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July 30, 2012

Nectar Never Looked so Good


The sweet smell of nectar can now be enjoyed in your body wash.  Winner of the Best of Beauty 2011 for Allure magazine, Thymes Agave Nectar Foaming Bath is surely the best bath wash I have ever used.

When I was a little girl I developed a sensitivity to certain kinds of body wash, bubble baths  and even body lotions.  It seemed that no matter what I used I would breakout in rashes all over my body.  My mom had to buy me all these none fragrance products and I hated it.  Even to this day I have to be careful of what I use.  When I first used the Thymes Agave Nectar, I was afraid of what would happen.  After a couple tries I noticed that my skin was soft and supple and there was no sign of a rash anywhere. I was sooooooo excited.

For anybody with sensitive skin, or who just likes the scent of agave nectar, ruby red grapefruit, tangy guava, and lemon blossoms, all blended into  one bottle,  give Thymes Agave Nectar Foaming Bath a try.  I’m sure you will not only  like it, but LOVE it.

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July 30, 2012

Stay Dry in the sun Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF

I have some wonderful news for those of you, like myself, who need a little foundation in the summer months but don’t like the heavy feeling of liquid foundations.  Skin imperfections don’t disappear in the summer and lightly tinted foundation is often needed, at least for me it is.  Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF is the perfect solution for me, and maybe for you tooPowder-Me SPF is a foundation, concealer and sunscreen all in one.  Not only is this dry sunscreen chemical-free and water resistant, it is suitable for the face and body providing Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Whether I am swimming, exercising or just  relaxing outdoors, I don’t have to worry about reapplying for over an hour (60-80 minutes).

Powder-Me SPF dry sunscreen has some fabulous features, one being that it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  “Titanium Dioxide and a natural clay work to nourish and calm the skin and help soothe inflammation that may arise with too much sun exposure.”  Not only does  Powder-Me SPF act as a sunscreen and foundation for women but it  is also suitable for men and children, although children under 6 months should have a doctors permission before use. Powder-Me SPF  offers high protection against sunburn, doesn’t run while sweating and rinses off easily with water.

My 23 year old daughter is enjoying using this product: “I applied Powder-Me SPF dry sunscreen using the soft, sponge applicator on my face, neck and arms for instant sun protection and an even complexion (see photo below).  I like the light powdery feeling the dry sunscreen leaves on my face. Powder-Me dry SPF  is small enough that it  fits perfectly in any purse or bag I might be carrying.  I can apply it throughout the day without the mess that liquid foundations often cause.  Just pull it out of  your purse or beach bag and puff the powder on. I can apply it throughout the day leaving my hands clean and dry which isn’t the case when I use liquid sunscreen. It’s easy, clean and it works.”

The following is information provided by Jane Iredale The Skin Care Makeup: “When it comes to caring for the health and beauty of your skin, there really isn’t anything more important than protecting it from the damaging rays of the sun. Powder-Me SPF is a breakthrough dry sunscreen for face and body with a very water resistant  rating and UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection from Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup.”  

Powder-Me SPF comes in three shades, translucent (clear), tanned (for a sunkissed glow) and  golden (ideal for medium skin tones).

Visit and browse through their complete line of makeup and skincare products.

Jenna, guest Blogger







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July 30, 2012

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg shares her ancestors “once exclusive” thousand year old Royal Beauty Regime with women across the USA!

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg

It is with great honor that I introduce you to Princess Theodora Von Auersperg. Princess Theodora is a “real” Princess and comes from “one of Europe’s oldest royal family lines”. “Timeless Beauty” and secrets of caring for the skin have been passed along through the generations.

I was so happy to be given the opportunity to use three of these products and experience something that at one time was reserved for royalty. The first thing I noticed was the aroma of “Rose”. (Quote) “Princess Theodora’s ancestors turned to the power of the rose to unlock the secrets of achieving the most radiant and youthful skin.”

Being a user of essential oils I was just delighted knowing that rose is so wonderful for a persons sense of wellbeing on the inside, and healing, calming, and soothing the skin on the outside. It exudes an aura of just knowing you look as good as you feel.
Princess Theodora has captured that in her royal beauty regime….

