July 17, 2018

Try These 6 Eating Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss has become one of the most popular topics among many people and discussions that many techniques have been put forward for it to be effective. There are plenty of ways ideas and even myths that have been suggested, but only a few of them have proven to really work maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remember that not all diet tips are effective and healthy. One technique may work for someone, while another may not. Therefore, it’s good to choose techniques that are natural and proven to be effective. Here are 6 eating tips for a healthy weight loss.

  • Eat slowly

Take your time when eating. Chew your food well and swallow it properly. Chewing food well is essential to its full digestion and extraction of nutrients from the food you eat. On the other hand, not chewing well can result in indigestion and stomach ache.

Eat at the proper time of the day, too. Breakfast, lunch and supper times should be followed because these are specific times when your body need the most nutrients and energy that you get from your food.

  • Listen to your hunger

A diet technique of “not eating” is never an effective one. Depriving your body of food without proper medication can bring more problems in your health than solve them. Hunger is your body’s way of saying it needs more nutrients to see through the rest of the day, and if you do not feed your hunger, your organs may not function properly.

Online Phentermine information can be easily searched, and this drug can help with repressing appetite which is used on many weight loss programs.

  • Consume a low-calorie diet

Feeding your hunger does not mean you can eat anything you want. Of course, you need to be mindful of the food you choose to eat. Calories are the enemies when we talk about weight loss, instead of being an unhealthy choice, calories can add to your weight, instead of subtracting from it.

Choose food types that are low in calorie content. Check the nutritional contents of the food you buy from stores, or better yet, eat more fruits and vegetables instead of store-bought food.

  • Stay well hydrated

Hydration is a very important factor, not only for your general health but also for daily survival. Water is the only natural way to stay hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water every day, the more the better.

Water does not only keep you hydrated, it is an effective and natural antioxidant that cleanses your body from toxic from the food that you ingest daily. The more water you drink, the cleaner your body inside and out will be.

  • Be mindful of trendy drinks

When we say trendy drinks, there are several types – coffee, unnatural tea, energy drinks and concentrated juices. These drinks, although you may argue that is needed by your body to give you the energy boost you need on a day to day basis, are actually toxic to the body.

Coffee and tea have been proven to have good effects, as they have antioxidant properties that help rid the body toxic. However, too much consumption may not be a healthy choice. Energy drinks and concentrated juices may be effective in containing your hunger and giving you the energy boost needed, but these types of drink are toxic to the body.

  • Ditch sugary drinks and sodas

Juices, sodas and energy drinks are only a few of the most common sugary drinks that may seem harmless. Some types of coffee, especially iced and frappuccino, contain more sugar than the regular freshly brewed coffee. Sugar, as studies will tell you, is the leading cause of heart problems.

Sugary drinks and sodas can result to higher blood sugar levels; too much sugar consumption is not an ideal way to lose weight, and too much sugar can eventually lead to heart and/or kidney problems. Better lower your sugar intake not only on drinks, but from all other food choices.

An effective weight loss technique is not when you are eating less. You may still eat more, as long as you eat properly and choose food that is healthy. Dieting, or eating less, may make you lose weight, but be sure to accompany it with supplements that can balance the nutrients needed by your body.

Losing weight is not something that can happen just overnight. It takes time, discipline and self-control, but the result is always better – a longer, healthier, happier life.

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July 12, 2018

Heidi Klum Wears Silk Laundry!

Heidi Klum was seen wearing Silk Laundry earlier today while out in NYC! The super model kept it casual chic in the 90s Silk Slip Dress in Dahlia ($161, www.silklaundry.com).
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July 11, 2018

Shanina Shaik Wears gorjana!

Shanina Shaik shared a photo on Instagram wearing gorjana! The model showed off a sultry look in a silk dress accented with gorjana’s Rumi Confetti Adjustable Necklace ($75 , www.gorjana.com).
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July 11, 2018

4 Popular Myths about Breast Augmentation and the Truth Behind Them


If you’re thinking of undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, there are so many things that you have to know about the process that will help you make an informed decision.

