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March 29, 2012

Make-up Designory’s Squeezable Tube Mascara

MUD Make-up Designory has a new line of squeezable mascara that you must try.  Say goodbye to  pumping the mascara wand, which causes drying out…Say hello to the easy to use squeezable tube,  which ensures you get every bit of mascara, right to the last drop.   Next, brush on your lashes for an ultra vibrant look.

MUD squeezable tubes are offered in black volumizing and black creme  mascara.   Both are fabulous and MUD states that each mascara is rich in pigment for even coverage and lush with fiber to maximize and lengthen for super volumizing results”. 

Whenever I have an eye make-up question, my 16 year old daughter Adrienne is the “go to girl”.  She suggested volumizing mascara for my type of eyelashes and she chose black creme mascara for herself.

Her thoughts on the black creme mascara… “ MUD mascara evenly coated my eyelashes as well as holds the curl. It did not flake off throughout the day, which is a big plus for me.  The           squeezable tube is so easy to use and fits conveniently in my makeup case”.

My thoughts on the volumizing mascara was that it created the look of fuller and longer eyelashes.  MUD mascara is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers because I too have both. I didn’t experience any irritation which was an added bonus.

Visit and choose from an array of Mudd products to achieve that special glamorous look, whether daytime or nightime.

Their site is unique in that you will find helpful illustrations on how to apply specific products whether it be for lips, eyes or cheeks.  The illustration below is an example of what you will find on the website and describes  how to apply the  MUD mascara to your eyelashes.  I found this to be a great idea.  Enjoy!



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March 28, 2012

Get Ready to Smile with Burt’s Bees Newest collection “GUD”


Burt’s Bees recently introduced their newest collection of Natural Bath and  Body products and as promised, “This fun new collection includes all the “GUD” stuff of sunshine and laughter”.

You are truly in for a treat because GUD has introduced  four exhilarating and luscious scents like “Pearanormal Activity”, which makes you feel like you are surrounded by a bushel of fresh ripe pears, ooh so good.

I have been using GUD’s fabulous foaming hand wash in my favorite scent, “Vanilla Flame”.  Even after hand washing, I can still smell the delightful vanilla aroma and there is always a hint of “Vanilla Flame” floating around me.

Let’s not  forget about the intoxicating aromas of “Floral Cherrynova” and “Orange Petalooza” which actually smells like their scents are exploding with fragrance all around you.

You are truly in for a treat with GUD’s “All Natural” Bath and body products.  Start your day with a refreshing shower using GUD body wash followed by GUD shampoo and conditioner, in your favorite scent of course. GUD’s  luscious scents make these products fun to use and you will feel refreshed throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on treating yourself to GUD‘s Body Butter and/or body cream and keep your skin feeling soft all day long while feeling like their fresh fragrance is swirling around you.

GUD brand plastic bottles are all very eye catching and each scent is accented by its own color.

Visit and watch their smell-tastic video and sign up for a free sample.

Find GUD on Facebook too

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March 27, 2012

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Mason

Before I share my interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Mason, I inspire all of you who read this article to tune in to “TUESDAY NIGHT BEAUTY” on QVC on Tuesday, March 27th from 9-10PM (EST) where you will be able to see Linda debut an amazing product that I can’t wait to see!! All I’m going to say is that it’s something you all will want in your makeup bag, and Linda will show how versatile it is and how to use it !! Plus, you’ll get to see a delightful talented woman I’ve wanted to interview since I wrote about her most recent book “MAKEUP FOR AGELESS BEAUTY”.

It all began in May of last year when I received Linda’s book to read and review.

I was beyond awe with Linda’s ability to create an individual look on each person in the book that was appropriate for them. The ages ranged from women in their 40’s through their 70’s and the transformations were “magical”. Linda enhanced their outer beauty and brought out their inner beauty with her artistic creativity that resulted in the perfect balance of “true beauty”.

Last month I received a notification that I had a reply from one of the sites that I had my article about Linda’s book posted. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that it was actually from Linda Mason. I received such a thoughtful sincere complement about my article that I knew I had just experienced a moment of synchronicity!

I wrote back to thank Linda and knew it was my perfect opportunity to ask if she might consider doing an interview with me. Her answer of “yes” was like music to my ears. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask her, and the rest is history.


VICKI: What was your inspiration to pursue a career in Makeup Artistry?

LINDA: I always loved makeup and Fashion. I never even knew that there could be such a fabulous job where I could combine both. One day the Public Relations of a cosmetic firm explained the work to me and introduced me to her photographer. I had experience selling makeup and teaching about cosmetics and I had also worked for a few years as a fashion model for designers but I never knew there was such fantastic work. I started testing day and night to get a great portfolio together. Then I never looked back. I was hooked.

