May 29, 2012

Do You Think Your Make-UP Could Look Better? Skindinavia thinks so!

  Skindinavia has done a remarkable thing. They have developed a makeup finish for women who think their makeup could look better and last longer.  Remarkable!  Makeup setting sprays currently on the market were created to hold your makeup in place.  Scandinavia Finishing Spray not only holds your makeup in place but  improves your makeup quality as well.  Wow, that is remarkable.

Skindinavia invented “No More Shine Makeup Finish” as a way for women to keep their makeup looking flawless all day using their patented Temperature Control Technology® preventing makeup from melting, creasing, drying out, or becoming shiny. Skindinavia is Hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatoligist tested, which is always a plus when selecting skin care products.

We wanted to put Skindinaviato the test:  What better way to do this than on my daughter Adrienne,  who is a soloist with the State Ballet of Rhode Island.   She recently had a 3 day performance weekend and wanted  her makeup to look  flawless,  right down to her eyelashes and lips.  Adrienne will  be dancing in all three acts and  her face can get sweaty.  She liked the fact that Skindinavia  Makeup Setting Spray will absorb facial oils  as well as holding her makeup in place. Using Skindinavia as instructed, Adrienne sprayed Skindinavia Finishing Spray 2 to 4 times in an “x” and “T” formation before applying her makeup, then sprayed her face again after she applied her makeup (before applying her mascara)   The results were astonishing.  She loved the spray.  “My face remained light and dry and  makeup never smudged.  My face felt very smooth.  With Skindinavia, my makeup held up during all of my dance activity, which was at least 7 hours.  I have been using it ever since,  and I am leaving it in my makeup bag.  Sorry Mom, you will have to buy another one for yourself.”

Adrienne (right) and her friend Emily put Skindinavia to the test.

We know who the real stars of the ballet were, Skindinavia just helped make their makeup  look better.

At  watch videos, read blogs and shop for the Finishing Spray that is the perfect fit for your skin type.

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