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January 29, 2019

17 Ways To Enjoy Younger Looking Skin In One Week

There is absolutely no shame in getting older – we all get older, and we shouldn’t pay attention to any media outlet or person who tells us that we shouldn’t embrace ageing. After all, getting older means we have experienced more, have learned more, and are better people for it, surely! There are so many reasons to be proud of ageing. Not many people live long enough to get older.

However, you can be proud of ageing while simultaneously taking care of your skin. You shouldn’t obsess – after all, this is likely to cause stress, and stress can be a huge factor when it comes to ageing. However, you can use as many of the tips below as you like to get younger looking skin in one week. Whether you’re prepping for a big event or you simply want to look your best, the ideas below can help you:

  1. Get Hydrated

First off, get hydrated. Many people say that hydration doesn’t have all that much impact on your skin, but it does! Water flushes out the body, keeps us energized, and helps us to feel better. As a result of all of the great things water does for our bodies, our skin can glow.

You should be drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. If you exercise, you should be drinking more. Carry a big bottle of water with you every day, and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink from it. Drink regularly, and have goals for certain times throughout the day. Soon enough, this will become a habit!

Unrelated side note: it’s a good idea to buy a water filter rather than bottled water, as plastic is one-use and terrible for the environment.

2. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Every single day you should be protecting yourself from the sun. It doesn’t even matter if it’s cold and gloomy outside: SPF should be applied in order to protect the skin from the damaging things found in the environment. The amount of SPF you apply can depend on how sensitive your skin is and the other products you are using. For example, if you use acids, then you will need a stronger SPF to ensure you don’t burn.

You can apply your SPF separately or buy a moisturizer that includes it – whatever you prefer.

3. Sort Out Your Daily Skincare Routine

You should have a daily skincare routine that you stick to without fail. Usually this is carried out twice: once in the morning, and once before bed. Here’s an idea of what a simple daily skincare routine should consist of:

  • Cleansing.
  • Toning.
  • Serum – optional, but can provide a deeper level of targeted treatment, depending on what you need.
  • Day/night cream.
  • Eye cream – it can be a good idea to prevent eye lines while you are young, rather than trying to get rid of them when you are older. Prevention is better than cure if this is something you are concerned about.

There are numerous other products and methods you can look into. Different things work for different people, so it’s important to experiment and see what you are comfortable with. Some people like to double cleanse to make sure the products really work, others like to use two different toners. Some people even enjoy applying an oil after night cream for amazing hydration and plumping. It all depends on how much you want to spend money and time wise, and how committed you are to your skin.

4. Apply A Mask

Treat your skin at least once a week to a mask. You can use most masks 2-3 times per week, so pamper yourself as you see fit. You could even use a couple of different masks, for example, a pink clay one at the start of the week to detox, and a homemade coconut oil mask after a few days for moisture. Overnight masks are especially popular these days and can be a great way to look plump and glowing in the morning.

5. Get Your Micronutrients

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals found in the foods we eat. This means you should be getting plenty of green veg as well as fruits to nourish your body and enjoy fantastic skin! Many people get great results from eating healthy fats such as avocados and nuts. These foods can also be great for the hair and nails.

6. Exercise

Exercising a few times a week is not only a lot of fun and great for your mental and physical health, it can clear out your skin and give you that ‘straight out of yoga’ glow. However, if you do tend to sweat a lot, you should make sure that you wash your face as soon as possible after your workout. Leaving sweat on the skin can cause problems, like clogged pores.

7. Ensure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is essential if you want younger looking skin. Most people just aren’t getting near enough sleep, and then wonder why they can’t be as productive as they’d like, why their appetite is all over the place, and why their skin looks dull. You should be getting around 8 hours of sleep per night – and it should be high quality! If you know you’re not getting this, then just try to add 30 minutes onto what you’re currently getting for now. You won’t be able to change your sleeping pattern in one go.

8. Look Into Specialist Products

Specialist products added to your skincare routine can work a treat, but they are only suited to certain skin types. If you have particularly sensitive skin, using a high dose of retinol probably isn’t a good idea – but you can find mixtures in oil that will help to take the edge off while your skin gets used to it. You can also do your own research on specialist treatments, like asking the internet What is hyaluronic acid? Using acids on the skin can be amazing and give fast results. Just make sure you follow the instructions to avoid overloading your skin and stressing it out!

