July 25, 2012

Get Glam FAST!

Wow, it’s been a busy summer!  I’ve had a ton of great auditions lately.  Traditionally, summer has always been the slower time for actors who work in television because most productions go on hiatus during this time of the year.  But over the past 5 years or so a lot of that has changed.  TV shows along with films, commercials, industrials and webisodes, are in production throughout the year now.  So (thankfully) I always seem to be studying lines and running off to a casting.

Here’s a little tip from “Acting 101”:  When you go in for an audition you should always try to “look the part”.  So if you’ re reading for the part of a lawyer, you shouldn’t show up in jeans and a tee shirt, unless the script specifically says that’s what the character is wearing.  And, of course your makeup should match the part as well. 

My "Tough Lawyer" look!

The thing is, I rarely have lots of time to sit in front of a mirror to get ready.  While some roles might just call for a little mascara and lip gloss, most of the time I’m reading for parts that require full “glam” makeup.  And casting directors do expect you to come in “camera ready”.   Luckily, over the years, I’ve been able to get my entire full-makeup routine down to about 12 minutes.  Pretty good, huh? 

The Glam look!

Well, I should say it’s 12 minutes if I’m using mascara.  But, whenever I’ve tried to use false eyelashes, it’s more like 20-25 minutes, if I’m lucky. I’ll admit it:  I’ve always been a faux lash challenged.  But I love them!  They just really give your eyes that extra little pop that really shows up on camera or stage.  But with having to wait around for the glue to dry and then the challenge of putting them on straight, wearing them has never really fit well into my fast routine…..until now! I’ve just started wearing Andrea® Redi-Lash Self-Adhesive Lashes and they are fantastic!   

If you’re looking for maximum  “glamness” with minimal effort, you’ll definitely want to try these.  They’re lightweight, comfortable and come in several popular styles.  And they even come with an extra adhesive strip that allows you to use them multiple times if you’re careful cleaning and storing them.  I really like #53S for daytime or #33S for nighttime special occasions. 

Andrea® Redi-Lash Self-Adhesive Lashes Styles 53S and 33S

Of course, for lash pros who’d rather go with the tried and true method, I’d say go for the Andrea® ModLash line.  They’re made of sterilized, 100% human hair and there are more styles available.  Models, celebrities and makeup artists everywhere love these. 

Andrea® ModLash 100% human hair Lashes - Styles 21 and 13

But, just like body types, eyes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  When it comes to false eyelashes, one size doesn’t fit all.  Certain lash styles suit some eye shapes better than others.  Take a look at the the  Andrea® Lashes website for a helpful Eyelash Selector to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect lash for you!


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