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January 31, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day From Hibba Beauty

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, most of the brow masters say threading is the best way to achieve a sculpted brow.  And who better to trust with your brows than someone who learned the art of threading at the tender age of thirteen? Hibba Kapil learned threading techniques while growing up in India from her mother and grandmother. She would thread for her family and friends and soon became the go-to-girl in her small town. Soon, learning the techniques of sugaring and waxing followed and before she knew it , Hibba found her calling.

Moving to the US at age 17, she immediately found job opportunities while sharing her gift and putting herself through college.  Armed with her degree in finance and over a decade of experience in technical and industry experience, Hibba realized that her dream of a salon specializing in eco-friendly hair removal treatments could be a reality. From the moment you enter her West Broadway salon, you are transported to a calm, serene world complete with candles, meditative music and a colorful Indian décor. Her treatments include threading using only all natural cotton thread and sugaring with her own homemade recipe containing all natural ingredients and organic waxing with an all natural wax made from mushroom extracts, chamomile and resins.

Is there a need for hair removal to be eco-friendly and customer friendly? Commercial waxes contain titanium dixodies, which have been classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. They work, but at what cost? Waxes also are removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, irritating the skin. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on everyone, and in some cases causes thicker hair growth.  Sugaring has been around for centuries, tried and proven, way before the days of chemical intervention. Effective and less painful hair removal? Sign me up to try! 

Well, trying became much easier, because Hibba is offering a great Valentine’s Day deal for all of us close to her salon at 448 West Broadway (between Prince and West Houston) here in New York.  You must purchase the deal on her website . The hardest part is deciding which one of the three deals that you would like to try.

Deal 1 is a Brazilian brow lip combo, your choice of sugaring, waxing or threading for $30.

Deal 2 is a Brazilian brow lip combo, your choice of sugaring, waxing or threading , plus $60 dollars worth of any services for $60.

Deal 3 is 2 Brazilians for $45.

Limit is One per person. This special MUST be purchased via website and is available by Appointment only.
So whether if you’ve never been threaded, this is your perfect time to try! And for all of you seasoned hair removal clients, a way to try safer and easier hair removal treatments before the bikini season is upon us!

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January 28, 2011

dermHA – Hyaluronic Moisturizing Creme Plus

Is your skin Mature, Dry, Sensitive, or Dehydrated? Then dermHA Hyaluronic Moisturizing Creme Plus might be JUST what you’ve been searching for!

This was the perfect product for me to try as it addressed my dehydrated and sensitive skin. It’s a very light weight moisturizer that has a comfortable feel on the skin. For that reason, I chose to use it in the evening and in the daytime, as well. I noticed a difference in the top surface texture of my skin almost immediately, as my makeup effortlessly glided on, and my skin took on a very nice hydrated appearance.

What’s in a product is always very important, but what is not can make a big difference in determining if a product will be right for your particular skin care needs.

dermHA provides a very informative brochure, and as a consumer with Sensitive Skin I was impressed that dermHA does not contain :

•Mineral Oil
•Lanolin, or
•Propylene Glycol

In the Hyaluronic Moisture Creme Plus Moisturizer that I tried, there are a number of great Antioxidants including, Green Tea, Grapeseed Extract, and Olive Water, to name a few.

The Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Antioxidant and Stimulant ingredient, Calendula is also in this creme. This botanical helps soothe sensitive skin.

Two of my favorite tried and true ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, a humectant that helps keep the moisture in, resulting in a softer and smoother skin, and Aloe which has been used for thousands of years to heal and calm irritants. I’m delighted to see that they are also Key ingredients in the Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream Plus.

dermHA also carries a line of Cleansers, Exfoliants, Moisturizers, Masks and Specialty Products that are “Clinically formulated therapeutic care for Sensitive Skin.”

What a great opportunity to have access to these “High Tech” cosmeceutical products that address the issues of the client with sensitive skin…. Thanks dermHA !

Products can be purchased online at :, and select Doctor’s offices.

