May 22, 2012

ARBONNE Nutrition Bars and Energy Fizz Sticks…Your Body Will Love You For It !


My good friend and guest blogger, Laurie Carcieri, is a fitness enthusiast.  She is always passing along to me healthy food recipes and the latest calorie burning exercises.  Her latest discovery are two great nutritional items from Arbonne.  Laurie says:

Arbonne Nutrition Bars….Your body will love you for it!

Being a fitness instructor for 22 years, I have been searching for a great tasting and healthy nutrition bar.

When you enter your local grocery store, there are shelves stacked with so many nutrition bars that you get so confused and exhausted as to which one would best suit your fitness needs.  They all promise the world!

The Arbonne Nutrition Bars are great tasting, healthy bars that satisfy my hunger and boost my energy level so I can perform my daily activities and workouts.  They have 15 vitamins and minerals, rich with quinoa.  Arbonne Nutrition Bars have 9 grams of pea and rice protein which is healthy for supporting muscles.

I have a hard time digesting the everyday market soy or whey bars but Arbonne Nutrition Bars are more digestible so I can indulge in one right before a workout.  Choosing Arbonne Nutrition Bars gives me the right balance of carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and protein critical to my optimal performance.  Arbonne created two flavors, chocolate and fruit.  So throw away the no taste cardboard bars and nourish your body with a great tasting Arbonne Nutrition Bar.   Your body will love you for it!

After trying and enjoying Arbonne Natural Bars, I looked into Arbonne’s other Wellness Products.  I noticed they had an Energy Fizz Stick which promotes alertness and enhances cognitive performance.  I was anxious to try this product because , well, who doesn’t need more energy these days.  I am a fanatic as to what I put into my body so I was concerned with the contents of this energy powder.  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick has Ginseng which is an herb to increase energy levels naturally and Guarani which is a plant in South America which is compared to caffeine but naturally.  I took an Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Stick in my purse to work.  I poured one stick into my 8oz. water bottle and it dissolved successfully with a little stir.  How convenient is this!   The taste was fantastic!!!  I really enjoyed the Pomegranate flavor.  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick provided me with the energy I am seeking for and at the same time, benefits my body and rewards it the right way with all the antioxidants, vitamin B, and chromium it has packed in it.  If you are seeking a good “pick me up, kick to it” then Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Stick is the perfect choice for your hectic life!!!  Arbonne Essential Energy Fizz Sticks comes in two flavors, Pomegranate and Citrus.  They are both extremely tasty!!

visit  where you will find an extensive line of Arbonne products.  From  Health and Wellness, Anti-Aging and Cosmetics to Skin and Body Care and Fragrances.    Arbonne is also on Facebook: visit


Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger

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