There are tons of myths and misconceptions about this surgical procedure. Some might be the very ones that are preventing you from taking the leap. The good news is that scientists have already debunked many of them. So if you choose a reputable surgeon, you can certainly feel more confident about the outcome.

What are the myths that you should know about, though? Here are four that can help you weigh your options better:

Myth #1: Saline Implants are Safer than Silicone Implants

Two of the most popular types of breast implants are made of saline and silicone. They’re filled with exactly what they’re named after, allowing them to offer different results.

Because they’re filled with a sterile saltwater solution, a lot of people believe that saline implants are way safer than silicone implants which are filled with silicone gel. As both can rupture and its content can leak inside the body, a lot of people are scared that a silicone implant’s content can be more detrimental to health.

The FDA, however, has cleared the safety of silicone implants. The use of a good quality silicone implant and its proper maintenance can also make it safer to use.

Myth #2: Breast Implants are Dangerous for Breastfeeding

A lot of women who consider getting breast implants are also around the age of starting their families. This is why one of the most popular concerns among them is the safety of having implants while breastfeeding. Some are scared that the silicone material can leak and mix into the breast milk, which might harm the infant.

While the thought is quite scary, research shows that there’s no evidence this can happen. The silicone material won’t easily get into the mammary glands or any other areas wherein it can mix into the breast milk. Its positioning and molecular size make such impossible.

However, breast implants can affect a woman’s breasts’ capability to produce and release milk. The position of the implant can apply pressure on the alveolar cellular wall, which can diminish milk production.

Myth #3: You can Choose Your New Cup Size

Another popular misconception about breast augmentation procedures is that you can choose your new cup size. This isn’t true. The size of the implants that you’ll receive will still depend on what your body can handle. Going from small to big in just a couple of hours can cause a drastic change that can have serious effects on your body, so it’s not recommended by specialists.

You can still opt to go as big as possible, but there’s still a limit to this. Experts take into account the size of your frame, your weight, current bra cup size before recommending the size of implants for you. They’ll make sure that the procedure will bring the most natural-looking results that won’t affect your comfort and your body’s performance. Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast augmentation.

Myth #4: Breast Implants Require Replacements Every 10 Years

Because breast implants are medical devices, experts require them to be replaced every once in a while. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wait ten years to do this, however. To avoid complications, you should get regular checkups so the condition of your implants will be monitored. It can also help determine when you should have your implants replaced.

As these points can prove, a lot of the things that might be scaring you from getting a breast augmentation procedure are purely misconceptions. With the right specialists, breast augmentation will be a safe and simple procedure.

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July 11, 2018

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Health

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, male or female, are living with a medical condition or have a clean bill of health, there will be many ways you can improve your lifestyle.

A proactive mindset can help you to effectively care for your physical and mental health, which could add years onto your life. If you want to ensure you live to a grand old age, read the five ways to take control of your health.

  • Book an Appointment with Your Doctor

General health maintenance will allow you to care for your mind and body effectively. Book a monthly medical examination with your doctor, who can check your blood pressure, heart rate, and assess your risks for various diseases. It will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss your health goals with a doctor, such as losing weight, diabetes management, or lowering your blood pressure.


  • Seek Help

Sadly, many people might be living with a medical condition they do not want to confront head-on – or perhaps they do not have the mental health to see the issues clearly. However, doing so could be the difference between a swift recovery or severe or fatal repercussions. If you’re unaware of a health issue, such as an addiction or eating disorder, you can guarantee your body will be harder to heal, as well as your mental state.

You need to find the support you need to get on the path to recovery. For example, if you are living with a drug or alcohol addiction, check in to a reputable drug rehab center.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation cannot only drain your energy levels, but it will also reduce your focus, creativity, and productivity. What’s more, a lack of sleep can lead to a low mood and long-term health issues, such as depression or obesity. Don’t allow your health to decline and ensure you enjoy enough sleep each night.

