July 29, 2012

The Art of the Perfect Blow-out

With another heat wave looming, I am resigned to looking at a summer of bad hair days. As it is, I have all I can do to co-ordinate using a blow drier and a brush, add in the humidity and it won’t be pretty! While I may not have mastered the artistry of hair, I am thankful that I have friends that have!  I have always been amazed at what they can get my hair to do that I can’t!

Surely I can’t be alone in my lack of hair styling skills. There have to be some secrets that stylists aren’t telling us! I begged one of my hair gods, Australian Lazarus Douvos to let me in on his secrets………..and he was more than happy to share his tips for the perfect blow-dry!

First a little background on Lazarus….he’s has a roster full of the “who’s who” in the celebrity and fashion world. Beginning as a stylist for some of Melbourne Australia’s most successful salons, he soon found his niche in designing hair for high-end fashion photography shoots, demonstrations, seminars and creative directing. Europe beckoned as he continued to dazzle the world of high fashion hair styling for Iconic designers Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy.

American celebrities and fashionista’s soon begged him to re-locate to the states where he currently works with major New York Fashion Week designers, celebrities and New York socialites. He is frequently sought after by publicists and members of the press as an expert of hairstyle tips and trends for national news sources, fashion and entertainment magazines, film and television, red carpet appearances, photo shoots and more.

One of my favorite things about Lazarus is his innate ability to find the muse in each of his clients. He easily brings out their individual and natural beauty. And he is a joy to work with! You can read more about Lazarus and stay up to date with him at www.lazarusdouvosinnewyork.blogspot.com.

Here now are Lazarus’s tips for the perfect blow-dry!

1)     Towel drying most of moisture out of hair

2)     Use an all-natural bore bristle round brush and start drying small sections beginning at the nape of the neck

3)     The tip is to have setting on hot  and repeatedly dry each section,  removing all moisture out of hair, leaving it very shinny and frizz free

No finishing serum is needed

Who knew it was that easy??? While I still can’t make my hair do what he can, I must admit, now that I know the secret tip, I am doing a better job! Thank you Lazarus for helping us conquer the humidity frizzies!



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