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January 27, 2011

Fashionistas-Embrace Your Curves with Madison Plus

It is interesting to note that statistics show the average U.S. woman wears  a size 14, a size just slightly a little larger and curvier than those size 2’s that will be floating down the runways during Fashion Week! More than 60% of the population is considered “plus size” (and in the fashion world, it means a size 8!) yet the plus size women are normally ignored in the fashion world. Is it possible for plus sized gals, who love fashion to be on the brink of the latest trends? Is it possible to rock the latest runway looks and have the same options as a size 2?

The duo of Aimee Cheshire and Erica Young who have worked in the plus industry for many years as product developers, buyers and even a plus model, have taken their expertise and have brought high fashion  to the fingertips of the plus industry live on the internet. is their collaboration featuring an online mall, E-zine and style channel to the plus sized market.  The two met in college, spent years in the industry before starting up this revolutionary concept from scratch and have turned it into a major and daily destination for the plus sized fashionistas.

Madisonplus, ( is a more than a wonderful online shop! It is the premier website for the modern plus sized woman. It covers all major clothing categories, from intimate apparel to evening and formal wear.  Jewelry and accessories to beauty and make-up.  It highlights not only what is new, but what to expect in the upcoming fashion season. The site will show you how to take a magazine cover or red carpet event and convert that look into your plus sized wardrobe.  The user can also create their own style boards with polyvore and send them to the site where the editors will chose their favorite and feature them on their blog.  Madisonplus will introduce you to their favorite models who share their thoughts and secrets with you.

Madisonplus will be attending The Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas February 18-20th, as the official media sponsor. The Curvy Revolution Convention is produced by the nation’s largest plus sized organization Full Figures.  This convention is an interactive experience designed to celebrate, inform and inspire plus sized women.  It will be a dynamic, empowering, motivational and entertaining event that celebrates real sized women!  I am looking forward to hearing Aimee and Erica’s review!  For more information on The Curvy Revolution see

 One of the things that I LOVE about Madisonplus is that to me it is more than a fashion website.  It is a feel good, embrace your body site.  I’ve personally gone from a size zero to having chest and hips…..and while I wouldn’t go back to my size zero days for anything (I look better and am much healthier at a heavier weight!), I do miss the fashion options that a size zero has to chose from.  Whenever I get down about that, my remedy is to watch a classic movie, where the women had curves and looked fabulous!  Now if only the fashion designers would remember those days! Thankfully Madisonplus does!


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January 26, 2011

Kudos to Goldfaden!!!

I love it when a product which It’s a Glam Thing reports on receives some major beauty news play! Congratulations to Goldfaden Skin Care for being featured in New Beauty Magazine.  New Beauty reports on whether niacin will replace retinol as one of the best anti-aging treatments. Retinol is one of the most used anti-aging ingredients because of its ability to even skin tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  However, retinols increase sun sensitivity and can irritate skin.  Niacin does not. 

Goldfaden’s Hands On Cream was highlighted in New Beauty. The rich hand cream has both retinol and niacin and not only moisturizes and soothes hands, but it helps fade pigmentation, discoloration and age spots.  Goldfaden Skincare is the first Dermatologist developed brand dedicated to the incredible anti-oxidant rich properties of Red Tea.  In Hands On, the retinol and niacin are powerful anti –aging ingredients and the potent antioxidant Red Tea hydrates the skin. It is the secret weapon for getting your hands through the winter!

The wonderful line of Goldfaden products is expanding with some exciting new products, which will surely make the beauty mavens take notice. Be sure to check out their Sleep renewal Night Cream (fabulous!), Blueberry and Pomegranate Hydrating Serum (chock full of potent anti-oxidants!), Vitamin D Body Lotion and Face Cream (my skin looks younger!) and Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream, made from Alpine Rose Leaf Extract, a Swiss flower that grows at extreme high altitudes, adapting to extreme conditions such as cold, UV and dryness (amazing!!).

Be sure to check out the Goldfaden Skin Care Line at and if in New York City, swing by The Plaza Beauty for some samples!

