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February 5, 2013

It Will Be An Everlasting Love

“Everything is clearer when you are in love” -John Lennon

Clearly you will love this sexy scent inspired by GUESS Girl Fragrances.  This fragrance is sure to capture his attention not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday of the year.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent!!!! I am known for my always changing “signature” scent. When I first tried GUESS Girl, I knew I had found my new signature scent. No matter where I go men and women stop and ask me what scent I am wearing. With top notes of Raspberry Nectar, Melon, Bergamot Mist, middle notes of Brazilian Paradise Orchid, Provence Acacia Flower, Lily, and base notes of Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, GUESS Girl will definately leave an everlasting impression on everyone.


“A simple ‘I love you’ means more than money.”- Frank Sinatra

“When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.”- Dr. Seuss

“There is a time for work. And a time for love. That leaves no other time.” – Coco Chanel

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Herman Hesse

“And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.” – John Lennon and Paul McCartney

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” – John Lennon


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February 5, 2013

A “Be My Valentine” eye look using two new products from Pür Minerals ~ Perfect Fit Lady Luck Eye Shadow Compact & Big Blink Mascara !

Since “all hearts” are “aflutter” this month of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d put together a Valentine look for your eyes with a couple of new products from Pür Minerals. This company has great products and I’ll be using the Pür Perfect Fit Lady Luck Eye Shadow compact that is a “Pürfect” trio for any eye, along with the Pür Big Blink Mascara that will have your “eyes fluttering” as you receive tons of “Will You Be My Valentine?” requests!!

Lady Luck is a great all-in-one trio. The colors can be used as natural or as bold as you’d like. Lady Luck shadows can also be worn any time, anywhere, and for any occasion because they have a trending neutral look that enhances all wardrobe and eye colors.

Pür – Lady Luck Perfect Fit Eye Shadow

I basically used the same technique on each eye, but I applied the colors in different depths and blended them to achieve a look that was appropriate for each model.

Here’s how I applied the Lady Luck eyeshadow:
1. I started with the lightest colored shadow called TYCHE, and applied it over the entire eye area with soft wider eye brush. TYCHE lights up the eye, helps eliminate any shadows, and provides a nice base for the other two colors.

2. I brushed FORTUNE , the bronze soft copper shade, in a diagonal angle from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer end of the eyebrow. I also made sure to bring the shadow just above the crease of the eye with a flat softer brush to lift the appearance of the eye “Up & Out”. FORTUNE doesn’t necessarily contour the eye, but it gives a very attractive shaping to each person’s unique eye proportion.

3. SHAMROCK is the final shadow I used. The color and depth is a perfect shade for lining and / or contouring the eye. It’s a beautiful color and I chose to use it slightly dampened with a liner brush to line and shape around, and just above the crease of the eye. I followed the contour of each model’s eye. I then blended with a smudge type brush to soften the look, as needed.

4. I added an additional touch of TYCHE to highlight at the arch of the brow, and layered a touch of FORTUNE to soften the SHAMROCK contour, if necessary, or if more “lift” in the outer corner of the eye was needed..

The objective: To achieve a subtle look that ENHANCES a person’s eyes.

The finishing touch is the new Pür Big Blink Mascara . All three of my models just loved this mascara. It has an exclusive clump resistant wand that builds, lengthens, and coats each lash evenly! Big Blink mascara is also fortified with Argan Oil. This is a mascara that provides Long, soft, beautiful lashes with a healthy sheen!! I also like the fact that I could get those corner lashes with ease using the tip of the Big Blink Mascara brush.


I did closeup images so you could see how LADY LUCK looked on each model. Hopefully this will illustrate how blending and applying the same colors can achieve different looks, and encourage you to experiment and find different ways to express yourself. An eye trio like Lady Luck is great because all of the colors are coordinated in a handy portable compact for your convenience.


Creating a conservative blended version of this technique on Stacy, I used a soft line of SHAMROCK in the crease and really blended it with FORTUNE. I then used just a touch of TYCHE under the brow arch for a seamless, yet shaded look. Stacy’s upper eyelid is proportioned perfectly for an eyeliner! I fully lined her upper lid and also applied liner to 1/2 of her lower lid. Two coats of Big Blink really enhanced her naturally beautiful lashes.


Sara has perfect almond shaped deeper set eyes. I softened the crease area with FORTUNE but left a bit more depth of the SHAMROCK shadow to define above the crease of her eye. I did a little more highlighting with TYCHE under the arch of her brow and kept a defined upper and lower line for a sophisticated smudged look that is so popular. Big Blink “did the trick, by separating and not clumping Sara’s long beautiful eyelashes.