For example, adults between the ages of 18 to 64 will need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. While those 65 or older will require seven to eight hours each night. To help you drift off, make sure your room is cool, quiet, and dark, and avoid caffeine several hours before your bedtime. You should also go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to develop an effective sleeping routine.

  • Schedule an Annual Eye Examination

Eye examinations cannot only detect visual impairments, but they can also spot early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension. An annual checkup will also ensure you receive the right visual aids, such as glasses or contact lenses, which will match your prescription. This can prevent the development of eye strain and headaches.

  • Routinely Visit Your Dentist

Similar to your vision, a dental examination can detect a disease before other symptoms appear. For example, a dentist might spot the signs of various non-dental medical issues, such as diabetes, oral cancer, stress, HIV, osteoporosis, and poor nutrition. It doesn’t matter if your mouth appears clean, fresh and problem-free, you must routinely visit a dentist to review your oral health.

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July 11, 2018

Sleep Deprivation and The Type of Mattress You Should Consider Buying

There is so much happening in the world right now and we often find ourselves unable to stay on track and focus on our work. Most people have adopted the art of multi-tasking and its not really a good thing.

Your cognitive function decreases when you are tired as a result of the neurons in the brain having trouble communicating well. This causes the brain to relapse temporary which essentially affects the personal visual perception and your memory.

This makes you more forgetful. You will also be easily distracted and eventually lose focus. This is what we all brain fog because it blocks you from thinking straight. This can be attributed by just a single night of bad sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects your brain and also put you are a risk of affecting your overall health. Lack of sufficient sleep can put you at a risk of a heart disease or an elevated heart attack. You could also be a victim of high blood pressure.

When your brain is always fatigued, it may not be able to repair itself in one night which leaves you prone to stroke. Lack of sleep also puts you at a risk of getting Type II diabetes. You will also have lower sex drive because you will be groggy with no energy to actually accomplish the task.

If you don’t sleep well, you also put yourself at a risk of depression. This happens if you tend to get too little or too much sleep. This exposes you to mental health issues. You will also be more prone to weight gain because your metabolism will be affected.

Your immune system will also be affected if you are not getting a good night’s sleep. You may also find yourself at a higher risk of catching a cold.

The Type of Mattress You Should Consider Buying

Mattress with Favorable Construction That Favors all Sleeping Preferences

Find a mattress that is constructed with two foam layers that supports any sleeping preferences of different people. Make sure the cover is a Tactel blend that is thin enough to allow the air to easily flow through the mattress and help with the temperature regulation.

It is a better material than cotton because it tends to dry a lot faster which also helps with the temperature regulation of the mattress. The construction of the mattress also has a comfort layer made of the proprietary foam 3 inches, and a poly foam that has a density of 2.9 lb.

The comfort layer is crucial ton the sleeping process because it offers pressure relief and also generates the overall feel of the mattress you are lying on. It offers a perfect bounce back because it responds fast to pressure. This makes sure you don’t feel stuck when sleeping.

The construction also includes the base which is right underneath the comfort layer. The base has 1.8 lbs density and a poly foam of 7 inches. It offers the foundation and support of the mattress which makes it have a structure with durability and shape.


A Firm Mattress That Offers Great Support

The first layer of the mattress should be very soft and should offer a fast response to pressure. This will allow you to easily move around the bed while lying down. You should begin to feel the firmness of the mattress when you push deeper into the mattress hence the support system of the mattress.

Despite your size or your sleeping position, you should be able to feel the mattress differently because it should have a switch between the firm and soft layers of the mattress. You can generally expect that whatever the firmness range of the mattress you experience, you will appreciate the support this mattress offers.

One with Great Edge Support

For those who share the bed, for instance, couples or children, you need to make sure you look at the edge support of the mattress. Compared to innerspring mattresses, foam mattress sometimes fail to live up to the perfect edge support.