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January 25, 2011

Re-Inventing an Heirloom

A friend recently gave me a call.   She had been looking through a box of her mother’s jewelry.  Her mother had been quite the collector of all things bright and shiny, leaving my friend with quite the assortment of some gorgeous vintage pieces.  One of her favorite pieces had been one of mom’s pins.  Now my friend wore pins on occasion, but really wanted to be able to wear the pin more than just on an occasion.  Did she think that Amy may be able to work her magic?

Amy, being Amy Nix of nix and stones.  I had shown my friend some of Amy’s pieces at The Plaza Beauty during one of her trips to New York.  Amy is one of my favorite jewelry designers and knowing my friend’s taste in jewelry, I knew she’d love Amy’s creations.  One of the many of Amy’s amazing pieces was a creation of a series of necklaces that were all brought together by a vintage pin.  The pin could also be removed from the necklace, and you could also use other pins in conjunction with the necklace to create other looks.  The necklace was stunning!  The above photo is an example of a piece with a removable pin.

My friend is now having Amy design a piece for her that will use her collection of pins.  What a great way to not only honor and think of her mother, but to also have a statement piece that is unique and beautiful to wear.  Do you have some heirlooms that you would like to update???  Be sure to check with Amy at (303) 525-4512. I will need to see what Amy can do with some of mine!

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to check out her selection at the Plaza Beauty , at The Plaza Hotel.

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January 24, 2011

Naturalist Nigel Marven named Panda Ambassador

Naturalist, Nigel Marven, is the first Westerner to be named The Chengdu Panda Ambassador. He follows the previous Panda Ambassador from China, action movie star, Jackie Chan.

This was quite an interesting interview with Nigel Marven. He told me that Chengdu Panda Base – Panda Conservation is the best in the world, making sure these beautiful pandas will never become extinct.

This past year 19 baby pandas were born at the Chengdu Panda Reserve, in comparison to 5 pandas at the San Diego Zoo, and 1 Panda at the Washington Zoo.

Find out more about Chengdu Panda Base and all of their endeavors to protect these Pandas at :

It seems that everyone adores Pandas. I wanted to know if they were friendly animals. Nigel said that they’re quite playful as cubs, but as they mature their jaws become quite strong, and as with any animal, care must be taken when you are with them. I was also surprised when Nigel told me that their hair is quite coarse. They appear to be so soft and cuddly.

I believe in the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words“! Take a moment to enjoy the antics of these pandas in action as they play and interact with Nigel in the video below. You’ll also get to see Jackie Chan with his “adopted” pandas, a rare colored baby panda, flying squirrel, and much more:

You can see Nigel’s wonderful connection with the animals, and easily understand the success of his production company, Image Impact. Nigel has done a lot of television and film work. As owner, producer and presenter for Image Impact you’ll be able to learn more about this dedicated naturalist, and the variety of work he and his devoted crew continue to create by visiting:

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January 20, 2011

Shape Up Those Brows Stat!!!

M.S. Apothecary 

Every beauty expert will tell you that one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to glam up your look is by having well shaped and well groomed eyebrows. Beautifully shaped eyebrows draw attention to your eyes, and make your facial features pop. You want people to focus on your eyes, and having a well groomed brow will do that, as it sets up a frame for your entire face. Your eyebrows alone can make you look more sophisticated and elegant.  They can change your entire look.

Now, knowing this, I have certainly spent many times having my brows shaped, and waxed and plucked, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never been happy with them. I’ve always wanted those supermodel brows, but with my sparse follicles, they were never meant to be.  My brow shapers just kept them in the non-direction that they were growing. Not that I was expecting those Brooke Shields mega bushy brows, but I wanted something with a little more oomph.  As I’ve aged, not only have I gotten less hair, but the small arches that I had were losing their arch, almost becoming comas and not lifting up my features, actually turning them down. I wasn’t happy with them.