“There is an inner beauty to every woman that if given room to grow will blossom, “ said Princess Theodora, “Like the deep rich color of the rose, our beauty begins within.”

Princess Theodora ” researched natural, organic and vegan ingredients” as she started creating products that would help her sensitive skin. I noticed the first ingredient in the products I have from Princess Theodora is aloe vera. That’s a real plus for me because I also have sensitivities and love the healing aspects of aloe.

Princess Theodora realized today’s gals would benefit from the natural ingredients, botanicals, the rose oil, and rose water that were essential tried and true ingredients for centuries by her royal family.

As a result, (Quote) Princess Theodora formulated the perfect blend, and looks forward to sharing the beauty secrets with those in search of their own inner princess.

I’m going to tell you about the products that I use below, and then I’ll direct you to Princess Theodora’s website where you will be able to see all of her fine face, body and bath products, along with gift sets that are exquisite!

Rejuvenating Rose Serum – I use this on my clean face after cleansing AM & PM. It’s light weight and has that wonderful hint of rose. I apply it over my face and lightly under my eye and neck area. My skin feels instantly soft and smooth.

Replenishing Rose Cream – This cream I apply over the Serum AM & PM. Once again apply the cream over your face, neck and eye area. You really need to experience these products as they are so light yet feel so good! I enjoy that wonderful delicate scent of rose as it is so lifting to my spirit and so good for my skin.

Eye Nourishing Rose Cream ~ Using this product Am & PM, I tap a small amount of the cream lightly under my eye from the inner to outer corner and up around the sides of my eyes to help keep away any “Crows feet”, puffiness and dark circles. As with the other products, this one also penetrates and starts working right away. I find no residue, only soft hydrated eyes that never feel dry. My concealer and makeup glides on with ease!

I like the fact that I am able to use all these 3 products under my eye area and get so many benefits from each, as a result. The consistency of the creams are great. They penetrate the skin, but are not heavy at all. I also appreciate the value of the essential rose oil in the products. It’s therapeutic to not only how good you look on the outside, but feel on the inside as well!

Princess Theodora's Deluxe Gift Set

Now it’s time for you to visit the website so you can see all of Princess Theodora’s products. You may also purchase them right online:

The website has a lot of wonderful information about her products, and on the site you will also be able to find out more about Princess Theodora’s philanthropic endeavors. If you love animals as much as I do, I know you’ll find Princess Theodora’s Foundation “Save a Soul” as endearing as I have.

Needless to say, there is no animal testing done on Princess Theodora’s products.

I share a lot of the same philosophic views on the balance of beauty and a sense of wellbeing with Princess Theodora and would like to close this article with one of her quotes.

“Like the fragrant petals of a rose an inner princess blooms from a well-tended soul.”
~ Princess Theodora von Auersperg

Credit for Quotes or any paraphrasing in this article ~
From: Princess Theodora Von Auersperg’s bio and/or website.

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July 29, 2012

The Art of the Perfect Blow-out

With another heat wave looming, I am resigned to looking at a summer of bad hair days. As it is, I have all I can do to co-ordinate using a blow drier and a brush, add in the humidity and it won’t be pretty! While I may not have mastered the artistry of hair, I am thankful that I have friends that have!  I have always been amazed at what they can get my hair to do that I can’t!

Surely I can’t be alone in my lack of hair styling skills. There have to be some secrets that stylists aren’t telling us! I begged one of my hair gods, Australian Lazarus Douvos to let me in on his secrets………..and he was more than happy to share his tips for the perfect blow-dry!

First a little background on Lazarus….he’s has a roster full of the “who’s who” in the celebrity and fashion world. Beginning as a stylist for some of Melbourne Australia’s most successful salons, he soon found his niche in designing hair for high-end fashion photography shoots, demonstrations, seminars and creative directing. Europe beckoned as he continued to dazzle the world of high fashion hair styling for Iconic designers Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy.

American celebrities and fashionista’s soon begged him to re-locate to the states where he currently works with major New York Fashion Week designers, celebrities and New York socialites. He is frequently sought after by publicists and members of the press as an expert of hairstyle tips and trends for national news sources, fashion and entertainment magazines, film and television, red carpet appearances, photo shoots and more.

