July 29, 2015

Get glowing skin & shiny hair with Purador

Recently, oils have been the new beauty trend used on your hair, face and body. And I’ve found the most amazing beauty oil to nourish your body from head to toe, Pura
​ ​d​’​or Argan Oil!

This pure, natural and organic Argan oil is imported from South Western Morocco. After going through a process where the Argan kernel is cold pressed and left unrefined with no additional chemicals or additives, it can be used on every part of your body. Simply massage it into the desired areas such as dry heels, feet, elbows, face and hands. It also makes an awesome massage oil! Apply it to damp or dry hair for an unbelievable shine. It also takes away the frizzies that can come with humidity.

Pura’d​​or Argan Oil doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. Rather, it goes on smooth and you are left feeling silky and soft instantly.

So, who needs a cabinet full of moisturizers, creams and lotions when all you really need is Pura’d​or Argan Oil!

Candace Kita, actress, beauty expert

Candace Kita, actress, beauty expert

​Post submitted by: Candace Kita​ http://www.candacekita.com/

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