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October 29, 2010

Tired of Fine, Limp and Damaged Hair?

I am a hair product junkie……I have and try tons of products! Love them! Of course I’ve always wanted long, long hair, but truth of the matter is I look better (and younger!) with short hair.  It has taken me several years to come to grips with that, but as I have gotten older I have realized that a good thing about short hair is that I can create a lot of different styles and looks just by varying my products.  So…..I am always on the lookout and trying new ones! And whether your hair is long or short, here is a product to try and love!

If you’ve got fine, limp and damaged hair, this is a  great product for you.   IT&LY Hair Fashion, straight from Milan, has created Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience to resolve the most common hair problems today:  fine, limp and damaged hair.  It is cruelty free and green, (always a good thing!) and it adds thickness, and body for a unique styling experience. It is also ideal for all hair types.

One of the secrets that Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience has is the ingredients.  Its unique medium hold is fortified with IT&LY’s “Desert Blend” with Cholla Cactus, Joshua Tree and Agave.  Not only do these ingredients correct problems with fine, limp and damaged hair, but this smoothing and thickening cream provides incomparable hydration, shine, body, fullness, protection and manageability.  Another secret is that because Pure Design Pure Fluid experience is a blend that encompasses proteins developed from the desert plants, your hair is protected from harmful UV rays, helping to keep hair hydrated and color from fading.

For absolute shine, volume, thickness, direction and a medium hold, apply directly to shampooed lightly conditioned and towel dried hair. Then style and blow dry as you normally would.  If you prefer a wet effect, do not comb or brush after your hair has been styled and dried.  If you want to add more styling designs you can always cocktail with Pure Design and Pure Water Drops for coarse, curly or wavy hair to accentuate and control texture.  If you want to strengthen a desired texture, direction and definition, then mix Purity Design Creative Strong Gel.

With each use, this fabulous leave in conditioner imparts shine and leaves hair looking and feeling healthier and thicker.  You can find it in Fine Salons.  Perfect to use to get your hair ready for the holiday season!


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October 28, 2010

Celebrity Stylist Julie Weiss

Interview with Celebrity Stylist Julie Weiss – ( Check out the video on the home page at It’s a Glam Thing )

It was a great pleasure meeting celebrity stylist Julie Weiss last week.  Julie was in town working and talking fall fashion trends. What is one of her favorite ways to create your own fashion personality? Accessorize! And one of her favorite accessories this season is the Baby G watch!

Casio’s Baby G watches are fun, funky and a great way to accessorize and outfit.  Pair them with jewelry, pair them with another watch, and see how they make an outfit come to life.  To watch the interview with jewelry, check out the following link.

And be sure to check out Casio’s Baby G line at


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October 28, 2010

Sportiqe Apparel


I have a theme this week! I need to pay homage to my sports teams! Not only do I love this time of year for the weather and fashions, but basketball season begins as well! Yep, I was the one hanging out with the boys in college watching all the games! While I may not get to watch as many games as I did then, I still try to at least listen to them!

Now, I am very happy that the NFL has started to cater to women……what about the rest of my favorite teams??  I do say this with the Celtics game on in the background mind you.  While I may love my boys from Boston, the shirts don’t exactly look the best on me.  Shaq may wear it well, but I don’t.  What is a girl to do?

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Jason Franklin of Sportiqe Apparel when he was in NYC last week.  I mentioned to Jason that I needed some fashionable sports shirts……and he proceeded to show me about 20 fabulous Celtics (or whoever your favorite team may be) shirts.  And not just any sport logo apparel, but incredibly fashionable sporting wear that has a boutique and vintage feel to it.  The Sportiqe line has something for everyone to connect with and fall in love.

Sportiqe Apparel was founded in 2006 by Jason and Matt Altman.  Their desire was to bring fashion to every fan, whether a fan of sports, your hometown, bands and events, or corporate wear.  They design and manufacture these casual fashions while establishing a new standard.  You can see that the line is a culmination of intense research of the current trends in fashion and how it is applicable to the sports, music, and licensed product industry.  They are constantly striving to not only keep up with the current trends in fashion, but to bridge the gap, push the envelope and be a trend setter in the industry.  Judging not only from some of the amazing styles, designs and fabrics (the bamboo shirt is pretty cool!) they are!

You’ve seen their creations before, as they have created apparel for some of the most followed college and professional sports teams and event.  Sportique has created official product for the NBA, NCAA, US Tennis Open, Professional Bull Riding, and ESPN.  They have launched a Hometown Classic collection, which are vintage-inspired apparel paying homage to the most famous hometown eateries (the collection launched this fall and only New York and Chicago are available as of now). They also create apparel for bands, events, corporations.  Striving to narrow the gap between basics and casual fashion, Franklin and Altman leverage licensors to create more fashion-forward products to provide fans with apparel that they will be as proud to wear as what they root for.

