February 27, 2013

Unexpected Beauty Lifesavers

Whether you’re in a rush or just ran out of your favorite beauty product, you can still look fabulous in no time with these expert tips on ways common household products can be beauty lifesavers. 

HAIR– tips from Butterfly Studio Salon owner, Kattia Solano Fabric softener cloths can help tame static and fly-aways.

 Place 1-2 inch pieces of hair at the root over a fabric sheet, fold over (left to right) until hair is completely covered and slowly pull the sheet down to the tip. Repeat on all strands that need taming. 

Old tights can make great hair ties by cutting 1 inch strips from the ankle. The thicker the band, the higher your ponytail, top knot or bun will be.

Use a body cream to achieve a sleek up-do if you don’t have any pomade handy.  

 Baby powder or cornstarch works great for oily hair touch ups on roots and bangs if you run out of dry shampoo.  

 FACE– tips from Butterfly Studio Salon makeup artist, Francesca Roman Wax paper from your kitchen, or even toilet seat covers if you’re in a public restroom, can be a great substitute for blotting papers.

Your kitchen is full of beauty secrets.

Combine olive oil, brown sugar and some fresh lemon juice for an instant exfoliator/face scrub. 

After a long night out, dab some Preparation H (that’s right!) under your eyes if you’ve run out of your favorite eye cream. The anti-inflammatory depuffs and brightens. 

If you have unruly brows in the morning, grab a toothbrush for quick grooming.

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