VICKI:There are so many types makeup artistry, including television, film, photography, editorial, etc., and they are so subjective.  What is your main objective as you personally are creating a look on a client who is not in the entertainment field and just wants a basic makeover?

LINDA: When I have a client I am making up or even just advising. I try to take her to a place that she has never been before. I try to see inside her and get to know her a little then show her something small that could make a big difference to how she looks . Each woman is different so here at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason, whether it is myself or one of my assistants, we try to give a Haute Couture personalized makeup experience to our clients. I can give a woman one or two specific looks and this is sometimes what is best, but the majority of my clients understand that spending a couple of hours with me is more like being immersed in a creative process together, it is an exciting experience to be able to see all the possibilities you can do with your face. After the class we take a step back and go over the process and what the client has felt that she can do most easily. The good thing is that after a lesson she can always come back or contact us if she is unsure of anything.

VICKI:If someone might be considering a career in the industry as a Makeup Artist, what would be a good place for them to start?

LINDA:If you are considering a career in the makeup industry there are many avenues. It very much depends on your age. If you are young don’t be in too much of a rush to be a fashion and beauty Makeup artist. Take time to develop your technique and Taste. Go to Art Galleries and read lots of magazines. Not just fashion magazines but other ones too. Working behind the counter in sales especially in a large department store is great as you can try lots of products. Art college or Beauty school are excellent but does not replace your own personal journey and effort that you need to make . If you can not go to art school collect everything that you can to draw or paint with and just do it develop your own style, don’t be afraid to try things out. Makeup all your friends and experiment with the makeup. I didn’t start working as a Fashion and Beauty Makeup artists until I was 28 and am very thankful of that because I realize that the maturity I had gained in my life was a great contributor to my success.

Linda Mason is truly a consummate artist. Her Makeup artistry is exquisite, her art is splendid, and her accessories are simply grand!

“Linda Mason, The Art of Beauty” Shop and Gallery is located in Soho, New York City and a great place to visit.

(Linda Mason Photo and Workshop Photo courtesy of
(Quote) The space also houses a workshop for professionals and as an experimental space to create her hand made compacts, makeup accessories and Art.

Don’t worry if you are not in New York. Linda’s website offers everything from her books, Cosmetics, Haute Couture Makeup compacts, Art, Accessories, and more that you are able to purchase right online. It also has information regarding professional classes, and theme events that are available, plus much more.

It’s quite a fun experience and all you have to do is go to

While you are enjoying Linda’s website make sure you visit “Linda’s Portfolio & Bio.”
The chronological time line of linda’s career is so interesting and when you read all of the celebrities and fashion designers Linda has worked with you’ll see how determination, hard work and passion for what you do truly pays off.

Thank you Linda, for making this interview become a reality. I look forward to visiting you in New york at “The Art of Beauty” shop and gallery one day soon !

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March 26, 2012

New From Duri Cosmetics ~ Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine

Duri Cosmetics is acknowledged for their outstanding “Award Winning” Nail Polishes and treatments. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when they launched their newest product, Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine and I was given the opportunity to try it ! I knew if it was from Duri Cosmetics it had to be terrific !

Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine is awesome! What I really like about it is that it’s more of a lip shine and not a thick heavy product. You can wear it alone, or over your lipstick, and it gives a smooth fuller look to your lips.

In fact, Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine is (Quote) “Infused with Tripeptides to structure and restore lips volume by stimulating collagen production. It hydrates lips for comfort and complete protection using Aloe, vitamin E, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil to soften and soothe creating the perfect pout.”

I received Icicle which is a clear plumping lip shine with a soft shimmer. I even put it on at night as a treatment to keep my lips smooth and let those Tripeptides keep inspiring the collagen production in my lips to achieve a fuller look.

Other available colors in the Duri Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine Collection include
• BRAVO ~ (Rasberry with shimmer)
• CARMEL TREAT (Taupe with shimmer)
• FIRST KISS (Sheer pink with shimmer)
• ICED PLUM (Bronzed shimmer)
• ICED ROSES (Pink with shimmer)
• ICICLE (Clear with shimmer)

I took some pictures of my lips without any Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine, with just the Plumping Lip Shine, and with a soft pink lip pencil applied over my whole lip and Plumping Lip Shine over the top:



You’re going to love the feel of the Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine and your lips will look fantastic!!