Styles range from zip-ups and hoodies, to long sleeves and to t-shirts…. Sportiqe has developed   a niche in the licensed apparel industry with coveted styles that have been worn on the sidelines by celebrities, athletes, musicians, industry leaders and consumers alike.  They are available in over 25 college bookstores nationwide, every NBA arenas including Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Metropark as well as online at

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October 26, 2010

Yea!!!! The NFL Celebrates Its Female Fans!!!


Calling All Football Fans!!

The NFL announces its woman’s apparel “Fit For You” campaign.  The NFL is celebrating its female fans this year! I am sure that you seen some of the commercials where spouses of football coaches and players (along with Alyssa Milano, who is the founder and designer of Touch by GIII) give the men back their oversized jerseys and finally mange to get a shirt that is made for a woman! About time!!! The new campaign shows how we female football fans can dress up our team apparel for a night on the town, a day at the gym , a casual weekend,  a Sunday at the stadium, or hanging out with our pals watching a game. 

To complement the ads, the NFL is launching, a micro-site that will host a webisode series, video contest and look book.  The webisode series is entitled “Beyond the Sidelines” and will feature a few of the football spouse models, namely Christy Cooley (wife of Chris Cooley, Washington Redskins Tight End), October Gonzalez (wife of Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons Tight End) and Lena Ward (wife of Pete Ward, Indianapolis Colts COO), who will discuss the NFL, their home life, tips for staying fit, keeping family life fun and healthy, their charitable work, and how they style their NFL apparel.  The webisodes will also feature Tracy Anderson, the fitness consultant for the “Fit For You” campaign.

You can also submit videos for the “Strut Your Fit” contest.  Fans are encouraged to showcase their NFL style, team spirit, and love for football.  Win the grand prize and be the envy of all your female (and male!!) football friends.  It is a VIP trip package for two to Super Bowl XLV in North Texas February 2011.  Two first prize winners will each receive a $500 gift card to

The look book will highlight apparel and accessories available to female NFL fans.  New this season is everything from customized jeans, to yoga mats, to Victoria Secret’s PINK NFL collection to bedazzled and plush flip-flops.  There are a variety of NFL items for female fans of all team affinities, styles, sizes, including junior, missy, plus-sized, and maternity.  The NFL women’s apparel is available at, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart and other select retailers. 

One of the things I admire the most about the NFL is their charitable work.  They will also host FIT For You 5K walk/run events this fall.  The walk/runs will be held in Indianapolis on Saturday, October 30, and in Washington DC on Saturday, November 13.  The proceeds from the walk will support the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge, a joint program of the NFL and the American Heart Association that inspires kids to get the recommended 60 minutes of physical exercise at school and at home.  Tracy Anderson will also be on hand to lead exercises with the crowd.

Go support a great cause and let’s get rid of those bulky, oversized, non-flattering jerseys! Thank you NFL for catering to your many, MANY female fans!

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October 20, 2010

barista bath and body brings you a new coffee experience

barista bath and body offers the first full line of natural products for your hair and skin utilizing the “PERKS” of coffee, and proudly declares, ” Our “coffee in the raw” products-designed for both women and men – are performance -driven to bring the delight and bliss of coffee to the bath.”

These are an exceptional array of products that are not only unique because of the coffee benefits, but the dedication of an Executive Team of three extremely successful business women… a mother, daughter, and niece with over 50 years of combined experience in engineering, business development, and consulting !

What are the advantages of coffee in topically applied products such as these?
1. Shine and deep cleansing with a pH balance similar to our bodies
2. Documented benefits of coffee and its major component, caffeine
3. A mild exfoliant and beneficial astringent value, as well as a smooth appearance to your skin and reduction of cellulite.

I really enjoyed my “Java” adventure and you can too by going to :

It’s a great way to start your day 🙂

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October 20, 2010

Drink to Your Health!!!

Chado-En Tea Docents

And drink lots of it! Green tea of course! We’ve all heard the benefits of drinking green tea.  The drinking of green tea helps reduce many health problems.  According to The Green Tea Book: The Science-Backed Miracle Cure by Dr. Lester Mitscher and Victoria Dolby Toews:   one to two cups of tea daily lowers the risk of severe hardening of the arteries by 46%.  Two cups a day leads to 50% reduction in heart disease in general. Three cups daily lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.  Four cups a day greatly lowers the risk of skin cancer, and five cups a day daily lowers stroke risk by 62% in women and 42% in men, plus reduces the chances of developing breast cancer in women.