At a beauty function that I had attended last month, I zeroed in on a woman that I met.  She had brows to die for! You couldn’t help admire them, and the way they set off her face, you couldn’t help but stare.  “Julie, I have just got to tell you that I love, LOVE your eyebrows…..where do you get them done?”  She points across the room…..”Mary did them, of course.”  Mary, being Mary Schook, the Celebrity Beauty Engineer who not only has been featured countless times in the press for her innovative anti-aging techniques and advanced beauty discoveries, but is the owner of M.S. Apothecary (

Not that I was overly surprised that Mary had done her brows.  Mary had been hosting many events before the holidays at her pop-up store (more on her wonderful treats in upcoming blogs).  She also had a cult-like (and I mean that in a good way!!) clientele. It was easy to see why! Figuring that I had nothing to lose, I asked Mary if it was possible to do something with my brows, expecting of course to hear that there was not much I could do.  She analyzed me, and asked whether I had plucked my brows, or if they just stopped growing.  Just stopped growing, unfortunately.  She studied me some more. “You have good brows, you just need more hair, and then we can re-train them into a different shape.  Check with your doctor to see if it is okay for you to take Biotin and we’ll see what that does for growth.”

Biotin is a coenzyme and a B vitamin, sometimes referred to as vitamin H, and is a vitamin supplement for healthy hair, nails and scalp.  I started taking 10 mg a day and I started to get more hair growth.  Granted it took a couple of weeks, but how happy was I that I would now be able to have Mary do her magic and start training my brows to grow into a more flattering shape.

It is important to remember as you age, your face changes shape.  It is important to access your brow shape every couple of years, and still see if it works for you, making you look the best that you can be.  Finding a brow master really isn’t that difficult. Find someone whose brows you admire and ask them who they use.  While the “chop shops” of waxing may be convenient, waxing a brow is not a good thing. It stretches the skin. Tweezing or threading (an upcoming blog as well) is your best bet. Talk to your brow master, let her know what you would like, are you hoping for something natural? Will it work with your face shape? While following trends may be good in some beauty routines, in the case of your brows, NOT following the trends is better.  Find what works best for your face.  If you have sparse brows like mine, the “thick and bushy” won’t work.  Likewise for those blessed with the Brooke Shields brows, tweezing them pencil thin probably isn’t going to be your best look either.

One important item to remember if you are changing and re-training your brows is to allow your brow master plenty of time.  The hair is being removed one at a time.  Tweezers, brushes, and brow razors all the tools of a brow master! They know that even if one wrong hair is accidently removed that it will change the look of the brow. Give them the time to work their magic! You will be happy that you did!

Personally, I am loving my new look. I know that it will take awhile to get them to where I want them to be.  However, working with Mary will get them on their way.  I too, am now a happy member of her cult!

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January 18, 2011

Adriana Marie is Looking for a Guest Fashion Designer

Paging all Fashion Designers Wanna-Be’s

How do you define love???? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching,  all of you budding fashion designers have an early “Day of Lovers” gift from Adriana Marie Co. If you have always dreamt about being a fashion designer, but never knew how to go about achieving your dream, here is your chance for an insider perspective without any risk! If you have any love quotes or sayings (positive ones please! There are way too many on the negative side!) please send them to Adriana Marie on the contact page of her website, and you may be chosen to be the next featured collaborator.

In addition to being a featured collaborator and receiving a free tee shirt of the one you helped design, Adriana Marie will put you in contact with the Head Designer herself for an opportunity to find out how to get your own design company started.  Inspired by love, Adriana Marie is very excited to present her very first AMore collection, and give an early present to all of you budding fashion designers! Surely this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And with it being so easy to enter, what do you have to lose???  But don’t procrastinate……deadline is January 25, 2011.

This is surely no surprise that Adriana Marie Co, the vintage inspired driven tee shirt line, is giving back to the community and offering this type of opportunity.   Adriana Marie was founded on the principles of giving back to society in a positive and inspiring way. Each shirt that designer Adriana makes, she carefully selects each shirt staying loyal to her customer base and design aesthetic. Thoughtfully crafted and hand designed, AMco tee’s are unmistakable and one-of-a-kind. Once the collection is sold out,  no others are made, making AMco’s customers exclusively unique.

In keeping with the philosophy of giving back to society, when you purchase an AMco tee, they donate $5 to Nourishing NYC, whose mission is to alleviate the strong correlation between low-income status and poor dietary health.  They provide nutritionous meals and nutritional education without questions and without criticism.  Anyone is welcome regardless of age, sex, race, financial qualifications or religious beliefs. Adriana Marie Co is also the founder’s consultant for Dresses for Haiti, and designs dresses for the charity , whose mission is to change the life of women around the world with every stitch and seam they create.

