July 28, 2015

“Bow tie” it up

I have always loved learning anything and everything about this industry and on top of that I also love history. Little did I know that back when I was a tween and found my passion that history and the beauty/fashion industries go hand in hand. What do I mean by that you ask? The more I learned about clothes, or makeup etc. the more I started realizing that each style, or product has its own historical background. There is one particular fashion statement that has made its way back into the scene that I cannot wait to share its history with you. Its none other than…. THE BOW TIE!!!!

a Cavat tied neck tie

a Cavat tied neck tie

Alot of my guys friends have incorporated the bow tie into their own personal style. Not only that being a lover of all things vintage, have noticed “Old Hollywood” celebrities rocking the bow tie as well. After doing some research I found the bow tie became widely popular back in the 19th century as a modification of the “cavat” tie. By the 1880s, bow ties made their way into the closets of the fashion conscience man. In 1886 Pierre Lorillard designed the black bow tie and wore it to formal ball. Thus getting the infamous “black tie affair” term. Isn’t that awesome? But there is more about this statement that really shocked me. In the 1920s & 30s the famous men’s fashion statement quickly cross gendered & started being worn by women on the silver screen. Two in particular are Katherine Hepburn & Marlene Dietrich.

Hollywood Legends Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra wearing bow ties Photo credit- TheBowTie.com

Hollywood Legends Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra wearing bow ties Photo credit-TheBowTie.com

Fast forward to 2015 and the famous bow tie is now a statement made by men and women of all ages. Throughout the years, its design has been revamped, redefined, fabrics have been changed and now can be made with the person in mind. We can see celebrities such as Drew Barrymore & Johnny Depp sporting the bow tie & even fashion blogs all over showcase fashionistas donning them. Is it amazing how a simple accessory that was actually made to showcase what your “class” was is now one of the most popular statements? I wish I could share even more with you on the bow tie but we would be here forever and a century. If you want to learn more about the bow tie and even how you too can get one check out https://www.thebowtie.com/bow-tie-history/ Make your statement last 🙂

Source of info: www.thebowtie.com

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