February 26, 2013

Taylorsays Shoes – Hollywood's Glamour Shoes

Many of the shoes have rhinestones and are of bright colors. These fun designs made by Taylorsays Shoes remind me of various theatrical art pieces. The red rhinestones shoe design reminds me of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ but with a twist and with sexier high heels that last for days. Under the instep of the shoe you will find a set of eyes for a further unique design as all of the shoes are creatively made with.

Taylor working on shoe designs

The self described “crazy blondie from Southern California” has made a name for herself by painting unconventional mediums from motorcycles to surf boards. She has worked for Quicksilver, Bell Helmets, Dragon Alliance, and Skull candy and now brings her talents to the fierce modern woman through TaylorSays.

This sassy shoe line features one-of-a-kind designs inspired by bright colors, vivid dreams and the desire to live and take in each moment. Taylor’s vision is to create designs that allow today’s woman to show off her individuality. “My high heels are all about having fun, expressing yourself and living it up!” Keep an eye on this fearless young lady. With her fresh approach to wearable art. Taylor Reeve is quickly climbing the fashion ladder, in stilettos no doubt!(Image of Taylor Reeves)


Red, white striped with blue star shoes.

Red, white striped with blue star shoes.


To find out more about these shoes visit http://www.taylorsays.com/the-heels.html

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