DURI™ Cosmetics are available online, and I know you Glam Gals can’t wait to get over to their website to order your “Lush Lips Plumping Lip Shine”!

Go to :

You may also call:1-800-724-2216, or look for Duri™ Cosmetics across then nation in salons, spas, and specialty stores.

Congratulations Duri Cosmetics Lush Lips Plumping Shine is a outstanding product:-)

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March 23, 2012

Rescue your Eyes with Borghese’s Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment

Rescue your eyes with ACQUA RESTORATIVO OCCHI EYE TREATMENT by Borghese.

I always moisturize my face and neck but rarely treat my eyes with anything special.  As I am getting older, I am noticing that lack of sleep and little everyday stresses are taking a toll on my eyes, causing them to look tired and puffy.  Those nasty dark circles seem to crop up more often than not and I found a solution.   Borghese’s   Acqua Ristorativo Occhi Eye Treatment has come to my rescue.

For those of you who are not  familiar with Borghese Cosmetics, they offer a complete skincare and make-up line that is specifically designed to meet the needs of every woman.  Borghese offers an  extensive array of products dealing with such skin problems as premature aging, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and uneven skin tones.  Whatever your special skin need is, Borghese has a solution and Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment is no exception.

I apply a small amount of Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment  under and around my eyes in the morning and at night after cleansing.  Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment  contains shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado which helps hydrate the skin, as well as ingredients to help the skins elasticity and tone.  This eye treatment also treats my main concerns which is puffiness and dark circles. My skin feels fresh and energized and looks so healthy.

Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment hydrates and energizes skin with their signature Aqua di Vita Complex”.

Another fact that is especially important to me is that this eye treatment is suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. And better still,  all Borghese products have been tested for safety and meet all FDA regulations. Borghese products are not tested on animals which is also a plus.

Consider Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment,  the sooner you rescue your eyes the sooner your eyes will look energized and youthful.  You will also find Borghese products  at

please visit  to view their extensive  line of skincare, make-up and spa product.

You will also find Borghese products  at



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March 23, 2012

Bellissima Borghese

Most of us, men included are obsessed with our hair! Easy to see why……it is reported that the first thing a person notices when meeting someone is their hair. The length, the color, the style, the lack of it, whatever….many of us are willing to spend mega dollars on maintaining our tresses!

In our dream world, we want products that actually help repair and restore our locks. Most products that are out there in the hair care world contain silicone based products. Silicone sits on top of the hair, its molecules too large to penetrate into the hair. It is great for quick fixes, but that’s about it. We also want professional grade, easy access and low maintenance products that won’t break our budgets!

Borghese to the rescue! Our Tuscan fairy Godmother and a name synonymous with high-end, luxurious skin care products for generations has heard our hair cares woes and responded! Once again the company that has captured the tradition of classic Italian beauty, modernizing it and creating a collection of products of unparalleled effectiveness, has launched a new line of premium hair care products.

Borghese, along with Primary One Brands, have unleashed a line of Borghese hair care products includes Venetian Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner; Modena Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner; Salermo Silking Hair Oil; Tuscany Thickening Cream; Giovanni Volumizing Hair Gel; Siena Styling Spray; Siena Finishing Hair Spray; Milan Volumizing Mousse; and Capri Style-In Conditioner and their men’s line is slated to be released in the fall (which I intend on borrowing them!). The hair care products are formulated with Borghese’s proprietary Acqua Di Vita Complex, the main age-defying ingredient found in many of the company’s products. This Complex, small enough to penetrate into hair shafts, is known for its rejuvenating and healing effects is found in mineral waters and volcanic mud in the Tuscany region.

I have always associated Borghese products as one of the finest in luxury, to be savored for those ultimate pampering sessions. The hair care line has a price point ranging from $13 to $18, and is sold in national drugstore chains and department stores, from CVS/Pharmacy,Walgreen’s, to Duane Reade and more, it means everyday becomes a pampering session………….. Borghese making us all che bella donnas!

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March 21, 2012

A close sexy shave is right at your fingertips

Attention ladies!!!! Are you tired of shaving and getting nothing but dry skin and razor bumps in the finished result? Then you need to treat yourself. Get rid of those dollar store disposable razors and go for the new Schick Hydro Silk razor designed only for women.
When I was younger I remember a commercial on TV. where a husband and wife were at the beach. In the commercial the wife was concerned about getting a nice close shave with her little dinky razor so she kept stealing her husband’s razor. It amazed me because it showed me just what we women go through to feel sexy and beautiful. With the Schick Hydro Razor, we no longer need to steal our husbands/ boyfriends razor to get that close sexy shave. The razor blade is equipped with 5 “curve sensing” blades, an oval cartridge that meets the curves of our bodies and water activated moisturizing serum. That means no more irritating bumps or dry flaky skin after shaving.
I also want to point out that the razor head is disposable. I love that the only thing you need to buy is the blade itself and not the handle. With a quick flick of the wrist the blade is removed and replaced in less than 5 seconds. It makes it convenient and saves money.
So next time you want to feel sexy and get that close sexy shave, step away from your boyfriends/ husbands razor and get your own Schick Hydro Silk razor available online at or at your local supermarket. Enjoy!!

