April 27, 2018

Jewelry, Dear Heart Designs, for Spring, Mothers Day, Graduation and Every Day

Nichole Kirk, Founder, Dear Heart Designs

Nichole Kirk, Founder, Dear Heart Designs


Dear Heart Designs Founder, Nichole Kirk, has a beautiful note to the recipient with her jewelry. It starts with, “Dear Beautiful You, I hoped you smiled when you opened this package, or happy cried, or took a walk down memory lane”. It ends with “I hope for an amazing journey for you and your piece together as you travel through this amazing beautiful life.”

There are more beautiful and kind words but I’ll leave those for you to find out when you get your Dear Heart Designs piece.

From the website I quote Nichole as saying, “Our pieces are meant to create moments in which you can share your real and raw testimony with another. We believe that being vulnerable opens up doors for other’s to know Jesus.”

I will only describe one piece of Dear Heart jewelry to you today as I am sure you will love to wander through the site and find something you love.


Showered in Blessings Necklace

Showered in Blessings Necklace


The necklace design that I love is called “Showered in Blessings” ($54). It’s a Dear Heart original, sweet, pretty and simple, with a powerful message. The delicate textured circle represents the world we live in with the crystal representing us shining bright within it as Jesus calls us to do. The hand crafted necklace includes a 14kt gold filled, textured hollow drop set onto an 18″ chain with a clear swarovski crystal inside of it.

Written on the card the necklace is displayed  is a Bible verse from EZEKIAL , “ I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.”

Nichole’s mission is, “To have God’s light shine through our pieces and customers and spark conversation with strangers with the hope that somebody who did not know Jesus before that moment, can hear about Him and find His love.”

Dear Heart Designs warm my heart and touch my soul.  Thank you Dear Nichole.





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