In addition, L-theanine represents more than 50% of the amino acids found in green tea.  It remains unaltered only in non-fermented leaves.  L-theanine primes the response of the body’s immune system, specific the gamma-delta T cell.   Some studies show the gamma-delta T cells in the blood to be the first line of defense in the body’s response to fight off many types of bacteria, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.  L-theanine also promotes the formation of the neurotransmitter dopamine and increases alpha-waves in the brain.  Not only does it help relax us, it helps improve memory and works to repair the cranial vascular system in the prevention of dementia.  Green tea is a great stimulant as it is a relaxant.

In addition to all the health benefits, green tea has beauty benefits as well.  It contains polyphenols which are antioxidants and they protect your skin in several ways.  Every day life, with all of the free radicals in the environment damages the collagen and elastin in the skin, which contributes to older looking skin.  The flavonoids in the green tea have been shown to prevent damage to collagen and elastin, keeping the skin stronger, smoother and more elastic. In other words, less wrinkled, which is something we all strive for!  

The list of health benefits of drinking green tea continues to grow and develop as new research is done every day.  Of course the fact that many cultures for thousands of years have used this single plant to improve health and wellness certainly must mean something.  You can view recently published studies by the World Green Tea Association of Japan and the fourth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health visit the Tea Docents website at

Now while I intellectually know all of the benefits of drinking green tea, why haven’t I been drinking more??? The answer, quite simply, is because of the taste.  I find it bitter, and have to add sweetener to be able to drink it.  And I find it much too bitter to be able to drink multiple cups of it daily.  So when I saw that Norma Kamali was going to be presenting at green tea tasting and demo of its uses in personal care at her series of presentations in her wellness café, I had to go!  I was sure that Norma knew something that I didn’t!

I arrive at Norma’s Wellness Café, which will be my home for most Wednesdays for the rest of the year as I follow Norma’s fascinating presentations on Wellness, to find Nez and Donna Tokugawa of Chado-En Tea Docents.  ( Donna, dressed very elegant in a Japanese Kimono, is behind the beauty bar with a double-lined glass steeping cup.  There is a stainless steel infuser in the cup and loose tea leaves nearby.  She pours cold water into the tea…..and within a few minutes she hands me a cup of green tea. It is the first time that I’ve ever had room temperature brewed green tea……and it won’t be my last! Absolutely NO bitter taste……smooth, something I could actually drink all day long.  Sweet, cold infused tea.  I was surprised by many different factors of the tea.  The type I tried as Karigane (you can learn about all of the different type teas on their site) it is grown in Kyoto, which has some of the most pristine gardens in the world.  It is certified organic, (and Japan’s standards are probably stricter than our own!)  It was loose leaf, which certainly added to the flavor.  This particular tea is hand sheared by farmers to include not only the leaves but the stems, giving it additional sweetness and more medicinal benefits.  The whole leaf is able to open up which is not only better for the flavor, but it allows all of the properties of the tea to be activated which is better for our health.  Loose leaf teas are also more economical and better for the environment.

I was also surprised to learn that the tea infused was able to be re-used for the remainder of the day.  For those of you worried about caffeine, the bulk of the caffeine is released in its first infusion, so there is less of it around for subsequent infusions. Green teas also have one-third the caffeine of coffee, and it has other natural chemicals that work in conjunction with the caffeine that result in a more relaxed yet alert feeling.  Green tea provides a more even energy boost without the dramatic highs and lows and over stimulating effects that are often associated with caffeine. 

There were also other added benefits to the tea.  Nez used the tea from my first infusion and created a daily skin care kit for me.  He put it in a dish and dropped a blooming mask into the tea.  He unfolded the mask and let it absorb the tea until it was totally saturated.  We then applied the mask to my face for about 15 minutes.  Incredible! The caffeine works to tighten my skin, and it was left amazingly soft.  We also bottled the rest of the tea from my brewing which I can use as a spritz for the remainder of the day.  I now start my days with Karigane, and love the fact that I am able to achieve the synergistic effect of health and beauty from within and on the surface of my skin to nourish, heal and rejuvenate.

Once you have brewed and enjoyed the benefits of the tea, try some of the uses to extract even more benefits from your used leaves.  It works in the kitchen to keep the refrigerator smelling fresh and can be used to clean cutting boards, remove smells from hands, and condition pots and pans.  The tannin reacts with iron and will take away rust.  Well drained leaves can be spread on hard wood floors and swept.  They can be tied in rag and used to polish furniture.  They can be used to keep shoes fresh and odor free. They can be used in the garden. In addition to being compost material, they also ward off pesky pests.  Who knew there were so many uses!

