The whole theme of Twilight Sparkle becoming a Princess got me thinking….I wondered how Mallory felt when she was crowned and became Miss America! That was one question I was looking forward to asking her.

I was still pondering that thought when the phone rang! From the moment I answered the call and said, “Hello”, I knew this would be a very special interview!

After being introduced to a couple of people, including a gentleman from the Hub Television Network, I met Mallory Hagen, our newly crowned Miss America. Though I’ve been in this business for many years, and have interviewed a number of remarkable people, having grown up watching all of the Miss America Pageants… I was in awe!

Within moments the down-to-earth sincere charm of this delightful gal had me feeling like I was talking with someone I’d known for some time. We had a brief conversation and Mallory told me she was really excited and looking forward to the upcoming Celebration Concert.

VICKI: I then asked Mallory ,”When in one evening your whole life changes as you hear the words, “Our next Miss America is, Mallory Hagan!” How do you feel and what do you feel at that point in time?”
MALLORY: Mallory replied that it was an incredible feeling. She could clearly see her parents in the audience watching her, and thought of all the hard work, and obstacles that were overcome to get to this moment.

HUB TELEVISION NETWORK: The representative from the Hub Television Network then added that the TV series character, Twilight Sparkle, had to “overcome some obstacles”, was then rewarded, and became a Princess! He added that Mallory was the perfect choice to host the Coronation Concert, and there was a wonderful camaraderie with Hub and the Miss America Pageant.

VICKI: “What an ideal connection! I hope we’ll see more collaborations like this in the future!”

VICKI: : I asked Mallory if she enjoyed working with young people.
MALLORY: Mallory answered immediately with a “yes”, and noted that kids really need someone to look up to. Not using the title of “roll model”, but someone who has made right decisions and good decisions.

VICKI: I wondered about Mallory’s platform regarding Child Abuse, and asked if there were any websites that our readers could reference.
MALLORY: Mallory said that and were two “great resources to find out more information!”

VICKI: With Mallory’s education in Advertising & Marketing, and her interest in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing, I was curious if she had always been interested in this as a career.
MALLORY: When Mallory replied, I could hear a smile in her voice when she shared that her Mother was a cosmetologist and had a dance studio, and her Grandmother was also involved in the business. Since she was little girl, it was like her “special day care”, being with them in the beauty business and dance studio surroundings, and “yes”…she continued her interest into her career endeavor with cosmetics & fragrance.

VICKI: I had one final question for Mallory, and wanted to know if she had a favorite product that she would always go to “First” when she needed to get out the door in a hurry!
MALLORY: Mallory thought for a moment and then said that it would be a tinted moisturizer because it evens out her skin, adds a little glow and polish, and feels good!

It was time to say goodbye… I thanked Mallory and wished her all the best at the Coronation Concert! Mallory sincerely thanked me, and the call was over.

The interview might be over, but below I have some awesome pictures that were sent to me from the Celebration Concert that Miss America, Mallory Hagan hosted. I hope you enjoy them!!

Miss America 2013- Mallory Hagan
Host of The My Little Pony Coronation Concert

Special Guest Olympic Gold Medalist – Carmelita Jeter

Olympic Gold Medalist Carmalita Jeter and Miss America 2013 – Mallory Hagan

Actress Halle Berry and her daughter

Actor Jason Priestley and his son

Actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons – “Modern Family”

Actress- Chloe Noelle – “True Blood”

Tara Strong, Danniel Ingram ,Meghan McCarthy

Tara Strong, Daniel Ingram, Meghan McCarthy- “The Hub’s My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic”

(Any quotes or paraphrased information from Mallory Hagan and The Hub Television Network Representative were obtained during my phone interview. Any additional quotes or paraphrased information in this article were obtained from provided PR fact sheets. Image credits:Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision for The Hub/AP Images and provided to me by the PR Agency.)


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