Look for a mattress that will prove this to be different while lying down, where you will be able to change and shift positions without rolling out of the bed. Make sure it inclines your back perfectly which will allow you to sleep perfectly even you are right on the edge.

There are mattresses that are perfect for married couples and parents with kids. You can sleep comfortably without worrying about your kids falling off the bed when they are sleeping. With mattress, it will be difficult for you fall out of the bed even when you are sleeping close to the edge.

Look for a Mattress That Isolates Motion Perfectly

Again, married people or partners who sleep together need a mattress that effectively isolates the motion. The mattress should stay within even when you are rolling so much on the bed.

A Mattress with Impressive Sinkage

Sinkage of a mattress is ultimately decided by your own personal preference. There are those who would rather stay on top of the mattress than sink into it. However, make sure the mattress you want offers impressive sinkage capacity for people of all sizes and weight.

Final Verdict

Such mattress types are perfect for people who have sleeping partners and would rather have something that is constructed to accommodate an average person. They will also help solve sleep deprivation for those who have trouble sleeping in comfort.

We recommend the Tuft and Needle mattress at Lowes for those on a budget and wouldn’t want to compromise on quality of the mattress. It will also be incredible for those who are working with an industry or company that has plenty of experience in online mattress industry because they will truly appreciate the craft behind this mattress.

They will deliver this mattress for free and setup for you. They also offer a warranty of 10 years. The incredible bit is that you get to try out the mattress for 100 and you can return it if you don’t love it.


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July 10, 2018

Stop Looking For Love, Believe It Or Not, That’s The Only Way You Will Find It

Most people in this universe are looking for love. And why not? Love is a curious thing. We all feel the need to find a person we can be with. However, your vulnerability for love shows your neediness and desperation of a partner. And we all know that desperation and neediness are not attractive. This is why not looking for a good idea and this is what you need to do:

Quit evaluating every other person as your potential “One”

There are guys who are always searching the web for “cute things to say to your girlfriend”, and girl who are always taking about settling down with a man. This makes people feel the need to evaluate every person they encounter as a potential partner.

People, men especially can smell desperation, and no one likes feeling like they are being evaluated as a life partner, especially on a first day or in just few weeks of dating.

Desperation Always Comes Off as a Sign of Weakness

Neediness and desperation tend to come across as signs of low-self esteem and weakness, which can kill a new spark before it even begins. When you are desperate to find a life partner, your conversations tend to appear too transparent too soon.

The first time you meet someone, you don’t have to tell them your personal details and life story. Your mysteriousness is part of the appeal.

It is more appeal not to force love

Not forcing love between wo people or being in love through face is more lasting and rewarding than trying so hard to find a partner. It is also much less exhausting when you allow the right person to come into your life than seeing the person as your potential life partner.

If you allow love to find you, you will realize that it will be less stressful and feel more like a math made in heaven, rather than something contrived and fake.

Love Appears When You Stop Looking For It

You need to make sure that you are in a point in your life where looking for a boyfriend or a potential husband. Use your time to focus more on your own pursuits and you will notice that there will be men asking you out from nowhere.

When you are busy focusing on you and not looking for someone to love, someone will appear. When you focus on other pursuits other people will smell air of confidence coming from you. When you focus on your own personal growth, you will become a better person, and it will also make you a better potential partner. This will exclude from your personality and gives off an attractive confidence.

Never Lose Your Objectivity To Overuse

You will diminish your ability to be clearly objective about the people you need if you are constantly looking for love. You will not be able to discern who is best for you if that objectivity fades.

When you are with someone for a while, the person you are seeing will seem to be a good fi because that’s what you want them to be, and not because they are not right for you. Make sure you do not lose your ability to make coherent, sound judgement of character.

Finding Love is Not Suppose to Be a Burden

If you want to expedite finding the right person, you need to let love happens naturally. The right person tends to walk right into your door unexpectedly when you sop looking. The idea that when you take your mind off something it ends to happen is more psychological.

