April 30, 2018

Brilliant Bedding Ideas to Decorate Your Bed

Your bedroom needs special attention while doing up the home because your bedroom’s bedding décor and design would set your mood. Your choice of bedding and fabrics would be determining the level of comfort and coziness in your bedroom. Here are some effective bedroom décor tips for a stunning bedroom décor.

Classic & Simple

You simply can never go wrong with a simple and nice dazzling white comforter and complementary shams. Irrespective of the bedroom’s color scheme, a nice white comforter could be regarded as the perfect complement. You must stick to soothing bedding designs and fabrics. You must opt for a crisp cotton duvet or no-frills milky white linen. You could be slightly more adventurous and choose a nice and texture option such as a jacquard coverlet or quilt. Match the footer throw to complement the season. If your bed has white linen as a base it would be making your bedding design really versatile.

Beautiful Bedding Patterns

Make your bedding décor more dynamic by choosing a specific pattern or design as the focal point. There could be numerous possibilities. A nice honeycomb medallion motif would look fabulous in a somewhat bright color. For gray and earthly brown hues mixed with yellows or oranges, you may choose soft cotton textiles. You could consider using impressionist patterns in vibrant hues togenerate aspirited ambiance. Duvets that have botanical silhouette prints actually look clean and fresh. You may consider blending the color schemes to create a welcoming ambiance.

Dress Up Your Bed in Layers

Implement a bedding design that uses different fabrics and layers. You may consider covering a stitched thin quilt and use a thicker duvet on top of it. Keep it folded back a bit for revealing the layers prominently. Then start layering pillows like a housekeeping expert to incorporate a complete, luxurious, and cozy look. This is certainly a wonderful way of interspersing busier patterns with each other and also with solid or one color textiles. Of course, you must also give importance to the base layer or the mattress. It is the foundation to all bedding ideas. Only a good mattress could promise every night to be the best night of your life. You must buy a nice ergonomically supported mattress for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

You would have access to genuine reviews of nice and cozy mattresses by browsing throughMemory Foam Talk reviews DreamCloud. You must invest in a good mattress as then you could enjoy relaxed and totally undisturbed sleep. Once you are all set with a nice mattress, you must start layering it up for creating a plush look.

Use Single Tone Bedding Design

Use just a single tone for your bedding design. You could keep things relaxing and minimal by using a deep and intense color for creating a more masculine appearance. You could alternatively, use a lighter hue for generating a more spacious and airier feel.  Mix and match the pillow shams and the duvet with nice and complementary single-tone cotton sheet sets. You are free to swap out the colors as per the season. You may consider adding a few stunning and decorative throw pillows that would attract all the attention because they come in different striking colors. You must know how to mix different shapes and sizes.  You need to be imaginative with all your color additions.


It is important to try coordinating your bedding with your bedroom furniture to create a seamless or a unified look. Bold and vibrantly colored patterns would be complementing furniture made from dark woods. Modern bedding designs would be including furniture made from lighter woods or metals. Remember solid single-toned colors and subtle designs on flatter textiles complement modern designs well. If you follow the above-discussed guidelines, your bedding design would surely be welcoming and noticeable.

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