One of my favorite things about Lazarus is his innate ability to find the muse in each of his clients. He easily brings out their individual and natural beauty. And he is a joy to work with! You can read more about Lazarus and stay up to date with him at

Here now are Lazarus’s tips for the perfect blow-dry!

1)     Towel drying most of moisture out of hair

2)     Use an all-natural bore bristle round brush and start drying small sections beginning at the nape of the neck

3)     The tip is to have setting on hot  and repeatedly dry each section,  removing all moisture out of hair, leaving it very shinny and frizz free

No finishing serum is needed

Who knew it was that easy??? While I still can’t make my hair do what he can, I must admit, now that I know the secret tip, I am doing a better job! Thank you Lazarus for helping us conquer the humidity frizzies!



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July 28, 2012

“MAX FACTOR ~ The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World” by Fred E. Bastin brings the “Magic” & “Beauty” of Hollywood’s Galmour Era alive in this wonderful book!

You can only imagine how thrilled I was when a press release came through announcing that a book had just been written by Fred E. Bastin called, “ Max Factor, The Man who Changed the Faces of the World.”

Before I begin the review of this exceptional book, allow me to share a bit of my personal enthusiasm of how delighted I was that such a well written, informative, and thorough biography of Max Factor was now available for everyone to read and enjoy!

As a national makeup artist, Max Factor has always been a symbol to me, and so many, as the “creative icon of beauty” behind the glamour in Hollywood that sparked the “Magic” of an era that has been emulated but will never, in my opinion, be surpassed! Max Factor’s vision, initiative, endurance, and keen artistry continues to fascinate me and always takes me back to my first trip to California.

I stayed at the historic Roosevelt Hotel where if you came into the hotel through the back entrance, you’d go up a grand staircase and be at the location of the first Academy Awards held there in 1929. If you’d go through the hotel lobby and out the front entrance you’d be standing on Hollywood Boulevard where you could look up and see the HOLLYWOOD sign gleaming in the mountains. Sure, that was really a thrill for someone who has always declared California the “Home of her Heart”, but my destination was still a few blocks away! I could feel my energy really come alive when I walked up Hollywood Boulevard to Highland Avenue, turned right and in a few steps was standing in front of what had been Max Factor’s breathtakingly beautiful salon built in 1928. It may have been closed down at that time, but you could still feel the energy and try to imagine what it must have been like back “in the day”.

MAX FACTOR ~ "The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World" - by Fred E. Bastin

In “MAX FACTOR ~ The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World”, author Fred E.Bastin writes a sequential rendering that takes you step by step through the life of Max Factor. It seems that fate throughout Max’s life would always seem to keep him moving into situations that helped him make headway into the direction of his eventual destiny, and often it wasn’t an easy venture!

From always wanting to be an artist as a child in Poland, to eventually becoming the cosmetician to the Royal Romanov family in Russia, then escaping to America, and due to a misspelling of his last name (FAKTOR) by a customs officer…. Max Faktor arrived in America as MAX FACTOR !

Opening a shop in Los Angeles, Max’s mild manor, hard work, perseverance, and amazing artistic talent with hair pieces, wigs and ingenious ability to create cosmetics got him work in all of the film mediums as the industry went from silent movies, to talkies, and then films in technicolor.

Not only working with the top film stars of the day, Max Factor opened the world of beauty and cosmetics to all women, and truly was the first to coordinate colors to work together with a person’s hair, complexion, and eye color.

Quoting Author Fred E. Baston from his “Author’s Note” at the beginning of the book : “The year 2009 marks the hundreth anniversary of the company Max Factor founded. This book is a tribute to the man who came from near poverty in Russia to become the very embodiment of the American dream.”

This book is filled with such incredible stories, information and history of a man who dedicated his life to the beauty industry, and set the standards high for future generations to uphold!