9. Massage Your Face And Body

If you want the skin all over to look younger, massage is key. Always moisturize after a bath or shower, and massage your creams in with long, sweeping strokes. Facials and body massages can also be a great way to take care of the skin.

10. Use Cool Water

Instead of using hot water on the skin, use cool water where possible. It’ll stop you from drying out the skin, and will even leave your hair in better condition.

11. Take Your Makeup Off Properly

If you wear makeup: always, without fail, take it off properly. Your makeup should be removed by proper cleansing, not with makeup wipes alone. You can use a wipe to get off the excess, but for the most part, it will just move your makeup around your face. Double cleansing is great for those who wear makeup.

12. Give Your Skin A Breather

Try to go 1-2 days per week without wearing makeup at all. It’ll be a great break for your skin and make such a difference!

13. Avoid Bad Habits Like Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and drinking are great ways to fast track your skin to lines and wrinkles. Habits like smoking need to be avoided at all costs, and if you drink, try to stick to just one or two. Don’t drink every day, either!

14. Get A Special Pillow

There are pillows that are designed especially to stop you from creasing your face as you sleep if you’re a side sleeper. It can also be good to look at your pillowcases, as silkier pillowcases will stop the skin from pulling as you move in your sleep and help you to retain the products you have applied.

15. Stop Stressing

Stress will make your skin age right before your eyes. Find ways to relax. Practice deep breathing, read a book, do something you enjoy…just don’t worry about the things that don’t matter!

16. Spritz Your Face To Refresh

During the day if you notice your face looking dull or dry, or you simply want a cooling spray, use a face spray and spritz all over your face. You can find all kinds, such as oils to help you glow, and even sprays to stop you from getting too oily. Using one throughout the day can ensure you are looking your best.

17. Don’t Neglect Your Lips and Hands

Your lips and hands are important too, as people will notice them most of the time! Apply hand cream every day, and if you use acids on your face, use what’s left over on your hands before moisturizing them. This will keep them well exfoliated and looking younger. Exfoliate your lips regularly, and to keep them hydrated, top tip – apply nipple balm! That stuff is the best for dry, chapped lips.

Which of these ideas will you use to ensure your skin slays?

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January 29, 2019

Curel Is Truly Ultra Healing

We have added a new addition to our family, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy. There are so many good points to owning a dog. One major drawback is the constant hand washing. I am washing my hands at least 3 times as much as I normally do. Too much hand washing will certainly dry out my hands so I have my Curel Ultra Healing  Intensive Lotion right by the kitchen sink. I like lotions with pumps because it makes the lotion easy to dispense. Curel Ultra Healing  Intensive Lotion is non greasy and absorbs quickly as not to interfere in your daily routine.

Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion can be used on your body but right now, my hands and arms are benefiting the most. Curel has a magnificent scent of grapefruits and is keeping my hands well hydrated. Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion repairs extra dry skin 2 times better than most lotions.

Curel Ultra Healing  Intensive Lotion is formulated with advanced Ceramide complex and with daily use, will help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Curel Ultra Healing  Intensive Lotion is dermatologist recommended and can be found in$8.99 Available at mass merchant stores nationwide.

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January 29, 2019

Spring Break Hair. Start planning now!

Spring break is all about new things and new beginnings, and your hair is a unique place to begin. Since the spring season is soon upon us, let that new Spring weather bring new ideas to your hairstyle. In this article, we are giving you excellent suggestions to take your hairstyle back to life for beautiful hair throughout the spring season.

The winter can leave your hair feeling dry and fragile, craving for nourishing hair treatments. With warm weather, it means that you will probably spend more time outside in the sunlight which means it is also the ideal time to prepare your hair for warmer conditions and UV rays. Whether it is a cut or treatment, we will give you unique ideas to prepare your hair for new spring break cut. Bring out your favorite Scissor Tech  hairdressing scissors because here are the best five hairstyles to try during the 2019 spring break.

