July 27, 2015

Sally Hansen, You have out done yourself


One of my favorite brands of Nail Polish is Sally Hansen. Why? Because Sally Hansen Nail Care Products have never let me down. Whether I’m using “Hard as Nails, Insta-Dry, Big Glitter Top Coats or using one of their amazing manicure tools, I always have excellent results. My recent experience with Sally Hansen has been with their new Miracle Gel. Sally Hansen, you have out done yourself. This application requires no gel lights but when complete, the polish looks and feels like it’s a real gel manicure. The best part is you can use regular nail polish remover to take it off, NO SOAKING!!!

Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in just two simple steps for long lasting color and beautiful shine. The hardest part was choosing from over 50 gel polish colors. Apply two coats of your favorite color, allow to dry for 5 minutes and then add one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. The natural light will dry your nails to a hard surface and your nails will look beautiful.


Jenna Raheb


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