May 4, 2018

Cara Santana Wears Cynthia Rowley & 12th Tribe!

Cara Santana shared a couple photos on Instagram wearing Cynthia Rowley and 12th Tribe! Cara showed off her rocking bod in Cynthia Rowley’s  Sky Betty Bikini Top and Bottom ($63 & $52, She also showed off her Stagecoach style alongside BFF Olivia Culpo in 12th Tribe’s Parker White and Black Striped Crop Top ($51, 


Photos from Instagram

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May 4, 2018

Priyanka Chopra Wears Ritch Erani NYFC!

Priyanka Chopra stepped out in Ritch Erani NYFC heels in New York City earlier this morning. The Quantico star headed to LIVE with Kelly and Ryan looking chic in Ritch Erani NYFC’s Patricia Mules ($595, available for purchase on
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May 3, 2018

Romee Strijd Loves Parpala Jewelry!

Romee Strijd is fully embracing her love of coin necklaces. She posted this photo of herself in Australia wearing Parpala Jewelry’s Alea Two Coin Necklace ($159) The Victoria Secret Angel also rocked the brand’s coin necklaces throughout her trip to Coachella. Additional styles included the Dasha Coin Necklace ($120) and Carol Coin Choker ($135).


Photos from Instagram


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May 2, 2018

Gabrielle Union wears Alias Mae!

Gabrielle Union shared a photo on Instagram wearing Alias Mae. The actress showed off a colorful Spring look accessorized with Alias Mae’s Nakita Flats in Black Box ($199.95,
  Photos courtesy of Instagram
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May 2, 2018

Under $100: Bella Hadid Really Loves Miranda Frye!

Bella Hadid was photographed wearing Miranda Frye multiple times while on vacation in Miami. The supermodel accessorized her cool model off duty and yacht looks with Miranda Frye’s Freda Hoops($88;
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May 1, 2018

Key Jewelry Pieces for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the chance to break out those pieces that make you look fabulous in the sunshine. There are many items in your jewelry box that don’t see the light of day over the winter when the cold weather means you have to wrap your body up in layers of clothing. This is the time of year when you get to strip away those layers and dust off those fair-weather trinkets that will enhance your summer style. If you want to look your best, what are the key pieces you shouldn’t be without?


Summer means lower necklines and more skin on show, so you can wear larger pieces or use longer chains. The chunky look is in right now, with pieces that encase the neck with a network of stones like a ruff making the boldest statements. If you’d rather be a little less overt, long pendants, particularly those with semi-precious stones that give a natural, earthy look are the way to go. Think jade and amber, or go for the chic black of jet.


If it’s hot, then unless you want your neck to overheat you’re best wearing long hair up, either in a braid, ponytail, in a scarf or under a hat. That means your ears will be on display, and you can go to town with your earrings. Again, you have two key choices. Go for large, showy pieces that draw attention to your ears and shout “look at me!”, such as large embellished hoops. Or choose some studs such as the titanium ones available from These will complement your face with your hair up and make a more understated addition to your look.

Bracelets and anklets

The trend for wearing multiple bracelets continues, with top fashion designers adding their versions to the market. Braided, leather, fabric and rope styles all combine well, or a set of mixed bangles in current styles makes for a different but equally effective look. It’s not so comfortable to wear massed bracelets on your ankle, so give it a miss, or go for a single matching piece.

Rings and piercings

It’s summer, you can get your belly button on show again! Other than intimate piercings, belly buttons are pretty much the only pierced body part that isn’t on show all year round, so make the most of the heat and flaunt your tummy. It’s a good time to completely change your other piercings too, choosing lighter metals and designs for the hot weather. If you normally wear rings that cover some of your skin, swap them for slimmer styles that allow your skin to breathe and avoid getting damaged, unhealthy skin issues on your fingers.

With these considerations in mind, you can now look at your summer jewelry collection and see what needs to go and what you need to start shopping for. The right pieces of jewelry make a massive difference to your look, so make sure you’ve got the best for the summer ahead.

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April 30, 2018

Brides, Get Tips From Jennifer Hutchens Of Barely Xtensions

bridal hair

Brides, of course, want to be beautiful on her wedding day. For many that incorporates a vision of long cascading hair. For others a dream updo with thick, lustrous curls and other adornments. Brides-to-be spend countless hours looking through social media sites and bridal magazines looking for inspiration. On average, they spend over $500 on hair and makeup for their wedding.

