July 30, 2012

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg shares her ancestors “once exclusive” thousand year old Royal Beauty Regime with women across the USA!

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg

It is with great honor that I introduce you to Princess Theodora Von Auersperg. Princess Theodora is a “real” Princess and comes from “one of Europe’s oldest royal family lines”. “Timeless Beauty” and secrets of caring for the skin have been passed along through the generations.

I was so happy to be given the opportunity to use three of these products and experience something that at one time was reserved for royalty. The first thing I noticed was the aroma of “Rose”. (Quote) “Princess Theodora’s ancestors turned to the power of the rose to unlock the secrets of achieving the most radiant and youthful skin.”

Being a user of essential oils I was just delighted knowing that rose is so wonderful for a persons sense of wellbeing on the inside, and healing, calming, and soothing the skin on the outside. It exudes an aura of just knowing you look as good as you feel.
Princess Theodora has captured that in her royal beauty regime….

“There is an inner beauty to every woman that if given room to grow will blossom, “ said Princess Theodora, “Like the deep rich color of the rose, our beauty begins within.”

Princess Theodora ” researched natural, organic and vegan ingredients” as she started creating products that would help her sensitive skin. I noticed the first ingredient in the products I have from Princess Theodora is aloe vera. That’s a real plus for me because I also have sensitivities and love the healing aspects of aloe.

Princess Theodora realized today’s gals would benefit from the natural ingredients, botanicals, the rose oil, and rose water that were essential tried and true ingredients for centuries by her royal family.

As a result, (Quote) Princess Theodora formulated the perfect blend, and looks forward to sharing the beauty secrets with those in search of their own inner princess.

I’m going to tell you about the products that I use below, and then I’ll direct you to Princess Theodora’s website where you will be able to see all of her fine face, body and bath products, along with gift sets that are exquisite!

Rejuvenating Rose Serum – I use this on my clean face after cleansing AM & PM. It’s light weight and has that wonderful hint of rose. I apply it over my face and lightly under my eye and neck area. My skin feels instantly soft and smooth.

Replenishing Rose Cream – This cream I apply over the Serum AM & PM. Once again apply the cream over your face, neck and eye area. You really need to experience these products as they are so light yet feel so good! I enjoy that wonderful delicate scent of rose as it is so lifting to my spirit and so good for my skin.

Eye Nourishing Rose Cream ~ Using this product Am & PM, I tap a small amount of the cream lightly under my eye from the inner to outer corner and up around the sides of my eyes to help keep away any “Crows feet”, puffiness and dark circles. As with the other products, this one also penetrates and starts working right away. I find no residue, only soft hydrated eyes that never feel dry. My concealer and makeup glides on with ease!

I like the fact that I am able to use all these 3 products under my eye area and get so many benefits from each, as a result. The consistency of the creams are great. They penetrate the skin, but are not heavy at all. I also appreciate the value of the essential rose oil in the products. It’s therapeutic to not only how good you look on the outside, but feel on the inside as well!

Princess Theodora's Deluxe Gift Set

Now it’s time for you to visit the website so you can see all of Princess Theodora’s products. You may also purchase them right online:


The website has a lot of wonderful information about her products, and on the site you will also be able to find out more about Princess Theodora’s philanthropic endeavors. If you love animals as much as I do, I know you’ll find Princess Theodora’s Foundation “Save a Soul” as endearing as I have.

Needless to say, there is no animal testing done on Princess Theodora’s products.

I share a lot of the same philosophic views on the balance of beauty and a sense of wellbeing with Princess Theodora and would like to close this article with one of her quotes.

“Like the fragrant petals of a rose an inner princess blooms from a well-tended soul.”
~ Princess Theodora von Auersperg

Credit for Quotes or any paraphrasing in this article ~
From: Princess Theodora Von Auersperg’s bio and/or website.

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