Be sure to check out Chado-En, it will change how you view green tea forever!

Watch the video on the home page at

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October 15, 2010

Spotlight and October is Domestice Violence Awareness Month

Spotlight on

I get asked frequently about what is the best part of my job……and to be truthful, there are MANY things! Of course being able to see or try new items, and attend certain events is a great perk, although in all honesty, I would have to say the best thing about my job is the people that I get to meet or hear about. I find many of them to be truly inspirational, some of them I have met, some I have admired from afar, and some I am very lucky to call friends.  I would like to share some of them with you.  And if you think of anyone I should write about, feel free to drop me a note.

 Spotlight on Amy Nix

Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I would like to spotlight a jewelry designer who tackles the subject head-on.  She uses her talent not only to create beautiful works of art, but is teaching and enabling victims of domestic violence to learn a trade.  As we all know, domestic violence is a problem that can affect anyone.  It does not discriminate. It can occur in any race, religion or income bracket.  It can happen to friends, family and neighbors.  It is said that one in every four women will be physically or sexually assaulted by a partner at some point in their lifetime.  The cycle of violence can also continue for generations.  The statistics are staggering. 

While I have not yet met Amy, I became familiar with her work which is highlighted at the Plaza Beauty.   With over a decade  in the fashion industry, jewelry designer Amy Nix has created a jewelry collection like no other.   Urban meets vintage.  A mixture of layering and pairing, and with those styles being so “in” this seasons, her pieces are breath taking! Rich, colorful gemstones mingle with cameos in Swarovski crystals.  An unusual vintage find dangles from an already striking piece.  From a simple strand of beads, to a piece lavish with gold, silver and diamonds.  Jewelry that can go from the office to a formal event, and make a bold statement in both arenas.  Amy creates each piece with a fearless attitude toward design and color.  Her experience in costume design has provided her with much inspiration.  Her design philosophy is beauty from within enhanced by outward beauty.  Her pieces are indeed beautiful.

 My reason for spotlighting Amy is that in addition to her own stunning pieces, she has partnered her company with Domestic Violence Shelters, primarily Newhouse in Kansas City.  She began teaching workshops to teach Newhouse clients how to make jewelry, including her signature piece the Domestic Violence Prevention Angel Wing necklace.  Amy compensates the women for their work, and sells their pieces online as well as in select boutiques.  In addition, she donates a portion of each sale of the Domestic Violence Prevention Angel Wings to Newhouse and other shelters. 

The Domestic Violence Prevention Angel is a stunning piece; with purple Swarovski crystals set in intricate gold angel wings and suspended from a gold chain. It is statement jewelry with both style and substance.  Amy’s program not only teaches women skills, but also provides them with a much needed source of income.  Did you know that 70% of the women who enter Newhouse have reported that they have zero income without the income of their abuser?

Through this program, Amy stresses “I hope to remove the taboos and shame that are often associated with domestic abuse victims.  I hope to empower these women and build their self confidence so that they are better able escape the cycle of domestic violence”

Amy continues to teach the trade of jewelry making at Newhouse.  She hopes that the success of her program will encourage other businesses to establish similar work programs.  Here’s to you Amy for being an inspiration!


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October 13, 2010

Sula-Paint & Peel Nail Color

Paint and Peel Duos

Okay, confession time……and somehow I doubt that I am the only one guilty of this beauty crime……I frequently peel off my chipped nail polish! Oh, horrors! I know, I know I am breaking all the rules! Good thing for me there is Sula beauty who believes that you should break rules, set trends and always play pretty!

Thankfully Susanne Lang, from Toronto, must have been a nail peeler too, because she created the first tinted nail treatment.  Sula Peel and Paint Duo is a perfectly paired, perfectly packaged, nourishing nail treatment.  These pocket sized beauties can slip into your purse and are perfect for carrying with you in case you need the perfect manicure in a snap.  Good things do come in small packages!

This double duty polish has a convenient wand which contains the tinted Paint & Peel on one end and sheer Lasting Love Top Coat on the other.  The patent-pending formula is easy to apply and fast drying, thanks to the chip resistant finish of the New Lasting Love Top Coat.  The proprietary water-based formula is infused with pro-vitamin B% which strengthens, conditions, and moisturizes the nail.