“Many brides might think that if they weren’t born with their ideal hair they are out of luck, but that’s not true,” says Jennifer Hutchens, Brand and Product Development Director with Barely Xtensions, “There are so many alternatives for women that want to add length, volume, and color to enhance their natural beauty  whether it’s for daily use or a special occasion. We make hair extensions easy-to-use, affordable and fun.”

Here are some simple tips to say “I do” and stay within your beauty budget:

  • DIY Hair. With DIY education at your fingertips on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest it is easier than ever to avoid salon prices and achieve photo-worthy hair in the comfort of your own home. Clip-in hair extensions will instantly add the volume and length you need to achieve the perfect style. When selecting the right clip-in extensions it is key to find something that will be discrete and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Barely Xtensions 18″ Ultra-Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions feature a very thin ultra-seamless weft that is lightweight and lays flat to the head for a virtually undetectable blend that can be work again and again. It’s as easy as part, clip, and go!
  • DIY Accessories. Create the perfect accessories to complement your wedding theme or dress; or even use as bridal party gifts.  For instance, create the latest on trend, “hair jewelry” by attaching petite flowers, gems, and ribbons to hair pins with a glue gun from any local craft store. Little touches like this can will go a long way in personalizing your wedding, not to mention look fantastic in close ups and save hundreds of dollars.
  • Make Your Eyes Pop. Stunning eyes can completely transform your “I do” look. Add drama and flair by experimenting with a natural smoky eye paired with glitter eyeliner and a pop of highlighter. Complete the look with false eyelashes for your big day to keep him gazing! An Ardell 5 Pack is less than $20 and is available in a variety of colors and styles.

By taking advantage of these budget friendly ideas, the savvy bride can walk down the aisle with a little less stress, more confidence and a few extra dollars for the honeymoon.

About Barely Xtensions:

Barely Xtensions offers the ultra-seamless difference in hair extensions featuring a revolutionary Micro-Thin Skin Weft technology providing the smoothest application on the market allowing the extensions to lay flat to the head for a virtually undetectable finish. Made of 100% premium quality Remy human hair Barely Xtensions is setting the standard of luxury hair extensions at an affordable price with the latest trend-setting colors and styles and are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty stores throughout the county.

For more information visit the website at .

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April 29, 2018

Jessica Speckhard Artist and Remarkable Designer of secondDaughter Jewelry

Jessica Speckhard

Jessica Speckhard

Jessica Speckhard is the secondDaughter. An artist working and showing in New York and Washington D.C., she launched her jewelry company Second Daughter in 2014. Her designs have been featured in magazines all around the globe including Elle, Flare, Cole, Numero and many more.

Jessica is a stunning woman with extraordinary talent. The secondDaughter Jewelry catalog can be found HERE. I’ll take you on a journey of discovery of this fine work.  These are some of my favorite pieces.

Margaret Hoop Earrings

Margaret Hoop Earrings

For under $100, I love the Margaret Hoop Earrings.  Classic Hoops are one piece of jewelry I think ever woman should have. This take on the classic hoop is a wearable design the Hoop lovers will find to be fun and fabulous.

Amazonite Debra Studs

Amazonite Debra Studs

Stud earrings are probably the most important piece  in  a woman’s jewelry armoire, and I love secondDaughter’s colorful Amazonite Debra Studs. ($68).

Thick Persh Cuff

Thick Persh Cuff

Let’s travel over to the Cuffs. The Thick Persh Cuff is amazing! ($140). Again, amazing. Need I say more?

Katrina bracelet

Katrina bracelet

secondDaughter bestselling Katrina bracelet ($90) is pretty and delicate and can be worn with anything. The delicate prong links are set with 6 stones in selections of Mother of Pearl, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Jasper and Pearl.

Loli Choker

Loli Choker

As for a necklace of the close fitting size, I love the Loli Choker ($150)! Wear it as a statement on its own, or , as I would, wear it layered with a longer necklace or necklaces.





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April 23, 2018

Tips to enhance the visual appeal of your fashion website on Instagram

Fashion and beauty are a demanding industry, and there is much competition in the field. You will find many people looking for ways and means to get access to the latest products and brand to look and feel good. Now, if you are the owner of a fashion website, it is smart to use Instagram for promoting and marketing your business. Instagram is a visual platform and ideal for you to convert leads into sales.