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March 20, 2012

How to Wear Spring’s Hottest Trends—More Than Once

Info from Fashion Stylist and Designer Claudia Patel ( Tamasha Knit (

From the west to east coast—it’s quite apparent that early spring has sprung. With temperatures on the rise, early this year, it’s that time of year again. Time to rid your closet of bulky winter clothing and decorate it with your favorite seasonal red carpet and runway-inspired trends. When shopping for your spring wardrobe, how do you pick versatile items that can last through the season? Fashion Stylist and Designer Claudia Patel and Tamasha Knit Designer Haesu Kwon break down this year’s spring versatile must-have items that can be worn throughout the season in a number of ways.

Bold and Bright Accessories

Bold colors and accessories are big for spring this year. “It’s time to purchase pieces reflecting colors of the rainbow; neon orange or tangerine are great colors for the coming season,” touts Haesu. This spring it’s all about making a statement—in color. Large floral patterns, futuristic prints and color-blocking are just a few of the many colorful trends you will want to purchase for the spring when it comes to clothing. What about when it comes to your accessories? “A statement belt is a great piece to purchase,” explains Claudia. “Liven up your outfit with a neon belt or a bold bag. Be bold and daring with your accessories. You can easily wear them in the summertime for a fun summer look as well. Same goes for your flats. Experiment with different colors and patterns to spring your basic outfit to a whole new level.”

Spring Cardigans/Shirts

Dress your closet up with cardigans, pastel colored shirts and feather-weight sweaters in shades of mint and peach. “Though bold colors are in for the spring, you should make some extra closet space for pastels for the season,” suggests Haesu. This is a look you can take with you into early summer. Wear your pastel shirt with a simple pencil skirt. Add some bold or tribal jewelry to make a statement. Versatile cardigans are a must this spring. And if the temperature starts to rise—wear your cardigan as an accessory. Simply wrap your cardigan around your shoulders. “Cardigans are great for layering and can be worn in number of ways, adds Claudia Patel. “Throw on a cardigan over your dress to add a pop of color. Take your look from day-to-night—dress your look down with a cardigan and remove for a night out with friends. Experiment with different patterns and shades. If a cardigan is not your style, try light spring blazers. Same guidelines, different look!”

Spring Dress

With talk of pastel cardigans and bold accessories—you will need the perfect spring dress. Try a basic neutral dress or a bold simple one. What better versatile piece to use as this year’s spring fashion canvas? “A neutral dress is a fashion staple that can be transformed into a number of looks, ranging from classic to fun,” says Claudia Patel. Basic neutral tones are big this spring. “Pair a basic nude dress with a pop of color, bold colored flats or bright jewelry,” adds Haesu. “There is nothing boring about neutral. Add metallic hardware to make a statement without being too bold. Don’t stick to one trend or restrict yourself. Pair a bold dress with metallic accessories. Mix two bold complimentary colors. Mix trends or change them up with your personal style. It’s all about feeling confident and being you.” Though basics are great, floral prints are also a hot trend this spring. “Wear a floral short dress with metallic pumps, says Claudia. “Pick complimentary and contrasting colors to change up your look from week to week. You can wear the same dress and transform your look each time. Throw on a blazer to make your outfit work appropriate. Spice it up with heels and wear it to a dinner with friends.”

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March 19, 2012


SCHICK HYDRO SILK RAZOR                         

Out with my OLD…In with my NEW… Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  I must admit, there really was nothing wrong with my old razor except it was really old.  I can’t even remember how long I have had it.  My old razor was very convenient for me because it used the same cartridges as my husband’s razor, so I always used his stock of blades.  Like I said, very convenient.

What I didn’t expect was to find a razor with a “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”.  A What??  Say that again… “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”?   Well,  Let me explain…

If you did not know, shaving in general often results in leaving your skin feeling dry and/or irritated. As stated by Schick, “The Schick Hydro Silk Razor has a moisturizing serum that activates with water to help replenish skins natural moisturizer throughout each shave”, and this razor does exactly that.