Bob Cut

Bob cut is universally acceptable. In fact, it has become popular in every culture and society. Bob cut style suits all types of faces be it bony or circular. All sorts of hair too can be trimmed in this style. As a matter of fact, the bob cut hairstyle can be used to cover up any faults on the face as well as forehead. Even folks with thin hair will look beautiful when they have a bob cut hairstyle, as it gives a look of much more hair being there. This style demands six-inch scissors and reversible texturizers.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts had a big moment a couple of years ago when various celebrities were all making the cut. Well, the haircut style is back again. However, the styles have more texture, volume, and depth this time as opposed to just being short and sleek. The cut is so popular and has been named as one of the trending hairstyles of 2019.

Modern Shag

This isn’t the shag from the ’70s. The new shag is the solution to all the blunt cuts that were popular in 2018. Since the hairstyle integrates full texture and movement, it is a valuable in-between cut for anybody who is transitioning from a short to long length as it prevents the hair from looking too heavy.

Curtain Bangs

Over the last few years, curtain bangs have been practiced across the world. This trend seems to prevail during the 2019 spring break. If you have been contemplating acquiring bangs, the curtain like fringes is the ideal intro look because they come with low maintenance in comparison to other styles. This is the perfect hairstyle of changing the face frame of your haircut without the high expenses that accompany the blunt fringe.

Tapered Cut

Most of us admire the women who risk it all to have short hairstyles. With the recent style where girls rock ‘natural’ hair, people love styles that portray a woman’s natural curl patterns. Apart from this style being stylish, it also gives an ideal transition style for various women that want to go back to their roots. In fact, a tapered cut definitely has its pros, and from a hairdresser’s perspective I can ascertain some of its benefits: it gives you optimal convenience, promotes healthy hair, it gives an instant edge, as well as accentuating your face.

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January 29, 2019

Keltie Knight Wears Ruthie Davis!

Los Angeles, CA – January 28, 2019 – Keltie Knight was photographed wearing Ruthie Davis to the 25th Annual SAG Awards last night in LA! The Entertainment Tonight host looked stunning wearing the Chrissy Heels in Skin ($375,

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January 29, 2019

6 Ways to Celebrate Singlehood this Valentine’s Day

Columbia University Affiliated Neuropsychologist with Empowering Tips and Insights

These days, more and more women are referring to Valentine’s Day as “Single Awareness Day.” Gone are the days of moping around lonely and longing for a relationship. Many women who are fulfilling career ambitions, focusing on meeting financial goals, traveling and having fun with friends and family are perfectly fine with their singleness. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, more single women want to treat it as an excuse to have some fun. To keep the positive momentum going, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, Neuropsychologist and Teaching Faculty at Columbia University, shares 6 positive ways to celebrate singlehood this Valentine’s Day.

1. Plan a trip.

While everyone else is out getting overpriced meals and mediocre service, declare a date-night with yourself setting the goal to plan a solo trip to see friends or family or explore another city. Many single women make the mistake of forgoing travel because they want a boyfriend to travel with. They end up burning themselves out with too much work and no play. “Planning a trip is a fun forward-thinking activity that inspires creativity, imagination, and optimism. When you are single you have the freedom to travel the way you want. You don’t need to consider anyone else.” explains Dr. Hafeez.

2. Spruce up your surroundings.

When we get into nesting mode, we honor ourselves and our single status. Tidying up and simply adding new throw pillows to a sofa, a new bedspread, a new shower curtain, and some candles can add new energy to your space. “Another great way to celebrate your singlehood on Valentine’s Day is to decorate as you see fit. When we feel great in our living space, we are more productive. Many single women find they enjoy being able to redecorate without having anyone else offering their opinion.” Dr. Hafeez adds.

3. Host a party.

Celebrating Singlehood on Valentine’s Day can be a blast when you invite other singles over for a fun pot luck dinner or cocktail party. Share funny dating stories, play some great music and enjoy some quality time with friends. “When people enter relationships, they have less time for their friends. Single people who have a solid group of friends always have something fun going on. What is interesting is the more a person loves their single life, is confident and happy on their own, the more attractive they become to others,” explains Dr.Hafeez.

4. Pamper yourself.

Schedule your hair cut, facial, massage and declare a day of self-pampering. Many salons and spas offer Valentine’s Day specials and packages so take advantage. Some even offer after work treatments so you can go straight from work and indulge. “Treating yourself to a day of beauty is a great way to tend to yourself. Single women have the time to focus on their beauty routines without anyone asking how much they spend on eyebrow waxing, facials, highlights, blow-outs and anything else you choose to do,” Dr.Hafeez reminds us.