Finding love should not and never be burdensome. It should be fun. It will be more romantic when someone wants to be with you just because and not for a particular reason.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction dictates that like attracts like. This is not in the sense that you should attract someone who has the same personality traits as you, but more of that you should let love attract itself to you.

The other idea is the fact that the energy you tend to give off is what is attractive to others. If you are more relaxed and positive you will attract love in your own time.

Patience Always Brings The Right Person Along

If you are desperately seeking love, chances are that you will end up dating the jerk that comes across. If you want to find the right person or let the tight person find you, you have to be patience. There is a reason they say, “Patience Pays”, that’s because it actually does.

By rushing into finding someone, you will open yourself up to vulnerability of falling for all the wrong people, such as those who are looking for just a fling. So, the next time you go out with your friends, try to relax, take a deep fresh breath, be yourself, and have fun.

Do not go to extremes just to make someone like you. You need to let love bloom naturally and sooner than you think, you will find love. Patience will also allow you to ready yourself as a separate person and you will be able to focus on yourself more rather than focus on love to come find you.


There are so many movies, plays, books, and music that make love look like the greatest thing in the world and it is the greatest. However, there is nothing greater than pure love and that is what you should be striving to achieve.

Do not settle for just any kind of love simply because it is available. You need to be sure that you are objective about the person you are with and that you are sure they are right for you, and that you are not just settling down. Focus on you, be you, and the right kind of love for you will come along and that is when you will appreciate the naturality of it all.


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July 5, 2018

5 Signs Your Skin is Seriously Stressed Out

You may think you can handle all the stress from your daily life, but can your skin?  Managing stress is frequently overlooked aspect of skincare, but nonetheless, it is one of the most crucial methods in having clean and clear skin.  While this is easier said than done, any skin care professional will tell you that stress has numerous adverse effects on your complexion.


Stress can bring out many factors in our bodies’ chemistries, and this includes hormone production.  Hormones are picky, too much of one can cause breakouts, too much of another type of hormone can lead to dryness.  That’s exactly what the hormone cortisol does, and during periods of time that are high in stress, the body maximized cortisol levels which can leave your skin feeling dry, flaky, and bland.

If you notice a sudden dryness in your skin, then it could be signal of too much stress.  While you find ways to manage your stress, treat your skin to a face wash that’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic.  This will help get your skin’s sensitive pH levels back to balanced and resume normal oil production to curb dryness.


Think about the times you have been stressed out—now, has your skin ever reflected this in a form of hives, rashes, breakouts, and other irritations?  Most people going through an immense amount of stress actually have their skin reflect this, and suddenly, their skin becomes irritated, red, or itchy.  The presence of a chemical called histamine can be blamed for this, which is reflective of an allergic reaction, hence why so many allergy pills are labeledas an “anti-histamine”.

Believe it or not, allergy pills can be your best solution to skin irritation if a rash or hives are involved, acting as histamine blockers.  A more natural route to solve stressed out skin irritation is essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties, like witch hazel, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus extract.


Acne and stress seem to go hand-in-hand, but don’t let your high stress levels get the best of your clear skin.  If you are noticing frequent breakouts, there is a definite correlation to any stress you are currently facing.

In treating acne, salicylic acid is your friend.  This acid dissolves the dirt, debris, and oil that clog pores, giving you a deep clean feeling and stopping acne in its tracks.  Follow up your face cleanser with a fragrance-free face moisturizer.  By going fragrance-free, your skin has a lower risk of clogging pores and staying acne-free, even under high amounts of stress.Dullness

Is your skin looking a bit lackluster?  It’s not your fault because stress is likely to blame.  Stress causes the body’s natural healing cycle to be thrown off and suddenly, skin cells aren’t being repaired as quickly as they should be.  The result is a dull complexion.