How can you optimize Instagram for your fashion website and business?

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for your fashion website however it must be optimized to the full extent for you to get noticed. The following are some salient tips you can use for enhancing visual appeal for your fashion website-

  • Be unique- You should be different and unique in your posting strategy. Do not do the same thing what other companies are doing. The mission here is to stand out and be different from the others. To present ideas and fashion images, be creative and create an impression that leaves a positive impact.
  • Quality matters- Your targeted audience deserves good quality posts, and this is why it is wise to post pictures that have high resolution. They improve credibility for your brand and look attractive. This invokes trust and confidence in your buyers.
  • Post pictures of people- Pictures of people are very popular on Instagram, and as per a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology with Yahoo, it has been observed that social media posts with faces get more likes over other things.
  • Bright colors- Bright colors have a distinctive appeal, and the use of them increase sales and engagement.
  • Use longer captions- Long captions help you provide more reader information. They are effective for you to gain better sales and increased engagement.

Make people discover your fashion brand better

After you take consideration of all the above factors, the next step is to make people find your brand and begin their purchases. There is no point in creating a fashion website and page on Instagram without people noticing you. Now, the question is how they will find you?

Hashtags – Make use of them for people to find you

Hashtags allow people to find you and know more about your brand. Hashtags allow you to be specific and this helps your customers to find you faster. When you use hashtags, you can increase followers for Instagram. Many people are looking for you. If you use the wrong hashtags, people will not be able to find you. The hashtags should be relevant to fashion and beauty. At the same time, you must make sure that you have trending hashtags that are popular and widely searched in the market.

Create sharing content and links

Merely sharing content on Instagram is not the key to attracting customers to your fashion brand. The content you share must also contain the links to the products you sell in the market. These links in the content will make the post fun and interactive. It is crucial for you to create a relationship between fashion brands and your followers. You as a fashion website owner should know what your targeted audience likes to respond to. This will help you create the right mix of content to share with your targeted audience online. You may use product reference numbers along with the links to make your products shoppable.

Create inspiration for the targeted audience

You may create inspiration for your fashion brand when you may ask your targeted audience to come forward and share their style. This inspires followers to come forward and get featured in your posts with their unique styles. You can also highlight the scene inspiration where you can post pictures of what goes on behind the scene in your business. This gives you the opportunity to get personal and close to your followers. In this way, you can give them a different perspective of your brand.

You can also create inspiring Instagram Stories that highlight fashion shows. These Stories are online for 24 hours, and they promote prompt sharing. In this way, you can share pictures of a fashion show with your targeted audience and introduce them to the amazing world of fashion and the latest styles that are available in the market.

Instagram is an amazing platform for you to promote and market your fashion website. Use it to the optimal and allow your targeted audience to see the inspiration behind your style and designs. In this way, you can reach out to a large section of society with success. Instagram is the right platform if you have a fashion brand and using it to reach out to your customers is indeed a wise and prudent choice!

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April 17, 2018

Country Pop Artist Marta Has a Knack for Fashion Design

Country pop artist and fashion guru, Marta, has a knack for design. In her latest music video, “I Need A Love Story,” Marta designed one of the dresses she donned, giving an old prom dress new life. She also styled the entire video, taking inspiration from “Game of Thrones” and “Reign.” The video landed her an invite to the Berlin Fashion Film Festival where her video will be showcased July 13-14.



Marta released her music video for “I Need A Love Story” exclusively on Taste of Country Feb. 14. Since its release on Valentine’s Day, the video has received nearly one million views on YouTube.

“Marta creates a visually stunning clip using evocative mood lighting that perfectly underscores the gentle lilt of the song,” Sterling Whitaker, Taste of Country.

The video was filmed at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral, most famously used for Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter film series.

“I am really excited to release the music video for ‘I Need a Love Story”’,” said Marta. “I hope this song and video inspires people to find the strength to keep believing in love, even when they’re crying on the bathroom floor and have lost faith in it”.

Marta’s debut album, The Story, was released last Friday and features nine original and diverse songs that perfectly capture Marta’s tale. Her album can be heard here.

i need a love story, Marta

i need a love story, Marta

Keep up with Marta on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and visit her website at

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