5. Go shopping… online.

Be your own Valentine and buy yourself a present or several presents for that matter? Perhaps there’s a nice dress, handbag, shoes or fragrance that you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to. Celebrate your awesomeness with a splurge. “When we shop, we get a dopamine hit, hence the term retail therapy. The key is not to let it get out of control. Set a budget and the intention to enjoy yourself. Buy yourself something that a man typically would such as jewelry. There’s something very empowering about a woman buying herself a beautiful and symbolic piece of jewelry, suggests Dr.Hafeez.

6. Eat the candy.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You’re your own greatest Valentine! Grab yourself your favorite Valentine’s Day candy box and allow a sweet treat. “Want an endorphin boost? Eat some chocolate. Endorphins are stress minimizers and help boost our immune systems,” says Dr.Hafeez. Ladies who revel in their singlehood have no problem treating themselves to some chocolate covered berries and champagne.

Cheers to you and cheers to being single.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is an NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens. Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr.Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr.Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz. Connect with her via Instagram @drsanamhafeezor

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January 28, 2019

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Next Job

Your first impression on a potential boss is unfathomably significant. Your first meeting with potential employers instantly frames a conclusion of whether or not you’re going to be hired. Your first impression greatly dependents on what you wear and how you represent yourself. Despite the workplace, it’s critical to dress right for a job interview since how you dress up can have a significant impact on your future.

Job interviews are daunting and stressful where a lot is on the line.  When you get nervous in job interviews, then it becomes simple to blurt out the wrong thing.  You need to be in the right headspace to be confident at a job interview. Use mind tricks to boost your confidence and attractively represent yourself. Give straight forward answers, keep smiling and look presentable to leave a great first impression at your employer.

How to Dress up for Job Interviews

What a lot of people do not know is that a great trick to boost your confidence is dressing appropriately because as they say… “If you look good, you feel good.” How you choose to dress up for an interview depends upon the kind of job you are interviewing for. You need to dress to impress; however, the outfit you pick relies upon whether you’re interviewing at an organization with an informal dress code, a business formal or office casual. Here are some general tips to dress the best way for an interview.

  1. Start by looking into the dress code of the organization.  
  2. Choose garments that make you feel confident and comfortable.
  3. Avoid revealing dresses.
  4. Dress according to the time and weather.
  5. Make sure you dress is crease free, stain free and tidy.

Besides following these basic tips, below is a guide on what to wear and what not to wear, on how to impress your employers and what accessories should you choose to look presentable for a successful interview.

Get to know the company’s dress code

Various businesses have different dress codes for how representatives should dress. The appropriate dress code can differ extraordinarily relying upon the nature, size, location, and type of organization. Have an understanding of the organization and how formal the working environment is. You can also look at the photos of the organization on online networking platforms to get a better understanding of what individuals wear at that particular workplace. For example, fashion related jobs require employees to wear stylish and trendy clothes. For a business casual, you have to wear suits and skirts. However, formal work environments expect employees to dress formally in dark and neutral suits and dresses.

Choose the right Accessories for your interview

In general, fashion is more confusing and challenging for women than it is for men which makes nailing an interview outfit more difficult for ladies. While men only have to decide between pinstriped or checkered, women even have to think about whether not a pantyhose is appropriate.

Similarly, women have to put in great effort to select the right accessories for the interview. Believe it or not but our accessories can have a massive impact on our attire. Pairing the wrong shoes or bags with the wrong outfit will leave you looking like a mess. The best interview accessories are ones which complement your attire and do not overpower it. Keeping it simple would be ideal.

  • Perfume

Both men and women wear fragrances as a component of their day by day life. It is a staple part of our grooming regime. Regardless of whether we are at home, in the workplace or out in the city, “smelling nice” is considered a symbol of high status, formality, stature, confidence, and attractiveness. Wearing the right perfume makes us feel nice and clean. Hence, the connection between a person and scent is quite strong. However, experts say that when in doubt, one should abstain from wearing perfume to a job interview as the wrong one can blow your first impression (especially if your boss has a picky nose). So, keep your fragrance light and not too sweet.

  • Handbag

A woman cannot survive without her handbag. A right purse is a powerful tool for your interview. Make sure the structure of the bag is simple but sturdy and spacious enough to fit your essentials. Choose a single colored bag, preferably a leather bag as they look more formal. Avoid oversized bags and embellishes purses.