The color stays on for days and still peels away without remover.  It is available in 10 different colors: Watermelon, Sky, Azure, Berry, Blush, Tango, Mauve, Dove, Pink and Kelly.  It is a perfect item to have when you want to wear a certain color during the day, and then quickly change it up for an event or outing later that day, without having to sacrifice the time or the mess of a traditional color change.  After all, your mood changes during the day, why not your nail color? 

Sula Paint and Peel Duos are available at ULTA and at  Sula products are highly wearable and designed to complement you, not define you!

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October 10, 2010

An interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz

Can you imagine my total excitement when I found out that I’d have the opportunity to speak personally with Dr. Mehmet Oz !  His syndicated award winning television program, The Dr. Oz Show, is extremely well received, and the daily “buzz” in many households across the country.

A few other correspondents, including me, had a full hour to spend with  Dr. Oz via a conference call. The questions were diverse and he spoke individually with each of us.  Always referring to us by name , and in a relaxed conversational yet informative manner,  made  it easy to understand how this charismatic cardiac surgeon is so popular.

Thinking of how busy we all are, I asked Dr. Oz about multitasking, daily obligations, no downtime, and preventing ulcers.

His response was very interesting ~ I’m including his answer directly from the transcript of the interview so you don’t miss one word!

Dr. Oz’s reply :

Well you know stress is part of the human condition and it’s not the stress that bothers us it’s our response to stress. A thousand years ago chronic stress was primarily defined by famine, so you would biochemically respond to stress by eating more ,and eating things you don’t even like, which is what we do today when we feel chronic stress! So it’s not the ulcers that worry me it’s the fat that we put around our bodies.

When I see someone whose waist size is large, well let’s say more than twice the general rule of thumb for  their waist size, I usually interpret that as someone who is not able to cope with stress as well as they should, and that becomes one of the metrics that we use. ( Measure at the bellybutton, and it should be less than half your height.)

So then the question becomes how do you cope with the stress?The number one coping tool that has been used for most of human history is deep breathing and deep breathing which is part of a foundation of yoga, it’s part of Christian, mystic elements, it’s part of Islam, it’s part of Judaism.

Deep breathing exercises which came in the form of prayers or meditation are common in the human condition and it’s for a good reason. You take deep breaths with your belly, your diaphragm, so you’re using that big thick muscle to inhale with, so that you are actually pushing your belly button out as you breath in and then pull your belly button towards your spine, tucking in your belly to push your diaphragm up to exhale. You’re moving a lot of nitric oxide in your sinuses. Nitric oxide is a very short-lived gas.

There was a noble prize awarded, actually for the identification of the role of nitric oxide in the body. That’s a tool that most people can use!!

You could be in a crowded room with people you don’t know and take a deep breath in and out and then go on with depiction that you’re having a good time, but at least the stress is not affecting you.

I don’t know about you, but I often have a number of places to put this great advice to use.

I had a couple of other questions that I’ll post in the upcoming weeks.

For now , you can visit : for tons of great information, and The Dr. Oz Show weekly programming schedule.

Now take a deep breath, ahhhh!!!!  Exhale, SMILE , and have a GLAM DAY!!

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October 9, 2010

Hard Candy’s Fall 2010 Promotions


It is soooo hard to look at Hard Candy’s make up and just pick one item.  The shadows, lip glosses, nail polishes, palettes, primers……… is impossible to pick just one item! I feel like a little kid at a candy store. And while it may be addictive, the good thing is that it isn’t fattening!

 In the decade plus that they have been around, they have managed to always bring us what is trendy, hot and totally cool. They are all pretty, wear well, and come in fabulous little packages.  It is no wonder that the brand is one of the best sellers at Walmart and Sephora.  

And from now through November 2010, I won’t have to pick just one! Every Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope and Meteor-eye shades will be sold with a mini Eyeshadow Primer.  For $6 everyone will be able to experience picture perfect eyes with affordable, high quality shadows!   The Eyeshadow primer has long been recognized for its effectiveness, but until now it has only been available attached on the In the Shadows collection.  Clients have been begging Hard Candy to attach the primer to some of other favorite shadows…………it is nice to know that the Hard Candy team has heard us and delivered!

Well, the Hard Candy team has really listened as they have also decided to partake in a few other promotions. For the same time period, every Sheer Envy Face Primer will be sold with a mini Plumping Serum in light pink Girl Next Door.  Mouthing off, a favorite gloss of just about everyone will be paired with a glittering black Walk the Line liner.  Hot Smudge, a new fabulous liner will be paired with Lash Tinsel in Spellbound.

Since we know the team at Hard Candy has listened to us, we need to send them another message!  Stock up and have the merchandise flying off the shelves………….let’s turn these promotions into a mainstay!


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