By the way, when you read this book you’ll find out all about the stunning Max Factor Salon that I went to see on my first trip to California. It’s still there…. AND you can read all about it in “MAX FACTOR ~ The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World”!
You get a 5-star rating for your captivating story of Max Factor, Mr.Baston…….and a standing ovation! Thank

PURCHASE YOUR COPY OF “MAX FACTOR ~ The Man Who Changed the Faces of the world at:

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July 27, 2012

It’s The Only Skin You Have and PEVONIA has it Covered

We should all  pamper our skin, after all, it is the only skin we have, and we must protect it.  Pevonia Sun Care products have  got you covered.  Pevonia Botanica Sun Care offers “sun safe” products to enable you to soak up the rays, and still  have fun in the sun without damaging your skin. With Pevonia,  your skin will be protected and hydrated not just during the summer months but all year long.

Pevonia Botanica Sun Care Line  works to ” Protect, Hydrate and Restore your skin before and after Sun”.  Most of us are well aware of the dangers of sun damaged skin, but every once in a while, an unexpected sunburn does happen.  My 18 year old son recently experienced a painful  sunburn on his neck and back. Pevonia After Sun Soothing Gel actually relieved the pain from his sunburn. With a combination of  Water Lily extract and Proline, the gel actually desensitized his skin while offering a very cooling sensation.  My son felt relief almost immediately.

I hope he learned his lesson.  Just to be on the safe side he now applies Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 while outside, to protect him from future sunburns and from UVA and UVB rays.   Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 is rich in Vitamin E, C and B and suitable for the entire face and body.  My son likes the fact that it is not greasy and is  easy to apply.

My two favorite Pevonia Sun Care products are the “Self Tanning Emulsion”  and the “Phyto-aromatic Mist”.  Whether I am indoors or outdoors,  after  spritzing Pevonia Mist onto my skin, I am left with cool fresh feeling. It has a delightful blend of Chamomile, Calendula and French Rose. The combination of all three help restore moisture, sooth skin and help prevent irratation.

Now even I can have the look of being out in the sun while avoiding the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  Pevonia Self Tanning Emulsion when applied properly,  ensures an even application for an even tan.   Please note: Follow instructions for application and spread evenly on your body.  If applied correctly, you will not be disappointed. Visit and view an extensive line of skin care products.  From “safe sun” to “anti-aging”, there is somethng for every skin’s needs. You only have one skin and Pevonia has it covered.

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July 25, 2012

Get a “POP” of Color with HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips

POP HairUWear Clip –In Color Strips are a great way for young girls, trendy teens, and women of all ages to change their hair styles to a fun and glamorous look. You can clip, twirl, or tie up onto curly, straight or wavy hair. Since there are many colors to choose from, you can express yourself with every bright strip you choose to own.
Applying professional feather extensions costs a good amount of money.

POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips are really effective because these hair accessories minimize the time & cost feather extensions would take in a hair salon. For a simple clip, you may enjoy this fashion trend that is certainly taking the female fashion world by storm.The fantastic part about POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips is that you obtain a great new look with the simple task of a colored clip.  My 8 and 5 year old daughters absolutely love these fun hair accessories.In their own words they stated, “The clips are colorful, pretty, and stylish”.
 Additionally, these color strips are “comfortable, smooth and different”.  These extensions really give females a new look that is striking and exciting.  If you like easy yet glamorous, POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips will be very appealing to the eye!

Shop and view an assortment of HairUwear accessories and also find a retailer near you.



Melissa Caffrey, Guest Blogger

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July 25, 2012

Get Glam FAST!

Wow, it’s been a busy summer!  I’ve had a ton of great auditions lately.  Traditionally, summer has always been the slower time for actors who work in television because most productions go on hiatus during this time of the year.  But over the past 5 years or so a lot of that has changed.  TV shows along with films, commercials, industrials and webisodes, are in production throughout the year now.  So (thankfully) I always seem to be studying lines and running off to a casting.

Here’s a little tip from “Acting 101”:  When you go in for an audition you should always try to “look the part”.  So if you’ re reading for the part of a lawyer, you shouldn’t show up in jeans and a tee shirt, unless the script specifically says that’s what the character is wearing.  And, of course your makeup should match the part as well. 

My "Tough Lawyer" look!

The thing is, I rarely have lots of time to sit in front of a mirror to get ready.  While some roles might just call for a little mascara and lip gloss, most of the time I’m reading for parts that require full “glam” makeup.  And casting directors do expect you to come in “camera ready”.   Luckily, over the years, I’ve been able to get my entire full-makeup routine down to about 12 minutes.  Pretty good, huh? 

