July 27, 2015


While I appreciate a well dressed woman, I LOVE a well accessorized woman even more. I especially love when women wear jewelry. Jewelry tells a story, it adds dimension and most importantly it shows personality.
One of my favorite jewelry lines is Jennifer Reeves Designs (http://www.jreevesdesigns.com). I first discovered the line when my good friend was wearing an absolutely beautiful necklace out here in Hollywood on the red carpet. When I asked her who it was by, she said it was made by Jennifer Reeves. I went online to view the collection and right away I knew I had found a brilliant and very eye-catching brand.
Jennifer Reeves Designs collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All of her jewelry is handcrafted and made of the finest gems, pearls and opals from around the world. Originally from Australia, Jennifer travels the globe for inspiration with her passion being seen in each unique piece she creates.
“I love to design using the most awe-inspiring elements. I channel my appreciation for nature’s most extraordinary gifts and believe that every woman is innately bestowed an alluring strength.”
final JR logo
Her ability to create extraordinary and  one of a kind pieces makes her collection a must have for any and all women… and I hear she is coming out with a men’s line too soon!
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