February 25, 2013

For All Things Star Studded…

I got the inside scoop on all hair and makeup tips. Celebrity Makeup Artist Marina Gravani created Mariah Carey’s Sun-Kissed makeup look for Jermaine Dupry’s party. See how you to can create this look at home.


MARINA’S PREP TIPS: “Make sure to visit a European Wax Center for waxing at least 2 days before an event or your makeup won’t hold on the area you waxed”  


FACE: First, Marina applied oil-free primer to her skin.  Next, she mixed two silky cream foundations to create a natural looking hue.  She set the foundation using powder, but very lightly. Marina then applied bronzer to her cheek bones and around her face. Finally, Marina applied a hint of pink blush on her cheeks and across her nose.


EYES: For Mariah’s eyes, she started by applying concealer to her eyelids.  Next, Marina added a warm neutral toned shadow all over lid stopping at the crease. Marina then mixed different matte browns to blend into her crease and added black shadow to the corner of the eye to create a smokey effect. Next, she applied a thin line to Mariah’s eye and applied lashes using European Wax Center Tweezer Kit (SLANT) (to make her eyes pop on stage). Marina then applied a soft shadow through her lashes to balance out the eye. Finally, Marina applied European Wax Centers Natural Brow Powder in Milano where needed.


LIPS: For Mariah’s lips, Marina used a neutral brown lip liner with a mauve lipstick and a tad of a lighter beige


Products Used: European Wax Center Tweezer Kit (SLANT), European Wax Centers Natural Brow Powder in Milano



About European Wax Center

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