  • Shoes

Pairing the right shoes with your outfit is essential. You cannot wear court shoes with jeans or sneakers under a dress. If you are going for formal dressing, then your shoes need to be formal as well. Similarly, in a casual business environment, your shoes can be relaxed as well.  

  • Jewelry

You must not wear heavy jewelry to a workplace. It makes you look flashy, indecent and desperate for attention. Wear small earrings, chain bracelets, a wristwatch or a simple pendant to look elegant and sophisticated. You can get your favorite piece for jewelry form Tous, by using their discount code you can avail up to 40% discount.

Things not to wear for a job interview

We have already established how important it is to dress right for a job interview. A significant part of learning what to wear to an interview is understanding what not to wear. There are numerous mistakes that we usually make when we dress up for an interview. To kill your job interview, here are some of the errors you should avoid at all costs:  

  • Wearing bright and flashy colors
  • Wearing excessive and strong perfume
  • Carrying your headphones
  • Messy hair
  • Bold and loud makeup
  • Heavy, bilgy and prominent jewelry
  • Revealing clothes
  • Wrong shoes

These are the simple tips for your job interviews. Take the time to assess your wardrobe and look, plan ahead, and pay attention to the details and make your interview more successful. If you don’t have anything ready in your wardrobe, then no need to worry just visit and get discount coupons for your favorite brand and avail amazing discount on your purchase.

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January 28, 2019

Swag Alert: PURA D’OR Hair Therapy Products

PURA D’OR, once again, gifts Hollywood’s Rich and Famous! This past weekend, Hollywood Swag Bags gifted the nominees and talent celebrating the SAG awards at The Four Seasons Hotel.

PURA D’OR, a forever favorite hair care brand, was once again asked to be in the bag! Previously these coveted PURA D’OR products were found in Golden Globe Award Gift Bags, Emmy Award Gift Bags and other Hollywood Swag Bags presented to nominees and talent at The Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

All PURA D’OR products are free of harsh chemicals with no parabens or sulfates and are hypo-allergenic, color safe and gluten free.



The PURA D’OR is driven by a desire to provide plant-based solutions to the toughest hair problems. Innovative formulas infused with premium organic oils and natural extracts combat hair damage. There are products for curly hair, dry hair and the most popular, thinning hair, and more. PURA D’OR is best known for the fiercely loyal following.

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January 26, 2019

Vici on-trend items perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting

Vici Collection has a stunning collection of on-trend items this season that you literally can wear with practically anything. Some of the It’s a Glam Thing favorites are the Vici camisoles that come in stunning colors and gorgeous animal prints.

Vici’s cami collections are just perfect for layering on cold winter days and transitioning effortlessly into night where they always steal the show. Plus they are perfect for Valentine Gifting. Here are a couple that we adore!


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January 25, 2019

Our Favorite on-the-go Couture Handbag Will Fit All of Your Stuff.

Lux and Nyx is a luxury handbag company equipping rockstar women with the tools they need to go places. Based in St. Louis, the all-female company focuses on using eco-friendly, durable materials to make stylish bags that get professional women from the plane, to work, to the gym, to dinner seamlessly. Their founder, Lisa Hu, created the company after being unable to find the perfect bag to fit her on-the-go lifestyle. She left the corporate role at the peak of her career to develop the company and now she dedicates her time to empowering women to advocate for herself and others through a brand predicated on advocating women to be more, achieve more, and give more.

Lux and Nyx bags are featured as the Hollywood Swag Bag Sag Awards Weekend Gift Bag.

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January 25, 2019

The Publishing Company that Doesn’t Fit Neatly in a Box

Running Wild Press ( is an atypical publishing house based in Los Angeles with an all woman staff. They only publish great stories and great writing that don’t fit neatly in a box. 

In their third year of publishing, they’ve had an impressive year such as being nominated for several awards including the Pushcart Prize. 

The books: “Frontal Matter: Glue Gone Wild” by Suzanne Samples, “Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 2, Part 1” and “Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 2, Part 2” provide a great cross section of the books published in 2018.

Their books will be featured in The SAG Awards Weekend Gift Bags by Hollywood Swag Bag this coming weekend.

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