May 30, 2012 ~ Officially launches today!

Glam Gals,

I just received information about a new website that is “Officially” launching today, May 30th!

(Quoting from my source)Founded by renowned doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, has redefined the way we look at beauty. Now, is taking “beauty that works” one step further with the introduction of its new online retailer,!”

Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Oz, and today I was so delighted when I heard about Doctors Memhet Oz, Michael Roizen and their new site, that I dropped everything I was doing to share this with you!!

BeautySage will now have the same research-based assessments with “beauty and wellness” products that YouBeauty utilizes in its “quizzes and articles”.

It will be a whole new experience that I’m sure you’ll want to be part of from day one.

What really got my attention is that every product will be tested by YouBeauty Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson so you know they will “live up” to their promises!!

Take a look at these brands that have “passed the test” to be retailed on Beauty Sage:

, and more…

Take a moment to visit : NOW !!

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