July 25, 2012

Get a “POP” of Color with HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips

POP HairUWear Clip –In Color Strips are a great way for young girls, trendy teens, and women of all ages to change their hair styles to a fun and glamorous look. You can clip, twirl, or tie up onto curly, straight or wavy hair. Since there are many colors to choose from, you can express yourself with every bright strip you choose to own.
Applying professional feather extensions costs a good amount of money.

POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips are really effective because these hair accessories minimize the time & cost feather extensions would take in a hair salon. For a simple clip, you may enjoy this fashion trend that is certainly taking the female fashion world by storm.The fantastic part about POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips is that you obtain a great new look with the simple task of a colored clip.  My 8 and 5 year old daughters absolutely love these fun hair accessories.In their own words they stated, “The clips are colorful, pretty, and stylish”.
 Additionally, these color strips are “comfortable, smooth and different”.  These extensions really give females a new look that is striking and exciting.  If you like easy yet glamorous, POP HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips will be very appealing to the eye!

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Melissa Caffrey, Guest Blogger

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