A feel-good solution that clears away dead skin cells and makes you feel better is exfoliation.  Exfoliating a few times a week can help your skin regenerate new cells, clear away blockage from pores, and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Fine Lines

Have you ever heard of worry lines?  You can blame these fine lines on unbalanced hormone levels caused by stress.  Cortisol, when produced in excess, can spike blood sugar levels, and this can damage the collagen in the skin cells.  Collagen is what keeps our skin firm, hydrated, and plump, so when its production is hindered, the result is fine lines.

Look for beauty products that contain retinol, otherwise known as vitamin A, because this will assist your body in retaining its normal collagen levels.  Within a few weeks of use, you should notice a difference, and hopefully be less stressed!

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July 5, 2018


The world is transforming. There is newness everywhere. There is an equal respect built for every sect of the society. This is the reality. Likewise, LGBT people need respect and the freedom to express their love in the way they want to make this possible, there is something new to make them feel happy in every way

There is a great support from some of the best companies for the people who really want to take a pride in showing his or her love for someone of the same sex. So, in order to enjoy in an over-the-top with a joyous marriage ceremony as well as the glee-filled celebrations,there is a need to go with the jewelry that is based on LGBT pride and equality.



There is, of course, a huge newness and specialtyof the LGBT designed jewelry. They are the perfect medium to show off both pride and the great support for the SCOTUS with the perfect jewelry. One can get the pride with the perfect picture sessions hen one shoots in the best jewelry exceptionally designed for the ears, necks, waists,and wrists. They come in multi-color and ROYGBIV designs. They are beautifully crafted in rings, also come with the hand stamped messages that can be the reflection of true love. They are also a great message for the right of choice one wants to go with in life. They are much personally designed to be a perfect message for the society as well. The jewelry that ispresented in favor of the LGBT community with the quality jewelry that hails from GAY PRIDE HUB can be a true reflection of style as well. love is never let to go out of style. They are the best to suit the 19 pieces of jewelry which can really boast love. They are the best to go with the perfect celebrations and the pride of the marriage all around.

There is a great pride in the jewelry that is presented. Thy isthe best in terms of the array of the  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender products. They may include the varieties of Jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces and many other productsthatcan be used for the personal use. Besides, there is also an option o goo with the special LGBT Clothing, Flags to present the pride, Stickers to show off the pride and homedécor to give a special look with the pride.

The company is the best in terms of the products that are sold as well as the packaging. The payment methods are easy and reliable with the payment that can be made by PayPal.


There are a number of products that come under the section of the rainbow jewelry that can be the best. Some of the top products can belist as the Rainbow Rings that are black in color, the Rainbow bracelets that can be the best for the stunning look, the Rainbow Pride necklaces are yet another charming piece.

Why rainbow theme?

There are plenty of reasons for the Rainbow to be a perfect pride for the LGBT community. This is the most widely recognized symbol for the LGBT community in the world which was presented as a flag that was designed by Gilbert Baker for the first time in 1978. The original design is a beautiful one with the presentation of the eight colors that can also bear the own special meaning. They stand for the recognition as Pink that holds the meaning of Sex. Read stands for Life, Orange stands for the power ofHealing, Yellow stands for the power of Sunlight, Green stands for Nature, Turquoise stands for the Magic, Blue is the color for Peace, Violet is the true reflection of Spirit.


The products that are designed by the top makers of the charming products are the best in terms of the servicesthatare based on the themes that are excellent and costumer-friendly, they are always available withthe notably affordable prices, they are also filled with the Pride. The shipping service all around the world is FREE. They are capable of being used everywhere with every attire. The creators of the special ornamentsare the best for the expression for LGBTQ+ community to create a true reflection of love for the ones they love. They can also be the best gifts that can be suitable for someone, his or her lover as well as for a friend to support the LGBT ideas. they are the best for the Gay Pride Events that can be the best to show the support. The support that can be given in terms of the total attire is something that can be a form of the accomplishment for every section of the community. There is a motivation built that states that the homosexual people hold equal rights to the heterosexual people.


