July 27, 2015

Have fun and be cheeky in a Courtney Allegra bikini!


When it comes to swimwear and 18-year olds, most of the time the big decision is which bikini bottoms to pair with which bikini top. However, when it comes to 18-year-old Courtney Allegra, the big question is which swimwear designs to launch this season.

At 18, Courtney Allegra has achieved more success in fashion that many designers who have dedicated their whole lives to the field. With her unique sense of style, paired with true design talent, it is no wonder that Courtney Allegra is fast becoming a household name for her sexy and fun swimwear that makes women feel good and look fabulous.

Designing fun and flirty swimwear that is inspired by all the beautiful places in the world, Courtney Allegra has her finger on the pulse of what fashionistas want in their swimsuit designs. Edgy and feminine style that never sacrifices comfort or quality! Each swimwear design by Allegra is a work of art that combines beautiful patterns, sexy cuts, and high quality fabrics, including modern and sophisticated metallics. All of Courtney Allegra’s designs are created in San Diego and made in Los Angeles, so they are true California girl wear!

Not only is Allegra an amazing designer, but she gives back to the community that gives to her with partnerships with many charitable organizations such as The Cancer Survivors Fashion Show, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Never Leave One Behind, just to name a few!

When it comes to swimwear this summer you could go with the run of the mill swimsuits that look the same year after year, or you could choose something with flair that shows off your style and is sure to turn heads, while keeping you comfortable and feeling amazing. The choice seems pretty clear: have fun and be cheeky in a Courtney Allegra Bikini!


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