September 18, 2018

Divalicious Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy Gifting At The Luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills

Divalicious Hollywood Swag Bag Emmy Gifting At The Luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Diva by Cindy in Swag Bag

Each year, The Emmy Awards bring discerning Stars & Insider VIPS to the Luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Upon their arrival, they are each gifted with a Hollywood Swag Bag. This year Diva by Cindy participated in the gifting with the Diva by Cindy Divalicious Body Lotion (Highlighted in the photo above).
​Stars​ who were gifted include:​ ​Elisabeth Moss​,​ ​Michelle Dockery, Ann Dowd, Lena Headey, Allison Janney, Tina Fey, Viola Davis​ and more!​
Stay tuned as we announce more of the stars who got “Divalicious” for the Red Carpet.
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September 17, 2018

Letitia Wright – Celebrity Makeup Artist Tasha Brown Worked With Actress Letitia Wright for Tonight’s Emmy Awards

Letitia Wright at the 2018 Emmy Awards

Letitia Wright at the 2018 Emmy Awards


Letitia Wright – Celebrity Makeup Artist Tasha Brown worked with bareMinerals Power of Good Ambassador, actress Letitia Wright for tonight’s Emmy Awards – below  find out how to get Ms. Wright’s look.

Inspiration: Letitia’s gorgeous gown featured great shine and texture which immediately inspired Celebrity Makeup Artist Tasha Brown to give Letitia peachy and bronze tones to keep her looking ethereal to match her dress. Tasha added soft, arched brows and golden eyeshadow with a natural skin finish, added glowing shimmery highlights on the cheekbones and eye lids.

How to Get the Look:

Tasha prepped Letitia’s skin by saturating her cleansed face with bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Defense to create a smooth moisturized canvas for makeup. She then applied bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation with SPF 15 in shade Golden Dark with the bareMinerals Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush in a tapping motion through the center of Letitia’s face for light coverage, creating an even base for the rest of her makeup.

Tasha used a sheer layer of bareMinerals BarePRO Glow Highlighter in Fierce to highlight the tops of Letitia’s cheekbones, center of nose and chin for a bit of glow and dimension. To add a healthy flush of color, Tasha lightly dusted bareMinerals’s Gen Nude Powder Blush in That Peach Tho along hairline, on temples and on cheeks with a large fluffy brush.

Tasha applied the deep bronze tones of the bareMinerals Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral all over the eyelid to better complement the color of Leticia’s gown.

Tasha finished off the lips without a liner for a softer edge to the lips and applied bareMinerals Gen Nude Lip Lacquer Buttercream Lipgloss in Flirt for a soft nude peach with sheen to match the sheen of the gown.

bareMinerals products are available at bareMinerals boutiques and Also available at Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, ULTA, Macy’s, Dillards, fine spas and salons. Visit for store locations.

#CleanBeauty #PowerofGood #bareMinerals


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September 17, 2018

Tiffany Haddish 2018 Emmy Awards Winner – Get Her “Hair” Look

The first group of 2018 Emmy Awards were distributed Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Creative Arts ceremony in Los Angeles, with a win going to Tiffany Haddish. Ms. Haddish is the winner in the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, Saturday Night Live. Tiffany’s hair was styled by Precious Jackson.

Ms. Jackson also styled Tiffany’s hair for Emmy Festivites this past weekend and for the Big Show this evening. Each time, Ms. Jackson used Diva by Cindy Purr-fect Edges Shining and Defining Gel, a favorite product of both stylist and the star!

Tiffany Haddish Instagram finished look

Hairystylist Precious Jackson & Tiffany Haddish

Hairystylist Precious Jackson & Tiffany Haddish

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September 16, 2018

Eylure x Thalia Collection Debuted New Partnership

The Eylure x Thalia Collection

Eylure x Thalia debuted their NEW partnership at the ULTA Bay Plaza on September 12th . Over 100 fans were in attendance at the event, where they were able to meet the Latin popstar and 12 fans were able to watch a special masterclass, hosted by celebrity makeup and hairstylist Etienne Ortega.

Etienne showcased the new lash and brow products, which are exclusively available at ULTA stores nationwide and, on influencer Maryam Maquillage.

The Eylure x Thalia Collection consists of 4 gorgeous lash styles, 3 brow palettes and 3 contour pencils.

The Eylure x Thalia Collection 3

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September 14, 2018

Madison Daniel Wears A Stacey Bendet original

Madison Daniel

Madison Daniel


Australian singer/song writer Madison Daniel spent Tuesday afternoon showing support for Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet‘s Wonderland exhibition during New York Fashion Week, while wearing a Stacey Bendet original.