There are a number of apparel likethe shirts, bags, shoes and many others. There are some other accessories like the Bracelets, rings, phone covers, the badges as well as the headphones that can be best in terms of the LGBT prints and the rainbow themes to support the cause. The other materials like the pillows, cushions, bedsheets, curtains, mats, rugs and coffee mugs can be the perfect products that can be a true reflection of the love.


There are a number of products that come with the metal designs. They are attractive in the manner  OF THE “Equality” Rainbow Dog Tag that with LGBT Jewelry. They are in the form of the Gay Necklace.There is a number of “Pride” Bracelet. There is also an option to go with the black necklace that comes with the Transgender theme. It I the best in terms of the Gay pendant design. There are also cool designed bracelets, the couple bracelets, the crystal rings, there are also in terms of the Cute Rainbow Deadpool T-Shirt that can be the best in terms of the Support for the LGBT community and is created especially For Women. The Cute Rainbow Ring also looks quite attractive. There is also the availability of the Funny T-shirt Rainbow Deadpool that is specially designed for the LGBT Gay Pride and is attractively designed for the Women.

With the best products that are designed exceptionally to suit the style soft e LGBTcommunity, one can get all the thrills as well as the freedom of expression.




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July 3, 2018

5 Ways to Keep Your Water Feature a Safe Space for Kids

Installing a water feature elevates the look and appeal of a home. Tiered garden fountains and other water features like swimming pools, for example, can give your place a more lavish atmosphere. In addition to beautifying your property, these also attract more birds to your garden or make it more suitable as a venue for events and other activiti

Hwever, the presence of a water feature in your home may pose a danger for children and pets. No matter how shallow a pond is, it’s still a must to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents in the water. Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy the benefits of having a water feature without compromising the safety of your kids:


  • Install a fence or wire mesh. Installing a barrier around the water feature is a great option if there are very young kids in your home. A fence around the perimeter of your pond can deter children from venturing in the water without adult supervision. Ideally, the fence should be around 1.1m high and should have no gaps where the child can squeeze through, plus it should be free of climbing aids. Aside from that, you can install a metal mesh over the water feature. The mesh should be strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler, and its bars should be far apart from each other, enough to let the plants in the pond to get sunlight.
  • Buy pool alarms. Pool alarms are worth looking into if you have a pond or a pool in your property. These sound off when something—a child or a pet—falls into the pool, but they may also get triggered by fish, turtles, or any animals that live near the water. Some pool alarms may also be programmed to go off if anything gets near the water. This type of alarm helps prevent people or pets from falling into the pool.
  • Make sure you can always see the water. It’s important to keep kids under strict supervision when they’re around water, but sometimes, they can dash to the pool or play near the fountain without letting you know. One good way to always know what’s going on in the pool or pond is by making sure these areas are within your line of sight at all times. If possible, position a water feature where you can see it from inside the house. If not, maybe you can install a window somewhere in your home where you can see a good portion of the pool or pond area.
  • Talk to your kids about water safety. Bringing up the issue of water safety to your kids is a must whether or not you have a pool, pond, or fountain in your home. As their guardian, you should never let them into the pool area without supervision. Also, you should make them understand that they shouldn’t get near or in the water if you’re not around, and that going against that rule can be dangerous for them.
  • Establish rules around the pool or pond area. It’s also necessary to establish and reinforce proper pool etiquette, which means no pushing, running, or jumping when in slippery areas. Advise people to wear slippers to prevent slipping. When around a pond, everyone should avoid touching water creatures and should wash their hands after dipping in the water. This can help kids understand that they need to respect other creatures, plus it helps prevent bites and stings from the animals or insects that live in the water.


Water features are fun to have around your home. By setting guidelines, installing safety barriers, and informing and involving your children, your entire family can have a safer time playing in or near your pool or pond.

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