Such a wonderful company, and such a wonderful opportunity! Don’t miss it!

I am looking forward to previewing Adriana Marie’s Amore’s collection here on It’s a Glam Thing!

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January 18, 2011

Where Taste Makers Shop for the Latest and Greatest

Are you someone who likes being in on the latest trends?  Whether the trends are in fashion, beauty, or décor, do you like knowing what’s in style? Be sure to check out the website where taste makers share and shop for what’s next, ThisNext is about product discovery where the experts in fashion, accessories, beauty, décor and lifestyle share bring you their best finds from across the web, informing you of the trends that are shaping our world.

Founded in 2006, by a team of seasoned internet entrepreneurs ThisNext has changed the way people discover and shop for products online. Mary Alice Haney serving as Editor-In-Chief works with some of the most innovative and seasoned professionals at the top of their game.  The expert taste makers have worked with all the major magazines, celebrities and certainly know what will be hot.

ThisNext allows you to subscribe to the categories you like most.  You can personalize product feeds and have information emailed directly into your inbox.  You can subscribe to as many topics as you want. Create your own boutique. And because ThisNext is a social network, you can go shopping with your friends.  Make new friends that share your sense of taste and style. Share recommendations. Create a wish list. Not only will you get the gifts that you want, but you’ve got an army of personal shoppers to help you with your style.  The more people you add as friends on ThisNext, the more awesome recommendations that you will automatically see on your home page. Who couldn’t use some help and a second opinion from your friends?

If you have great taste, and scour the internet, specialty boutiques and magazines for the latest products this is also the site for you. Get ready to share your knowledge about the coolest products on the market and become a ThisNext maven. ThisNext will give you some recognition for finding the best items on the web.  Best yet, being a maven gives you a lot more than bragging rights! You also get a welcome gift filled with ThisNext approved products, product sneak-peaks and insider information before anyone else, exclusive offers from your favorite stores, and VIP event invitations.  It pays to be up on things!

ThisNext doesn’t make, carry or sell anything.  There is no conflict of interest. They are a recommendation site which means that the products you see on the ThisNext site are there because they were recommended by one or more of their users.  If you are looking to buy something or get more information about a product, there is normally a link that will bring you to a link to the list of places that users have found the item. 

With over 6 million users a month, you can keep up with all of the latest and greatest items!

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January 17, 2011

January “Specials” at Gerda Spillmann® you won’t want to miss!

Whatever skin type you have, Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skincare has the perfect moisturizer for you. Hydration is so important this time of year, and using the proper moisturizer for your skin is essential!!

With their January SPECIAL (good thru January 31st, 2011) you can save either $5.00 off the 1.4oz tubes at a cost of $39.00 or $10.00 off the 2.6oz.jars at a cost of $59.00.

Choose from:
Skinfood– A light-weight texture for a normal skin types
Mayfair– A matte day cream for an oily type skin (Mayfair is only available in the 1.4oz tube)
Coronation-The perfect anti-wrinkle cream for maturing skin types
Extra Riche– A cream that offers deep hydration for the dry or damaged skin types

Also available is Bio-Base Tinted Moisturizer. This product can be used on all skin types of any age. On sale for $41.00, you’ll save $7.50 during the January Special on Bio-Base . Sand would be your choice for lighter complexions, and Mocca for tanned or darker complexions.

Not only does this light weight moisturizer even your skin tone, but with Avocado Oil, Balm Mint and pure Chamomile Extract, Bio-Base not only soothes and helps heal your skin, but also protects your skin with a natural physical sun block and SPF 15.

As a national makeup artist, many Gerda Spillmann products have always been a staple in my “pro” case.

I recently had a new head shot done for Its A Glam Thing, and wore the Bio Blend in Sand as my base. It photographed beautifully, and looks as natural as ever in daylight, as well.

I inspire you to visit and see all of their fine products.

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