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September 13, 2018

Hipsi Belt – Hide It Or Show It, You Decide

Hipsi Belt – Hide It Or Show It, You Decide


hipsi Belt Set (Black)

hipsi Belt Set (Black)



hipsi is…

  • A body slimming flat belt that hides behind your tightest t’s – and no flap to get in the way.
  • An adjustable elastic belt that works with all the pants in your closet.
  • A belt that stops you from getting little holes in your shirts
  • A belt that eliminates tugging on your belt loops and actually holds your pants in place.
  • The perfect stylish travel belt – mix and match strap colors and buckles to complement your travel outfits.
  • Packaged in a handy container that can double as a travel case.
  • Also a golf belt, an equestrian belt or a ski belt.


hipsi Belt Set (Blue Jean)

hipsi Belt Set (Blue Jean)


From the team at It’s a Glam Thing

hipsi is…

  • The Best
  • A true No-Show belt and buckle
  • Invented by Amy Sirich and Aly Harber
  • Easy to mix and match with interchangeable belts and buckles
  • A number one accessory item to make you look better in clothes
  • Comfortable!




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September 13, 2018

Earrings Need A Lift? Try Levears

Earrings Need A Lift? Try Levears


Throughout the years, I noticed my ear holes stretching. This is so severe now that the only earring style I am able to wear is a very light weight Hoop.  I even gave most of my studs away after loosing a diamond stud that slipped back and out of my right ear hole.

My ears were pierced by my grandmother when I was about 5 years old. I got pierced the old fashioned way with a needle and thread! It was the 1960’s. I think back at it now in horror. I wasn’t afraid then though. I was numbed with ice and really did not feel a thing.  I just wanted to look pretty with earrings like my older cousins did. I can’t remember exactly how long I had black thread circling through my earlobes. Maybe a month? It seemed like forever.

The piercings were perfectly placed, healed well and I never had an infection or any problems with the ear holes. That is until I grew well into my thirties. I blame the 1980’s for that!  Everything then was big and bold. From my hair to my shoulder pads to my huge, heavy costume earring jewelry. Some of the earring designs were so heavy that they came in clip on styles only.


Joan Collins Image The Telegraph

Joan Collins Image The Telegraph


The prime time soap opera Series Dynasty ran from 1981 to 1989. I was obsessed with and wanted every pair of earrings that Joan Collins wore on the show.

I paid a price for looking 80’s fab! My earrings holes were no longer round, they were (and still are) oval and stretched. And of course the natural aging process changes the shape of our earlobes and ear holes too.  Gravity takes over everything!

I tried safety backs that never worked and I considered earring hole repair, a pretty common procedure. Recently though, I was able to try Levears  Earrings Lifts and to my surprise, they worked!  I love them and have begun to purchase some of the studs, and post tear drops and chandelier earrings that I have so often wanted to wear. Maybe to the extreme right now but it’s fun to change up my look after so long.

The  Leavers Earring Lifts’ are designed with an Earring Stabilizer Technology that lifts your earrings upwards so they are more secure, and provide for a more youthful appearance. Unlike other earring backers or supports these work!

Learn how a woman named Robin researched, developed a prototype and launched her brand, Leavers right HERE.

Leavers are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Silver, Stainless Steel, 14k White Gold and 14K Yellow Gold.


Levears Right Left


For the perfect fit, there is a “Right” and a “Left” side. That makes all the difference! They are so comfortable and pretty that you just may think they are earrings themselves at first glance!


Levears Back View



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September 12, 2018

Fashion Accessory Alert! Tenth Street Hats

Accessory Alert! Tenth Street Hats

At Tenth Street Hats  you’ll find wide-brimmed and wool felt hats in black, deep blue’s, burgundy, and other perfect Fall colors. We love that Tenth Street Hats has been family owned and operated since 1921. Can’t beat that reputation! Both men’s and women’s hats are handmade with the quality materials. These hats are so fashionable. Let me show you a few of the designs we are loving now.

Valencia designed by Stetson

Valencia designed by Stetson


For our men, the Valencia in Brown designed by Stetson is a favorite. This is a timeless safari style that is made of  water repellent wool felt with a suede band and It’s easily pack-able. You will want your guy to have this for a fashionable look during Fall foliage adventures, Pumpkin Pickin’, attending festivals and visiting our many beautiful state parks this Fall.

Sydney designed by Scala

Sydney designed by Scala


For women who admire floppy round crown shapes, we suggest the Sydney designed by Scala. It’s made from genuine wool felt and comes in black, pecan and cinnamon (our favorite).