Olivia needed very little makeup, but with a light touch of the Lucky Lady Trio and the Big Blink Mascara I achieved a very age appropriate look for this lovely young lady. Over the TYCHE I used a thin liner brush and lined Olivia’s upper and lower lids with SHAMROCK. ( I smudged the lower lid line for more of a shadow effect.) With the same liner brush I defined the crease of her eye and blended upward with a q-tip. I then applied FORTUNE on the crease and diagonally up to the outer edge of her eyebrow. I highlighted with TYCHE under her brow from the inner corner to the edge of FORTUNE, and lightly blended that edge to create a flawless, but shaded and defined eye. The Big Blink lifted Olivia’s super long upper and lower lashes and with the nice separation from the wand, and the sheen from the Argan oil in this new mascara, Olivia looked “naturally” amazing!!

WHATEVER YOUR AGE, All “EYES” will be on “YOU” this Valentine’s Day with the “New look” you’ll be sporting with your “Lucky Lady” shadow trio, and lush full Big Blink Mascara, all from Pür! You can purchase These products online at: , and also at select retail locations.

(Quote) ” Pür Minerals has pioneered a performance-based line of colour cosmetics and skin care treatment designed for optimal skin fitness and health since 2002. The pressed mineral colour formulations are specially engineered with good-for-your-skin ingredients that not only offer exceptional coverage, but also nourish and condition the skin for a healthy radiance. The multitasking skin care products eliminate the need for complicated regimens to keep your beauty “pür and simple!”

(Any Quotes/Paraphrased information in this article from provided Press Fact Sheets. Makeup Techniques using Pür Lucky Lady Shadow Trio, and Big Blink Mascara by Vicki L. Fischer. Gratitude to my three beautiful models, Stacy , Sara, and Olivia.)

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February 4, 2013

Bring Out Your Adventurous Side With Lancome Gel Liner

Normally I am not very adventurous with makeup. I typically go for very natural colors that I know look good on any eye color. Yet after years of using every shade of glittery brown, I mixed it up in a very subtle way.  In addition to my neutral brown eye shadow I lined my top lid with a nice, thick line of Lancôme gel liner. But not just any Lancôme gel liner, the one I use is GREEN! It is a gorgeous green-blue color, number 500 called Emerald Seductive! And it sure is seductive! It does not look obnoxiously green on the lid, which is great for the everyday look I want to achieve. What I love most about this liner is that it makes my green eyes really stand out! I get complemented on my eyes every time I wear it! Besides making my eyes standout this liner is great because is smooth to apply and does not smudge throughout the day! It is both smudge proof and waterproof! Over all it is a great, easy to use, gel liner that can add some seduction to any look!
Find yur adventurous side at
 Guest post by Rachel Aiello
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February 4, 2013

“CRAFT YOUR HEART OUT” with Martha Stewart Crafts

Some of my most precious Valentine’s Day cards have been homemade cards from my children. I have saved each and every one of them over the past 26 years and they are all very special to me. Nothing could be better than getting a card made from a piece of folded red construction paper with a heart fashioned out of a white paper doily glued on it. Fast forward twenty-six years later and Martha Stewart Crafts has truly made card making so much more fun and exciting.

My daughter Adrienne wanted to make a few Valentine’s Day Cards for family and friends. What started out as a quick one half hour project, turned into hours of afternoon fun with the help of Martha Stewart Crafts. She started off with Martha Stewart Crafts “Stamp Card and Envelope Set” which includes 18 scalloped edge note cards and matching envelopes with heart-accented labels. She then added her special touches and a little stamping with the “Wood Stamp Valentine’s Day Hearts”.  This set is so cute, with its set of 12 mini stamps nestled in a reusable wood crate. Let’s not forget the final touches with “Valentine Cupid” and “Valentine Cupcake” stickers. This yummy collection of stickers contains cherub silhouettes, hearts and an assortment of Valentine icons with shine, glitter and foil accents (all shown below).


To make things even sweeter, you can save 20% at now through Valentine’s Day! Just enter coupon code BLOG20 at checkout.Whatever you craft for Valentine’s Day, be sure to enter it in the Martha Stewart Crafts “Craft Your Heart Out” Sweepstakes for your chance to WIN a DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE! Visit for more details and to enter.