The Glam look!

Well, I should say it’s 12 minutes if I’m using mascara.  But, whenever I’ve tried to use false eyelashes, it’s more like 20-25 minutes, if I’m lucky. I’ll admit it:  I’ve always been a faux lash challenged.  But I love them!  They just really give your eyes that extra little pop that really shows up on camera or stage.  But with having to wait around for the glue to dry and then the challenge of putting them on straight, wearing them has never really fit well into my fast routine…..until now! I’ve just started wearing Andrea® Redi-Lash Self-Adhesive Lashes and they are fantastic!   

If you’re looking for maximum  “glamness” with minimal effort, you’ll definitely want to try these.  They’re lightweight, comfortable and come in several popular styles.  And they even come with an extra adhesive strip that allows you to use them multiple times if you’re careful cleaning and storing them.  I really like #53S for daytime or #33S for nighttime special occasions. 

Andrea® Redi-Lash Self-Adhesive Lashes Styles 53S and 33S

Of course, for lash pros who’d rather go with the tried and true method, I’d say go for the Andrea® ModLash line.  They’re made of sterilized, 100% human hair and there are more styles available.  Models, celebrities and makeup artists everywhere love these. 

Andrea® ModLash 100% human hair Lashes - Styles 21 and 13

But, just like body types, eyes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  When it comes to false eyelashes, one size doesn’t fit all.  Certain lash styles suit some eye shapes better than others.  Take a look at the the  Andrea® Lashes website for a helpful Eyelash Selector to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect lash for you!


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July 25, 2012


After three successful days of uniting both emerging and established designers with fashion’s most influential personalities, PROJECT New York was a huge success! PROJECT Las Vegas is next! ABOUT PROJECT: Launched in 2003, PROJECT is the world’s preeminent advanced contemporary fashion event. Held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas, PROJECT features the most innovative and creative brands and attracts the most significant retailers in the global marketplace by connecting them in a vibrant and community-focused environment. For more information,  visit
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July 25, 2012

IT&LY Hairfashion Presents….the “Purity Design” Experience

I was recently introduced to IT&LY Hairfashions extensive and incredible line of hairstyling and finishing products called Purity Design. What makes Purity Design so unique? It was designed to “create personal styles while providing moisture and shine to hair.”

IT&LY Hairfashion states that their “labs have separated the purest active ingredients and created a new protection formula that characterizes the line “Desert Blend“. Desert Blend is a combination of vegetable extracts and proteins derived from the plants of arid zones.  “These ingredients ensure  the natural hydration and the right protection against damages to the hair from pollutant agents and UV rays; therefore preventing dryness and dullness.”

Now, let me tell you about the products themselves. I found IT&LY’s website to be very helpful in selecting the appropriate product for my hair type. IT&LY has created  products to treat the specific needs of their clients. I have curly hair and need a medium hold, so what products do I choose?

At’11-page(s).pdf, you will find a complete description of each product in the Purity Design line.  On  pages 10 and 11,  I found the ” hold factor key”  to be extremely helpful.  This easy to follow color coded chart helped me select the product I needed based ont the hold I wanted (there are 4 to choose from), I chose medium. Purity Design  products do exactly what they say they do, as long as the instructions are followed.

Purity Design Pure Shampoo and Pure Conditioner are perfect for both normal and dry hair.  While the Shampoo helps make your hair stonger and healtier, the conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft, silky  and looking shiny.

After Shampooing and Conditioning, I gave my hair the Pure Fluid Experience.  I applied a small amount of this creamy, silky fluid to my damp hair. Pure Fluid was  designed to give softness and shine to my hair and it did just that.

Pure Hair Eco,  is a medium hold hairspray I use when needed,  giving  my hair a great hold without the heaviness and stiffness some hairsprays can cause.

Everyone who uses hair products should know that ” IT&LY Hairfashion is committed to creating an eco-friendly corporate environment as well as the use of emerging green techiniques in the production of its extensive line of environmentally friendly products”.

visit and learn more about Purity Design Hairfashion and select the products that were specially designed for you.


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