May 26, 2012


I had heard extremely good comments about the Brazilian Peel, and when I had the opportunity to try the product I couldn’t wait to see if my “Mature” skin might be taken a step further and achieve the “Smooth + Firm + Brightened” look that the package states, and be my Antidote To Aging. Now that would be a dream come true!

The packaging read that the Brazilian Peel was (Quote):
• The first professional strength 30% glycol acid peel for at home use
• Easy to use, takes just 10 minutes weekly
• No redness irritation or over-peeling
• Skin is smoother, firmer, clearer and brighter just after ONE use
• Results improve with regular weekly use

Brazilian Peel

As soon as the package arrived, I opened it and was very impressed with the applicator delivery system. (In picture above) This was going to be really easy, and there would be no mess involved. The instructions enclosed were very simple to follow.

Basically you clean your face, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Take one of the applicators. Turn the cap counterclockwise, remove and discard. There are two chambers in each applicator. One is your peel, and the other is the Q-Mag mineral neutralizer. What’s so nice about this is that the Q-Mag neutralizer has a patented time-release that will automatically neutralize the peel in ten minutes. This saves you the worry about “over-peeling” or “irritation, and “the mineral salts that are in the Q-Mag neutralizer calm and soothe the skin!”

All you need to do is press the plunger and release the contents of both chambers into the palm of your hand! Then mix them together with “two fingers” till a warming sensation is felt. Your peel is now activated and ready to apply to your face. That’s it!

Just a few sensible rules:
1. Don’t apply around the eye area, nostrils, or lips.
2. Do apply an even layer on your face, neck and Decollete’.
3. If there is any uncomfortable feeling or the the product contacts your eye, rinse off with cool water.
4. Don’t save unused product. Dispose the empty applicator after each use.
5. The Brazilian Peel is safe for women and men. Carefully follow the instructions and don’t shave immediately after using the peel.

Here’s what you’ll experience:
1. A nice moist application that does NOT dry on your face.
2. Possibly a mild tingling sensation. This indicates your peel is working , and I found it quite invigorating!

The final step:
1. After 10 minutes rinse off the peel completely with cool water and pat dry with a soft clean towel.
2. Enjoy the feeling and how your skin looks! My skin no longer had a top surface dull appearance, but a very healthy glow. I was amazed how smooth my neck looked, and I now knew after continued weekly use, my décolleté’ area would have nice smooth youthful look, once again, as well.
3. You can moisturize, and apply cosmetics right away. Your face will look fantastic! Make sure during the day time you use a 30 SPF sunscreen for at least a week. (Gals and Guys ~ Remember to use that sunscreen “EVERY” day!)

You can’t make any mistakes with the Brazilian Peel! Our schedules are all so active, and this is one great convenient way to “PEEL and GO”!

The Brazilian Peel is quite distinctive because it provides the professional strength 30% Glycolic, and a Natural Acai Berry Essence which is an antioxidant that (paraphrased) reduces irritation, encouraging not only healthy, more youthful skin, and diminishes free radicals, as well. Your skin is protected and moisturized with the Acai Berry that is indigenous to the Amazon rain forests and contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, and E, along with omega acids 3, 6 and 9.

Mac Smith ~ Creator of The Brazilian Peel    (Photo ~ Mac Smith, the creator of the Brazilian Peel.
(Quote from Bio) As a chemical engineer, Smith has spent three decades solving the problems put before him across multiple industries for large, international corporations. From space shuttles to capacitors to batteries to catheters to contact lenses, he’s employed his expertise to arrive at countless solutions. After 30 years of problem-solving, Smith set his sights on addressing the difficulty of the two-step Glycolic Peel. Smith examined parallel problems in a conceptual way to extrapolate a novel solution, bringing his varied experience to bear on the issue. Utilizing his understanding of how the body neutralizes stomach acid without causing imbalance, Smith developed Brazilian Peel, a single-step version of a tried-and-true product that promises to revolutionize the way women care for their skin at home.

Now it’s your turn!! Brazilian Peel is available at:

Sephora Stores

The Brazilian Peel gets a 5-Star Review 🙂

(Mac Smith photo credit ~

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