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February 3, 2013

New L’Occitane Limited Edition Shea Butter, it’s Worth the Trip


 My daughter Adrienne and I recently took an exciting day trip to New York City and stopped off at one of our favorite shops, L’Occitane en Provence. We found some wonderful sales and stocked up on lip balms and body cremes.  We also managed to fit a few new L’Occitane items in our shopping bags. We couldn’t resist L’Occitane’s newest, Limited Edition Shea Butter Honey Whipped Body CreamWe purchased them for ourselves and bought a few gifts too.  This special body cream smelled delicious, so how could we resist? Shea Butter Honey Whipped Body Cream is whipped so it is very light and airy and is incredibly soft and your hands will feel silky smooth after you have massaged it into your hands.

We are not new to L’Occitane’s Shae Butter products, they are simply devine. Our biggest problem was to decide which ones to purchase. L’Occitane carries foot creams, face creams, body creams, liquid soap and so many more, all containing shae butter and with so many choices ….We ended up making some great ones. Start your shopping at

I want to share an interesting fact about Shea Butter that I found on their website, “Shea Butter is a natural beauty balm, used by women in Sub-saharan Africa. Since the 1980’s, L’OCCITANE has maintained a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women in Burkina Faso who produce it. To further support the women of Burkina Faso, the L’OCCITANE Foundation encourages their economic emancipation by supporting literacy programs and women’s entrepreneurship projects”.


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February 3, 2013

Just in time for Valentine’s Day romance is in the air with Lavanila’s new Vanilla Passion Fruit Fragrance!

February is here, and you know what that means!! Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away! As you put together an irresistible outfit, come up with the perfect trending hair style, and map out the most captivating makeup design for your special night out, allow me to share with you the ultimate product that will pull everything together for a romantic evening! It’s Lavanila’s newest scent…. VANILLA PASSION FRUIT !

This new limited addition fragrance from Lavanila is one I intend to stock up on!! Wait till you try it. When mine arrived I put it on and was immediately transported to “cloud nine”! I honestly had an instant attachment to the unique soft aroma of Vanilla Passion Fruit.

Here are Lavanila’s – Vanilla Passion Fruit Products:

1. The Healthy Fragrance-Vanilla Passion Fruit ($30 1-ounce) & ($58 1.7-ounce):

2. The perfect size “take along” Healthy Vanilla Passion Fruit – Roller Ball ($19):

3. The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Passion Fruit ($18):
This healthy deodorant is 100% Natural and very effective!

Fragrance is very subjective to the user, but with the delicate scent of Vanilla Passion Fruit , I believe it will prove appealing to everyone! Sometimes I can be sensitive to certain fragrances, and I’m also mindful of others, in that it’s not proper etiquette for your fragrance to walk into a room before you do! To me, the allure of an aroma is it’s subtle understatement. That’s why I enjoy Lavanila so much!

Founder of Lavanila, Danielle Raynor said (regarding Lavanila’s natural & nourishing fragrances),” We want people to say “you smell good”, not “what are you wearing! I think that pretty much sums it up, and I certainly agree!

So what’s in Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit ~ Healthy Fragrance?
(Quote) “This limited edition fragrance is a crisp, tropical explosion of Passion Fruit, Guava and Peach Nectar steeped in a warm base of sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla, along with a romantic blend of powerful aphrodisiacs prized for their seductive properties. I genuinely inspire you to “check-out” Vanilla Passion Fruit!!!

Learn all about Lavanila, their natural approach to the creation of their “Healthy” products, and purchase your products at :

Well, now you should be all set for a “Heartfelt Happy Valentine’s Evening”! The romance is in the air so let the “Magic” begin! And just think, with Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit Fragrance , every day can be like Valentine’s Day! 🙂

(Quoted and paraphrased information in this article provided by provided PR Fact sheets,, and quote from Danielle Raynor from the fragrance video on

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February 2, 2013

Kick off this year’s Superbowl XLVII with DURI Nail Polishes

If you still haven’t decided what team to root for in this year’s Superbowl XLVII,  then have a little fun and let Duri Nail Polish help you decide. Adrienne painted one hand Red* and Gold* representing  the San Francisco 49ers and Black* and Purple* on the other hand, representing the Baltimore Ravens. Even if you don’t have a favorite team, Duri Nail Polish will make it so much fun. With dozens of colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Duri Nail Polishes provides a very rich, thick and shiny polish that only one coat is needed with most colors. Duri Nail Polish offers the perfect colors to help Adrienne show off her Superbowl Spirit. Check out her beautifully polished nails. You will never know what team she is rooting for!

You can find their complete line of spectaculaor Duri Nail Polishes at     *Red (Bloody Mary 562)  *Gold (Masquerade 489) *Balck (Black 999) *Purple (Absolute 595)

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