Larissa designed by Scala

Larissa designed by Scala


Topping off your style with the Larissa Wool Fisherman cap designed by Scala is a good choice. It’s a popular shape for Fall and is available in Charcoal and in Black. It’s made of Boiled Wool. Interesting fact: As with Wool Felt and Felted Wool, the Boiled wool process leads back to the middle ages.

For our Vegan friends, check out Tenth Street Hats for Vegan options like Polished Weathered Cotton and Straw designs.


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September 11, 2018

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions for That Every Day Shine

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions For That Every Day Shine

hair extensions

With rapid changes in fashion and trends, people are likely to adopt these changes. Hair extensions are one of those trends which are wholeheartedly accepted by the women. Hair extensions in an advanced and innovative way to give anyone an entirely new look. Hair extensions completely change women’s personality and appearance. Either you are getting ready for a beach party, business meeting, prom night or any other formal event or occasion hair extensions always solves your problem.

There are various types of hair extension. In addition, there are various methods and techniques of how to incorporate these extensions. Hair extensions are a great and eccentric way to try new and trendy hairstyles every day. The hair extension takes you into a magical world where you get a completely new look. The hair extensions are often considered your closest friend because no matter what texture your hair has you must have to treat them properly and must be given extra care. The quality of hair extensions differs from product to product. If you want that your hair extensions might give a natural look and shine every day than it is essential to maintain them properly.

Either you are not aware of how to maintain your hair extensions or you are new to the hair extension world you must not worry because we will provide you the tips about the maintenance of hair extensions.

Tips to Maintain Hair Extensions for every day Shine:

Want your hair extension to give the long lasting result? Or do you wish that your hair extensions give you a natural look and shine every day? If yes! Then just follow these tips and maintain your hair extensions for every day shine.

1. Trimming:

Extension Trimming

The first basic and essential step for maintaining the hair extensions is to trim them. Like trimming is vital for our natural hair similarly it is also important for hair extensions to be trimmed from the ends to ensure their good condition, long life and shine too.

2. Use of Good Conditioner:

Extension conditioning

If you want your hair extension to shine every time you wear them then, it is important to provide them properly and balance nourishment. Hair Extensions are required to be washed with warm water at least twice a month. To maintain everyday shine, it is recommended to apply a conditioner of a good company after every wash. This is because conditioner acts as a moisturizer which provides hydration to the extensions and makes them smooth and maintains theirs shines too. Many hair stylists suggest that it is good if a sulfur-free conditioner is used as it is free from all types of contaminants.

3. Comb the Hair Extensions:

combing extensions

To maintain the everyday shine of your hair extensions it is also suggested to brush them correctly and remove all sorts of tangles. Combing is important because it recollects the shine and also prevents tangles which in turn save hair extension from getting damaged.

4. Limit the Use of Hair Tools:

Hair Tools

Hair tools are helpful at times but not all the time. Different hair tools like curler, straightener can result in damaging our hair extensions. It is recommended to maintain everyday shine limit the use of hair tools because their prolonged use takes away the shine and makes hair extensions looks dry and dull.

5. Oil Treatment:

Oil Treatment

Oiling is vital for our natural hairs and so does with hair extensions. Hair extensions also required oil treatment for nourishment and to revive the natural look. Therefore, to maintain the everyday shine of your hair extensions you can use different oils best for hair extensions.


Since hair extensions are like our best friends thus, it is important to maintain and take proper care of them. To ensure a natural look every day it is essential that your hair extension shine every time. You must seek expert’s advice from a reputed hair distributor if things stop working in your favor!

If you haven’t taken any step to maintain the everyday shine of your hair extension then what are you waiting for? Follow these simple tips and maintain everyday shine to enjoy a beautiful and natural look every time. Hope this article has provided you with the information you were seeking and has also helped you too 🙂

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September 10, 2018

Morgan Taylor Runway Report

Morgan Taylor Runway Report

Rodarte: September 9, 2018

The Manicure: Art Deco Metallics w/ Crystal Appliqués

Art Deco Metallics with Crystal Appliqués


The Rodarte Spring/Summer 2019 collection has a whimsical meets art deco inspired aesthetic. The manicure looks reflect the cool metallic vibe of the accessories worn in the show with hints of crystal for added dimension.


Using key polish shades, “Could Have Foiled Me,” “Give Me Gold,” and “No Way Rosé” Morgan Taylor Lead Artist Eichi Matsunaga created eye-catching designs that are bound to be the go-to nail looks for this season.

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