May 31, 2012

The Myrabelle Mascara Shield

Here’s my favorite tool from The Makeup Show NYC —-The Myrabelle Mascara Shield!

Made in the USA of high quality FDA approved plastic, it performs a multitude of duties. Here’s from their website: (

–applying mascara to the top & bottom lashes from roots to tips without smudges or dots; combing lashes to separate them

–applying eye shadow or glitter without fallout on the lashes, cheekbones or in the eyes

–applying eye liner thin or smudgy exactly along the lash line
–tinting eyelashes safely

–adhering strips of false eyelashes or prosthetics & holding them down till dry without using fingertips to do so

–adding individual eyelashes & using mascara to blend them with the real ones (see Koren’s latest blog on YouTube)

–shielding lashes while airbrushing makeup

–inserting contact lenses or eye drops

–used as a template to fill in eyebrows arches

–used as a template to add a pout to the bottom lip

And have used it on almost all uses…….works like a dream! Makes applying eye make-up and lipstick mistake proof.

Now, having had the time to play with it, I’ve come up with a few others. I use it when removing make-up. Take a cotton ball saturate it with eye make- up remover, use the shield to hold the lashes, and brush the remover over the lashes. No tugging, no pulling and am definitely saving the wear and tear on that ultra- sensitive, wrinkle prone skin around the eyes. I have also found when using it along the upper lashes, it has the effect of using a lash curler, again without the wear and tear!

It cleans easily, soap and water, face cleanser or non-oily make-up remover. And at $10, you will certainly get your bang for your buck!

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