There are also other features about this razor, which without a doubt, left my skin feeling exceptionally soft.  The razor has 5 blades which allows for a very close shave.  The moisturizing serum skin guards that are on top of each blade helps smooth skin while shaving.  The moisturizing serum lasts up to 2 hours.  It didn’t even feel like I was using a razor, that’s how smooth it was.

The razor itself is beautifully designed. It’s easy to hold as you are shaving around curves (it didn’t slip out of my hands like my last razor did).  The shape of the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor was definitely designed with a woman in mind.  I almost felt like the shape was designed especially for me.

The Schick  Hydro Razor comes with a  suction cup and refill blades.  The blades are also sold separately.  I  placed  the suction cup in the shower to hang my new razor.  This was a new experience for me.  My new razor is right at my fingertips whenever I reach for it.

I must add that whether you are using your old razor or new one, Skintimate Moisturing Shave Gels are a lovely addition to your shaving routine.  These delicously scented shave gels offer vitimins and antioxidants that help replenish your skins natural moisture.   You must try them and see for yourself. visit  to see a complete line of Skintimate products.

You will find the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor in supermarkets and drugstores or visit

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March 19, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer ~ Treatment , Beauty, and SPF20 all in one!

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20

This is the first of a two article series about a breakthrough in skin care that brings you state of the art treatment, cosmetic qualities that give your skin a natural smooth coverage, and SPF20 protection all in one product . If you think it sounds pretty amazing, it is!

I was first introduced to, and wrote about Miracle Skin Transformer for Men this past holiday season.
Miracle Skin Transformer felt on his skin, how smooth his skin looked, the SPF20 protection, and that it was all in one tube.

I immediately went to the online link and read about the products that were available and purchased the Miracle Skin Transformer in a Light Tint, and a Light and Light/Medium product called Treat and Conceal for eyes and face.

Treat and Conceal intrigued me since it also was a treatment and cosmetic product in one tube that concealed and evened out the skin. How versatile!
(You can read all about this product and others I’ll be talking about in this article on the website link above.)

Not only was I looking forward to trying these products myself, but as a national makeup artist working in HD-TV, and “Key” makeup artist on a National PBS Series, I was curious to see how Miracle Skin Transformer products would look on camera.

Personally liking a flawless finished look, I used the Miracle Skin Transformer in Light and then layered and blended some of the Treat and Conceal in Light/Medium over the top. I used the Light Treat and Conceal under my eyes and found the coverage like a second skin!

In my makeup room at the studio on a day we were taping the TV show, I was able to really be creative with some of the guests who would be appearing on the program. Over the years I’ve noticed many guests prefer a no makeup look. Miracle Skin Transformer was a great product choice to use for a soft natural look by layering and blending colors that to the surprise of the guests felt so light weight on their skin, they were very comfortable with not only the feel of the product but how they looked!

As for the host of the program, A blend of Light and Light/Medium Treat and Conceal turned out to be a flawless under eye concealer, and I used the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 as a perfect primer, under her regular makeup. It looked terrific on camera!

Miracle Skin Transformer would now be going into my professional case, so I needed to order some more product for myself!! It was perfect timing since the innovator of Miracle Skin Transformer , Sarah McNamara, was making her debut on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and I was looking forward to her appearance.

I’m thrilled that I will be interviewing Sarah McNamara in the 2nd article of this 2 part series in April.
You may read more about Ms.McNamara at:

Sarah McNamara

On HSN I not only replaced my product but purchased two new products that are very effective yet easy on your skin.
Take a moment to visit:

My two new products include:

1. Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser that not only dissolves dirt and oil but deeply cleanses your skin, yet is soothing and hydrating. The treatment in this product consists of MP3 complex , also in Miracle Skin Transformer, and Treat and Conceal (Quote) “A powerful antioxidant blend that works hard to fight free radicals.”

2. Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm that will help “soften and refine” the texture of your skin, and impart radiance and clarity to your skin. This product also contains (Quote) “ MP3 complex ,a blend of algae, vitamins, and antioxidants for increased hydration and more luminous skin.”

I’m very impressed with the feel of my skin after I use these two products. When I apply my Miracle Skin Transformer after each use, my skin texture is so soft and looks very smooth and healthy!

I’ll include the link to Miracle Skin Transformer again, since it’s filled with information I know you’ll be interested in perusing. You may also find the location of a store that sells Miracle Skin Transformer products near you, or if you’d like, purchase them right on this

Make sure you check back in April for my interview with Sarah McNamara and more about Miracle Skin Transformer!

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